Hot News July 2005

Alumni Army Band in reheasal with Colonel Rotondi

Band rehearsal in Woodwind section


Band Alumni on stage in Brucker Hall

Band Clarinet Section

15 July 2005

 The 3rd US Army Band Alumni Weekend

 Washington, DC  USA

          The 3rd Alumni concert weekend was held at Fort Myer, Virginia for a 3 day intensive rehearsal

preparation for the Friday summer concert held at the US Capitol.  The Alumni Association, consisting

of all former Army Band members, brought a large number of veterans and retired past members which

made for a solid ensemble of over 110 players.   The new Commander, Colonel Thomas Rotondi, just

arrived from the United States Military Academy Band at West Point, conducted along with 2 other

conductors.   Performance level was world class indicating the quality of performers past and present. 

Saturday was a social day for the Alumni which made possible rejoining with old colleagues and reviewing

the current events and camaraderie. Several organizations like this Band are establishing similar organizations

to increase contact and concerns for their former members which for many is a morale boost especially for

those with later health problems.  Ambitious plans are ahead involving this Association and the Army Band

in collaboration projects to establish the goals set for members.  Anyone who has served in this Band is

welcome to contact the Alumni Association and be part of this group.

Metrpolitan Opera at Lincoln Center

Avery Fisher Hall

Stanley Drucker and Mike Getzin after concert

Naomi and Stanley Drucker

2-3 July 2005

 Avery Fisher Hall – Lincoln Center

 New York Philharmonic Summertime Concert

          A set of like concerts were held encompassing popular and Americana music for this time of year, 

English conductor Bramwell Tovey presented a very interesting selection of music with a brief introduction

of each work with a NEW YORK, NEW YORK theme fitting for this great orchestra including works by:

John Kander  - New York, New York arranged

George Gershwin - Walking the Dog  -  solos by Stanley Drucker

Leonard Bernstein – On the Waterfront

LeRoy Anderson – 3 Popular works

Aaron Copland – Quiet City

Leonard Bernstein-  Prelude, Fugue and Riffs with Stanley Drucker, soloist

           Of interest on this concert is the unique Americana characteristic of this orchestra, particularly the incredible 

performance of Stanley Drucker, who with that style gave solos in the Gershwin ‘Walking the Dog’ which was so

removed from a player who would play the notes without  inference to the style Gershwin would have wanted.  

The Bernstein Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs, a parallel work similar to Stravinsky’s Ebony Concerto, featured each

section of the jazz big band by movement-  Prelude (Brass), Fugue (Wind section Saxophones), and Clarinet soloist

on the Riffs, handled in style and excitement from Drucker, well known for incredible virtuosity and style. 

This Bernstein work was written for Artie Shaw, performed by Benny Goodman, and performed by Mr Drucker

over the years 3 times, in October 1988 under Colin Davis, and 1998 under Leonard Slatkin. and at these concerts. 

Of note, Mr Drucker has been Solo Clarinetist since 1960, a record for tenure of any orchestral player, and the

most frequent in-house soloist.                     


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