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compliments of the Austrian Clarinet Society                  compliments of Celeste Zewald -   Amsterdam

Karl Leister in Baden-Baden, Germany

Buffet Clarinet Academy- August

Indiana University Clarinet Workshop

Clariperu Competition

Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium

Clarinet & Klezmer in the Galilee Festival- Israel

Helmut Eisel and Clarinetists in Safed

Giora Feidman in Performance in Safed

Stockholm Clarinet Summit 07

Yeh Clarinet Residency

New Jersey Clarinet Symposium 07


          The New Year, as one can see below with at least 21 major Clarinet Workshop/Festival events posted, from

all over the world with more coming in as they become known, is a wealth of opportunity for advancement and inspiration

for everyone serious about music and the Clarinet.   Although some events are short lived, maybe a day, weekend, or a full

week, it is vitally important to participate and grow as many of the great world-class players and teachers are actively

involved.  Many are first-time conferences as one will notice.


          Of sad news this February is the passing of American composer Gian Carlo Menotti, 95 years old, and passed away

1 February.  Also, another figure who passed away 14 February is Kenneth Domer, a past associate and Jazz soloist with

The US Army Band.  Tributes and articles on the In Memoriam page.  Of interest, 4 February is Stanley Drucker's birthday, and going

strong at the New York Philharmonic after 57 years as the senior member of the Orchestra, having served since 1960 as Solo

Clarinetist and renowned Clarinet soloist.  These are the role models Clarinetists can look up to.

Bellison Clarinet Ensemble

University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble

Eastman Clarinet Choir under Robert DiLutis

Harvey Hermann, Mike Getzin, Mitchell Estrin

Hermann in rehearsal

Eastman Mass Clarinet Choir

Hermann, Estrin, Sexton

             Over the last year, there have been two Clarinet Choir Festivals sponsored by Buffet-Crampon USA under the distinguished

Directorship of Mitchell Estrin, Professor of Clarinet at the University of Florida in Gainesville, one of the very best Clarinet

Departments in the USA. Estrin is a member of the Buffet team as Creative and Educational Manager, and also a performing

member of the New York Philharmonic as needed and on tour, a position status he has carried for over 20 years. His connection

with Stanley Drucker, probably the most important Clarinet soloist of the last 50 years, makes his performance and teaching position

unique and a matter of critical interest for any serious upcoming college Clarinet student.  Professor Estrin is also Performing

Organization Chairman with WKA.  Over the last few months, a new CD Recording of the University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble

was released, and made available at the MidWest Band and Orchestra Clinic; entitled 'Wind in the Reed', the music entails

standard and new music, with emphasis on quality repertoire.  The entire stock of CD's were sold out in less than 3 hours. For

more information, contact Professor Estrin to order. More information about Mr Estrin on the Performing Organization Page.

         Of interest, a new name on the Clarinet Jazz scene is an Israeli born performer Anat Cohen, working in New York with

various bands and ensembles as outlined below. 

 Cohen Jazz Quartet performance in Monmouth, New Jersey 18 March 2007      

Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Anat Cohen has been performing around the world sharing her astounding musicianship

and becoming a major force on the global world music and Jazz scene. Aside from her extraordinary instrumental abilities

on soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet and flute, she has a natural ability to absorb the music of different cultures,

process it and interpret it with her own special take.




Clariperu is organizing a "virtual competition",

"Musical Marathon - Prize for Most Creative
Interpretation". This is open to everyone, is free,
the music can be performed in any clarinet, and
hopefully it will be fun - everything will happen on
the Internet.
All the details are here:

Buffet Clarinet Clinic

Buffet logo

January 23, 2007



Buffet Clarinet Clinic

January 23, 2007

5:00PM to 9:00PM

Crawford Hall, Langley AFB, VA


Buffet Clarinet Artists

Robert DiLutis, Rochester Philharmonic

Patricia DiLutis, Buffalo Philharmonic

also featuring

David Gould, Vandoren


Schedule of Events

5:00 - 6:00 PM Instrument Trials/Free Repairs

6:00 - 7:00 PM Opening Recital

7:00 - 7:45 PM Master Class - Making and Adjusting Reeds - Robert DiLutis

8:00 - 9:00 PM Master Class - 5 Performers play for Patti DiLutis


For more information, contact

SrA Jeffrey Boehmer at 757-225-3299

clarinet5 Robert DiLutis clarinet3  clarinet2

Heritage of America Band
86 Hickory Street
Langley AFB, VA 23665
Concert Information Line: (757) 764-2934
    Updated December 8, 2006

Klarinettistendag -   27 Januari  2007

De Klarinettistendag Midden-Nederland vindt plaats op zaterdag 27 januari 2007 in het gebouw van de SKVR Muziekschool aan de Pieter de Hoochweg 125 in Rotterdam. Klarinettisten van alle leeftijden en niveaus kunnen deze dag in verschillende ensembles samenspelen, of deelnemen aan een workshop. Voor kinderen en jongeren zijn er speciale ensembles, maar zij kunnen ook voor één van de andere workshops kiezen.

's Middags is er om 15.30 uur een afsluitende presentatie in de grote zaal, waar het klinkende resultaat van een dag lang samen musiceren te horen zal zijn.
Kortom, een dag die geen klarinettist mag missen!


Deelnemers schrijven zich in voor één workshop. Het is verstandig een tweede en derde keuze op het inschrijfformulier kenbaar te maken, voor het geval dat de gekozen workshop vol is. Op basis van leeftijd en niveau maakt de organisatie de indeling.
Na 13 januari 2007 krijgt u bericht over plaatsing, en wordt de eventuele bladmuziek ter voorbereiding toegezonden.
Omdat er de hele dag naar de eindpresentatie wordt toegewerkt, is het niet wenselijk om vroegtijdig te vertrekken.



Wanneer je een jaar of langer klarinet speelt kun je meedoen in dit ensemble voor jonge klarinettisten (tot 12 jaar). Er zijn eenvoudige en ook wat moeilijkere partijen zodat er altijd wat voor je bij is! De muziek, krijg je van tevoren thuisgestuurd zodat je die alvast kunt voorbereiden.
niveau: A
docent: Andrea Slabbekoorn

'Groove' orkest voor jongeren

Lekker een dag 'grooven' voor klarinettisten(tes) tussen de 13 en 18 jaar. We hebben een docent gevonden die helemaal thuis is in deze muziek!
niveau: vanaf B
docent: Marc Winder

Workshop improviseren

Deelnemers kunnen een liedje of instrumentaal stuk uit de jazz, pop of klassieke periode aanleveren. Stuur je idee per mail! Michel selecteert daaruit drie items, waar we mee gaan improviseren. Tijdens de workshop wordt er ook een arrangement gemaakt. Max. 12 deelnemers.
niveau: B/C
docent: Michel Duijves

Klezmer workshop

Klezmer, wie kan er stil blijven zitten bij het horen van deze Joodse feestmuziek waarin de klarinet meestal de boventoon voert? Tijdens deze workshop wordt kennisgemaakt met prachtige melodieën en wordt men wegwijs in de gebruikelijke versieringstechnieken. Bladmuziek wordt na inschrijving toegestuurd.
Niveau: B/C
docent: Hans Witteman

Workshop Ensemblespel

Samenspelen is leuker dan alleen spelen. Veel klarinettisten spelen dan ook regelmatig samen in kwartetten of trio's. Op de klarinettistendag kun je je eigen ensemble laten coachen door ervaren docenten. Maar ook als je niet in een vast ensemble speelt kun je je voor deze workshop opgeven. De organisatie stelt dan op basis van leeftijd, niveau en ervaring ensembles samen.
niveau: C/D
docenten: Lianne Vreugdenhil en Marten Hemminga


Het 'clarinetchoir' is een groot klarinetorkest waarin alle klarinetten, van es-klarinet tot bas-klarinet, hun partij meeblazen. Er wordt de gehele dag onder leiding van een dirigent gewerkt aan een aantal bijzondere stukken. Er is een beginnerschoir en een gevorderden choir. De partijen worden vooraf toegestuurd.
niveau: A t/m D
dirigenten: Josje de Regt en Coen Wolfgram


Alle workshops en ensembles worden geleid door klarinettisten die als docent werkzaam zijn aan verschillende muziekscholen en conservatoria in Nederland. Naast hun werk als docent zijn de meeste ook actief in orkesten en ensembles of treden op als solist.


niveau A : beginnend (nog geen A-diploma (HaFaBra-opleiding)) niveau B : enigszins gevorderd (vanaf A-diploma) niveau C: gevorderd (vanaf B-diploma) niveau D: vergevorderd (vanaf C-diploma)


Inschrijfgeld E 17.50 per deelnemer.
NERV-leden en cursisten van de SKVR en het Koorenhuis betalen E 15,- Het inschrijfgeld moet voor 13 januari 2007 worden overgemaakt op girorekeningnummer: 6821404 t.n.v. NERV, Heemstede onder vermelding van: Klarinettistendag Midden-Nederland. Er is geen restitutie mogelijk.


SKVR Muziekschool
Pieter de Hoochweg 125
3024 BP Rotterdam
(routebeschrijving wordt toegestuurd)

On-Line Inschrijfformulier

Michel Duijves
023 528 3226



Header image for Leslie Craven, clarinettist     


CLARINET CONVENTION -  28th January 2007

This year the clarinet Convention at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama will be on 28th

January with special guest Maximilano Martin, internationally acclaimed soloist and Scottish

Chamber Orchestra Principal Clarinettist.   He will be joined by the usual team of Myself, Peter Fielding,

Alistair Logan plus guest tutor Andrew Roberts (courtesy of Vincent Bach International).

The day will provide recitals by the guest tutors and resident tutors plus ensembles master classes

and a host of activites including trade stands from Vandoren,John Packer LTD, Marca, Woodwind and

Co, V.B.I.,Selmer/Leblanc,  Providence Music,  Music@Site plus sales of my new concerto C.D. of


Ball's music - clarinet concerto/flute concerto.




Music & Arts Promo for website 3.jpg


Buffet Crampon USA, the worldwide leader in woodwind manufacturing of student and professional woodwind instruments,

and Music and Arts Center, one of the nation’s leading musical instrument retailers, are teaming to offer a once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity for a lucky clarinetist.


“Enter to Win a Buffet Crampon Clarinet and Qualify for the Grand Prize of a Trip for Two (2) to Paris -- Including a Buffet Crampon Factory Tour!”


Music and Arts Center, with locations nationwide, will send out a direct mail postcard to its almost 16,000 clarinet rental customers, detailing this unique

opportunity.  Between February 15 and March 31, 2007, the Music and Arts website will have the Enter-to-Win page on their website, providing information

where recipients of the direct mail postcard may submit their information to enter the contest.


After all the submissions have been received for the contest, seven (7) lucky entries will be selected as the winners of a brand new Buffet Crampon

E-11 Clarinet.  From those seven winners, one entry will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner!


The Grand Prize Winner will receive a 2007 trip for two (2) to Paris, France for five days and four nights.  The trip includes round-trip coach airfare

for the winner and one eligible guest from the major US gateway closest to the Grand Prize Winner’s residence (as determined by Music and Arts), hotel

accommodations for two (double occupancy) for five days and four nights, and an in-country trip to the Buffet Crampon Factory in Mantes la Ville, France!  

The trip will also include a concert, scheduled by Buffet Crampon.


For more information about the Buffet Crampon USA/Music and Arts Contest, please visit Music and Arts Center’s website

Vanaf nu kun je opnieuw online inschrijven!
Welkom op de website van Guido's 18e Klarinetstage!

Wie & wat?    
Wat meenemen?    

Welkom op de website van Guido's 18e Klarinetstage!

Je kunt vanaf nu online inschrijven voor de Klarinetstage!

Klik hier om in te schrijven


Media Contact:
Shannon Thomason
(205) 975-8858

BIRMINGHAM, AL —The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Department of Music presents the  Clarinet Retreat, directed by Professor Denise Gainey and featuring:

Dr Diane Barger-  Clarinet Professor at the University of Nebraska

Charles Willett -  Clarinetist in the United States Marine Band (President's Own)

Judy Donaldson - Clarinetist in the Alabama Symphony

Osiris Molina -  Clarinet Professor at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Three concerts will be held as part of the retreat. All concerts are open to the public and admission to the concerts is free. All events will be held at the UAB Mary Culp Hulsey Music Center, 950 13th Street South.

Students and clarinetists of all ages and abilities are invited to UAB to perform and discuss topics concerning clarinetists. Clinics range from instrument maintenance to literature to contemporary techniques for today’s clarinetists.  Gainey and other retreat staff are included. Call (205) 975-0558 for more information or to register.

The weekend promises to be an enriching event and a must-attend for all clarinetists, said Gainey, UAB associate professor of clarinet and instrumental music education. All attendees should bring their instrument.


                                 3 March 2007


D. Ray McClellan Masterclass and Recital - Spring 2007

This spring, we will have the honor of hosting Dr. D. Ray McClellan for a masterclass and concert. Acclaimed for "a remarkable technique, tone and lyricism", clarinetist D. Ray McClellan is currently Associate Professor of Clarinet at The University of Georgia and a member of the Georgia Woodwind Quintet. He earned his bachelor, Master and Doctorate of Music degrees from The Juilliard School in New York City where he studied with the internationally renowned clarinet pedagogue, David Weber. He is an Artist for Buffet Crampon clarinets and is Co-Artistic Director and Host of ClarinetFest 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. Details are to be announced.


Click here for details..


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Paquito D’Rivera LCalendaratin Jazz Workshop
March 14–19, 2007
Grammy Award winner Paquito D’Rivera leads a Latin jazz workshop with members of his quintet and special guests.

More information about this workshop and an application form will be posted later.
schwob school of music page banner bill heard theatre


RiverPark Campus


Ensembles Academic Programs  

Midwest ClariFest 2007 - University of Nebraska

Friday, March 30, 2007

Featured Artist - 

Michael Lowenstern, clarinet & bass clarinet

Michael Lowenstern, considered one of the finest bass clarinetists in the world, has performed,
recorded and toured the U.S. and abroad as a soloist and with ensembles of every variety. His career
has traveled across equally diverse territory, and Lowenstern has enjoyed performing with musicians
and groups such as The Klezmatics, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Steve Reich and Musicians, The
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and John Zorn.

As a composer, Michael has written music for concert, film, dance and the other new media. Actively
involved with new technology in sound and music, Michael is one of this country's leading producers
of creative electro-acoustic music, both for his own works and in collaboration with other composers.
To date he can be heard on over forty recordings, including three solo discs: the critically acclaimed
Spasm, 1985, and his newest Ten Children, which garnered a "Parenting Pick" award in Parenting
Magazine's music listing for 2004.

In 1989, Michael was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to study in Amsterdam, and in 1991 was the
top prizewinner at the International Gaudeamus Competition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. A graduate
of the Interlochen Arts Academy, he received further training from the Eastman School of Music
(BM, Performer's Certificate), the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam (Artist's Certificate), and the State
University of New York at Stony Brook (MM, DMA), studying clarinet and bass clarinet with Charles Neidich,
Harry Sparnaay, Richard MacDowell and John Bruce Yeh, and composition with Daniel Weymouth. Michael
has served on the faculties of the Juilliard School and New York University, and travels regularly as a guest
lecturer at universities around the country.

Lowenstern is also an award-winning designer and enjoys a second career as an web developer and animator
for McCann Erickson in New York City, having designed and produced both online and offline advertising for
clients such as Maybelline, Warner Brothers, Intel and Wendy's, among many others. He lives in Brooklyn with
his wife, clarinetist Katherine Cooke, and daughter Ariel.

        The UNL clarinet studio is looking forward to the eleventh annual Midwest ClariFest on Friday,

March 30, 2007. All events will take place in Kimball Recital Hall on the UNL campus. There is

no registration fee for the festival or for the recitals, and clarinetists of all ages are encouraged to

attend. For further information, please contact:

Dr. Diane Barger at


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