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Redwine Trio

Guitar solo

Ben Redwine in solo

Solo piece

Guitarists Moeller and Murray

20 March 2005

 Redwine Jazz Recital at Davies Concert Series

 Camp Hill, Maryland USA

           Ben Redwine, an aspiring classic/jazz eclectic clarinetist and member of the US Naval Academy

Band and a Selmer artist, gave an impressive multi-faceted program with 2 guitarists Paul Moeller and

Max Murray on Bass guitar.  Several arrangements of basic jazz pieces were played with this combination,

including New Orleans, Sweet Georgia Brown, Up a Lazy River, I’ve Got Rhythm, and more.  Classic

pieces included the Mozart 2nd movement of his Clarinet Concerto K 622 and Saint Saen’s Le Cygne. 

The concert was interesting for the virtuosity and stylistic freedom and shows high potential given these

qualities.  Of interest Mr Redwine is also a skilled mouthpiece maker having succeeded Ignatius

Gennusa in his mouthpiece tradition.   Ben Redwine has premiered a new Clarinet Quintet written by

John Stephens and will be performed at the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium in June.  A new recording

of this work will be available at that time. He is a member of the Washington based

American Symphonic Clarinet Choir of which Dr Stephens is Conductor. 

12 March 2005

Cathy Orgam Soloist in Mozart Clarinet Concerto with Danville Symphony Orchestra

Danville, North Carolina USA

             The Danville Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles G. Ellis, presented its Spring Classical

Concert on Saturday, March 12th, at 8 p.m.  This concert featured clarinetist Cathy A Ogram performing

the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, K622.  Other works performed on the DSO Spring Concert were

"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", "Sonata Sopra Sancta Maria ora pro nobis" (for brass ensemble),

"Brandenburg Concerto No. 1" ( performed with the Martinsville Early Music Ensemble)and

"Music for the Royal Fireworks" by Handel.

             Cathy Ogram - Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Ms Ogram Graduated from Youngstown State

University's Dana School of Music. She went on to become the principal clarinetist with the First

US Army Band, and 2nd Infantry Division Bands, as well as featured soloist. Ms Ogram then

became a member of the US Army Field Band for 20 years and was a soloist on two major

concert tours. Among other duties, she was a clinician and founding member of the Field

Band's Educational Outreach Woodwind Quintet.
Ms Ogram further distinguished herself as a Semifinalist in International Clarinet Competition

1998-2001, 2nd place winner in 1998.
Ms Ogram has done Masters Degree study towards an MM at the University of Md,  performed

with Columbia Orchestra, Howard County Ballet Orchestra, American Symphonic Clarinet Choir,

founding member of LaFourza Clarinet Quartet, has recorded with Omega Studio's Washington

Winds, and currently performs with the Danville Symphony.  Ms Ogram was the featured soloist

on the Danville Symphony's Spring Classical Concert 2005, playing the Mozart Clarinet Concerto.

She was the Assistant Artistic Director for the International Clarinet Conference, summer 2004,

at the University of Maryland.    Ms Ogram is currently the Director of the Music Program,

Hargrave Military Academy.


American Chamber Ensemble sign at Weill Recital Hall

Clarinetists rehearsing

Weill Recital Hall

Clarinet rehearsal before concert

Clarinet Nonet

Clarinetists rehearsing

Clarinetists rehearsing

Stanley Drucker and Naomi Drucker

Drucker in rehearsal

2 Clarinetists

12 March 2005

 Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall)  New York City USA

 40th Anniverary Concert by the American Chamber Ensemble

        This special concert presented by this acclaimed ensemble specialized in diverse composite chamber music, especially of living composers, played to a packed house celebrating the event.   Of special interest is the Monologue III by composer Peter Schikele, known for his PDQ Bach past compositions; this work is a serious piece written for 9 Clarinets, comprised of some of the finest players in New York with Solo Clarinetist from the NY Philharmonic Stanley Drucker, husband to Music co-Director Naomi Drucker.  The work played with no conductor and was musically communicative and technically very tight.  More information below about the extensive history of this ensemble.

  The American Chamber Ensemble, co-directed by pianist Blanche Abram and clarinetist Naomi Drucker, has presented concerts for more than 40 years. In residence at Hofstra University, ACE is a consortium of distinguished musicians whose concerts explore the music for clarinet and/or piano with strings, woodwinds and/or voice.

ACE is dedicated to presenting the music of living American composers and has commissioned and presented world premieres by Elie Siegmeister, Meyer Kupferman, Vally Weigl, Max Lifchitz, David Hollister, Joelle Wallach, Albert Tepper, Marga Richter, Dana Richardson, Edward Smaldone, Jerry Rizzi, Katherine Hoover, Josef Alexander and Herbert Deutsch.

They have performed music by American composers Morton Gould, Aaron Copland, Virgil Thomson, Leonard Bernstein, Judith Lang Zaimont, Vally Weigl, Philip James, Miriam Gideon, Daniel Gregory Mason, Charles Ives, George Kleinsinger, Douglas Moore, Amy Beach, George Gershwin, Alan Hovhaness, Peter Schickele, Robert Starer and many others. They have recorded a number of these works for Elysium, Leonarda, Gasparo, Soundspells, Cala, Dionysus and 4Tay

Because ACE is Long Island based, it has, since 1980, included a work celebrating the Festival of Long Island Composers at each concert. The purpose is to help our audience realize that today's composer is their neighbor whose contribution to our culture, although relatively unrecognized, is very important.

Core members of the American Chamber Ensemble are Blanche Abram, piano, Naomi Drucker, clarinet, Eriko Sato, violin, Deborah Wong, violin, Lois Martin, viola, Chris Finckel, cello, Marilyn Sherman Lehman, piano, Dorothy Darlington, oboe, and Braden Toan, bassoon.


US Army Field Band at ABA

Field Band Clarinet Section members

Army Band Jazz Combo

Karl Leister speaks to ABA

UFL Wind Ensemble sign with Leister

10 March 2005 – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida USA

 American Bandmasters Association Convention

            The annual convention of this elite by invitation only organization for Band directors of distinction held their event on this fine campus and held events featuring many of the finest College/University Band in the USA, all guest conducted by many of the elite directors in the nation.  The University of Florida Wind Ensemble gave the opening concert with a challenging program, and as a special feature, had as guest soloist the legendary Solo Klarinettist of the Berlin Philharmonic Karl Leister, in residence all week for the University School of Music,  performing a premiere of the Carl von Weber Concertino Op 26 arranged for 16 instruments Harmonie Ensemble with a newly discovered Cadenza by Pamela Weston from England.  This new arrangement may well be a new part of the Band repertory in regards to serious performance of this work.  This performance was certainly a high point in this conference as Leister opened ears and eyes as an incredible role model for both clarinet students and directors alike. Meastro Leister gave an appearance for the Bandmasters at a meeting where he emphasized the importance of teachers sharing their musical gifts and teaching to the next generation of future musicians for the well being of the music profession, both in performance and teaching.   A major performance, guest conducted, featured the United States Army Field Band, the principal Touring Band organization of the US Army, under Commander Colonel Finley Hamilton to a full house of enthusiastic members and an educated audience. This week will be hard to forget given the high powered and prestigious performances held.


Curtis M Phillips Performing Arts Center UFL

UFL Music Building inside

University of Florida campus

Admiring UFL Student and Leister

Glenn Estrin, Mike Getzin, Karl Leister and Mitchell Estrin

Leister and Leipziger String Quartet

Brahms Quintet concert

Quintet bow

Leister reception

Mendellsohn Concertpiece rehearsal


10 March 2005 – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

 Karl Leister Master Class / Concert Tour Residency

             Of special interest is a Master Class/ Concert tour now in progress by Karl Leister, the renowned Solo Klarinettist in the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan, March 2005, and visiting 6 Universities in the USA, including University of Florida,  in Atlanta Georgia with the Atlanta Clarinet Association,  DeKalb N. Illinois University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Loyola University in New Orleans, Rice University in Texas,   People responsible for arranging details of this tour included Mike Getzin, WKA CEO,  Mitchell Estrin, WKA Performing Organization Chairman and Professor at University of Florida, Bernd Wurlitzer, maker of the acclaimed Wurlitzer Klarinetten in Germany, and the firm Vandoren, involved in the tour sponsorship. 

Student with Leister

UFL Student lesson

Student working lesson

Sonata lesson with Leister

UFL session

Mitchell Estrin and karl Leister

UFL Clarinet Studio with Estrin and Leister

New Mozrt Concerto Edition from Leister

UFL Music Dean, Leister, Estrin

Leister and Estrin score analysis


             18 months ago, this Master Class / Concert Tour was organized by Mike Getzin, WKA CEO, and Professor of Clarinet at this University Mitchell Estrin, and it came to remarkable fruition this week as part of a 7 University 3 week tour.  The week was intensive in Master Class sessions with students who were required to audition for the privilege of working with Mr Leister.  From all standpoints, the intensity and musical fulfillments for each of them was an experience that will follow them for their lifetimes.  To work with a ‘god’ of this instrument of the first tier as an artist, only to be compared with the same with Stanley Drucker of the New York Philharmonic, is an incredible honor.   Performances of Mr Leister included the Brahms Clarinet Quintet Op 115 with his preferred Leipziger String Quartet who performed legendary class which brought the high for the whole week.  The crystal transparency and almost spellbounding musical communication brought people to their souls.  Many who attended were so moved that they sent emails to Mr Estrin espressing incredible responses to the Brahms.  A recital featuring in The Mendellsohn Concertpiece #1 for 2 Clarinets and Piano with Professor Estrin and Herr Leister, along with a concert including the Brahms 2nd Sonata and the Robert Schumann Fantasy Pieces, the Romanze by Max Reger, and a solo piece ‘When the Wind Turn’  by Uhl Alihulin. 

Weber Harmonie ensemble with Karl Leister

Weber Concertino with Harmonie Ensemble

Leister with Conductor on Weber

Weber rehearsal

University of Florida Band with Leister

           Meastro Leister performed with the University of Florida Wind Ensemble a new arrangement of the Weber Concertino Op 26 with Harmonie Ensemble of 16 Winds; unique was the arrangement for this ensemble, and a newly discovered cadenza written by Carl Baermann played here for the first time found by Pamela Weston, a Clarinet research authority in England.   Performance of this work was a high point for the ensemble and the American Bandmasters Association Convention held this same week on this campus.

Leister and student trying Reform Boehm Klarinette

Student with Leister

Leister with Students

Wurlitzer tryouts

Leister and student

            At the conclusion of this week,  Wurlitzer from Germany provided for audition a set of Reform Boehm Klarinetten specially hand picked by Mr Leister to be auditioned by the participants to try for themselves these remarkable instruments which presently are for immediate sale to the first buyer.  To ignore this opportunity is very unfortunate in that these clarinets are perfectly matched, and normal waiting time is 1-2 years. Mr Leister worked with all those who tried out the horns.  Of interest about Wurlitzer, these instruments are hand-made limited production, and no artist is paid to represent the firm as clinician.  This indicates that the horns stand on their own merits as all who play Wurlitzer have paid for their own.

           The success of this week is of profound credit to Mr Estrin, indicating from this appearance and fulfillment to be the primary and high point of the entire Leister 3 week tour. In 2001, Stanley Drucker performed a successful residency at this campus.  Leister and Drucker are considered the best clarinetists in the world, and to have had both, this certainly brings the School of Music to a new level of accomplishment and a new standard to attain in the future.

Avery Fisher Hall- Lincoln Center

Mike Getzin, Stanley and Naomi Drucker

Sign about concert

Concert signs at Fisher Hall

Metropolitan Opera House and Avery Fisher Hall

4 March 2005

 Avery Fisher Hall -  Lincoln Center

New York Philharmonic Matinee Chamber / Orchestra Concert 

           A phenomenon  performance took place at this matinee concert where the concert was split between chamber music on the first half, and full Orchestra performing  Richard Strauss on the later half.   Bartok Contrasts, for Violin, Clarinet and Piano featuring Stanley Drucker, principal Clarinetist and the most frequent orchestral soloist.  The Contrasts was recorded by Mr Drucker on Bartok Records in 1954, 51 years ago, and is still considered the definative recording.  The performance here is nothing less than historic in its incredible intensity and virtuosity that Drucker is famous for.  Historical information is stated below.



Stanley Drucker

At the conclusion of the 1997-98 season, New York Philharmonic Principal Clarinet Stanley Drucker celebrated 50 years as a member of the Orchestra. In honor of this milestone anniversary, and in recognition of his highly respected and widely acknowledged musical excellence and dedication, he was named Musical America’s
1998 Instrumentalist of the Year. He has made approximately 150 solo appearances with the Philharmonic since joining it at age 19.

Mr. Drucker maintains an active solo career in addition to his Philharmonic duties, appearing with ensembles throughout the world. He has been twice nominated for Grammy Awards in the category of Best Instrumental Soloist/Classical with Orchestra: In 1992 for his recording of the Copland Concerto with the Philharmonic and Leonard Bernstein, and in 1982 for John Corigliano’s Concerto with the Philharmonic and Zubin Mehta. Mr. Drucker is featured on a number of other Philharmonic recordings: under the direction of Leonard Bernstein in Debussy’s Premiere Rapsodie; in Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto; and in the world-premiere live performance (1977) of the Corigliano Clarinet Concerto, which is a part of the Orchestra’s acclaimed CD box set, The Historic Broadcasts: 1923-1987. Mr. Drucker’s other recordings include New York Legends: Recitals with Principals from the New York Philharmonic; Schumann’s Complete Works for Winds and Piano; the Mozart Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A, K.581, and a new two-CD set of the two clarinet sonatas, Trio in A minor, and Quintet in B minor of Johannes Brahms entitled Drucker Plays Brahms. He is also heard on the world-premiere broadcast of William Bolcom’s Clarinet Concerto, part of the New York Philharmonic Special Editions’ boxed set, An American Celebration.

Mr. Drucker began clarinet studies at age ten with Leon Russianoff, his principal teacher, and later attended the High School of Music and Art and the Curtis Institute of Music. He was appointed Principal Clarinetist of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at age 16, the Adolf Busch Chamber Players at age 17, and the Buffalo Philharmonic at age 18. He has the distinction of being one of the few living orchestral musicians whose biography appears in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.



March 2, 2005

Sun Valley, California, USA

The Re-Birth of Mitchell Lurie's Prized Clarinet

             Renowned clarinet master Mitchell Lurie visited The Buffet-Crampon office in Sun Valley, California in February, where he was presented with his beloved 1967 Buffet Crampon clarinet, recently refurbished at Buffet's facilities in Mantes, France.  Mr. Lurie, set to celebrate his 83rd birthday next month, was accompanied by his wife of sixty years, Leona, an accomplished pianist and teacher in her own right.

             Buffet craftsman refinished both the African black wood body and re-plated nickel-silver keys, even stamping the Buffet Crampon logos in gold leaf.  Exclaiming, "My goodness, it looks like its brand new," Mr. Lurie expressed his profound gratitude to Francois Kloc, TMG's Manager of Woodwinds North America, who coordinated the refurbishment.

            "Mitchell Lurie is an icon in the music world.  His reputation and integrity are exceeded only by his warmth and generosity of is our honor to provide this gift of renewal to him," said Scott Pfeiffer, TMG's Marketing Services Manager.

            For more information, please contact Francois Kloc at or by calling 1-800-426-7068.

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