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30 October 2012

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27 - 28 October 2012



Caroline Hartig giving Master Class


Premiere of the Ohio State University Clarinet Spectacular with Senior VIP Franklin Cohen, Solo Clarinetist in The Cleveland Orchestra in Major Master Class, and several Clarinet Ensemble Performances and Master Class with newly appointed Clarinet Professor and Director VIP Dr Caroline Hartig

Columbus, Ohio USA

             A major Premiere first Clarinet Spectacular, organized and hosted by newly appointed VIP Professor at Ohio State University Dr Caroline Hartig, who just came this fall after several years at Michigan State University, was a success beyond expectation, with a turnout of over 100 students and aspiring players and teachers and professionals from several states.   The two day festival featured top student ensembles, Master Classes, and  array of concerts featuring visiting ensembles and a Recital with Dr Hartig.  Galleries indicate all the activities and schedule over the two days.  Exhibitors supporting this festival included the major makers Buffet Group, Vandoren, in which Michael Skinner, President of DANSR and Vandoren USA importer, gave a comprehensive presentation about the Vandoren manufacturing process of reeds and mouthpieces with a Powerpoint Slide Show with complete explanation of the step by step process,  Rico,  Lisa's Clarinets with Lisa Canning, who gave a seminar on Entrumeurship and developing one's quest to expand beyond just playing, based on her past experience, Jeanne Music who came with printed music and scores, Loeff & Pheiffer, who gave a seminar on Clarinet maintenance and aspects of quality manufacture of instruments, and Music Dealers from the Columbus area.


             The major showcase Master Class event held Sunday was the 3 hour Class conducted by Senior VIP and legend Solo Clatinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra Franklin Cohen, who held this class emphasizing finesse performance of Orchestra excerpts to be learned for professional auditions, and giving the aspirants a subtle and intensive take on what is expected to make that difference that can land an offer to play in an Orchestra.  Just playing excerpts was not enough, and he demonstrated all points and made the students play at levels they didn't realize before.  The whole class was onstage to see and take in the content of the coachings and suggestions.   This was a major high point of these 2 days.

              Dr Hartig started the Clarinet Spectacular program while at Michigan State, and now has incorporated this as her niche at Ohio State which surely will continue and expand as the future holds.  She succeeds James Pyne, who just retired after several years as the icon Professor at this University.   This is a festival to watch and make plans to attend each year





29 September - 21 October 2012

Introductory Master Class and Recital Tour in the USA with VIP Sabine Grofmeier from Mallorca and Germany

 From New York to Cleveland, Ohio USA

                     Sabine Grofmeier, one of the star upcoming soloists and teachers from  Cologne, Germany,  together with WKA Founder and CEO Mike Getzin, embarked on a multi City Introductory tour encompassing two University Artist Residencies, Troy University in Alabama, and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, of which specific summaries are posted on this Hot News Page with details.   The odyssey started at the pickup point at JFK Airport 29 September, and the next day visited the American Chamber Ensemble Gala held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island, meeting and assisting Stanley and Naomi Drucker and the ensemble.  Part of this tour was to expand contacts and friendships amongst the several WKA Officer VIP's and make possible future interactions including performances and residencies teaching.    The following day ensued a visit to Vandoren Studios in New York and meeting with Artist Director and VIP David Gould, and trying out mouthpieces, reeds, and accessories and engaging friendships.  Of interest, Sabine was very interested in the Master Mouthpieces and she took a CL4 which matched well with her German Dietz German System klarinette.  As she already is an avid user of Vandoren White Master German cut reeds, matching was effective.  During her visit time in New York extending 3 days, she saw an Orchestra rehearsal at the Westchester Conservatory in White Plains, and the following day did a tourist tour of New York on a bus on a torrential day and enjoying the city bus tour on the roof of a bus in the rain, and seeing the lower Manhattan area including the Wall Street area, the World Trade Center area, and the entire lower part of Manhattan.  In the evening, with 2 guides and both clarinetists, went to a Lehman College Band rehearsal, and sat in and played.  Of concern during this tour was the need to find the A440 pitch match for her newly acquired Paulus & Schuler Zoom Barrel which would be used for concerts while in the US.  These sit-ins at rehearsals provided that chance to check these factors out.   The following day, off to Avery Fisher Hall to meet Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic Mark Nuccio, who met us to attend a Philharmonic rehearsal with Daniel Gilbert conducting with Emmanuel Ax as Piano soloist in the Schoenberg Piano Concerto, viewed in the 1st tier balcony right over the stage to see everything in detail.   Right after this rehearsal, Mark Nuccio had us meet up with VIP John Bruce Yeh for lunch, and immediately after go to Carnegie Hall for a Chicago Symphony rehearsal performing Orff's Carmina Burana with Ricardo Muti conducting.  While inside the hall with Mark Nuccio, many aspects of conversation took the time and listening to the great hall sound and this great Chicago Orchestra, and right after, having the honor to meet Ricardo Muti directly.  Mike Getzin made the introduction mentioning that a great German Clarinetist came from Germany to meet him and the intro was made to a near stunned Grofmeier.   After shaking his hand and giving him a CD, she vowed not to wash her right hand after shaking the meastro's hand.  The entire Chicago Clarinet section met her after, and firm contacts were introduced including Steve Williamson, John Bruce Yeh, Gregory Smith and the rest of the section.  With a half day left in New York, the tour continued traveling to Washington, DC, where Sabine stayed for 2 days at VIP Mike Kelly's residence and relaxed after these first few exciting days, with much more coming.



Sabine Grofmeier's US Army Band VIP Visit with rehearsal and meeting the Band Clarinet Section



VIP visit and rehearsal sit-in at The US Air Force Band in Washington, DC with Sabine Grofmeier

                   The second odyssey involved visits to two of the Premiere Bands - The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) where Sabine was officially introduced to the Band and in the second half was invited to play in the Clarinet Section.  Her rapport with the Band was well received and many friends were made and futures were tentativly made.  Many Band members took interest in her equipment, especially the Zoom Barrels.     The following day, a visit with the same welcome to the US Air Force Band at Bolling, AFB in Washington.  Many of the galleries show the intangible responses from both organizations.   It is remarkable that so many major top level contacts, all VIP's, plus the attendance at two of the most prestigeous Military Bands in the United States were made within 3 days of arriving in the US, something people can only dream about


                 The next stop on this tour was to Troy University in Southern Alabama where Master Classes and a Major Recital was performed, all covered in the Troy summary on this page.  Dr Timothy Phillips, a VIP along with his wife and Clarinetist Katrina, made for a success including 3 radio interviews on his Clarinet Corner Show which is broadcast on Public Radio, and a chance to show an expanded view of Clarinet Playing and teaching from a European standpoint musically and technically.   Another interview with Mike Getzin gave an insight about the world mission of the World Clarinet Alliance and its influence and purpose for clarinetists worldwide.     The next stop was the Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival held at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, lead by Performing Organization Chairman Mitchell Estrin, VIP David Gould, Professor Anthony Taylor and Professor Kelly Burke of this University.  The Vandoren summary is also on this page for more details.  Meeting such luminaries and great ensembles from all over the Southern US tier was interesting and inspiring to all.   Meeting Stanley Drucker and Naomi again plus Bass Clarinetist Alcides Rodriguez, and legend Jazz Clarinetist Paquita de Rivera was another high point in this tour.


Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival with Sabine Grofmeier visit with Major VIP Artists


Wright State University Residency



Final stop with Franklin Cohen of the Cleveland Orchestra with stay at his residence with Clarinet intensive trys and lesson before departure 

                       The next Residency took place at Wright State University with hosts Dr Randall Paul,Department Chairman, and Clarinetist John Kurokawa, who made a great Festival with master classes, lessons, and a Major concert Recital featuring Sabine and Mr Kurokawa.    Summary posted on this Hot News Page as well.  Following this successful time here, the last stop before leaving for Costa Rica was a 2 day visit with Franklin Cohen, Solo Clarinetists and legend in the Cleveland Orchestra, and chilling out and getting introduced with a lesson to Sabine and an intensive examination of barrels by both Paulus & Schuler and the d'Core Barrels from Kazuo Fujii from Japan, a very high quality and unique barrel design.  Mouthpieces tested included the NICK Playeasy mouthpieces for French Clarinets, including the models B1, B2, and Soloist based on Wenzel Fuchs (Berliner Philharmoniker), and the Viotto mouthpieces for the French Clarinets.  Both brands are outstanding alternatives to the current USA marketed mouthpieces.   The German and Austrian workmanship along with the barrels are cutting edge that players should closely examine.  Ms Grofmeier had all these items available for trial during this tour. 

                     It is very clear that this trip to the USA was worthwhile on many points.   As a relative unknown here, this tour brought attention to a rising star in the International Clarinet world and hopefully opened eyes about the quality of players and teaching aspects on musical playing not taught here in the States.   It is anticipated that VIP Sabine Grofmeier will be coming back for more extensive activity and her appearance should be certainly looked forward to.  She is active touring throughout Europe and Central America, and a residency for US players to reach her should be encouraged. 

17 - 18 October 2012

Wright State University Artist Residency with VIP Sabine Grofmeier with Master Classes Private lessons, and Performance - Dr Randall Paul, Music Department Chairman, and John Kurokawa, both Artist VIP's Directors

Dayton, Ohio USA

                 A special three days of Master Classes and concerts as part of the Sabine Grofmeier Master Class Tour in the USA was held with cutting edge enthusiasm with this great University and Chairman and VIP Dr Randall Paul, and Clarinetist John Kurokawa, also a VIP, engaging a full schedule of master classes and a major Recital where Kurokawa and Grofmeier performed a full recital.  The Master Class and lesson results were quite noteworthy, and improvements in the student performance was almost immediately noticeable.  There was a contageous enthusiasm from all the students and the Euro approach, like at Troy University a week earlier, along with the confidence building, made a mark.  Many levels of students were covered, and the results were there.  Part of this tour's intents was to introduce this star clarinetist to where she was not known before, and this residency here surely made her known.   In the USA, Boehm system is exclusively used, unlike the German system played by Ms Grofmeier, and the sound was noticeably different, and many should take note of the differences in tonal clarity, intonation, and quality.  During the recital with John Kurokawa, the matching during the performance of the Mendellsohn Concertpieces was effective considering the differences in clarinet systems and designs.  

                 Events like this cannot in writing be all that well summarized given the intangibles taking place during these events.  Looking at the programs and the galleries tell the whole story about the musical happiness happening here.   Inspiration to want to play as well as possible was a goal achieved with Grofmeier's guidance.   During these days the University Orchestra performed, and the following day, a Wind Octet performed Beethoven and Mozart.    During past years, Clarinet Legend Festivals have been held here, with past icons as Stanley Drucker and Larry Combs, and hopefully in April 2013, Franklin Cohen.  Along with this visit and perhaps a repeat in April, the Festival will make a surge that will impact the Clarinet Community here in Ohio and beyond.   Credit for this generous outreach goes to Dr Randall Paul and John Kurokawa who tirelessly workd the logistics to make this great event happen..  





Mass Clarinet Choir conducted by Dr David Waybright, and World Premiere of Octet by Paquita de Rivera for this Festival with Star Faculty 

13 - 14 October 2012

 Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival, featuring as Faculty VIP's Stanley Drucker, Paquito de Rivera, Alcides Rodriguez, and several notable Clarinet Ensembles and Choirs from all over the Eastern United States, Mitchell Estrin, David Gould, and Anthony Taylor and Kelly Burke, Directors, held  at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro

Greensboro, North Carolina USA

                 This major Clarinet Ensemble Festival, with invited Clarinet Choirs and Ensembles from several Universities located in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States, convened on the campus at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a major Music School, hosted by Professors Anthony Taylor and Kelly Burke, and Directed by Performing Organization and Vandoren Artist Mitchell Estrin and Vandoren Artist Director VIP David Gould.  As with past conferences which have been held in almost all sectors in the USA including Atlanta, Georgia, Michigan State University, Washington, DC, Eastman School of Music in Rochester,New York, North Illinois University in Chicago,  Seattle, Washington, the influence in promoting the Clarinet Choir movement has made a momentous success.    The prime purpose of a festival like this is to promote the quality performance of musical Clarinet playing by introducing aspirants to faculty high powered performance, engage in master class situations to enhance the playing of students, present top quality performances of faculty artists and ensembles, and have a Mass Clarinet Choir to perform together to conclude with a Finale.




                   Exhibits to browse through products such as Instruments like Clarinets, accessories, Sheet Music, etc, were all there to see and try and buy.  Buffet-Crampon, Vandoren, Jeanne Music, and others were there to see.  Their presence at the event is important so folks coming in from long distances can see all at one place and take advantage of the offereings rather than having to go to a store locally where the offerings are not present. 


Stanley Drucker and Mitchell Estrin in talk about Drucker's extensive New York Philharmonic Career and advice for aspiring players, and Professional Seminar about theMusic Career field with Estrin as host commentator, Alcides Rodriguez, Dr Drucker, and Paquito de Rivera


Master Class with Paquito de Rivera and combo and Students with Rivera and Alcides Rodriguez

                  The array of Artist Faculty included the Clarinet legends of our times, all Artist VIP's with WKA -  Stanley Drucker (New York Philharmonic), Naomi Drucker (American Chamber Ensemble and Hofstra University), Paquito de Rivera, legend Jazz and Latin American Clarinetist, Alcides Rodriguez (Bass Clarinetist in the Atlanta Symphony),  and Faculty Artists from this University Anthony Taylor and Kelly Burke.  Of special concert interest was a world premiere of an Octet for 8 Clarinets written by Paquito de Rivera, conducted by Dr David Waybright, Director of Bands from the University of Florida, of which Mitchell Estrin is a Full Professor of Clarinet.  The galleries and programs posted tell the story of the success of this very important annual event.


                  During the year there are several University sponsored Clarinet Day events, all of which based on their logistical capabilities and locations, all of which should obligate players to come if they can, and there are events with multi -faceted features such as this Festival, the major showcase festivals held during the summer months, and concentrated master class events, all of which should be attended if one is truly serious about their performance/teaching futures.  The major firms making Clarinets and others, have dedicated real resources to support these programs, and firms like Buffet, Vandoren, and others are to be credited for their outstanding support.   This Festival has been a continous development based on a dream to do great things in this venue- the Clarinet Choir movement, and Mitchell Estrin is the source of this great dream that has come to fruition.   This is a true credit to the Clarinet Community. 


 15 - 16 October 2012

8th Mercadante International Clarinet Competition - VIP Antonio Tinelli, Director, with VIP Evigny Petrov of the Moscow Conservatory as President of the Jury,

 Bari, Italy






10 October 2012

Troy University Artist Residency with Sabine Grofmeier on Master Class Tour in the USA with Major Master Classes, Radio Interviews on Clarinet Corner, and Major Recital with VIP and Director Timothy Phillips and Julia Georges

Troy, Alabama USA

                   A major first class Clarinet Day, consistent with past successful events, was held featuring VIP Sabine Grofmeier from Mallorca and Germany, for Master Classes, lesson sessions with students, and a Major recital with VIP and Professor Timothy Phillips, along with two Clarinet Corner Radio interviews for broadcast on Public Radio.  The quality of Classes was remarkable, as Ms Grofmeier had a sense of connecting with students that they even did not realize.  Breaking the ice was very evident, and barriers of opening up was broken quickly.  A major factor was the unique ability to build confidence and make them play with more freedom and eliminate inhibitions that several had.  The galleries contained here give an intangible impression of how things were accomplished.    One major aspect in the approaches included adding the European style of freedom in playing where the musical took a high priority even over the technical aspects.  This is lacking in American approaches and this is important to infuse the ideas Grofmeier presented.  Although many of the students were not that advanced, a difference was noticed in their post-class performance.  Several students were practicing late evening after their classes with her.

                 The gallery photos and program are posted to give an idea of the course of the day.   Credit is certainly due to Dr Phillips for the proactive insight to invite and host Sabine Grofmeier, who was on a 3 week Master Class Tour, and Troy was the first University to take this initiative.  It is planned in late March to have her return when she returns to the USA. 

6 - 7 October 2012

 Clarinettissimo at Seattle Pacific University - Sean Osborn, Director, with Guest Artist and VIP Richie Hawley

Seattle, Washington USA

                Every Autumn, clarinet lovers in the Pacific Northwest are treated to a wonderful and free clarinet festival called Clarinettissimo. This year was no exception. Organized in by Sean Osborn, and presented at Seattle Pacific University with their clarinet professor Mary Kantor, this year's festival featured Klezmer for many events, and a special guest in Rice University's professor Richie Hawley, lately principal clarinet of the Cincinnati Symphony. Participants came from all over the northwest and as far away as Arizona and Cuba! A preview was offered live on KING-FM the week before, and the performances are archived on their website.

              The festival began on October 6
th with the opening of the vendors room, where sponsors Rico, Lohff and Pfeiffer, and Kennelly Keys had set up. Among the hot items this year were Rico's new Reserve mouthpiece, and Lohff and pfeiffer's amazing new designs for the clarinet. Both Yamaha and Backun Musical Services also brought special equipment to the festival.
Saturday's musical events started with Richie Hawley's wonderful master class where students Brooke Radding, Andrew Friedman, Gabe Ferriera, Rachel Cho, and Andy Sharma played. Relaxation and confidence were among the main topics, as well as discussion of visits by "The Reed Fairy" who leaves good reads in your reed case. Next up was Mary Kantor's master class/clinic "It takes a village to raise a clarinetist," where she and some of her former students talked about how to succeed as a clarinet student: finding the right teacher, setting up good practice habits, when to move on to better equipment, etc. Also performing in the class were students Elf Nelson and Cuban Laura Calderin, who performed a concerto by Victor Bruns, which was unknown to all, but quite beautiful.

             A clarinet choir rehearsal was followed by the Clarinettissimo concert to finish the day. On the program were Sean Osborn performing the Bassi "Rigoletto Fantasy" and the first movement of the Francaix Clarinet Concerto (to celebrate his centenary), Mary Kantor performing Stella Sung's evocative "Sur la Memoire," Richie Hawley's haunting rendition of "Abyss of the Birds," Jennifer Nelson and Florie Rothenberg joining Sean and Mary for Mike Curtis's rousing "Klezmer Triptych," and the community clarinet choir performing Alexis Ciesla's wonderful "Klezmer Suite" under the skillful baton of Buffet artist William Blayney.

             Sunday began with Sean Osborn's master class, which included a short discussion of "extended" techniques and how that term needs to be retired. Performing were Karsten Newton, Libby Sandusky, Ms. Calderin, and Mr. Radding. Topics included good breathing, knowing the context and history of the composition, tone production, and intonation. Mary Kantor's well-attended Klezmer workshop (with bandmates Nolan Kurtz and Justin Cormier) focused on the history of Klezmer, how it's put together, types of ornaments, and included audience participation performances of "Odessa Bulgarish" and "Der Gasn Nigun."

           Sunday evening, Richie Hawley took the stage for a fantastic recital. He performed the Debussy "Rhapsodie," Schumann "Fantasy Pieces," and Leslie Basset's "Soliloquies." He was joined by Sean Osborn on the first movement of Krommer's Op. 35 Concerto for two clarinets, and by Mary Kantor on Basset-horn for a rousing finale of Mendelssohn's first Concert Piece. Pianist Kevin Johnson performed brilliantly both nights.
We're all looking forward to next year!


Preliminary Schedule of Events (subject to change)
Performances, Master Classes, Clarinet Choir Rehearsal, and the Klezmer Workshop will take place in the Crawford Music Building. Vendors, information, and Clarinet Choir Parts will be in Beegle Hall.

Saturday, October 6

12 noon - Vendors open - come try clarinets, mouthpieces, barrels. Browse accessories and music.
1pm - Richie Hawley master class - email Sean Osborn to sign up to perform in the master class. Anyone may observe. Don't know what a master class is?, click here
3pm - Mary Kantor Seminar/Master Class "It Takes a Village to Raise a Clarinetist" - focusing on Finding a Teacher, Getting the Right Equipment, Practicing Tips, Care of Reeds, and much more. - email Sean Osborn to sign up to perform in the master class. Anyone may observe. Don't know what a master class is?, click here
5pm - Community Clarinet Choir rehearsal - bring your clarinet and participate
6pm - dinner break - vendors close for the day.
7pm - Clarinettissimo 2012 concert.
featured clarinetists: Richie Hawley, Sean Osborn, Mary Kantor, Jennifer Nelson, and Florie Rothenberg.
Preliminary Program:
Fantasia on "Rigoletto" Luigi Bassi Sean Osborn and Rhonda Kline
Concerto (first movement) Jean Francaix Sean Osborn and Rhonda Kline
Sur la Memoire Stella Sung Mary Kantor and Kevin Johnson
Abyss of the Birds Olivier Messiaen Richie Hawley
Klezmer Triptych Mike Curtis Sean Osborn, Jennifer Nelson, Mary Kantor, and TBA
TBA TBA Clarinet Choir - William Blayney, conductor

Sunday, October 2

12 noon - vendors open
1pm - Sean Osborn Master Class - email Sean Osborn to sign up to perform in the master class. Anyone may observe. Don't know what a master class is?, click here
3:30 - Klezmer workshop with Mary Kantor - bring your clarinet and participate
5pm - dinner break
6pm - Richie Hawley recital
Soliloquies Leslie Basset
Premier Rhapsodie and Petit Piece Claude Debussy
Fantasy Pieces Robert Schumann
Concerto for Two Clarinets (first movement) Franz Krommer
Concertpiece No. 1 Felix Mendellsohn

For 11 years, I have produced free concerts and festivals.
To help keep events free, please consider donating.

Clarinetist Richie Hawley Richie Hawley is a versatile and critically acclaimed artist who ranks among the most distinguished clarinetists of his generation. As Principal Clarinet of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, he impressed audiences around the world with a wide-ranging talent that blended virtuosity and the velvety, sonorous tone that has become his trademark. The Cincinnati Enquirer has praised him for the “seamless flowing tone so many clarinetists long for and few can achieve.” Mr. Hawley was appointed Principal Clarinet of the CSO in 1994 at the age of 23. He has since enjoyed a rewarding and multifaceted career as an orchestral clarinetist, recitalist, chamber musician, teacher and clinician, making appearances throughout the United States and abroad. He participated in the Marlboro Music Festival in the summers of 1999 and 2000 and toured with the legendary “Musicians from Marlboro” for the festival’s 50th anniversary. Mr. Hawley also performs and serves on the summer festival faculty at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara.
As an educator, Mr. Hawley is highly sought after and has recently relocated to Houston to serve as the Professor of Clarinet at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. He formerly held the position of Assistant Professor and head of the clarinet studio at UC’s College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati.
Originally from Los Angeles, Mr. Hawley began his clarinet studies with Yehuda Gilad. He made his orchestral solo debut at age 13 with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and at age 14 he performed the New York Philharmonic. While a student of Donald Montanaro at the Curtis Institute of Music, Mr. Hawley also soloed with the Philadelphia Orchestra.
A Buffet-Crampon artist, Mr. Hawley performs on the Tosca model of clarinet. He is also a Rico Performing Artist and Clinician and plays exclusively on Reserve Classic reeds and the new Reserve Mouthpiece.

Sean Osborn has traveled the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan as soloist and chamber musician, and traveled the world during his eleven years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has also appeared as guest principal clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Seattle Symphony, and the American Symphony Orchestra. The New York Times dubbed him "...an excellent clarinetist," the Boston Globe called him "...a miracle," and Gramophone "...a master."
Sean is also an award-winning composer whose chamber works have been played by members of the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, Marlboro Music Festival, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Juilliard School, among others.

Professor of Clarinet at Seattle Pacific Universty, Mary Kantor received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Washington and graduated from the Academy of Music in Vienna with Honors in clarinet performance, class of Rudolf Jettel. She is currently principal clarinetist with the Bellevue Philharmonic and the Seattle Choral Company, a member of the Shalom Ensemble, and plays with the Temple B'nai Torah musicians for Friday night Shabbat services. As a soloist, she has performed the Mozart Concerto and Richard Strauss' Duet-Concertino with Philharmonia Northwest. She has also performed with the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the Northwest Chamber Orchestra, as well as on numerous movie soundtracks. She also coaches both the Seattle Youth Symphony and Cascade Youth Symphony clarinet sections, and appears in Who's Who in America, 59th and 60th editions.

Dash Point native Jennifer Nelson is currently Principal Clarinet with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Auburn Symphony Orchestras. She also has a very active freelance career, including playing Broadway-style shows at the Fifth Avenue and Paramount Theaters, occasional extra with the Seattle Symphony and Opera Orchestras, and recordings for various television and motion picture scores. She is also Lecturer in Clarinet at the University of Washington, and Affiliate Artist Faculty in Clarinet at the University of Puget Sound, in addition to having several students in her private studio in Seattle for many years. Ms. Nelson has also traveled throughout the United States with the national touring companies of Phantom of the Opera and New York City Opera. In addition to her stateside concerts, Jennifer's orchestral and recital performances have also taken her to Mexico, Japan, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Honduras, and most recently, India.

Dr. Florie Rothenberg enjoys an active performing career, playing with several Seattle area concert and pit orchestras, including the Auburn Symphony, Tacoma Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Tacoma Opera. Florie has worked in film scoring in Seattle, and has her own CD, Voices of Trees, Modern Works by Women Composers for Clarinet and Piano, available on Origin Classical Records. Splitting her time between performing and teaching, Florie Rothenberg works with clarinetists of all ages and levels, drawing students from around the entire Puget Sound region, and is currently on faculty at Central Washington University, University of Puget Sound Community Music, and Music Works Northwest. Ms. Rothenberg earned a D.M.A. from the University of Arizona, a M.M. from the University of Michigan and a B.M. from the University of the Pacific. Her teachers include Jerry Kirkbride, David Shifrin and William Dominik.

William Blayney is a Buffet Crampon Performing Artist. He has performed with the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, 5th Avenue Theater and this year has been asked to play Principal Clarinet with the Seattle Philharmonic. Mr. Blayney is an authority on historical clarinet recordings and has given lectures and master classes at ICA conventions, the Eastman School of Music, University of Florida, and LSU in Louisiana. Mr. Blayney also conducts the Northwest Clarinet Choir, All City Clarinets, and the Greenwood Concert Band.

Active in Seattle as a collaborative performer with singers and instrumentalists, Rhonda Kline's current passions include serving as music director/general manager for Northwest Opera In Schools, Etc. (NOISE, an opera education organization), and music director for Black Box Opera Theater (an ensemble company dedicated to performing new operatic and vocal works). She is opera coach and coordinator of accompanying at the University of Washington School of Music, and pianist/coach with Canta in Italia, a summer program for singers based in Florence, Italy. 2010 performances included a European tour with Metropolitan Opera soprano Joyce Guyer, a recital tour in New York with soprano (and UW alumnus) Kimberly Giordano, and a cabaret of songs by Sondheim, Newman and Weill with Black Box Opera Theater at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.

Email Sean at feanor33@comcast.net




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