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         Hot News January 2005

National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Fellowship Awards

Clarinet Gang  -   The German - Israeli Klezmer & Classic All Stars on Tour in Germany

American Symphonic Clarinet Choir Community Concert at Riderwood, Maryland

Ricardo Morales - Mozart Clarinet Concerto Performance with Philadelphia Orchestra 26-28 January 2005


        Hot News February 2005

No Events posted this month


        Hot News March 2005

New York Philharmonic Chamber/ Orchestra concert with Stanley Drucker performing Bartok Contrasts 4 March 2005

Karl Leister Master Class Tour at University of Florida and 6 US Universities

40th Anniversary concert of American Chamber Ensemble at Weill Recital Hall in New York 12 March 2005


         Hot News April 2005

Selmer Clarinet Day at Steinway Hall in New York

New Jersey Clarinet Symposium with Mark Nuccio from New York Philharmonic

Ohio University Gala 2005

Stanley Drucker Vienna Conservatory Residency and Master Classes  hosted by Roger Salander

Eastern Kentucky Clarinet Festival 2005

Fabrizio Meloni Orchestral Clarinet Master Class at Manhattan School of Music


        Hot News May 2005

USAF Band of Liberty Clarinet Clinic  - 2 May 2005

Georgetown Trinity Chamber Music Festival  - 8 May 2005

Wolfgang Weth and new Wurlitzer Period Klarinette

Mensi International Clarinete Competition in Milan Italy


        Hot News June 2005

Nielsen International Clarinet Competition - Odensk, Holland

Walter Reed Medical Center and Operation on WKA CEO Mike Getzin

Oklahoma 30th Anniversary Clarinet Symposium - Norman Oklahoma


        Hot News July 2005

Stanley Drucker performance with New York Philharmonic of Leonard Bernstein's Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs 2-3 July 2005

The US Army Band (Pershing's Own) 3rd Alumni Weekend held 14-16 July in Washington DC

ClarinetFest held in Tama, Tokyo, Japan  18-24 July 2005

Clarinet Summer School held 22-29 July in Liverpool, England


        Hot News August 2005

Buffet-Crampon 2nd Annual Clarinet Music Masters Week - Rochester NY

Giora Feidman performs for Pope Benedict XVI in Koln Germany 20 August 2005

Clarinet & Klezmer in the Galilee Festival with Giora Feidman


        Hot News September 2005

Mitchell Estrin named by Buffet-Crampon USA Educational & Creative Manager

Buddy DeFranco awarded National Endowment Jazz Masters 2006 Fellowship

Mannes College of Music Clarinet Day held 18 September

State University at Fredonia (New York) Homecoming Weekend and Grant Clarinet Master Class

Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band Katrina Benefit at Town Hall in New York

He Wars Syrian Group at Kennedy Center in Washington DC


        Hot News October 2005

Michigan State University Clarinet Spectacular - Jazz Meets Classic   6-7 October

Backun Clarinet Technology Tour - Northwestern University, Michigan State University, Juilliard  - 1-14 October

Buffet-Vandoren Anniversary Clarinet Choir Festival - Atlanta Georgia USA - 15-16 October

Newberry College Clarinet Festival with Robert DiLutis - South Carolina USA  - 17-18 October

World Bass Clarinet Convention - Rotterdam, Holland  - 20-23 October


        Hot News November 2005

Louisiana Philharmonic Katrina Recovery Update


        Hot News December 2005

MidWest International Band & Orchestra Conference - Chicago - 13-17 December

Clarinet Days - Jerusalem Music Center - Israel  - 26-28 December



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