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Lindegraht Summer Open Air Concert in Amsterdam featuring noted soloist Celeste Zewald

Inscape Chamber Orchestra in concert in Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Bethesda, Maryland

Performance of William Walton's Facade for Chamber Ensemble and Narrator

Master Class Coaching

David Gould and Phillippe Cuper

Combo at ClarinetFest Reception

D Clarinet from Deplus concert

Hue Duo

Anectdotal photos from the Atlanta ClarinetFest in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Buffet-Crampon / Vandoren Clarinet

Ensemble Festival held at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York  October 14-15 2006.

John Corigliano discussing his Clarinet Concerto

LPO Drucker- Corigliano rehearsal

Student and Drucker in Master Class

Corigliano and Drucker

Conductor Prieto, Corigliano and Drucker

Drucker in LPO rehearsal

Loyola University Drucker Class

Mike Getzin and John Corigliano

Master Class session

John Reeks introducing Drucker at Master Class

Historic event with Louisiana Philharmonic and John Corigliano with Stanley Drucker during Festival of Living

Compsers in New Orleans


           As the fall months are coming in, it is interesting to reflect on all the incredible clarinet and

music activities haven taken place in so many places.   As reported on the Hot News Pages appear

summaries about the positive activity and how so many are benefiting from the exposure, which points

to how important it is for everyone to participate in as many Festivals and workshops as possible to

fully grow in their musical fields, regardless of level and age.  Meeting 1st tier players from the major

Symphony Orchestras in the US and abroad is extremely important to find out where they come from

in their approaches and concepts.   As listed below, there are several upcoming events worth attending,

some with no fees to participate.  Major Clarinet firms such as Buffet-Crampon are sponsoring events as

posted.   Also of interest are the myriads of concert events performed everywhere to increase musical

humanity as shown by above galleries.   Concert series held in Churches and smaller halls show a cultural

interest and opportunity to perform to high standard and public appreciation.

              Major website improvements to increase higher speed load time have been implimented.  WKA

is now faster to view pages, and the Membership Application Page is open for new members.  Past members

with data changes are encouraged to re-register to keep current as the core pages come into effect.  It is

important to know that WKA belongs to all the members and input to improve and enhance is welcome and

encouraged.  New things are coming soon.





Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | 8:00 pm
Dalton Center Recital Hall, WMU

Birds and Phoenix Ensemble~
Wang Guowei, erhu | Yang Wei, pipa
John Bruce Yeh and Teresa Reilly, clarinets

The erhu is a two-stringed bowed instrument belonging to the huqin family of Chinese instruments, together with the zhonghu, gaohu, and xihu. In the course of the last century, the erhu has gradually been elevated as a solo instrument and as “China’s violin” by conservatory trained musicians and composers in concert music compositions, while still used as an important accompanying instrument in opera performances.

In the past twenty years, rock musicians, pop bands, and avant-garde music composers have all used erhu in their music as a symbol of Chinese-ness and folk roots. The pipa is a four-stringed lute, one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments that appeared in Chinese written texts of the second century BC.

Featured performers include Wang Guowei, director of Music from China; and Yang Wei, who recently completed a world concert tour with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project.

The program will feature the following world premieres of works commissioned by Fontana:

Bright Sheng |Little Cabbage
Lu Pei | Birds and Phoenix
Pamela Chen | Spring Silk II
Victoria Bond | Bridges

Dresden German Klarinetten Symposium - September 29 - 1 Oktober 2006

The 5th German Klarinetten Symposium will be held in Dresden, Germany September 29 - 1 Oktober 2006, continuing the every 2 year tradition of quality Conferences representing the German approach to the performance field.  Previous symposiums have been held in Karlsruhe, Duesseldorf, Leipzig, and Berlin.  It is vitally important for clarinetists to attend and benefit from the German contribution.

Deutsche Klarinetten-Gesellschaft e.V.

  Das 5. Klarinettensymposium der Deutschen Klarinetten-Gesellschaft findet von 29.9. bis 1.10.2006 in Dresden in  Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule fr Musik Dresden Carl Maria von Weber und Prof. Joachim Klemm statt.

Wettiner Platz 13
01067 Dresden
  Das Programm wird zur Zeit entwickelt. Es wird hier verffentlicht  
  Informationen und Anmeldung ber unsere Geschftsstelle

Hans-Jrgen Mller

50226 Frechen,
Auf dem Rotental 56

Telefon: 02234/61276
Telefax: 02234/65574


2nd Concorso Internazione di Clarinetto

Saverio Mercandante


2nd International Clarinet Competition

Saverio Mercandante


 1st Prize:  Selmer St Louis Clarinet and 6000 EUROS

 Turi- Bari, Italy

 6 8 October 2006

 President of the Artist Jury:    Karl Leister

The application  must be received until September 27, 2006 and be sent to Secretariat for


c/o Associazione Musico Culturale AULOS

Zona H, 117/B

70015 Noci (Bari) Italy



DOWNLOAD REGOLAMENTO COMPLETO E SCHEDA D'ISCRIZIONE / Download complete rules and application form







                            KARL   LEISTER

                                    TURI (Bari), Italy        10-11-12 October 2006

                         maximum 12 participants



for more information




25- 28 October 2006 -   New Orleans, Louisiana USA

        October was a milestone Clarinet event of historical significence.  New York

Philharmonic's legendary Solo Clarinetist Stanley Drucker, in collaboration with the Louisiana

Philharmonic, performed probably the most important Concerto of the 20th Century with

John Corigliano in attendance participating in sessions and performance.  The premiere with

the New York Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein is followed here having been premiered

in 1977, and 29 years later in New Orleans, under the Directorship of John Reeks of the Orchestra. 





October 27-28, 2006 


Potsdam Single Reed Summit




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The Crane School of Music of The State University of New York at Potsdam 


1st Annual Potsdam Single Reed Summit 


Jon Manasse, Clarinet Soloist, Eastman School of Music

Claude Delangle, Saxophone Soloist, Paris Conservatory of Music

The Orchestra of Northern New York

And Recitals, Master classes, Lectures, Displays, & Exhibits 

October 27-28, 2006   Potsdam, New York 

Host committee:Dr. Raphael Sanders & Dr. Julianne Kirk, Clarinet Professors, Crane School of  Music 
Dr.Timothy McAllister, Saxophone Professor, The University of Arizona
Patrick Murphy, Instructor of Saxophone, Crane School of Music

For Registration, Clinic/Recital Proposals/Exhibits
please contact us:

Co-sponsors: Buffet Crampon, Selmer (Paris), Conn-Selmer, Inc., D'Addario Co., Vandoren, Rico Products, Northern Music and Video and the Crane Student Association 



Interested in being a sponsor? Please contact us!




Caroline Hartig
Clarinet Brilliante
Clarinet Brilliante
Dancing Solo
Dancing Solo

Third Annual MSU Clarinet Extravaganza: The Complete Clarinetist
Saturday, October 28, 2006
8 a.m.-8 p.m.
MSU Music Building

Download the brochure (PDF)

Open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities.

Join MSU Clarinet Professor Caroline Hartig and guest artist Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet, for a full day of clarinet events including recitals by Hartig and pianist Deborah Moriarty, Lowenstern, and MSU clarinet students. The day is open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities, with topics ranging from clarinet fundamentals to contemporary techniques, including sessions on the utility clarinets, a job seminar for clarinetists auditioning for orchestral positions and/or college teaching positions, and master classes for advanced students/professionals with a master class devoted to high school/junior high clarinetists. Participants may perform in the Festival Clarinet Choir or Junior Festival Choir.

Registration fee: $25 ($15 before Oct. 15) To register or for a schedule of events, time, and locations call (517) 355-7645.

Sponsored by MSU School of Music and Buffet Crampon, USA.





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what's new
home UMBC
October 28-29,
2006 UMBC
A letter to Music Teachers
from Dr. Linda Dusman
Chair and Professor
UMBC Music Department


Opportunities for high school musicians:
Flutists, Clarinetists, Cellists, Pianists, Percussionists, Violinists, Vocalists, Classical Guitarists
Coachings with faculty artists


Lisa Cella -flute
E. Michael Richards -clarinet
Franklin Cox, cello
Rachel Franklin -piano
Tom Goldstein -percussion
David Smith -voice
Airi Yoshioka -violin


Solo Competition and scholarships
Student concert (recorded on CD)

Tuition $100
Priority Application Deadline: June 15
Final Application Deadline: September 15
application forms can be downloaded here
or obtained by calling 410-455-1405


Festival of Chamber Music - Preliminary Schedule

Saturday, October 28
8-9 AM - Registration and light breakfast
9-11:30 AM - Chamber ensemble rehearsals
11:45 AM-12:45 PM - Lunch at The Commons
1-3 PM- Chamber ensemble rehearsals
3-3:30 PM- Snack
3:30-5 PM- Enrichment classes in recording technology, improvisation and composition
5:15 PM - Meet UMBC student hosts for dinner
8 PM - UMBC faculty chamber ensemble concert

Sunday, October 29
8:30 AM - Breakfast
9:30-11 AM - Chamber ensemble rehearsals
11 AM-12:15 PM - Concerto competition
11:30 AM-1 PM - Lunch in The Commons
1 PM - Warm-up
2 PM - Festival concert
3:30 PM - Reception
4 PM - End of festival



Department of Music, UMBC 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, 410-455-MUSC


clarinets  University of Ottawa









Mark your calendar for Sunday October 29, 2006  when we will present CLARINET DAY.

It will be held at the University of Ottawa Department of Music (Perez Building) and Tabaret Hall.





11:00 - 4:00 -- Exhibitors' hall featuring an extensive range of instruments and accessories, CDs, and sheet music.
            This is an unprecedented opportunity in Ottawa to purchase all of your clarinettish needs,
            and to try a wide range of equipment, all in the same place at the same time.

10:00 - 12:00 -- Masterclass led by Kimball Sykes
12:00 - 1:30 -- time to visit exhibitors
1:30 - 2:30 -- Presentation by Chris Millard on clarinet acoustics, maintenance and repair
2:30 - 3:30 -- time to visit exhibitors
3:30 - 5:00 -- Clarinet choir playing session (the hall will open at 3:00 for you to set up and warm up)

7:30 - Concert showcasing the clarinet, with performances by Kimball Sykes, Peter Smith, Scott Poll, and others

Please be sure to turn your clocks back one hour for the end of daylight saving time on Clarinet Day!


If you would like to participate in the clarinet choir,
please sign up no later than October 22
If you wish to play in the masterclass,
you must apply no later than October 15


Payable at the door. Cash or cheque; no credit cards.

Admission to the exhibitor's hall is free.

Masterclass -- adults $10, students $5
Presentation and Clarinet choir session (combined price) -- adults $10, students $5
Concert -- adults $20, students $10

University of Ottawa clarinet students have free admission to the daytime events (masterclass, presentation, and clarinet choir session).


We look forward to seeing you!

Please spread the word to all your clarinettish acquaintances, colleagues, and students.
You may wish to print out the daytime poster or flyers, and the evening concert poster or flyers.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact


Presented in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Department of Music University of Ottawa




The Angela Fussell Memorial Single Reed Day

Sunday, October 29 2006 commencing at 10 am

Kneller Hall, Twickenham, London TW2 7DU

More details about this event will be posted to this website shortly.







30th October 1st  November  2006

Stefan Harg, International artist, artistic director clarinet summit

Focus on clarinet methods , improvisation, classical music and ensemble opportunities

Guest artists,  Exhibition  and concerts

 Artist roster:

Linda  Merrick , Professor RNCM, UK

Per Johansson, jazz musician

Alberto Pinton,  jazz musician

Eva Rosn-Lundquist , pedagogue and ensemble performer

Stefan Harg, International artist, artistic director clarinet summit


Jonas Nslund Music Shop

Vandoren, Paris

T.W Howarth clarinets UK

Nordiska Musikgymnasiet , Stockholm

There will be some info on it at the and at the and in english at the

 For those which need direct info please email me at

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