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Donald Montanaro - Associate/Eb Clarinetist Emeritus in the Philadelphia Orchestra; Renowned Chamber Music Artist - Professor at the Curtis Institute - In Memoriam - 30 November 2016



Larry Sobol, Iconic and Innovative Clarinetist, Director of the Long Island Chamber Ensemble, Renowned collaborator with major composers and Performers - In Memoriam 28 November 2016





Andrew Marriner (Solo Clarinetist in London Symphony) in Concert and Master Classes at Bartok Conservatory - Budapest, Hungary - 7 - 8 December 2016









Agaete International Clarinet Festival - Canary Islands - December 3 - 8  2016



VIP's Francois Kloc, Naomi and Stanley Drucker, and Anthony McGill, all associated with the New York Philharmonic, past and present



Holiday Parties in New York with Vandoren and Buffet including in attendance World Class Icon Clarinetists 

5 - 6 December 2016





Classic Winds International Festival - Bonn and Koln, Germany - 28 - November - 4 December 2016








State University of New York at Purchase Clarinet Day - with VIP's Ayako Oshima and Charles Neidich

4 December 2016





15th Concours de Clarinette en Picardie -  Amiens, France - 26 - 27 November 2016




Sir Simon Rattle with Concertmaster, and VIP Wenzel Fuchs at Podium after rehearsal, Wenzel Fuchs and VIP Jessica Phillips, and Woodwind Section members with Mike Getzin including VIP's Wenzel Fuchs and Albrecht Mayer


Berliner Philharmoniker US and Canada Concert Tour - 9 - 23 November 2016 including New York, Boston, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and San Francisco, California


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen and Diana Cohen in Family Matters Chamber Concert with The International Society of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 20 November 2016



Major Concert at State University of New York at Purchase with Performance of Nielsen Clarinet Concerto Op 57 with Soloist  DukHyun Sung, student of VIP Ayako  Oshima, and conducted by VIP Charles Neidich - Program included Edgar Varese Octandre and Brahms 1st Symphony - 18 November 2016



Eugene Mondie Recital and Clinicians Betty Bley, Kristen Grattan Sheridan and Catina Franklin Sweedy, Mondie Master Class with Students, and Kathy Mulcahy Class and with Eugene Mondie, and Clarinet Quartet


George Mason University Clarinet Day - Dr Kathy Mulcahy, Director, with Guests and Eugene Mondie, Acting Solo Clarinetist in the Washington National Symphony - Fairfax, Virginia - 12 November 2016




Academic WKA Chairman Robert Chesbro Tribute Recital and Furman University Single Reed Day - 11 - 12 November 2016




Senior VIP and Legend Clarinetist Stanley Drucker Soloist in Performance of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto K622 with the New York Session Symphony Orchestra - 5 November 2016




VIP Harri Maki, "Sibelius Academy of University of the Arts, Helsinki" Finland,  "the Professor of Woodwinds" and Jury member at this Competition, in Opening Recital, VIP Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Competition Juror in the Conservatory Small Hall, Competition Jury including VIP's Harri Maki, Evigny Petrov, Eddie Vanoosthuyse


The 8th International Competition of the Moscow Tschaikovsky Conservatory (Russia) for Performers on Winds and Percussion - Clarinet - 1 - 8 November 2016




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