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29 December 2005

Clarinet Days - Jerusalem Music Center, Israel  

          During this week of intensive Master Classes and concerts given at the Jerusalem Music Center under Sarah

Elbaz,  the week was highly distinctive in artist quality and inspiration.  Artist faculty included Guy Deplus, renowned

Professor at the Paris Superiore Conservatory, Alexander Fietelstein, winner of the New York Young Artists Guild

Competition, John Lesser, retired Clarinetist in the Israel Philharmonic, and others.   Ensembles including a Clarinet Choir

convened all week along with faculty and student recitals and major concerts.  This annual event is one of the most

important held in the Middle East and should interest all who can see the perspectives and quality programs offered here.


17 December 2005

 MidWest Band & Orchestra Conference

Chicago, Illinois USA

         The 59th Annual MidWest Band & Orchestra Conference was held featuring their array of Music

Education achievements in Band, Orchestra music programs Internationally as posted in their website

and publications, over a 5 day timeframe.  Performances, seminars, Music Organization annual meetings,

employment seminars and interaction, University Alumni reunions, and constant activity which made it

impossible to attend everything.   Over 18,000 attendees were present for this major event.

The US Army Band in concert

Band performance

Colonel Eugene Allen presented with MidWest Medal of Honor

US Army Band honoring Col Allen

Army Band concert performance

             As is a tradition, the Major Military Bands appeared, this year featuring The US Army Band (Pershing’s Own)

in a double concert appearance to accommodate the huge attendance at this festival.  Of a special event was the

presentation of the MidWest Medal of Honor to the Band’s former Leader and Commander Colonel Eugene Allen

for his contribution to the field.   The US Air Force’s Jazz Ensemble the ‘Airman of Note’ also performed.    Several

Military Bands and Band Programs from all four services maintained exhibits to offer employment opportunities for

interested musicians.   Many University, High School, Community, and other ensembles including jazz bands, choral

organizations and orchestras took part.  The finale of this Conference featured from Japan the Yamaha Symphonic

Band that gave a spellbounding performance; of interest this organization consists of Yamaha music industry employees.

Yamaha Symphonic Band from Japan

Symphonic Band at Finale Concert

Clarinet soloist with Band

Band taking bow

Yamaha Band in traditional bow

Caroline Hartig in demonstration

Information about Hartig program

Hartig discussing concepts

Himie Voxman, Caroline Hartig, Jeff Schmitt, and Donald McGinnis

Voxman, Hartig in discussion

            Of interest to Clarinetists, 2 major events took place, as Dr Caroline Hartig, Professor of Clarinet

at Michigan State University gave an intensive class entitled:

 A ‘Sound’ Approach to Stellar Clarinet Performance:  Improving the Technical Command of your Band/Orchestra

Clarinet Section.

The lecture covered important fundamentals as the handouts indicated.  The major points made included:


Air Support/ Breathing

Chromatic Scale and Partials of the Clarinet

Finger facility

Articulation – Wind and tongue

Rhythm/ Tempo


Production Noises and why they are a sure sign of tonal dysfunction

Letting the ear be the ultimate guide

           Demonstrations of these points and the answering of questions were generous and the hall was almost

full of interested participants including professional clarinetists, students, Band and Orchestra School Directors

eager to hear these points given.  Dr Hartig’s appearance made possible through the Michigan State University

and Buffet-Crampon.


            Another Clarinet highlight was the appearance of the Claribel Clarinet Choir from Ostend Belgium under

Director Guido Six.   Complete information is posted on the Clarinet Choir News Page.  This seminar/ concert

focused on how a Choir can enhance a Clarinet Section in a Concert Band with specific proportioned instrumentation,

and what is needed to make the near ideal tone.  Soloists included Eddy Vanhoosthuye from Belgium and Dr Robert

Spring from the University of Arizona.  Performance was professional in stature.

USAF Bands Program

USAF Academy Band Exhibit

Army Bands Exhibit

Army Band Exhibit booth

US Marine Band booth

Forte Clarinet Exhibit

Desca and Charles Bay

Power Lung display

Student and Francois Kloc, Buffet Artist Chief

Woodwind & Brasswind exhibit with Leslie and Ben Redwine

MidWest exhibits

MidWest Exhibits

Vandoren display

Buffet Exhibit

Buffet Clarinet tryout

              Music Industry exhibitions covered 3 large areas covering instrument firms, music publishers,

music organizations of all types, accessory manufacturers, Music Tour firms covering Music Education

endeavors including School Bands and Orchestras, Military Band organizations and agencies recruiting

for Band members, and many more.  Exhibits were enrolled by hundreds of companies, a factor that has

attracted over 18,000 total participants.

Jademar Suarez and Ben Redwine

Mike Getzin and Russell Dagon, Northwestern Clarinet Professor Emeritus

Scmitt, Hartig, McGinnis, Getzin, and Voxman

Composers Augusta Cecconi-Bates, Karel Husa, and Conductor lloyd Vincent Byczek

Ray E Cramer, Yamaha Sym Band Guest conductor

              The next annual MidWest Clinic will celebrate its 60th Anniversary and scheduled next December. 

Plans should be made soon to take advantage of its offerings which is world-class.  Ensembles appearing are

invited and considered a major honor and achievement to perform here at this Conference.


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