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John Bruce Yeh with Northshore Orchestra

Richard Stotzman Soloist in Boston

Potsdam Clarinet Studio

Michigan State University Clarinet Day

Geneva Clarinet Competition

Buffet/Vandoren at Dillon Music

Celeste Zewald in Performance in Switzerland and on tour with Brabant Philharmonic of the Netherlands  in China

Elaine Schlatter of Dillon Music

Verdehrs with Orchestra

Mike Getzin, Mr Sanjo, and Dominik Vidal

Gennusa Camerata in Maryland

Student with Stanley Drucker

Michigan State University Clarinet/Sax Summit

Charles Neidich Master Class and upcoming Michigan State Clarinet Summit 1 December 2007


          As the Autumn months are progressing, the Newsletter unfolds events and competitions that are followed with interest from players on the Global scale.   Some new innovations have been implemented including the below statement about future Newsletter Pages announcing events during those time periods.  Everyone is encouraged to follow these pages to plan to go to them.  For students and interested players, it is encouraged to attend a Grand scale Conference and a workshop per year to meet as many like-interested people as possible to advance your interests, careers, and contacts.  Many players have benefited from these ideas.  WKA is probably the most definitive resource for players seeking to find the ultimate role models and teachers who will make a difference in their performance lives along with the opportunities made available to see their goals met.

Antony Pay, acclaimed British Clarinetist in Performance of Mozart with Period Instruments in Jerusalem, Israel in Fall 2007

          Photo Galleries are posted with the accomplishments of many fine Clarinetists who have made a success on a consistent level, including International tours, Solo performances, and Teaching successes.  WKA members are encouraged to send in anecdotal photos of important events so they can be noted. 

 A new event announcement method is now implemented to assist WKA members in their pursual of events. In each quarterly Newsletter segment, the events are posted in date order on those month pages only to avoid repeated postings and possible confusion. 

Newsletters are constantly updated like the Hot News Pages as events and news is variable and it is important to be as up to date as possible.


 The Greenland Art Center will be the place of music, musicians, clarinetists

         The below information about the renovation of this historic cultural resource in Hungary is an incredible opportunity for the World Clarinet Community to participate in this project.  Eastern Europe is very rich in music and art as can be seen in major cities as Budapest and other places where the cost of living and costs for fine things is much less than Central Europe.  The Directors of this project are Artist VIP WKA members, Joszef Balogh, and spouse Beatrix, who have been working on the development of this dream for several years, having founded the Windland Foundation, and holding several workshops and Festivals in Hungary.  Mr Balogh is an International Clarinet Soloist and authority on Klezmer and Folk music.  WKA is committed to providing as much Internet assistance to see this project make success.  All members should contact the Baloghs and offer support, as when the time may come when a festival opportunity arises this would be a cumulative reward for all who contributed to it.

Greetings from Hungary!


The Windland Music Foundation with its Artistic Leader, Jozsef Balogh is pleased to announce its new project and new webpage.

 The Greenland Art Center will be the place of music, musicians, clarinetists.

The Greenland Art Center will be in an old palace from the XVIII. century, and its reconstruction will be between 2007-2011.

We will establish also the HANZI in the Palace, the  International Music Institute of Hearing Impaired, who play clarinet also.

 We look forward to your support!


 Please Send to a Friend!

 For more information please contact:  Beatrix Balogh

 Windland Music Foundation - 1054 Budapest, Hold u. 23. fszt. 6.

Tel/fax: 36-1-388-6689   E-mail:


Our webpages:

  Greenland Palace
Greenland Palace
The New Project
Greenland BlogKastelynapló


"The birth of a new music communication and recreation place
for musicians and creative artists"
Reconstruction of the Palace from the XVIII. century
Establishing the HANZI
International Music Institute of Hearing Impaired

Bank account number (Eur): IBAN HU21 1091 8001 0000 0020 5973 0019
Windland Music Foundation - Budapest, Hold utca 23. fszt. 6. Hungary - Tel/fax: 36-1-388-6689
E-mail: -

Copyright Greenland © 2007 All Rights Reserved


MidWest Band & Orchestra Clinic - Chicago - December

Clarinet Convention at Welsh College - England - 28 January 2007

Guido's 18th Klarinetstage - Ostend, Belgium - 22 - 24 February 2007

UAB Clarinet Retreat - University of Alabama - 3 -4 March 2007

Frankfurt Musik Messe in Germany in March

Clarinet Cornucopia - DeKalb University  -  24 March 2007

Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival - -27- 28 April 2007

Midwest ClariFest - University of Nebraska - 30 March 2007

Ohio University Clarinet Gala - 21 April 2007

Eastern Conservatory 4th Annual Clarinet Symposium with Pasqual Martinez Forteza - NY Philharmonic - 28 April 2007

Stockholm Clarinet Summit - Sweden -  11 -13  May 2007

Richard-Mühlfeld-Fest Meiningen, Germany  - 25-27 May 2007

International Woodwind Festival - Boston Conservatory - 31 May-12 June 2007

Le Domaine Forget Music & Dance Academy - Quebec

Indiana University Clarinet Teaching Workshop  -  3 - 8 June 2007

Oklahoma 33rd Clarinet Symposium -  5 - 7 June 2008

Clarinet and Woodwind Colloquium 2007 - Edinburgh University, United Kingdom - 22- 24 June 2007

Texas Christian University Whitman-Crisante Clarinet Workshop - 26-27 June

Summer Clarinet Workshop - Pomona College, California - June 2007

Summer Institute for Wind Quintet and Woodwind Chamber Music - New York University

ClarinetFest - Kansas City, Missouri - 2 - 6 July 2008

Ludmilla Peterkov Clarinet Workshop  -    Prague, Czech Republic -  6 -16 July 2007

Belgian Clarinet Academy - Ostend, Belgium -  15 - 21  July 2007

Clarinet Summer School - England - 21 - 27 July 2007

14th International Clarinet and Saxophone Festival and Course -  July 24-30, 2007 - Eger, Hungary

Charles Neidich's Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawa, Japan - 4 - 15 August  2007

Buffet-Crampon Summer Clarinet Academy -  August 2008

Clarinet &  Klezmer in the Galilee  Music Festival in Israel  with Giora Feidman - 6 -1 3 August 2007

China International Clarinet/Saxophone Festival III -  Beijing, China -  19 - 23 August  2007

Buffet-Crampon / Vandoren Clarinet / Mouthpiece / Reed Workshop at Dillon Music, Woodbridge, New Jersey - 25 September 2007

Austrian Klarinetten Symposium in Mautern - 28 -30 September 2007

CSH'S 6th Annual International New Music Festival

Rutgers Woodwind Day 2007 - Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone  -  October 14, 2007 

Boston Conservatory Clarinet Day  - 21 October 2007

Michigan State University Clarinet Day honoring Elsa Ludwig-Verdehr - 10  November 2007

University of Southern Mississippi Clarinet Symposium - Hiattesville, Mississippi - 15 -17 November 2007

United States Marine Band (President's Own)  Concerto Competition



Suomen Klarinettiseuran ja Nuori Soi ry:n

Tampereen Puhallus 22.September - 23.September 2007 - Finland























































Suomen Klarinettiseuran ja Nuori Soi ry:n
Tampereen Puhallus 22.9 - 23.9.2007

Suomen Klarinettiseuran vuosikokousviikonloppu TAMPEREEN PUHALLUSjärjestetään yhteistyössä Tampereen konservatorio/Pirkanmaan ammattikorkeakoulun kanssa 22–23.9.2007.

Majoitusvaihtoehdot ilmestyvät pian.
Alustava ohjelma.. joka tulee muuttumaan, mutta kaikki ovat kuitenkin kiinnostuneita:
Lauantai 22.9.

Klo 09.30 Junioriorkesterin harjoitus, Konservatorion sali, Pekka Ahonen

Klo 11.00 Ilmoittautuminen, Tampereen konservatorio/Pirkanmaan ammattikorkeakoulu

F. E. Sillanpäänkatu 9, 33210 Tampere

Klo 11.30 Suomalaisen Klarinettiyhtyeen harjoitus, Konservatorion sali, kapellimestari Ville Paakkunainen

Klo 11.30 Junioriorkesterin stemmikset (jos tarvitsevat), Pekka Ahonen

Klo ?? Lounas pidetään, kun kapellimestari näkee ajankohdan parhaimmaksi, Konservatorion ravintola, Päivin Pidot, jonka jälkeen Suomalaisen Klarinettiyhtyeen harjoitukset jatkuvat klo 16.00 asti.

Klo 18.00 Claros-kvartetin konsertti, Vanha kirkko, Keskustori

Klo 20.00 Illanvietto, Konservatorion ravintola, Päivin Pidot

Sunnuntai 23.9.

Klo 10.00  Junioriorkesterin harjoitus, Konservatorion sali, Pekka Ahonen

Klo 10.30 Suomen Klarinettiseuran vuosikokous, Konservatorio/Pirkanmaan ammattikorkeakoulu

Klo 12.00 Suomalaisen Klarinettiyhtyeen harjoitus, Konservatorion sali, Ville Paakkunainen

Klo 14.00 Lounas ja valmistautuminen konserttiin,  

Klo 16.00 Tampereen Puhallus ja Nuori Soi ry konsertti, Konservatorion sali

Ilari Laakso: Kaksi katsetta klarinetille, sellolle ja kanteleelle (kesto 15 min) Heli Palomaa, klarinetti, Taina Raittila, sello, Liisa Lilvanen, kantele

Junioriorkesterin kantaesitys (kesto ???), kapellimesteri Pekka Ahonen


Petri Niemisen Trio (kesto 23 min), Jarmo Hyväkkö, klarinetti - Reinis Birznieks, sello - Ville Hautakangas, piano

Suomalainen Klarinettiyhtye (kesto ehkä 30 min), kapellimestari Ville Paakkunainen





Potsdam Single Reed Summit





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The Crane School of Music of The State University of New York at Potsdam
2nd Annual Potsdam Single

 Reed Summit


Prism - Saxophone Quartet
Alcides Rodriguez - Bass Clarinet Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Donald Montanaro, Clarinet - Curtis Institute of Music
Joseph Lulloff, Saxophone - Michigan State University
Gary Whitman, Clarinet Professor TCU, Fort Worth Symphony

Events to include Recitals, Lectures, Displays, & Exhibits

September 28-29, 2007   Potsdam,

 New York

Hosts: Raphael Sanders, Julianne Kirk, Patrick Murphy,
Christopher Creviston, Timothy McAllister

Potsdam Clarinet Quartet

For Registration, Clinic/Recital Proposals


Tables are $50 each (size - 6 ft. x 2 1/2 ft.)
please contact us for more information:


Co-sponsors: Buffet Crampon, Selmer (Paris), Conn-Selmer, Inc., D'Addario Co., DANSR Inc., Vandoren, Rico Products, Northern Music and Video, Orsi and Weir, Yamaha and the Crane Student Association, CSA is an SGA sponsored organization.



Austrian Clarinet Society
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Symposium Mautern 2007
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Internationales Symposium in Mautern in der Steiermark

  1. Klarinetten-Symposium mit Kurs für Klarinetten-Chor

von 28. bis 30. September 2007 in Mautern/Stmk.

Die "Österreichische Klarinetten-Gesellschaft - Austrian Clarinet Society (ACS)" wurde im Oktober 2006 ins Leben gerufen. Wir wenden uns an alle, die sich mit der Klarinette beschäftigen, ob sie nun im Sinfonie-Orchester, im Blasorchester, in Musikvereinen oder in einem Kammermusik-Ensemble spielen.

Warum eine Österreichische Klarinetten-Gesellschaft? In einigen europäischen Ländern, wie beispielsweise in Deutschland oder in der Schweiz und vor allem in Amerika, gibt es bereits Zusammenschlüsse der Klarinettisten. In Österreich, mit der großen Klarinettentradition, war ein solches Kommunikationsforum lange überfällig. Wir wollen keine Vereinigung von Profis sein, sondern wir wollen vielmehr jene ansprechen, die sich mit der Klarinette beschäftigen, ob sie nun im Blasorchester, in Musikvereinen, im Sinfonieorchester, in einer Jazz Band oder in einem Kammermusik-Ensemble spielen.                              

Ein vorrangiges Ziel ist der Aufbau eines Klarinettenchors in Rahmen des Gründungssymposiums im September 2007. Mitmachen können dabei fortgeschrittene Schüler die eine entsprechende Spielpraxis erworben haben und vor allem auch Lehrer von Musikschulen sowie Klarinettisten/Innen jeden Alters. Es wird eine Auswahl an unterschiedlicher Literatur angeboten. Geleitet wird der Kurs von hervorragenden Klarinettisten, die in renommierten Kulturorchestern spielen und Lehrende an verschiedenen Institutionen der Musikausbildung sind. Künstlerischer Leiter des 1. Symposiums ist Dr. Friedrich Pfatschbacher, der u. a. auch das Klarinetten-Ensemble „Woodwind“ gründete.

Wir freuen uns natürlich auf die vorgesehenen Fachvorträge und Meisterkurse. Ganz besonders auf die Darbietungen der Klarinettenklassen. Wir werden die Entwicklung des Instrumentenbaus im Rahmen von Vorträgen und Ausstellungen verfolgen. Experten werden uns über den neuesten Stand informieren, genauso über Mundstücke und Blätter. Wir werden nicht alle Vorstellungen gleich verwirklichen können, doch ist die ACS für Fragen und Anregungen offen, und wo es möglich ist werden wir Aktivitäten fördern.


Alle 3 Tage:  Nichtmitglieder:      75,-/50,- Euro    Mitglieder der ACS: 50,-/35,- Euro

Freitag                                             30,-/20,-                                                 20,-/15,-                            

Samstag                                           30,-/20,-                                                 20,-/15,-

Sonntag                                           17,-/11,-                                                  14,-/09,-

*(ermäßigt: Schüler, Studenten, Rentner)

Nur Konzerte: 10,-/7,-

Der Betrag muss nach Bestätigung der verbindlichen Anmeldung auf das Konto bei der Bawag Knittelfeld, Konto Nr. 81610 006 663,  BLZ 14000 eingezahlt werden.

Hier gehts zur Anmeldung!  Anmeldungen für das Symposium werden ab März 2007 entgegengenommen!


CSH'S 6th Annual International New Music Festival

28 - 30 September 2007

riday Sept. 28
3  PM    Nicholas J. Horn Theatre
Saturday Sept. 29
NOON    Recital Hall
Clarion Synthesis
D Gause - clarinets & piano
F. Gerard Errante - clarinet

2  PM    Recital Hall
Mark Ford - marimba

4  PM    Recital Hall
Duo Gastesi - Bezerra
Estibaliz Gastesi - piano
Márcio Bezerra - piano

Sunday Sept. 30
NOON    Recital Hall
Walter Blanton - trumpet
Robert Bonora - percussion
Christopher Davis - bass
D Gause - clarinet
Richard McGee - trombone
2  PM    Recital Hall
Jeffrey Krieger - electric cello
4  PM    Recital Hall
Henri Bok - bass clarinet

All Festival events are free and open to the public!
Cheyenne Campus - 3200 E. Cheyenne Avenue - N Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information Please Contact:
email:   or call 702-651-4118

What our audiences are saying

This project has been funded, in part,
by a grant from the
National Endowment for the Arts,
a federal agency.
A special Thank You   
to our kind and generous benefactors -
College of Southern Nevada
Haney, Woloson & Mullins
G & G Theatre Services

in memory of
Jeanne & Clyde Reamy


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New York Young Artist Competition

New York City Metro Area

Deadline: October 1, 2007

The Young Artist Competition winner appears as the featured soloist with The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 2 p.m.

Who Can Enter

The Young Artist Competition is open to New York City Metro Area high school

 woodwind, brass, and percussion (including harp) instrumentalists in grades


New York City Metro Area includes: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens,

 and Staten Island.










8, rue Bovy Lysberg
CH - 1204 Genève
tél: +41 22 328 62 08
fax: +41 22 328 43 66


Concours de Genève 2007

Chant et clarinette

Information pour les candidats

conditions générales pour le chant

programme pour le chant

conditions générales pour la clarinette

programme pour la clarinette

inscription en ligne

Les documents suivants sont disponibles en format PDF

  • Règlement du Concours de chant
  • Inscription au Concours de chant
  • Règlement du Concours de clarinette
  • Inscription au Concours de clarinette
                                        3° CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE
                    DI CLARINETTO "Saverio Mercadante"
                                       3th International Clarinet Competition
                                                  "Saverio Mercadante"


                                                      NOCI (Bari) - Italy
                                 11-14 October 2007
                            FABIO DI CÀSOLA (Chairman)

(nati dopo il 1972, born after 1972)
(nati dopo il 1989, born after 1989)
(con clarinetto dal duo al sestetto, età media nati dopo il 1972;
with clarinet from duo to sextet, average age: born after 1972)





Mitch Estrin will again serve as Festival Coordinator.

 Buffet and Vandoren Schedule Third Annual Clarinet Ensemble Festival on October 13 & 14 2007

On the heels of two highly successful Buffet/Vandoren clarinet festivals, Buffet Crampon U.S.A and Vandoren have scheduled the third festival in Seattle.  The dates have been tentatively set for October 13 and 14. Vandoren artist and University of Florida Clarinet Professor Mitchell Estrin will again coordinate the performances, master classes and clinics. "We're very excited about this year."commented Estrin. "Based on our success of our past festivals, we expect a great festival.

The first clarinet choir festival focused on the unique literature and ensembles characteristic of clarinet choirs.

Clarinet Choir specialist Harvey Hermann, retired from the University of Illinois led the mass choir in a thrilling final concert.

Francois Kloc, Director of Marketing for Buffet Crampon U.S.A. and cosponsor conducted a clinic on the history of the clarinet. "This is an incredibly important event," commented Michael Skinner, president of DANSR, inc,

the Vandoren U.S. importer. "With the success of our past festivals, interest has already begun to grow."

For more information of the festival contact Mitch Estrin




Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, and Buffet Crampon


            Rutgers Woodwind Day 2007

              Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone

                              Sunday, October 14, 2007  --  1-6 pm

Registration fee: $5 in advance $15 at the door (parents/guardians attend free)

Marryott Music Building, 81 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1411



Hosted by:


Kaoru Hinata – Flute   Matt Sullivan – oboe   Maureen Hurd – clarinet

Cynde Iverson – bassoon   Paul Cohen – saxophone


Special Guest – Kristin Bertrand

New York instrument repair technician


Vendors Including

Dillon Music, Elaine Schlatter

Matt Sullivan Select, Matt Sullivan

Dr. Maureen Hurd - 732-932-8862

 You are invited to attend an exciting afternoon event for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone students of all ages and abilities. Rutgers Woodwind Day 2007 is open to students, teachers, parents and music directors from the greater New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York areas.  You will meet and work with Rutgers University Music Faculty as well as Rutgers undergraduate and graduate music students. Workshops, master classes, reed making, instrument care/repair and concerts will all be presented in the friendly and comfortable setting of the Marryott Music Building on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.   Advance registration is $5 or $15 at the door – parents/guardians attend free.


The Schedule:

12:30    Registration $5/15  - Rutgers Student Performances

1:00      Introduction - All Participants - Meet the Rutgers Faculty and Guests

1:30      Individual Instrument Master Classes taught by Rutgers Faculty

3:30      Music Break - Visit Vendors – Kristin Bertrand Repair; Rutgers Student Performances

4:15      Caring For Your Instrument

4:45      The Audition - How To Do Your Best (Participants perform and work with Faculty)       

5:30      Faculty Concert



         The Boston Conservatory of Music and its clarinet faculty Director Michael Norsworthy announce the first annual Clarinet Day at the Boston Conservatory. This event will take place on October 21, 2007 at the  Conservatory, 8 The Fenway in Boston Massachusetts.

         The day's events, which will begin at 9 AM and run all day until the 8 PM closing concert, will include master classes by some of the top professionals in the field, vendor exhibits from the leading manufacturers of instruments, reeds, mouthpieces and top quality repair people, presentations and demonstrations by vendors on their newest products and a final concert featuring all of the attending professional  artists.


          10 November 2007

Michigan State University - School of Music
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Info for:



Events Calendar

Fourth Annual MSU Clarinet Spectacular: A Tribute to the Legendary Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr

Date: 11/10/2007
Time: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Location: Music Building, West Circle Dr, MSU Campus

Join MSU Clarinet Professor Caroline Hartig and special guests as they honor legendary artist/teacher Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, professor emeritus, Michigan State University, with performances and master classes by leading clarinetists and former MSU students as well as a master class and question and answer session by Dr. Verdehr. The day is open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities with classes and activities for advanced students and professionals as well as high school and junior high clarinetists. Participants may perform in the Festival Clarinet Choir.

Registration fee: $25 ($15 before October 30). No charge for MSU students, faculty, and alumni. To register, or for a schedule of events, times, and locations visit or contact Caroline Hartig, (517) 355-7645,

Sponsored by MSU School of Music and Buffet Crampon, USA.


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4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30  


Events for November 10 , 2007 :


  • Fourth Annual MSU Clarinet Spectacular: A Tribute to the Legendary Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr
  • Double Reed Day

    **Maps and Directions to College of Music Events**








     Southern Clarinet Symposium Nov. 15-17 2007

    Southern Miss Public relations & Marketing Department Home        Gregory Oakes. Symposium Director 


    Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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    Press Releases

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    Southern Clarinet Symposium Offers Three Concerts PDF Print E-mail
    Friday, November 09, 2007
    Contact Angela Kilcrease - 601.266.4988   

    -- Assistant Professor of Music Gregory Oakes and his clarinet studio at The University of Southern Mississippi will host its first-ever Southern Clarinet symposium Nov. 15-17, featuring three evenings of free concerts at Marsh Auditorium by leading clarinetists from across the United States.

    On Nov. 15, a 7:30 p.m. concert will feature a faculty ensemble from Louisiana State University, including Justin O’Dell, clarinet; Lin He, violin; Kimberly Houser, harp; and Kadisha Onalbayeva, piano.  The program offers works by Nino Rota, Aram Khachaturian and Houser.

    Friday evening’s concert features guest clarinetists Lori Ardovino and Keith Lemmons, performing at 7:30 p.m., along with Libby Vannatta, piano.  The program includes works by Pierre Gabaye, Astor Piazolla, Louis Cahuzac and Franz Krommer. 

    Ardovino is a professor of music and director of Music Graduate Studies at the University of Montevallo.  Lemmons, a Presidential Teaching Fellow, is professor of clarinet, head of the woodwind area and music undergraduate advisor at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

    On Nov. 17, Oakes will join guest artist Stephanie Zelnick, assistant professor of clarinet at the University of Kansas and Vanatta, piano, for a 7:30 p.m. finale concert, performing works by Francois Devienne, Eric Mandat, Forrest Pierce, George Philipp Telemann, Paul Harvey, and Vincent Persichetti.

    Participants of the symposium will include high school and college student.  Ardovino, Lemmons and Zelnick will give master classes at 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Nov. 17.

    Concert admission is free and open to the public.  For more information, call the Southern Miss School of Music at 601.266.5543 or Angela Kilcrease at 601.266.4988, or visit the Web at

    Gregory Oakes

    About The University of Southern Mississippi
    The University of Southern Mississippi, founded in 1910, is a comprehensive doctoral and research-extensive university fulfilling its mission of being a leading university in engaging and empowering individuals to transform lives and communities. In a tradition of leadership for student development, Southern Miss is educating a 21st century work force providing intellectual capital, cultural enrichment and innovation to Mississippi and the world. Southern Miss is located in Hattiesburg, Miss, with an additional campus and teaching and research sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; further information is found at


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    Copyright 2006, The University of Southern Mississippi
     Email AA/EOE/ADAI


    Applications must be postmarked by November 15, 2007

    Search Our Site:


    17-18/11 2007
    Lärare /föreläsare
    Jean-Francois Bescond, Rico Reeds ,Frankrike                                                                                
    Stefan Harg, internationell artist och pedagog                                                                              
    Eva Rosén-Lundquist, Kulturskole pedagog , Norrtälje                                                                                                                                                                                  
    Jonas Näslund, Instrumenttekniker                                                                                        
    Katarina Ström-Harg, Professor Kgl.Musikhögskolan Sthlm
    Nu är det dags anmäld dig till årets kurs.
    Målet med kursen är att alla under några dagar ska få spela så mycket klarinett som möjligt. Du är välkommen oavsett genre och kunskapsnivå. Denna gång har vi 3 kurser att välja på.
    Endags kurs för dig som är 13-15 år.
    Du kommer att fä spela ensemble,klarinett coaching, gå på konsert, prova instrument,
    munstycken m.m Tag med din lärare ,kompis eller båda.
    för dig som vill spela i olika former av
    Masterclass för dig som studerar eller vill studera speciella verk, söka musikhögskola eller bara förkovra sig i klarinettspel. Fortbildning för lärare                                  
    Sista anmälningsdag 8 november
    Innehåll Eget musicerande, individuell coaching, ensemblespel,        
    ackompanjemang, intensiv arbete med önskade verk. Konserter med spännan-
    de musik, mängder med tillbehör, noter, munstycken, instrument m.m
    Tid och plats                                                                                                                                    
    17-18 november 2007 lördag kl.9-22  söndag kl.9-21                                                                            
    Nordiska Musikgymnasiet, Stockholm Katrinebergsbacken 2-10.                                              
    T-Bana Liljeholmen
    Information och anmälan                                                                                                                  
    Stefan Harg 0708/654 235 eller                                                            
    Jonas Näslund 08/411 29 29                                                                                            
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    Unga klarinettister 13-15år ( 100kr/dag)
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    Clarinet Summit 17-18 november 2007
      clarinet summit
      17-18/11 2007

    Clarinet Summit sponsras av
    Jonas Näslund
    Vandoren , Paris
    Buffet Crampon, Paris
    Nordiska Musikgymnasiet
    Howarth clarinets UK
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    30 November - 1 December 2007

    Michigan State Clarinet and Saxophone Summit, featuring Charles Neidich with Dr Caroline Hartig

    Michigan State Clarinet and Saxophone Summit, featuring Charles Neidich with Dr Caroline Hartig, Professor of Clarinet to be held 30 November - 1 December.   Several events including Master Classes, Seminars, Ensembles, and Exhibitions will take place representing a large array for both instruments.  Earlier this month, November 10th, a major Clarinet Day honoring Distinguished Professor Dr Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr is convening, making this month a special Clarinet month.  


    “Rino Viani” International Clarinet Competition 2007
    Competition Programme ENG PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Cefac   
    Wednesday, 03 October 2007

    Subject: First “Rino Viani” International Clarinet Competition 2007

    The participation in the competition is open to all clarinettists and is divided into the following two categories:

    Category A  - For all candidates that by 20th November 2007 are at least 18 years of age.
    Category B - For all candidates that by 20th November 2007 are not yet 18 years of age (Rino Viani Prize)

    The competition shall take place in Carpi between 1st and 2nd December 2007.

    Art.1 Programme Cat. A (Obligatory Programme)

    Eliminatory Stage:
             W.A. Mozart        -  From the Clarinet and Orchestra Concerto K 622 1st Movement
              I.Strawinsky        -  Three clarinet solo pieces
    Semi-final Stage:
              R.Schumann        -  Fantasiestucke op.73
    Final Stage:
              C.M.von Weber   - Concerto n°. 2 op. 74 in MIb Major
              C.Debussy           - Première Rapsodie

    Art.2 Programme Cat. B (Execution of a piece of choice from the following) “Rino Viani Prize”

    Single Stage:
              C.M.von Weber   -  Concertino op. 26
              S.Mercadante       -  Concerto
              C.Saint Saens       -  Sonata
              H. Rabaud            -  Solo de Concours

    Art. 3 Admission to the competition is undertaken by sending the Subscription Form.
    Art. 4 The competitors will be heard by the Jury in the order it itself establishes, which shall be published on the internet site . The convocation date is to be when all candidates will be present. The audiences will take place at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato “A.Tonelli” of Carpi.
    Art. 5 The competition is not open to the public. The verdicts will be made singly by the Jury at the end of the audiences.
    Art. 6 Who is not present during their turn shall be considered absent, unless prior and motivated justification is present, even telephonically, to the Management. The Jury reserves the right to decide if to accept the justifications of not.
    Art. 7 The Jury guarantees the presence of a piano accompaniment following a written request by the candidate, to be presented with the Subscription Form. The candidates are permitted to present themselves complete with their own piano accompaniment, the cost of which shall be born by the candidate.
    Art. 8 The winner will have to participate in the Award Concert in Carpi, to take place at the “A.Loria” Multimedia Library Auditorium.
    Who, for whatever reason, except for grave circumstances and motives communicated to the Management, does not participate at the concert will lose the right to the prize. Prior receival of the prize is not permitted
    Art. 9 The Jury shall be comprised of noted musicians.
    Art. 10 The Jury’s verdict is not subject to appeal. The Jury has the right to cut short an execution of a piece or to re-listen to it.
    Art. 11 The subscription request, on the correct form, must be accompanied by a self compiled birth and residency certificate.
    The subscription request must also contain a copy of the payment details of the € 50 used as a contribution towards the administrative costs. The payment can be effected into the following bank account: Associazione Culturale Rino Viani, account 76147933 abi 07601 cab 12900 cin V c/o Banco Posta di Carpi (MO). Code IBAN: IT-16-A-07601-12900-000076147933 Code BIC: BPPIITRRXXX with clear reference to : Subscription International Competition “Rino Viani” 2007 Category A or B.
    The participation request must be submitted by 20th November 2007 (the post office acceptance stamp is used as the reference date) to the following address:

    Direzione Concorso di Clarinetto “Rino Viani”
    C/o CEFAC Centro Formazione Alta Cultura
    Via De Amicis, 37
    41012 Carpi (MO)

    Or the requests can be sent on the electronic form via the web site:
    www.  or

    Prizes Category A

    1st  Place  € 2.000,00
    2nd Place  € 1.000,00
    3rd Place   €   750,00

    Prize Category B “Rino Viani Prize”

    Single Prize to 1st Place € 500,00

    For further information it is possible to contact CEFAC Centro Formazione Alta Cultura – Via De Amicis, 37 – 41012 Carpi (MO), Italy  tel. +39 059 654977  fax +39 02 700 557 248 from 9 to 13 Monday to Friday. (e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or from the site,


    Alois Brandhofer - Mozarteum di Salisburgo
    Corrado Giuffredi  – Principal Clarinet of the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
    Luigi Magistrelli –  Music Conservatory  “G.Verdi” of Milano
    Massimo Ferraguti  –  Music Conservatory  “A.Boito” of Parma
    Annamaria Giaquinta  - Pareggiato Musical Institute “A.Tonelli” of Carpi

    Honoury Commitee

    Enrico Campedelli  –  Mayor of Carpi
    Alberto Bellelli  –  Cultural Advisor Council of Carpi
    Director of Musical Institute "O.Vecchi - A.Tonelli"
    Prof. Mario Bizzoccoli  –  C.S.M.T.C
    Mrs Irma Malavasi

    Artistic Management
    Roberto Saltini

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