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Antonio Tinelli - International Soloist, Professor of clarinet in the Music Conservatory "E.R. Duni" of Matera as well as a Visiting Professor at the Academy of Arts of Tirana, Italy; Artistic Director of  the International Clarinet Competition "Saverio Mercadante"



Antonio Tinelli was born in Switzerland where he undertook his musical studies. He graduated with full marks at the Music Conservatory "N. Rota" of Monopoli (Bari - Italy) with Angelo Clemente and obtained a Diploma in Alto Perfezionamento (Advanced-Level Diploma) in clarinet and chamber music at the Accademia Superiore Internazionale of Pescara (Italy) with Romeo Tudorache. He later pursued advanced studies at international academies in Germany, France and Italy.
Winner of over thirty prizes in the main national and international competitions, chief among which are the FMEM of Geneva; the Internazionale
di Pinerolo (Turin); the Internazionale "Città di Pavia"; the Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale di Caltanissetta, and the Internazionale di Musica da Camera di Trapani.
As an artist, he has performed in concerts held in Italy, Hungary, Germany, Albania, France, Romania, Spain, the Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, Turkey and China.
As principal clarinet he collaborates with many Italian orchestras. With the Orchestra Lucana he have recorded the CD "Raffaele Gervasio - Carosello" published by Tactus (Bologna - Italy).
As a soloist, he has collaborated with various orchestras among which the Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia di Bari, the Kiev RTV Festival
Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra "George Enescu" of Bucarest, the Orchestra Internazionale d'Italia and the Orchestra Milano Classica, with
which he performed the world premiere of the Concert for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra that author Fabrizio Festa dedicated to him.
His artistic collaboration with Karl Leister, Fabio Bidini, Pierluigi Camicia, Yuri Gandelsman, Alessandro Perpich and Fabio Di Cásola is
Tinelli has been actively involved in the recording activity for the National Radio of Bucarest (Romania), RAI and Radio Vaticana (Italy),
Deutsche Südwestfunk (Germany), TVR 1 Bucarest (Romania), TV Dubai (U.A.E.), News 24 (Albania). Particularly noteworthy is the CD recording of Brahms Sonate op.120 n.1 & 2 and Klarinetten-Trio op.114 (Phoenix Classics), Concert op.101 and of Concertone by Saverio Mercadante and (for Iktius and Dad Records) of the world premiere of 20th-century Italian composers Riccardo Malipiero, Sergio Calligaris and Raffaele Gervasio, which have all been enthusiastically received by critics.
A Professor of clarinet in the Music Conservatory "E.R. Duni" of Matera as well as a Visiting Professor at the Academy of Arts of Tirana, he is
additionally the Artistic Director of various musical organisations like the International Clarinet Competition "Saverio Mercadante".
.Impeccable style and modernity of interpretative approach [.] attentive in each choice of sound and phrasing, their mutual understanding is perfect,
the flow of the musical "conversation" is smooth and uniform [.] melodious and articolate the sounding of the clarinet. (La Sicilia)
The concert given by the clarinet/piano duo Tinelli-Palladino at the Teatro Abeliano was of a very high standard [.]. Passing from one compositional and artistic style to another, Antonio Tinelli combined a smooth and connected sound with a perfect stability of breathing, sustaining the melodic line and caressing the "piano" and "pianissimi" - both improvised or prepared - which constellate these pieces. At the same time Luca Palladino, with noble and elegant touch, sculpted clean and crystal-clear sounds that stood out in the engaging harmonic refinements. (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)
Hearing one's own music is always an emotional affair; when it is played in a superlative way by someone like the clarinettist Antonio Tinelli and the
pianist Luca Palladino, then is extremly gratifying: the fantasy of the composer finds a superb echo in the performance of this Duo which approaches
the delicacy and the agressiveness of the musical thinking in a way which could not be bettered. Bravo, well done! Or rather bravissimo, very well
done! (Riccardo Malipiero - composer, Milan)
"...One can certainly talk of an event (...) a C.D. edited by Iktius, (...) "Clarinetto e Pianoforte nel '900 Italiano" (...) they impose themselves to
the listeners like a real revelation, thanks also to the performances, precise, clear, examples for the mastering of the language and always and
anyway marked by an impeccable instrumental mastery, enlightened by a constant and sincere participation.". (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)
Perfect concordance, impeccabile fusion of sound, lucid perception of stylistic problems, they relived in an extraordinary manner the music of
Brahms, giving a pertinent demonstration of how earnestness and dedication can enable young talented artists to reach enviable peaks of interpretation. (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)
"Rigorous reading, through which they reach enunciations that privilege the spirits, even the most concealed, of the musical dictation; a brilliant
repartition of sounds; every subtle play on sounds comes back to life with a marked sonority. Every category of the rhythmical-expressive range is put into evidence." (Corriere del Mezzogiorno)
"De las biografias de los intérpretes es deduce que han cursado sus estudios con brillantes calificaciones, a las que responde su manera de interpretar la música. En.obras lucieron las dotes interpretativas del dúo..." (El Correo de Andalucia)
"...clarinetist Antonio Tinelli, soloist engaged in the performance of the Concert in La Major KV 622 for clarinet and orchestra by W.A. Mozart (.) The virtuosity which often occurs in the score of the clarinet was skillfully subdued by Tinelli to a profoundly and authentically musical logic, never
for its own sake, and it has been "overcome" through a deep musical maturity." (Roma)
"Bravo and congratulations to such an interesting artist like Antonio Tinelli! I think that he is the splendid fruit of the communication of
different European schools. Admirable and a musician of great promise!" - Aurelian-Octav Popa Bucarest
".Tinelli, deftly maneuvers through this demanding work. His technique is assured and his tone, polished to a fine sheen, is ideally suited to
Parabola's many delicate moments." (The Clarinet, USA)

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