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Holiday WKA Newsletter - December 2006

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Morrie Backun, Julian Bliss

LeBlanc display with Bliss and staff

Buffet displays

AirMax display

Bois Clarinet Ligature display

Informal anectdotal views through the Clarinet high points of MidWest including visits with Ricardo Morales, Julian Bliss,

and exhibitors LeBlanc, Buffet, Orsi-Wier, Downbeat Magazine, and Morrie Backun            


        The 2006 Holiday season is soon underway with the events forthcoming, especially in Chicago with the annual Mid-West

Band & Orchestra Clinic, one of the high points of the season involving the entire Music Education and Professional arenas.

Over 23,000 attend each year to attend organization meetings, concerts by selected Bands, Orchestras, Chamber Music

ensembles, Military Band groups, and Clinicians covering all the instruments and singing.  All who are serious about their

profession and those seeking to upgrade their careers should be there each year.  All the major Music Industry firms exhibit

and make connections with schools, and individuals with their products and services.     Concerts throughout the world in this

season take place and that increases the clarinet reaches in this regard.

An Die Musik in Baltimore, Maryland

Sonora Clarinet Quartet with Percussion

Sonora bow

Redwine jazz at Byrd Trio Holiday Concert

Byrd Trio

Byrd Trio and Ben Redwine

St Andrew's Church - performance site

     WKA has made major strides in its reach to the Clarinet Community, shown by the increase of readership throughout

the site pages, now exceeding 2 million hits the past year, and increasing each month.  This makes for an active participation

in getting important information out to the clarinetist and interested viewer to advance their interests and be up to date on

important future events.  The Newsletter Pages are vitally important to be in tune with what is coming about in the near future. 

New initiatives are in planning to enhance through the core pages which will be for WKA members only by password to

increase their communication with each other by email, clarinet topic blogs, and profile information to be shared by all

participating members.  Once the LLC is established, it will be possible to purchase various items and services to be

announced at a later time. 

             An important concept element about the function of WKA is the outreach and broad focus of its mission to the

community.  WKA serves the entire music/ education field, not only the instrument because of the interaction between

the clarinet and the total music field.  Resources to find other players, organizations, competitions, etc, is central to serving

the field and make people more aware that the clarinet is a means to a broader end, not an end in itself.   WKA is the only

organization practicing this concept, as other established groups seem focused on themselves and would wish to influence

their members in only their direction.  The Clarinet world is larger than any organization promoting only their world. 

           We are always open to input from Clarinetists everywhere and all are invited to send important information about

their activities, concept agendas, and more. Everyone is important so please feel free to get involved. 


  The January Newsletter will showcase many new events which will be posted 2 January 2007.

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