Hot News March 2005


20 June 2005

 Carl Nielsen International Clarinet Competition

 Odensk, Holland

          The Nielsen Clarinet Competition, held in Odensk, Holland is one of the world's most prestegious events,

attracting young talent from all over the world. To have a winning slate from this event is a major career credibility

as it points toward solo engagements, management offers and a chance to endeavor a dream. This competition is

held in the home city of Carl Nielsen which makes it even more special.

          After nine days of intensive competition we have the pleasure of announcing the results of The 3rd Carl Nielsen International Competition:

1st Prize DKK 125.000 · Olivier Patey, France
Sponsored by “Knud og Dagny Gad Andresens Fond”

2nd Prize DKK 80.000 ·  Olivier Vivares, France
Sponsored by “Solistforeningen af 1921”

3rd Prize DKK 50.000 ·  Björn Nyman, Finland Sponsored by “Den Faberske Fond”

4th Prize DKK 30.000 ·   Vincent Penot, France

Special Prize DKK 15.000 · Olivier Vivares, France
Sponsored by “Den Faberske Fond” and awarded  for the best perfromance of Anders Koppel’s Caprice in the 1st round.

Odense Symphony Orchestra’s Prize DKK 10.000 · Olivier Vivares, France.  Awarded after a secret ballot among members of the orchestra.

The Children’s Jury Prize DKK 10.000 · Kaori Tanaka, Japan
Sponsored by The County of Funen and awarded after a secret ballot among 14 clarinet students from Funen music schools.

Besides monetary prizes, winners are offered engagements with orchestras in Norrköbing, (Sweden), Kiev (Ukraine), Shenandoah (Arizona, USA),

Novosibirsk (Russia), Odense and Ålborg (Denmark) as well as recitals in Copenhagen Summer Festival and Sorø International Music Festival and

"Nyborg Slotskoncerter", Nyborg Caste, Denmark.

The competition received 177 applications from 38 nations. 48 were chosen for participation, and 40 showed up at the beginning of the competition

last Wednesday on June 1. 24 competed in the 2nd round, 12 made it to the semifinals and today and yesterday the four finalists have played Mozart's

and Carl Nielsen's Clarinet Concertos with the Odense Symphony Orchestra conducted by Japanese conductor Takuo Yuasa. This evening's

concert was broadcast by Danish Radio.

The Jury included Hans Deinzer, President, Germany, Michel Arrignon, France, Rafael Bagdasaryan,  Russia, Colin Bradbury, UK, Hans

Christian Bræin, Norway, Martin Fröst, Sweden, John Kruse, /Denmark,  Jens Schou, Denmark and Seiji Yokokawa, Japan.

Larry Combs, Michele Zukovsky, and colleague

Zukovsky and Eddie Daniels

Wurlitzer Klarinette tryout

Student trying out Klarinette

Jessica Phillips, from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Larry Combs and Eddie Daniels in concert

OK Symposium faculty

Francois Bescond (Selmer) and Francois Kloc (Buffet)

Robert Spring and colleague

Friends and supporters of the OK Symposium

OK University Clarinet Choir - David Etheridge, conductor

Informal times at conference

Ben Redwine and Stephen's Clarinet Quintet

Verdehr Trio in concert

Jon Manasse performing Weber Clarinet Quintet

Director David Etheridge and Val

Clarinet Quintet

La Fourza Clarinet Quartet

Larry Combs and String Quartet

Symposium Clarinet Choir

Eric Mandat and colleague

Kevin Schempf and Clarinet Quintet

Symposium Clarinet Choir rehearsal

OK Clarinet Competition winners

Ricardo Morales and Ben Redwine after 2 Clarinet and Strings work by Anthony Wakefield

18 June 2005

 Oklahoma University 30th Clarinet Symposium

 Norman, Oklahoma USA

            The 30th anniversary Symposium was held these 3 days with one of the strongest faculty/ exhibitor

offerings ever held here.  As in past conferences, all aspects of Clarinet performance were covered, including

several Master Classes held for aspiring students, Lectures on topics dealing with the instrument including

coverage of extended techniques given by experts in the field, including Robert Spring from the University of

Arizona, Eric Mandat, who played a program of his own music including a World Premiere of ‘Rrowzer’ for solo

Clarinet.  Many of the US hallmark players including Larry Combs (Chicago Symphony), Ricardo Morales

(Philadelphia Orchestra), Elsa Ludwig-Verdehr (Michigan State University), Jon Manasse (International soloist

and faculty at the Eastman School of Music, Eddie Daniels (Jazz great), and several others from various colleges

and Universities in the USA.    Chamber music concerts, including the Quartet Oklahoma String Quartet performed

major works with Jon Manasse, Larry Combs, and Ricardo Morales.  In addition, an Oklahoma premiere of John

Stephen’s Clarinet Quintet was performed by Ben Redwine, a graduate of the Oklahoma University School of

Music, and a member of the Annapolis Academy Band.. Also of interest is a new work for 2 Clarinets and Strings

by Anthony Wakefield entitled 'Downtown Brahms, Weber hits the City' (world premiere and winner of a Composition 

Contest for performance at this event).  Ricardo Morales played this work with Mr Redwine.  Several Clarinet groups

performed, including the Prestige Clarinet Quartet, the La Fourza Clarinet Quartet, the Oklahoma Clarinet Choir

conducted by Festival Director David Etheridge, and the Symposium Clarinet Choir.  Major Clarinet teachers from

around the USA participated in recitals including Keith Lemmons, Robert Spring, Kevin Schempf, Andrea Cheeseman,

Kim Cole-Leuvano, Richard MacDowell, and Donald Nicholls, 

           Exhibitors were abounding showing the latest products from the major Clarinet firms including Buffet,

Morrie Backun (who gave a seminar on barrels, bells and a new clarinet being developed), Selmer, Herbert

Wurlitzer from Germany, and a large quorum of accessory makers for reeds, equipment to finish reeds or

repair them, Music retail firms dealing with selling music to players and teachers, and mouthpiece makers

were present. 

          This symposium with over 500 attending made for a solid conference (the only one of this magnitude

this year in the USA), Of vital interest unlike other conferences, David Etheridge has run this symposium from

the very beginning 30 years ago, which is a major accomplishment in Festival building and evolution. As can

be noticed, this is one of the most important showcase events in the USA.

Surgical team with Mike Getzin after procedure

Major Mulligan, assiting nurse, Col Corcoran, Mike Getzin, and Kay Arnesberger

Major Mulligan and Ms Arnesberger

Colonel Corcoran and Mike Getzin

Dr Corcoran signing surgery report

17 June 2005

 Walter Reed US Army Medical Center

 Washington, DC USA

           Many Hot News items include recent music events and Festivals;  in Newsletter reports it has been

stated about the importance of openness and health issues, like taking care of oneself psychologically and

getting out of your shell to enhance your creativity and performance.  Several festivals offer that.  In my

own area of health issues, one must at all costs protect that precious intangible, thus this review of events

leading to this Operation at Walter Reed Army Hospital, probably the most prestigeous of medical centers

in the United States.  Many casualties from the war in Iraq come here for their medical care, no matter how

severe the injuries. When told of my condition- 4 blockages to the heart which gave no options but this quad

bypass procedure, there was no time wasted in scheduling this operation, less than 1 week from Cathology

diagnosis to the operating day.  What made this such an important issue was the fact that if nothing were

done now, life expectancy would be only weeks or months.  The surgical team, headed by Chief Surgeon

Colonel Philip Corcoran and 16 supporting doctors, nurses, surgeon assistants, and monitoring support,

made for a total success of this 7 hour procedure.  8 days of Intensive Care followed to make sure heart

rhythm, timing, and consistency were established enough to move to Recovery status and eventual release

from the hospital.  Being a Military Retiree, one truly appreciates this benefit.

           As can be seen here in summary is a pointed need for everyone to be medically checked and watch

your back about nutritional issues, as in the USA there is a food culture encouraging bad eating habits and

the consequences, such as overweight, diabetes, heart disease including too high a salt level, too high a

cholesterol level, too high a number of calories intake every day, and not enough exercise, all of which can

and will lead to serious trouble later.  In my case I was lucky and took that operation chance hoping for a

better life afterwards. Recovery to full speed estimated about 2 months.

          It is hoped that everyone will look at this and make a lifelong resolution to make those above fixes

and be healthy and enjoy playing and enjoy life more. 

             Michael Getzin has a distinguished musical career spanning over four decades.  He is the

founder and director of the World Clarinet Alliance (WKA), an international fraternal and

educational organization.  The WKA encourages clarinetists worldwide to interact

through performances, intellectual discourse, cultural exchange, and participation in

WKA events.

Mr. Getzin earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from the State University

of New York at Fredonia and his Master of Music degree in clarinet performance at the

Manhattan School of Music. Post Graduate studies were taken towards a DMA in

Clarinet Performance at Catholic University in Washington, DC.  His principal teachers were

Allen Sigel, Edward Yadzinky, William Willett, James Pyne, Peter Simenauer, and Leon Russianoff. 

He credits his longtime mentors, Stanley Drucker and Karl Leister, as the primary influences

on his musical career and philosophy.  Throughout his career, Mr. Getzin has established

and maintained close relationships with many clarinetists and musicians of international

stature, including Stanley Drucker,  Karl Leister, Sabine and Wolfgang Meyer, Eddie Daniels,

Buddy DeFranco, Ricardo Morales, Herbert Gruber, Giora Feidman, and Sir Neville Marriner.  

As a performer, Mr. Getzin has been a member of the United States Military Academy Band

at West Point, New York, the United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”, at Fort Myer,

Virginia, and the United States Army/Europe Band in Heidelberg, Germany.  As director

of the Lydian Chamber Players (1971-1983), he performed at many venues in New York City,

including Lincoln Center, Columbia University, and the New York Historical Society.

In Washington, D.C., he has performed at the Corcoran Gallery, the Renwick Gallery, the

White House, and at the Phillips Collection for a nationwide broadcast on WETA. Many

taped and live performances took place over WQXR, WNYC, WGMS. As a professional

musician, he has toured and performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

From 1972-1983, Mr. Getzin was responsible for creating a vast sound recording archive

of solo performances by the eminent solo clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic, Stanley

Drucker.  During those years, Getzin produced hundreds of sound recordings whenever

Drucker was performing outside of the New York Philharmonic.  Additionally, Mr. Getzin

served as sound recordist for the International Clarinet Congress (1978-1983).

In 1980, Mr Getzin, along with many prominent Clarinetists, organized in conjunction

with Catholic University, the Klar/Fest 81 (American International Clarinet Festival),

featuring the finest Clarinetists including Stanley Drucker, Karl Leister, and several others,

who performed over that 5 day period consistent Lincoln Center Class performances to

a saturate level for participants.  Involvement of the Washington Service Bands including

the US Marine Band and the USAF Band participated on campus, and soloists Druckers

and Allen Sigel performed at the Jefferson Memorial in addition after the festival finished.

During this whole period, Mr Getzin was a member of The US Army Band (Pershing’s Own).

Getzin has been noted as the ‘father of the Klar/Fest’, which brought major changes

of festival organization and total program concepts.

Currently, his activities as director of the WKA include administrating the organization,

planning and promotion of programs, website design and management, artistic liaison,

and establishing musical links and outreach programs for the benefit of the emergent

membership.  With his involvement with the WKA, Michael Getzin continues to be a

musical visionary, promoting unique performances, educational opportunities, and

fraternalism through musical culture worldwide. Many unknown quality festivals

and activities have been made known through the WKA website indicating the

benefits for those who pursue excellence in their work to upgrade the entire Clarinet world.

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