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We waited for it for 26 years and it's finally here! VIP
Charles Neidich revisiting Mozart Clarinet Concerto in the new album MOZART 1791


Mozart and Družecký for clarinet, basset clarinet, basset horns and orchestra -
The fine selection of the music and the musicians of the CD "Mozart 1791" is a great pleasure
clarinetist and any listener who has joy to discover. The album comprises concerts and chamber music
with historic reproductions of instruments of the clarinet family. "Mozart 1791" is presented by Charles
Neidich, who plays the clarinet and conducts the orchestra, in collaboration with
Ayako Oshima, with the
ensemble Clarimonia, and with the orchestra
Solamente Naturali Bratislava and its founder and leader Miloš Valent.
for Clarinetists and any listener who has a joy to discover.  The album comprises concerts and chamber music with historic reproductions of instruments of the Clarinet family produced by Schwenk & Seggelke of Bamberg, Germany.  This new recording, presented by Charles Neidich, who performs and conducts the Orchestra, in collaboration with his wife VIP Ayako Oshima, with the Ensemble Clarimonia, and with the Orchestra Solemente Naturali Bratislava and its leader and founder Mikos Valent.




Tennessee Tech University - TTU All-Star Clarinet Symposium -  VIP Wontak Kim, Director - 21 November 2014




David Shifrin Master Classes and Concert at Penn State University - Tony Costa, Host - State College, Pennsylvania - 20 - 21 November 2014



 American Chamber Ensemble presents concert of Music by Composer-in-Residence at Hofstra University Jonathan Russ on Sunday, November 16 at Christ and St. Stephen's Church - New York City

This concert featured music by ACE's Composer-in-Residence Jonathan Russ, including the U.S. Premiere of Koch-aine for piano, violin, cello, III. Awake from his Songs for Waking for soprano, clarinet and piano, Team Effort for clarinet, violin and piano, Sonata for two clarinets and piano, House for violin and piano and Through the Window for soprano, cello and piano, and Leonard Bernstein's Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

Performers included clarinetist Naomi Drucker, pianist Marilyn Lehman, with soprano Karen Lehman DiMartino, violinist Eriko Sato and cellist Laurinel Owen. Guest Artist Senior VIP clarinetist Stanley Drucker. Special guest will be composer Jonathan Russ.







Richard Stoltzman Recital and Caroline Hartig in Performance of Mendellsohn Concertpiece #1



Concert Finale piece New York Counterpoint with Artist Ensemble






Legend Clarinet Teacher retired from Ohio State University Donald McGinnis with Caroline Hartig at Stoltzman Recital, Question and answer session with Participants







Festival Clarinet Choir conducted by Mitchell Estrin and Caroline Hartig





European Clarinet Artists with Caroline Hartig and Mike Getzin


International Clarinet Association - ICA Mid-America Festival - The Ohio State University, Columbus  - VIP Caroline Hartig, Director - 14 - 16 November 2014







Senior VIP Stanley Drucker Soloist in Performances of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto K 622 with the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony - David Bernard, Conductor - All Saints Church - New York City  - 8 - 9 November 2014










Performing Organization Chairman and Professor at University of Florida Mitchell Estrin conducting Mass Clarinet Choir Reading Session





Clarinet Quartets en masse and The Navy Clarinet Quartet, the US Marine Clarinet Quartet and The US Army Band Clarinet Quartet in Performance




The US Navy Band Clarinet Choir Finale



3rd Annual United States Navy Band Clarinet Day with Acclaimed Guest Faculty - Laura Grantier, Director - Washington, DC - 8 November 2014






Special Retirement Concert at the Disney Concert Hall with Premieres honoring VIP William E Powell - Los Angeles, California - 5 November 2014







VIP Eric Mandat Master Class and Recital at California State University, Northridge - VIP Julia Heinen, Host - 4 November 2014




Master Class with Charles West of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, at Penn State University, Tony Costa, Host - 22 October 2014








New York Wind Symphony Day at Monroe High School, New York, with Pre-College Seminar involving the top Music Schools and Conservatories for aspiring music students and Performance with VIP Soloist from the New York Philharmonic Mark Nuccio performing Copland Clarinet Concerto - 19 October 2014






10th Mercadante International Clarinet Competition - VIP Antonio Tinelli, Director - Bari, Italy - 16 - 19 October 2014







Winning Clarinet Quartet - Novacane Quartet




Chicago Clarinet Ensemble Clarinet Ensemble Competition - 18 October 2014 at Northeast Illinois University - Winner: Novacane Clarinet Quartet - VIP Rose Sperrazza, Director








Concert and Master Class at Baylor University Clarinet Studio in Waco, Texas with the Berliner Philharmoniker Woodwind Quintet and Master Class with VIP Walter Seyfarth - Dr Jun Qian, Host - 10 October 2014




Berliner Philharmoniker Principals VIP Stefan Dohr, legendary Principal Horn, Mike Getzin, VIP's Wenzel Fuchs, Wojtek Kostek, Alexander Boeder, and Eb Klarinettist Walter Seyfarth after rehearsal at Carnegie Hall



A special honors Party for Wenzel Fuchs with his friends from the New York Philharmonic with Pascual Martinez-Forteza, Walter Seyfarth, and Newly appointed Solo Clarinetist in the Philharmonic Anthony McGill



Master Class Tour and Performances with VIP Wenzel Fuchs, Solo Klarinettist with the Berliner Philharmoniker while on New York Tour - 4, 5, and 8 October 2014











Wenzel Fuchs coaching Master Class Students






Wenzel Fuchs, Pianist Joan Allen, and Christy Banks performing Mendellsohn's Concertpiece No 2




Recital bows with Joan Allen and Wenzel Fuchs


8 Oktober - Wednesday - Millersville University, Pennsylvania - VIP Christy Banks, Host



Rutgers Clarinet Students with Wenzel Fuchs and Maureen Hurd-Hause




Wenzel Fuchs Recital with VIP Maureen Hurd-Hause with Mendellsohn Concertpiece No 2



Master Class and Discussions



Wolsted Kostek, Wenzel Fuchs, and Host Maureen Hurd-Hause, and enthusiastic Students getting an autograph


Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with VIP Maureen Hurd-Hause, Host - 5 Oktober



Moravian Master Class Students with Wenzel Fuchs


Penn State University Clarinet Students with Professor Tony Costa with Maestro Fuchs




Performance Preparation of Alfred Uhl Divertimento for Four Clarinets performed with Allentown Symphony Clarinet SEction including VP's John Schwartz abd Directort Deborah Andrus and Clarinet Choir Reading



Deborah Andrus in Rehearsal with Wenzel Fuchs, and Major Lunch affair with Faculty, Allentown Music Director VIP Diane Wittry, with Honored Guests and Wenzel Fuchs


Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, VIP Deborah Andrus, Director, in Collaboration with the Allentown Symphony, VIP Diane Wittry, Conductor - 4 Oktober 2014



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                 Welcome to the World Clarinet Alliance Official Site.     As you have noticed by the many Resource and News Pages, this has become a vital primary source of information for all levels of players and interests, and is intended to expand horizons and make possible vital advancements for all players, students and professionals alike, and give a truly International perspective on the Community of Clarinet Performance and Education. 

               WKA is interactive with many Music Organizations, Military Band Organizations, Industry, Festivals worldwide, International Competitions, Master Classes, and the Academic sector. 

               As the membership is Free for everyone to join, this opens the Open-source communication opportunities to connect with other like-minded players and friends.   Because of Internet speed of current communication, anyone, from remote areas or across the overseas areas, can be actively involved in the Clarinet Community worldwide.   No Magazine is published as everything is downloadable, and one can print targeted information and create their own 'Magazine', free from Advertising, but substance information that can be used.  It is highly important for all teachers and Clarinet organizations to make WKA known to their students and members. The purpose of WKA is to serve the entire Music and Clarinet Community.

              WKA is available to everyone to communicate and inquire, and information to be shared with members is welcomed and encouraged.

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