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July 2020 Newsletter


27 June  - 1 July 2020

Clarinet Summer Academy

Kopanonik, Serbia


30 June - 8 July 2020

VI{ Anneliene Van Wauwe Virtual Master Class in Madrid, Spain


Let's work together this summer at Musical Arts Madrid! My masterclass will take place from 30/07-02/08.
Live in Madrid or remote, from your home.
English Website available soon.
Check out my teaching activities during the academic year 20-21.


4 July 2020

VIP Yehuda Gilad Interview with Senior VIP Andrew Simon

4 - 11 July 2020

Ostrava Clarinet and Saxophone Festival

Ostrava, Czech Republic

6 - 10 July 2020

Clarinet Conservatory of New York - VIP David Gould, Director

David Gould discusses topic covered at this workshop

David Gould ad for the Workshop

6 - 10 June 2020

Clarinet Academy of America - University of Maryland at College Park - VIP Robert DiLutis, Director

6 - 10 July 2020

5th Fiterstein Clarinet Academy

Minneapolis, Minnesota

8 - 19 July 2020

Aria Summer Music Academy at Mount Holyoke College

South Hadley, Massachusetts

6 - 11 July 2020

Estirol 56th Clarinet Courses with Antonio Saiote

Estoril, Portugal

8 - 15 July 2020

Belgian Clarinet Academy - Cancelled due to the Covid 19 Pandemic Alert

Ostend, Belgium

11 July 2020 - 9 am EST

VIP Anthony McGill (Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic)  Interview with Senior VIP Andrew Simon (Solo Clarinetist in the Hong Kong Philharmonic


11 July 2020

VIP John Bruce Yeh Master  Class  - Virtual  -  follow this link

13 - 18 July 2020

Buffet Summer Clarinet Academy - University of North Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

 The mission of the Buffet Crampon USA 2020 Summer Clarinet Academy is to offer an outstanding summer educational clarinet seminar to talented students. The student/teacher ratio will be 4:1. The low student teacher ratio will offer a unique opportunity for students to live and work closely with the internationally acclaimed Artist Faculty in a unique and intimate setting.

18 July 2020

Lawrence Gilliard Jr Interview with Senioe VIP Andrew Simon



20 - 31 July 2020

Idyllwild Arts Summer Master Class Festival with Senior VIP David Shifrin and Amanda Walker - Virtual

23 July 2020

Conversa con Expertas

23 - 26 July 2020

Sicilian Clarinet Festival

Palermo and Cefalo, Italy


23 July - 3 August 2020

VIP Wenzel Fuchs Master Classes



Wenzel Fuchs Clarinet Master Class


Art Academy of Arts presents master class of Wenzel Fuchs- solo clarinet of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and professor at the Mozarteum University, Salzburg and Denitsa Laffchieva- clarinet professor at the Talent Music Masters, Brescia, Italy. All students will receive lessons with prof. Fuchs and prof. Laffchieva.
Two scholarships Art Academy and two MAXTON mouthpieces will be awarded to the most creative participants from the master class in our internal MAXTON clarinet competition. Just send us your YouTube video link with your performance.
After your lesson, you can enjoy the crystal seawater and the long sandy beaches of the Black Sea resort town Burgas.
Please always check the current travel regulations.
closing date: n/a
more details:
visit website
email course


25 July 2020

VIP and Jazz/Klezmer Clarinetist Anat Cohen Interview with Senior VIP Andrew Simon


27 - 31 July 2020

Bravissimo Clarinet Academy - Virtual

Faculty annoucing the Bravissimp Clarinet Program

Bravissimo Clarinet Academy is dedicated to preparing musicians of all ages to explore the depth and essential elements from the classical through contemporary clarinet solo and ensemble repertoire. During this exciting 5-day virtual event, participants will get the chance to discover and experience first-hand mastery and learn from some of the most celebrated clarinetists of our time. Participants will have daily private lessons, performance classes, masterclasses, lectures, workshops, Q&A, and more. Prizes and awards for participants will be announced at the closing ceremony of the academy. Our world-renowned faculty artists include:

Franklin Cohen, Yehuda Gilad, Stephen Williamson, Boris Allakhverdyan, Benjamin Lulich, Emil Khudyev, and Stanislav Golovin

For more information, please visit us at

The application form can be found here: Apply

If you choose not to participate in the academy but are still interested in observing and learning from world-class artists, the Bravissimo All-Access Pass is also available, and can be found here: Bravissimo All-Access Pass

Application deadline is July 15th and limited scholarships are available!

We promise that you will leave our academy feeling inspired and with unique connections that will last a lifetime. We hope to see you online at our inaugural season of Bravissimo Clarinet Academy!


27 - 31 July 2020

Master Classe Series with Renowned Russian Pedagogues

Moscow, Russia

                 In Novosibirsk, a series of master courses will be held on the Bolshoi stage of " Energia " in the framework of the cultural project " School of Masters " of the educational program of the International Trans-Siberian Art Festival using a grant of the President of the Russian Federation!
World-class musicians are invited, outstanding teachers in the following directions:

               - Piano (27.07.2020-31.07.2020) - Natalia Troll (Moscow) - Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, winner of International Competition in Belgrade (Yugoslavia, 1983, I Prize), P. I. Tchaikovsky (Moscow, 1986, II Prize), Monte Carlo (Monaco, 1993, Grand Prix). The concert of participants of the master course and professor Natalia Vladimirovna Troll will be held on 31.07.2020 at 17.00 in DK "Energy", an online broadcast of the event. Master course and concert will be held at the concert piano Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert. The new model of the piano of the oldest Austrian piano brand is provided by Yamaha Music.

               - Academic vocals (21.08.2020-24.08.2020) - Dmitry Vdovin (Moscow) - Honored Artist of Russia, Head of the Youth Opera Program of the Russian Bolshoi Theater, Professor of the Academy of Choral Art named after V.S. Popov. In addition, we pay special attention to all young vocalists that on August 21 in the DK "Energia" will be audition to the Youth Opera program of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia (preliminary registration is required), certificate by phone (383) 225-25-28.

              - First time! Clarinet (05.09.2020 - 09.09.2020) - VIP Yevgeny Petrov (Moscow) - famous Russian clarnetist, the brightest representative of the Russian executive school, winner of international competitions, including the International Clarnetist Competition in Geneva (II Prize) and the International Concertino-Prague ", professor of Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, Honored Artist of Russia.

             To get to the master course with a star you need to apply and a link to the video of the performance, email


29 July 2020

VIP Antonio Tinelli Livestream Recital


39 July 2020 - 2 PM Instagram Chat

Afendi Yusuf Chat with Ysolt Bognar

Cleveland, Ohio


30 July 2020

AdZel Duo  (Miriam Adam  and Stephanie Zelnick Virtual Clarinet Day

30 July - 1 August 2020

1st Festival de Clarinetes


31 July 2020 - Application Deadline

Thailand International Clarinet Competition (Virtual)

Online competition announcement !!!!

Register Fee:
Category A: no age limit
- 1,500 THB (50 USD)
Category B: no older than 20 years old
- 1,200 THB (40 USD)

Application here:

Application deadline: July 31,2020

Results announcement: August 7, 2020


Category A
1st Prize, a cash prize of 10,000 THB, a certificate of achievement and video of your performance will be presented on TICA Facebook fan page and all TICA social media
2nd Prize, a cash prize of 3,000 THB, and, a certificate of achievement
3rd Prize, a cash prize of 2,000 THB, and, a certificate of achievement

Category B
1st Prize, a cash prize of 5,000 THB, a certificate of achievement and videos of your performance will be presented on TICA Facebook fan page and all TICA social media
2nd Prize, a cash prize of 2,000 THB, a certificate of achievement
3rd Prize, a cash prize of 1,000 THB, a certificate of achievement

***All participants will receive a certificate of participating and comment from Jury ***

Online accompanist:…

Thank you: Mr. Jiung Yoon for allowing us to use the accompaniment track from his channel: Color is the piano as an accompanist

Thank you to our sponsor: Wanny Angerer in Moving Cultures

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