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Potsdam Single Reed Summit

Mercandante International Clarinet Competition - Italy

Michigan State University Clarinet Spectacular 08

Iowa Clarinet Day - 6 September

Munich Competition - September

Boston Clarinet Day - 5 October

Clariarte Ensemble Concert - Cullera, Spain

Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival - 18-19 October

European Festival for Clarinet Ensembles - Ghent, Belgium - 8-9 November

Rico Composer Competition for 2009 Boston Clarinet Day

USAF Band of Liberty Clarinet Day - 11 October

Sydney Clarinet Workshop - 1 November

Rutgers Woodwind Day - 9 November

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir Concerts - 15, 22 November

Buffet Clarinet Academy 2009 - August

Nielsen Clarinet Competition- May - June 2009

Frankfurt Radio Sinfonie Benefit - 3 December

Festival Het SWIK - 28 - 30 December


           A new event announcement method is now implemented to assist WKA members in their pursual of events. In each quarterly Newsletter segment, the events are posted in date order on those month pages only to avoid repeated postings and possible confusion.  Newsletters are constantly updated like the Hot News Pages as events and news is variable and it is important to be as up to date as possible.

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WKA Holiday 2008 Newsletter -  December

Major Recording session with Wenzel Fuchs, Solo Klarinettist in the Berlin Philharmoniker recording Premiere of Cavallini's 1st Clarinet Concerto along with CM von Weber's Concertino Op 26 and the Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto Op 74 for upcoming CD release


               The WKA has gone through some major updates and site formatting that should make the site easier to navigate to find important information.  There now is a Website Directory which lists all the pages in a way avoiding Java buttons which have caused difficulty in opening pages.  There you can see many new pages aimed at enlightenment for all viewers as can be seen there.   During the summer there have been numerous important Clarinet events as seen on the Newsletter and Hot News Pages, with many upcoming this fall.  New publications benefitting Clarinetists and Teachers were released including 3 books written by Dr David Etheridge from the University of Oklahoma (information detailed below), and a book written by Dr Robert Chesbro (Clarinet Professor at Furman University and WKA Academic Chairman) and Dr Todd Kerstetter (Professor at Kansas State University) entitled 'The Everyday Virtuoso' with valuable developmental ideas for students at High School and College levels.  Both highly recommended.

        The Music Industry News Page has shown recent products from the Audio sector of interest for everyone.  As a musician, the importance of participation in concerts, listening to concerts and recordings, and recording yourself for self evaluation at practice, lessons, Master Classes, and your concerts cannot be emphasized enough.  The SONY PCM D50 should be in everyone's hands as it is the best Digital device ever produced in the last 30 years, and hand-held.  The same applies to playback units as shown on the Bose Wave systems, desk mountable.  These two items can be the best teachers you will ever own.

         2008 is an interesting anniversary year-  Herbert von Karajan's 100th year of his birth, with special offers on CD's from his entire conducting career with the Vienna Symphony and the Berlin Philharmonic.  Issues from EMI and Deutsche Gramophone with symphony sets of all the major orchestral repertoire (of interest for learning those excerpts and getting a true picture of how those important parts are played;  Karl Leister is prominent as he was Solo Klarinettist in those years, and one of the most important models) no less the New York Philharmonic with Bernstein and Boulez, with Stanley Drucker as Solo Clarinetist.  Of further interest, this year is the 25th anniversary of Karl Leister's Solo Clarinet tenure with the Ozawa Japanese Orchestra Festival.  A special page is now posted honoring Stanley Drucker's 60th year in the New York Philharmonic.  All these items make for important purusals.

                                              Josef Balogh in rehearsal and Combo Performance

 Luigi Magistrelli, Professor of Clarinete at the Milan Conservatory with Students and Colleagues at the Resort in Castellabate, Italy,  Ticino Music Festival in Lugano, Switzerland with Sabine Meyer, and Festival sponsored by the Windland Foundation under Hungarian Master Clarinetist Josef Balogh      

                In galleries posted above there are interesting points of interest, as touring and visiting foreign countries where one can enjoy the trip along with the company of players from those areas, and engage in serious Clarinet study as well. As the pages have many times stated, outgoing participation in events is all important to develop fully musically and technically as a player, and make lifetime friends in the process.

              An historic Symphony event took place 26 February 2008 by the New York Philharmonic at Pyongyang, North Korea which may have been a catalyst in bringing about the possibility of normalization between the United States and Korea, who is still technically at war with the USA. Nuclear disarmament was started perhaps with conjunction by the warming effect of the Philharmonic this February.  A DVD has been produced, which consummates an incredible performance live and an emotional audience reaction from both the Koreans and the Orchestra.  It is strongly recommended that everyone get this DVD as it is a moving experience seeing and hearing a stupendous performance.  One can order online from the New York Philharmonic this special DVD, available in regular DVD and Blue DVD. Galleried above are Clarinet Section photos in North Korea with Robert DiLutis, performing 2nd Clarinet in the NY Phil for this tour, along with Stanley Drucker, Mark Nuccio, and other section members.

               The Internationally renowned firm Vandoren, maker of Reeds, Mouthpieces, and Reed accessories based in Paris, France, has a recently established Newsletter with valuable information for all players and students.  Galleries above contain the French version, and later will be available in English. The Editor is Jean-Marie Paul, a long standing member of the Vandoren firm, and well known in Europe as a major Clarinette advocate and developer of the French Clarinette Magazine.  He has been a founding member of WKA in its beginnings in 1988 and is a supporter of the mission.  Inquiries regarding this recent Newsletter can be directly referred to him and he will respond to all suggestions and inputs.


        The New York University Music Department is announcing that there will be a number of openings available this fall to clarinetists seeking performance and music education degrees, in both the undergraduate and graduate schools. NYU's illustrious faculty includes Dr. Esther Lamneck, head of the department, Stanley Drucker, David Krakauer, Pascual Martinez Forteza, Larry Guy, and Dennis Smylie.  NYU is an outstanding school musically and academically,  and it is located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City.  Performance opportunities are vast and varied, and the dedicated faculty members offer individualized attention.  The application deadline is in January, so interested players are urged to search the NYU web site for further information.  Players are also invited to write to Larry Guy at with any questions they may have about the school.


Woodwind Educators Press


 Clarinet Skill Builders Series by David Etheridge


I am delighted to see that someone has finally prepared books to compliment the many fine books used in teaching today.  These "Skill Builders" go beyond the usual exercises and give excellent, clear approaches to the various techniques needed to develop the aspiring clarinetists.  Each presents clear, well illustrated approaches to the various skills needed in fine clarinet playing.


Do not overlook the Intermediate book - it fills that area that is so often neglected.

Fred Ormand
Professor Emeritus
 The University of Michigan


David Etheridge’s new set of books entitled A Practical Approach to the Clarinet is an absolutely terrific addition to the pedagogical literature for clarinet.  David’s work over the past forty years comes through very clearly in the entire series as these present a unique way of identifying a specific approach to performing music with the clarinet and the problems inherent in that music making.  There are many fine ideas presented in a logical manner and are accompanied by many pictures to help both the student and teacher understand the concepts and approach presented.  I congratulate David on his work and thank him for giving the clarinet world a unique approach to clarinet teaching and performance.


Russell Dagon

Emeritus Professor of Music

Northwestern University

Retired Principal Clarinet

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra




Price - $9.99 plus shipping and handling


Use the shopping cart for up to 23 books total. For 24 or more, call for shipping costs.


This book is also valuable for woodwind techniques classes.


 Price - $10.99 plus shipping and handling


Use the shopping cart for up to 23 books total. For 24 or more, call for shipping costs.








 Price - $24.99 plus shipping and handling


Use the shopping cart for up to 23 books total. For 24 or more, call for shipping costs.







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 Ordering information:

 All orders must be paid in advance except for U.S. University libraries, music departments, book stores, and similar. For those orders, we must have an official purchase order, mailed, faxed, or sent as an e-mail attachment.

 All orders must be payable in U.S. dollars

 All orders will be sent by Priority Mail.

 Oklahoma residents will be charged 7.5% State Sales Tax.



Woodwind Educators Press

P.O. Box 721191

Norman, OK 73070

Phone: 405-360-2749    Fax: 405-360-2749





 THE EVERYDAY VIRTUOSO by Robert Chesebro and Tod Kerstetter

A Structured Approach to Developing Technique for Collegiate and Advanced H.S. Clarinetists and Woodwind Players.  118 Pages.

$29.95.  Published by

 The book is available locally from Pecknel Music, the Furman University Bookstore, and other local and national clarinet / woodwind vendors.

 Some recent comments:

 “With a thorough examination of the kinds of traditional patterns that make up the bulk of the music we play, and an orderly look at the muscular learning process, authors Chesebro and Kerstetter craft a sensible and successful method to give all students the technical tools they need to play our repertoire.”

 “It describes the proven practice methods that Dr. Chesebro has used for years to develop outstanding clarinetists in the state of South Carolina.  Dr. Chesebro believes that all clarinetists with a good work ethic (and the willingness to spend some serious time with the metronome!) can develop outstanding technique.  Subjects include basic practice concepts, establishing a daily routine of scales and arpeggios, polishing techniques, managing practice sessions, developing articulation, and more.”

 "I've read through most of your book and I really like it!  It's very helpful for me to have all of those practice tips in writing so I can reference them whenever I'm stuck.” 

 “I wish I would have had someone explain all of these practice tips to me years ago.  It would have made me a much better player."

 “I just got your new book…BRAVO!!  I'll be teaching Clarinet and Bassoon at PC this semester, and I plan on making all my students read it and live by it.” 

 “I've been practicing all the scales and chords each day now and I have noticed a vast improvement in my playing and overall confidence. Playing the material in your book was like taking vitamins.  It has done so much to improve my musical health.” 

 “I just obtained your book yesterday.  I am so impressed with the systematic organization of the material.”

 “I appreciate being reminded that the basics should never be overlooked in practice sessions.  I'm back on the right track now thanks to your excellent book.” 

 “I'm sure musicians of any level will find the material in this book to be of great value.”  

 “The concept of 'cold tempos' and 'hot tempos' was new to me.  This makes perfect sense now.  I've always been frustrated by being able to play a passage up to tempo one day, and then find it has regressed the next day.  For some reason, I never put this concept together on my own.  After I read it, it was like a light bulb went off!  Pure common sense!” 


2 - 6 September 2008 - Naples, Italy

Associazione Musicale “Enrico Caruso”
Masterclass di Clarinetto e Clarinetto Basso

L'Associazione Musicale “Enrico Caruso” di Napoli promuove un corso di clarinetto e clarinetto basso. Con la presente iniziativa rivolge la sua attenzione ai giovani musicisti, offrendo loro l'opportunità di acquisire e migliorare le proprie conoscenze tecniche ed interpretative.

Tema del Corso: tecnica, respirazione, emissione, attacchi e articolazione. Indagine di eventuali problemi e proposte di soluzione attraverso il riscaldamento, studi e alcuni esercizi quotidiani fondamentali. Repertorio d’orchestra con speciale attenzione su programmi di audizioni d’orchestra.

Periodo del corso: dal 2 al 6 Settembre 2008 (5 giorni).

Docente: Mariano Lucci
Nasce a Napoli nel 1975, diplomandosi con il massimo dei voti nel 1995 presso il Conservatorio di Musica “San Pietro a Majella” di Napoli. Vincitore della borsa di studio “Soroptimist International 1995/96” come migliore diplomato dell’anno. A soli 18 anni, risulta idoneo all’audizione di clarinetto e clarinetto piccolo presso l’Orchestra del “Teatro San Carlo” di Napoli. 1999 - Finalista dell’Orchestra Giovanile dell’Unione Europea “EUYO” e, nello stesso anno, è vincitore dell’audizione di 2° clarinetto e clarinetto piccolo presso l’Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana (EAOSS). 2000 - idoneo all’audizione per l’Orchestra Giovanile dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia nonché nell’ Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio come primo clarinetto. Nel Febbraio 2001 dopo la segnalazione al concorso di 1° clarinetto presso il “Teatro San Carlo” di Napoli, viene chiamato a collaborare in qualità di 1° clarinetto sotto la direzione di prestigiosi direttori d’orchestra tra cui Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. Nel 2002, vincitore del concorso di 2° clarinetto e clarinetto basso nell’Orchestra del “Teatro San Carlo” di Napoli. Nel 2004 segnalato al concorso di clarinetto basso presso il “Teatro alla Scala” di Milano e, nello stesso anno, viene invitato dall’Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala per una tournée diretta dal M° Riccardo Muti. Collaborerà con il Teatro alla Scala e l’Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala, in qualità di 2° clarinetto e clarinetto basso, fino al 2006, partecipando a registrazioni e riprese radio – televisive per Rai e Mediaset. Ha collaborato come 1° clarinetto presso il Teatro Lirico G. Verdi di Salerno, l’Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese, l’Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti di Napoli, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana ( 2° clarinetto), Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (clarinetto basso, clarinetto piccolo), Teatro di San Carlo. Si è esibito da solista suonando più volte i concerti di Mozart, Weber, Spohr e Sebastiani (prima esecuzione in tempi moderni). E’ membro del quintetto di fiati del Teatro San Carlo di Napoli, con il quale è impegnato in un’intensa attività cameristica. Durante la sua carriera ha suonato sotto la direzione di prestigiosi direttori d’orchestra tra cui: Riccardo Muti, Lorin Maazel, , Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, George Prêtre, Yuri Temirkanov, Mstislav Rostropovich, Jeffrey Tate, James Conlon, Eliahu Inbal, Gustavo Dudamel, Alain Lombard, Gary Bertini, Peter Maag, R. Barshai, D. Kitajenko, P. Steinberg, I. Karabtchevsky.
  Has studied the Clarinet at the Academy “Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella” of Naples, graduating with the highest of grades. He won the scholarship “Soroptimist International 1995/96” as best graduate. 1993 – Awarded the of position of clarinet and clarinet Eb at Theater San Carlo of Napels 1999 - Finalist of the “Orchestra Giovanile dell’Unione Europea” (EUYO), and the same year, winner of the competition for the position of second clarinet/clarinet Eb at “Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana” (EAOSS) 2000 - Gained the position of principal clarinet for the audition at the “Orchestra Giovanile dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” of Rome, and the same year, winner of the competition for the position of principal clarinet by “Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio”. February 2001, was noted at the competition for principal clarinet by Theater San Carlo of Naples, and since 2002, winner of the competition for the position of second clarinet and bass clarinet of the Theater San Carlo of Napels. 2004, was noted at the competition for bass clarinet at Theater alla Scala of Milan, and in the same year, he was invited by the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala of Milan for a tour with M° Riccardo Muti. He has performed with the Theater alla Scala of Milan and the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala, as second clarinet and bass clarinet, up to 2006. He has performed as principal clarinet with the Teatro Lirico G.Verdi di Salerno, Orchestra Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese (Sicily), Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti of Naples, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and Teatro di San Carlo of Naples. As soloist more times he has performed the concerts of Mozart, Weber, Sphor and Sebastiani (in first execution in modern times). Member of the wind quintet of the Theater San Carlo of Naples, with which it is busy in an intense activity. Among others, he has worked with the following Conductors: Lorin Maazel, Riccardo Muti, Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, George Prêtre, Yuri Temirkanov, Mstislav Rostropovich, Jeffrey Tate, James Conlon, Eliahu Inbal, Alain Lombard, Gary Bertini, Peter Maag, R. Barshai, D. Kitajenko, P. Steinberg, I. Karabtchevsky.



Il corso è aperto a tutti i giovani musicisti di qualsiasi nazionalità, diplomati e diplomandi. Al corso si potrà partecipare con il clarinetto o con il clarinetto basso o ambedue gli strumenti. I partecipanti si dividono in effettivi ed uditori.

Modalita' di Partecipazione

Tutti gli allievi devono inviare la scheda di iscrizione con la fotocopia della ricevuta di pagamento dell’iscrizione a mezzo email all’indirizzo o al numero di fax 08119305528 entro il 30 agosto 2008.

Quote di iscrizione

Da versare al numero di CC n° 00852802 Banca Mediolanum intestato a Luca Martingano, casuale “Iscrizione clarinetto”.
- effettivi 50.00 Euro iscrizione. Saldo inizio corso 200 Euro;
- uditori 80.00 Euro;
In caso di rinuncia la quota di iscrizione non verrà rimborsata, salvo annullamento del corso.


Alla fine del corso sarà rilasciato un attestato di partecipazione e frequenza a tutti gli allievi.

Il corso si terrà presso l'Accademia Musicale “Enrico Caruso”, Corso Umberto 237, Napoli.

Per informazioni: email:
mobile: 3297405988
fax: 08119305528

Download Regolamento del corso

Download Domanda di partecipazione


57th ARD International Music Competition 2008 - Munich, Germany

4 September 2008 - Clarinet Competition Rounds begin


BR-online (zur Startseite)
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Concert Schedule

Musica Viva
ARD Music Competition
CDs and Books
Chamber Music Festival

Orchestra Academy

Bayern 4 Klassik
Bayern 4 Klassik
ARD Music Competition Homepage Honorary Comitteepress releasesJury Patronage and administrative commission Artistic director and organisation

57th ARD International Music Competition 2008


Fagott und Klarinette © dpa
During the period from September 1 to 19, 2008, a sizable number of young musicians will again travel to Munich to vie for the coveted prizes in the categories viola, clarinet, bassoon and string quartet at the renowned ARD Music Competition.
Only rarely in its history have so many people been so eager to take part: all in all, 461 young musicians from 52 countries and five continents sent their recordings to the organization office to apply for admission. 198 of them met the standards of the pre selection jury, which adjudicated their performances in strict anonymity, thus qualifying for participation. At the top of the list are the violists with 56 participants, followed by the bassoonists and the clarinetists. 13 string quartets were admitted.
This year as well, competitors had to learn a wide-ranging repertoire of compositions, especially written for the competition. "Tikvah" for viola solo by Atar Arad, "Ala Humana" for clarinet by Martin Fröst, "Gitter" for bassoon solo by Adriana Hölszky and finally "Lyric Scenes" for string quartet by Rodion Shchedrin.
At the conclusion of the competition, the musicians singled out will present themselves in three concluding concerts - a chamber music concert, a concert with the Munich Chamber Orchestra and a third with the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks under the direction of Cornelius Meister. All three events will be broadcast live on Bayern 4 Klassik. Bavarian Television will then telecast the September 19 concert at a later date. Other ARD radio stations will transmit the concerts both live and also at later times.
The detailed schedule and all admitted candidates are to be found here.

•  Review [The 2007 competition]

21st Century Instrumental Solos

Klicken zur VollansichtThe recent CD album "21st Century Instrumental Solos", featuring the commissioned works by the ARD Music Competition, has just been released. It is published by OehmsClassics and contains among others works by Widmann, Holliger, Kagel, Rihm and Tchemberdji, presented by prize winners of the years 2002 to 2004.  

For may artists renowned today, a prize at this international competition acted as a springboard for a later career. Some names include: Jessye Norman, Francisco Araiza, Mitsuko Uchida, Thomas Quasthoff, Yuri Bashmet, Christian Tetzlaff, Sharon Kam, Heinz Holliger, Peter Sadlo, and Maurice André, to mention but a few. 

red dot design award for the ARD Music Competition
Click to enlargeThe International Music Competition of the ARD has been awarded the "red dot design award 2003" due to its high design quality, expressing aesthetics, innovation and precision in an exemplary manner. The red dot is one of the most prestigious international design competitions and is awarded annually by the "Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen".


  Presented by the ARD:

·  Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich
·  Hessischer Rundfunk Frankfurt/Main
·  Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk Leipzig
·  Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg
·  Radio Bremen
·  Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
·  Saarländischer Rundfunk Saarbrücken
·  Südwestrundfunk Stuttgart
·  Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne
·  Deutsche Welle Bonn
·  Deutschlandradio Cologne

Member of the world federation of international music competitions

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Central College and Drake University - 6 September 2008

Clarence Padillo, Director

Iowa Clarinet Day 2008
Hosted at Central College
September 6th, from 8 am to 9pm
sponsored by
Central College and Drake University

       We are looking forward to another exciting event in 2008!

  Our guest artist will be Jonathan Cohler, internationally renowned clarinet virtuoso.

Hessischer Rundfunk, 24. August 2008

„Reflexe aus Fernost“ im hr-Sendesaal
Sonntag, 7. September, 18 Uhr

Kammerkonzert der Musiker des hr-Sinfonieorchesters


Fernöstliche Töne: Der Klarinettist des hr-Sinfonieorchesters, Ulrich Mehlhart, führt in das Programm ein
Foto: hr/Meuer
Fernöstliche Töne: Der Klarinettist des hr-Sinfonieorchesters, Ulrich Mehlhart, führt in das Programm ein
Download unter
Das erste Kammerkonzert des hr-Sinfonieorchesters in der neuen Spielzeit widmet sich am
7. September den Wechselbeziehungen zwischen ostasiatischer und abendländischer Musikkultur. „Reflexe aus Fernost“ haben die sieben Musiker das ungewöhnliche Programm ihrer selbst organisierten Reihe überschrieben. Die Musiker präsentieren Kammermusik aus China, Japan und Korea. Der künstlerische Leiter des Konzerts, der Klarinettist Ulrich Mehlhart, erläutert das Programm.
Die asiatischen Musiktraditionen gehören zu den ältesten der Welt und haben in den vergangenen Jahrhunderten europäische Komponisten immer wieder inspiriert. Umgekehrt reflektieren in der Gegenwart zahlreiche asiatische Komponisten ihre eigenen musikalischen Wurzeln. Teils im Musikleben der eigenen Heimat verankert, teils in anderen kulturellen Zusammenhängen stehend, suchen sie eine Verbindung von westlicher und asiatischer Musik. Zu erleben sind in diesem Konzert dabei Kammermusikwerke der Japaner Jo Kondo („Words“) und Toru Takemitsu („Rain Spell“), der beiden Chinesen Wenchen Qin („The Sun Shadow III“) und Tan Dun („In Distance“) sowie der koreanischen Komponistin Aseon Han („Dimensionen“).
Kammerkonzert „Reflexe aus Fernost“
Datum: Sonntag, 7. September, 18 Uhr
Ort:  hr-Sendesaal
Musiker: Ulrich Mehlhart (Klarinette/Bass-Klarinette); Clara Andrada de la Calle (Flöte/Alt-Flöte); Tatjana Schütz (Harfe), Fritz Walther (Klavier); Andreas Hepp und Burkhard Roggenbuck (Schlagzeug); Peter Wolf (Violoncello)
Karten zu 15 Euro (halber Preis für Schüler, Studenten und Auszubildende) sind an der Abendkasse und beim hr-Ticketcenter erhältlich: Telefon 069/155-2000 und
 Brigitte Schulz
Hessischer Rundfunk
Telefon: 069/155-4549
Fax: 069/155-3005

You are invited to attend a
September 20th 2008 at 20:30
at The Givatayim Conservatory of Music
at 33 Rehov Ha'Lamed Hay, Givatayim, Israel
With guest performer - clarinetist Mr. Richard Lesser, past principal of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
and present and past clarinet students of Eva Wasserman-Margolis, with Rita Berman on the piano
Richard Lesser   Clarinet Concerto K. 622 in A Major, movement II …............………...........…………….…………. W. A. Mozart
Michal Beit Halachmi and Hila Zamir   Fantasia for two clarinets   ……………………………………………………...…….. Sarah Feigin
Amir Avram  Concerto for clarinet in E-flat Major, movement I ……...................……..………………………...….. S. Mercadante
Yonatan Leibovitz   Pastorale …………………..............................………………………………………………………………. L.v. Beethoven
Ariela Borsi   Serenata ………..........................................………………………………………………………………………………. E. Cavallini
Din Binness   Concertino ……………………………........................................…………………………………………………..... Lindpantner
Elinor Rupheizen  Sonata ….............................…………………………………………..…………………………… M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Liza Yoschkes  Duo in E-flat Major for clarinet and piano ……………….......................……………………..…… Norbert Burgmüller
Lior Schneider  Andante Apassionata ………………...............................……………………………………………………...… Léon Stekke
Taly Hirschfeld  with Efrat Levy, piano  Three Fantasy Pieces …...………………………………………………….…….. Robert Schumann
Mor Levin  Concerto for clarinet in E-flat Major, movement I ………...........................….…………………..……….. C. M. Weber
The Clarinet Quartet: Michal Beit Halachmi, Taly Hirschfeld, Mor Levin, Elinor Rupheizen
            Tema de María de Buenos Aires y tango …………………......................................………………………….……. A. Piazolla
Entrance fee
Visitors - 50 shekels
Students  - 25 shekels
Donations welcome and all profits go to helping the Conservatory.

                                                  Programa / Program

September 27th 2008

Annapolis Clarinet Day 2008
St. Andrew's United Methodist Church and Day School
September 27th, 9AM-9PM
hosted by RedwineJazz, LLC 
Dear fellow clarinetist,

Don't miss this exciting event! 

With many thanks to Buffet-Crampon & Canyes Xilema Reeds for their sponsorship of our 6th annual Annapolis Clarinet Day, RedwineJazz is proud to have Mr. Eugene Mondie, assistant principal of the National Symphony Orchestra, and Dr. Janice L. Minor, professor of clarinet at James Madison University, as guest artists for our event.

With exhibitors to help you stock up on the best in clarinet equipment, classes to help you improve your playing, and great music to listen to and play, this day will prove to be one of the best Clarinet Day events ever.
Ben Redwine
St. Andrew's United Methodist Church and Day School
4 Wallace Manor Road Edgewater, MD 21037
September 27, 2008
Annapolis Clarinet Day 2008
September 27, 2008 beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 9:00 PM will be a day full of master classes, shopping opportunities for clarinet equipment, participatory clarinet choir, and a grand finale concert.  Purchase your tickets in advance to receive a discounted price.  All tickets include lunch!
Join Mr. Eugene Mondie of the National Symphony Orchestra and Dr. Janice L. Minor of James Madison University for informative master classes.  Please plan on performing, if you wish, for these master classes.  Exhibitors time is generous for those wishing to experiment with a variety of clarinet products that will be available for trial and purchase.
Dr. Mark Boensel will conduct the clarinet choir for a two-hour rehearsal.  All attendees, regardless of performing ability, are encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity.  Following a dinner break, the choir will be featured on the evening concert beginning at 7:00 PM, along with Mr. Mondie and Dr. Minor, performing classical gems, accompanied by pianist Gabriel Dobner.  Jazz clarinetists Ben Boker, Cam Collins, Ben Redwine, and Colin Renick will be backed up by an all-star jazz rhythm section to round out the concert.
We look forward to seeing you at the 6th Annual Clarinet Day!!!
RedwineJazz LogoBuffet-Crampon LogoCanyes Xilema Logo
  EARLY BIRD TICKET PRICES!!!  Visit for early ticket discounts.  Purchase before September 13th at $25/adult, $15/student tickets.  After September 13th, prices jump to $30/$20 and on the 27th, to $35/$25.  Concert only: $15/$10.  Order now!!!   410 798 8251

Credit Cards, Pay Pal, or checks accepted.  



Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dalton Center,  Western Michigan University



12 October 2008



Clarinettissimo VIII will be on Sunday, October 12th at the University of Washington Music School. This year, we have master classes, equipment dealers, a clarinet choir, and the concert. This year's theme is Avant Garde, featuring music that is Avant Garde (Eric Mandat) or was when it was written (Weber, Cage). As before, the event remains FREE to the public.

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Coming Soon

We would like to thank our sponsors:
Music Centers Inc.

The University of Washington School of Music

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Jennifer Nelson - A Dash Point native, is currently Principal Clarinet with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Auburn Symphony Orchestras. She also has a very active freelance career, including playing Broadway-style shows at the Fifth Avenue and Paramount Theaters, occasional extra with the Seattle Symphony and Opera Orchestras, and recordings for various television and motion picture scores. She is also Affiliate Artist Faculty in Clarinet at the University of Puget Sound, in addition to having several students in her private studio in Seattle for many years. Ms. Nelson has also traveled throughout the United States with the national touring companies of Phantom of the Opera and New York City Opera. In addition to her stateside concerts, Jennifer’s orchestral and recital performances have also taken her to Mexico, Japan, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Honduras, and most recently, India.

Sean Osborn -  has traveled the US, Europe, and Japan as soloist and chamber musician, and traveled the world during his eleven years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has also appeared as guest principal clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Seattle Symphony, and the American Symphony Orchestra. The New York Times dubbed him “ excellent clarinetist,” the Boston Globe called him “...a miracle,” and Gramophone “...a master.”
Sean is also an award-winning composer whose chamber works have been played by members of the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, Marlboro Music Festival, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Juilliard School, among others.

Email Sean at
"Saverio Mercadante"

The Musical Cultural Association AULOS of NOCI (Bari - Italy) in collaboration with the Municipality of Noci, Parco Letterario Formiche di Puglia "T. Fiore", Association "Miqte e Muzikes" of Tirane (Albania)and Fondation Aperto ONG of Bucarest (Romania) and with many private and institutional parterships, calls the

"Saverio Mercadante"


that will take place from 16th to 19th October 2008

Application Deadline- 9 October 2008

sections: Senior Soloists, Junior Soloists, Chamber Music with Clarinet
In the last edition 2007 the candidats came from:


Georgia, USA, Mexico, Austria, South Korea, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Principality of Monaco and Greece.
More info, foto gallery of the past editions and complete rules visiting web site of Musical Cultural Association Aulos or write to
Prof. Antonio Tinelli
Artistic Director


17 - 19 October 2008


Potsdam Single Reed Summit





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The Crane School of Music of The State University of New York at Potsdam
3rd Annual Potsdam Single Reed Summit

Featuring: (tentative)

 Capitol Saxophone Quartet
Larry Combs, Principal Clarinet Chicago Symphony Orchestra
André Moisan, Orchestra Symphonique de Montréal
James Forger, Dean of Students Michigan State University
David Etheridge, Clarinet Professor, University of Oklahoma

Events to include Recitals, Lectures, Displays, & Exhibits

October 17-19,2008 Potsdam, New York

Host Committee : Raphael Sanders, Julianne Kirk, Christopher Creviston

For Registration, Clinic/Recital Proposals

Tables are $50 each (size - 6 ft. x 2 1/2 ft.)
please contact us for more information:
Co-sponsors: Buffet Crampon, Selmer (Paris), Conn-Selmer, Inc., D'Addario Co., DANSR Inc., Vandoren, Rico Products, Northern Music and Video, Orsi and Weir, Ben Redwine, Yamaha and the Crane Student Association, CSA is an SGA sponsored organization.














SGA sponsored organization

Interested in being a sponsor? Please contact us!

Crane Clarinet Studio 2007-2008

Crane Saxophone Studio 2007-2008




18 - 19 October 2008

4th Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival, 

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois

Mitchell Estrin- Festival Director
Rose Sperrazza - Festival Host and Coordinator
Michael Skinner - President, Vandoren/Dansr

Harvey Hermann - Festival Mass Choir Director



Gregory Barrett - Prof. Northern Il University, DeKalb
J Lawrie Bloom - Solo Bass Clarinet Chicago Symphony
Steve Cohen - Prof. Northwestern University
Julie DeRoche - Prof. DePaul University
David Gould - Vandoren Product Specialist
Caroline Hartig - Prof. Michigan State University
David Harris - Prof. U of Illinois
Eric Mandat - Prof. Southern Illinois University
Justin O'Dell - Prof. Michigan State University
David Tuttle - Chicago Free-Lance Artist
John Yeh - Assistant Principal and Solo Eb Clarinet, Chicago Symphony
Charlene Zimmerman - Principal Clarinet, Chicago Lyric Opera

Chicago Clarinet Ensemble
University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble
CCM Graduate Clarinet Quartet (Cincinnati Conservatory)
Chicago Basset Horn Trio
Michigan State U Clarinet Ensemble
Northern IL U ClarEnsemble
Southern Il U Clarinet Trio
Clari Con Brio
Northwestern U Quartet
Elmhurst College Quartet
University of Il Graduate Quartet
Festival Mass Choir


Kloster Michaelstein Klarinette Symposium - 25 Oktober 2008

Michaelstein, Germany - details on above website


25 October 2008 - Michigan State University

Clarinet Brilliante II
Clarinet Brilliante II
Clarinet Brilliante
Clarinet Brilliante
Dancing Solo

Dancing Solo

Third Annual MSU Clarinet Extravaganza: The Complete Clarinetist

Saturday, October 25, 2008
8 a.m.-8 p.m.
MSU Music Building

Download the brochure (PDF)

Open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities.

Join MSU Clarinet Professor Caroline Hartig and guest artist Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet, for a full day of clarinet events including recitals by Hartig and pianist Deborah Moriarty, Lowenstern, and MSU clarinet students. The day is open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities, with topics ranging from clarinet fundamentals to contemporary techniques, including sessions on the utility clarinets, a job seminar for clarinetists auditioning for orchestral positions and/or college teaching positions, and master classes for advanced students/professionals with a master class devoted to high school/junior high clarinetists. Participants may perform in the Festival Clarinet Choir or Junior Festival Choir.

Registration fee: $25 ($15 before Oct. 15) To register or for a schedule of events, time, and locations call (517) 355-7645.

Sponsored by MSU School of Music and Buffet Crampon, USA.

Saturday 1 November 2008 - Sydney, Australia



           Eleven young, vibrant performers with a wealth of enthusiasm and musical skill, together formed the Sydney Omega Ensemble at the end of 2005. The group has since emerged as a formidable presence within the Sydney classical music scene. Their performances have received enthusiastic acclaim from audiences and critics alike. David Vance, in his Sydney Morning Herald review of SOE's final concert of 2006, described their performance of Inferno by Margery Smith as "committed ensemble playing of the first rate." Now in 2008, they present what promises to be another year of outstanding chamber music of the highest calibre, under the artistic direction of clarinettist David Rowden, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

        Highlights of the 2008 season include the ensemble's return to the Art Gallery of NSW's RESONATE series and a performance in the City Recital Hall Angel Place. SOE is delighted to announce a number of exciting collaborations including internationally renowned percussionist Claire Edwardes and the return of Clarinettist Dimitri Ashkenazy.

“To witness such exquisite blending of sound at such close quarters is indeed a rare pleasure. Sydney Omega Ensemble unleashes a rich array of emotions. Amazing!” Alison Handmer

Dimitri Ashkenazy - Clarinet

Born in 1969 in New York, Dimitri Ashkenazy began playing the piano at the age of six and then switched to the clarinet under the tuition of Giambattista Sisini, with whom he continued studying when he entered the Conservatory of Lucerne in 1989. Since completing his studies, he has gone on to perform widely, both as soloist and chamber musician. On tour, he has appeared at the Royal Festival Hall in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Hollywood Bowl with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, at the Sydney Opera House with the SBS Youth Orchestra, at the Casals Festival in Puerto Rico with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, in Japan with the Japan Philharmonic, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony and Mito Chamber Orchestras, and in the U.S. with the San Diego Chamber, Napa Valley Symphony and Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestras.

In addition to the major concertos for the clarinet, his repertoire extends to include contemporary works such as Peter Maxwell Davies' Strathclyde Concerto No.4, which he has performed with the composer himself conducting both in London and Santiago de Compostela, and Krzysztof Penderecki's own transcription of his Viola Concerto with the composer himself conducting both in Poland and on tour in Spain. He also gave the world premiere performances of concertos by Marco Tutino (with the Filarmonici della Scala, Milan) and Filippo del Corno (with the orchestra "I Pomeriggi Musicali"). An active chamber musician, he has performed with the Kodály and Brodsky Quartets and with partners such as Edita Gruberova, Barbara Bonney, Helmut Deutsch, Cristina Ortiz, David Golub, Radovan Vlatkovic, Ariane Haering, Jeremy Menuhin, Maria João Pires, and of course his brother Vovka and his father Vladimir Ashkenazy.

In addition to his concert activity, Dimitri Ashkenazy has made numerous CD (Pan Classics, Decca, Ondine), radio (Radio Nacional de España, France Musiques, Radio della Svizzera Italiana, DeutschlandRadio) and television recordings, and been invited to give master classes at the Australian National Academy in Melbourne, Australian National University, Sydney Conservatorium, Oklahoma City University, the Reykjavík College of Music, California State University Sacramento, the Merit Music Program in Chicago, the Aula de Alto Rendimiento Moguer, and the Conservatorios Superiores of San Sebastián and Granada.



Sunday 2nd November 2008

Clarinet & Saxophone
Society of Great Britain

News & events > News > Single Reed Day, Kneller Hall

Single Reed Day, Kneller Hall

Twickenham, London  UK

On Sunday 2nd November all single reed players are invited to a full day of playing, discovering and learning more about every aspect of the world of the clarinet and saxophone.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet the instrument manufacturers, music publishers, composers and arrangers as well as playing all day too if you wish.

During the day there will be opportunities to play in clarinet choirs, saxophone choirs, and single reed choirs. Instrument manufacturers on their individual stands will be present – your direct line to their full range of clarinets and saxophones. Try the instruments and put your questions straight to the makers.

© John Mackenzie
Clarinet choir from the last single reed day at Kneller Hall

Meet the composers and arrangers; well known woodwind composers and arrangers will be on hand to discuss, advise and help. Find out how to arrange your favourite music for small groups up to full choirs.

Music publishers will be on hand displaying their range of ensemble material. Discuss your
requirements with the publishers themselves and set up your library for the coming year. Explore and discover the wealth of recorded music out there and put your questions directly to the companies themselves.

Trade stands at last year's event

Mark this date in your diary and watch out for further details in the Summer issue of Clarinet and Saxophone, and on the website.

PDF download

PDF Download application form for Kneller Hall play day

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Rutgers Woodwind Day 2008

Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone


Sunday, November 9, 2008   11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Registration fee: $5 in advance, $15 at the door

(Parents/guardians attend free.)

Marryott Music Building, 81 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1411



Hosted by Mason Gross Faculty Members:


Kaoru Hinata – flute   Matt Sullivan – oboe   Maureen Hurd – clarinet

Jessica Phillips, clarinet   Cynde Iverson – bassoon   Paul Cohen – saxophone




Backun Musical Services, Morrie Backun, Vancouver, Canada


Kristin Bertrand, New York City Repair Technician, Roberto’s Winds, New York, NY


Dillon Music, Woodwind Division, Elaine Schlatter, Woodbridge, NJ


Professional Wind Instrument Consultants, Mark Sloss, North Branch, NJ


Wright Music, Jonathan Watkins, Port Washington, NY


Joseph Patelson Music House, Marsha Patelson, New York, NY



RSVP: or

Dr. Maureen Hurd - 732-932-8862

You are invited to attend an exciting event for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone students of all ages and abilities. Rutgers Woodwind Day 2008 is open to professionals, amateurs, students, teachers, parents, and music directors from the greater New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York areas. 


You will meet and work with Rutgers University Music Faculty as well as Rutgers undergraduate and graduate music students. Workshops, master classes, reed making, instrument care/repair and concerts will all be presented in the friendly and comfortable setting of the Marryott Music Building and Nicholas Music Center on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. 


Participants will also have the opportunity to try and purchase a vast assortment of woodwind instruments and accessories.  Registration fee is $5 in advance or $15 at the door.  Parents/guardians attend free.


The Schedule:

11:00 a.m.      Registration $5/15  - Rutgers Student Performances

11:30 a.m.      Introduction - All Participants –

Meet the Rutgers Faculty and Guests

11:45 a.m.      Woodwind Repair, Acoustics, Music Business Presentations: Backun, Bertrand, Patelson, Schlatter, Sloss, Watkins

1:00 p.m.        Faculty Concert

2:15 p.m.        Individual Instrument Master Classes

Taught by Rutgers Faculty

3:15 p.m.        Visit Vendors/Repair Time

4:15 p.m.        Auditions--- How To Do Your Best

(Participants perform and work with Faculty)


Throughout the day: Visit Vendors, visit Kristin Bertrand for repairs, and hear Rutgers Student Performances.


 ----------------------------------------------------Detach Here-----------------------------------------------------------




Name__________________________ Instrument _____________ Years Studied__________ Age ____




Email Address ________________________________  Phone  No. ____________________


Would you like to play in a Master Class?  Yes/No  

Would you like to play for the Audition Session?  Yes/No

How did you hear about Woodwind Day? ______________________________


Return with check or money order ($5) made payable to Rutgers University to:

c/o        Maureen Hurd, Dept. of Music, Mason Gross School of the Arts

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

81 George St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901




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