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Legendary Weber Concerto Performance and rehearsal scenes and Franklin Cohen and Conductor Jahju Ling

Senior VIP Franklin Cohen performs Farewell Concerto performance with The Cleveland Orchestra performing Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto Op 74

Blossom Music Festival near Cleveland, Ohio - 26 July 2015






Major Artist VIP's in attendance including above Richard Nunemaker, Stephan Vermeersch (President of the European Clarinet Association - ECA, Harry Spaarney, and Sauro Berti - on Right, Jerome Selmer




As part of the myriad number of events, Major Master Class with Senior VIP and Solo Klarinettist in the Berliner Philharmoniker  Karl Leister, and with VIP David Blumberg from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




ClarinetFest 2015 - Madrid, Spain in Collaboration with the International Clarinet Association  - 22 - 26 July

Programs ongoing all week with updates pending








TUSAB Leader and Commander Emeritus Colonel Gary Lamb (Ret), and he and Current Leader and Commander Timothy Holtan


The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) Alumni Reunion Concerts and Weekend -  Fort Myer, Virginia and Washington, DC - 16 - 18 July 2015







Student and VIP Mark Nuccio and Master Class with VIP Andre Moisan




Students with VIP's Pascual Martinez-Forteza and with J Lawrie Bloom






Instrument Tech Class with VIP Bruce Markin


Buffet Summer Clarinet Academy at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville - VIP Matt Vance, Magoli Trichote, Directors, with Renowned Faculty from the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, and the Orchestre Montreal - 13 - 18 July 2015







15th "Gheorghe Dima" International Music Competition - Cluj-Napoca, Romania - 5 - 11 July 2015



First Prize: Damien Guy Werner Bachmann
Second Prize: Matic Kuder
Third Prize: Ioan Radu Grelus
Romanian Mozart Society Prize: Matic Kuder
Special Prize from Clarinet Romania: Or Yosef Posti
Concert with Craiova State Philharmonic Orchestra (2017): Damien Guy Werner Bachmann
Concert with Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra (2017): Damien Guy Werner Bachmann



Sebastian Manz, Soloist with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart (Germany) performing Carl Nielsen Clarinet Concerto, Op 57 with Herbert Blomstedt, Conductor - 2 - 3 July 2015






1st prize unanimously
Diana Teixeira Sampaio (left)

2nd prize unanimously
Juliette Adam


Louis Cahuzac Clarinet Competition, VIP Philippe Cuper, Director - Versailles, France - 27 - 28 June 2014



VIP Mark Nuccio, Associate Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic, named as Solo Clarinetist in the Houston, Texas Symphony effective September 2015








Special Tribute seen on:


ChamberFest Cleveland - Senior VIP Franklin Cohen and VIP Diana Cohen, Directors

Cleveland, Ohio - 17 June - 1 July 2015



Master Classes given by VIP Gary Gray, and Burt Hara

California Clarinet Clinic - VIP's Julia Heinen, William Powell, Directors - Los Angeles - 21 - 27 June 2015


Claremont Clarinet Festival - VIP Margaret Thornhill, Director - Pomona College, California - 14 - 20 June 2015


Senior VIP Stanley Drucker performs Busoni Concertino with the Washington Square Festival Orchestra in New York City - 16 June 2015


Left to right:  Scott Holshouser, Richard Nunemaker, Ellen Sarre, Sabrii Anderson, Betsy Wackwitz and Hannah Schroeder.
Left to Right:  Sabrii Anderson, Hannah Schroeder, Richard Nunemaker, Ellen Sarre and Betsy Wackwitz

13th Annual The To Play is To Blow...To Blow is To Play...Clarinet/Saxophone Studio  Clarinet recital 14 June 2015 at the University of St. Thomas Music Department, Houston, Texas - Senior VIP Richard Nunemaker, Director




VIP Ricardo Morales and friends, and Pedagogues Paula Corley and VIP Larry Guy

VIP Andre Moisan, with friends and VIP Gregory Raden, and VIP Francois Kloc, winner, and VIP Matt Vance from Buffet Group USA



Texas Clarinet Colloquium - VIP Mary Alice Druhan, Director - Dallas, Texas - 11 - 13 June 2015


Workshop Faculty Wolfgang Loeff, VIP's Eric Mandat, Steve Cohen, and Director Howard Klug


Indiana University Clarinet Workshop, VIP Howard Klug, DirectorJacobs School of Music  - Bloomington, Indiana  5 - 9 June 2015



Clarinetopia Residency Seminar -  Michigan State University - VIP's Dr Michael Webster and Dr Guy Yehuda, Directors - East Lansing, Michigan - 3 - 7 June 2015



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                 Welcome to the World Clarinet Alliance Official Site.     As you have noticed by the many Resource and News Pages, this has become a vital primary source of information for all levels of players and interests, and is intended to expand horizons and make possible vital advancements for all players, students and professionals alike, and give a truly International perspective on the Community of Clarinet Performance and Education. 

               WKA is interactive with many Music Organizations, Military Band Organizations, Industry, Festivals worldwide, International Competitions, Master Classes, and the Academic sector. 

               As the membership is Free for everyone to join, this opens the Open-source communication opportunities to connect with other like-minded players and friends.   Because of Internet speed of current communication, anyone, from remote areas or across the overseas areas, can be actively involved in the Clarinet Community worldwide.   No Magazine is published as everything is downloadable, and one can print targeted information and create their own 'Magazine', free from Advertising, but substance information that can be used.  It is highly important for all teachers and Clarinet organizations to make WKA known to their students and members. The purpose of WKA is to serve the entire Music and Clarinet Community.

              WKA is available to everyone to communicate and inquire, and information to be shared with members is welcomed and encouraged.

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