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Berliner Philharmoniker 2019 - 2020 Season Announcement with Kirill Petrenko


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A Reflection musically to think about the effects on music from COVID 19 as performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker under Kirill Petrenko


As many in the world know, the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic has virtually stopped all activity worldwide cancelling Music Festivals, Educational Institutions and more.   During this stressful time, Livestream activity to support this void has shown itself to be a morale support to all watching.  Many quality performances and workshop streams will be posted on the future Newsletter and  Hot News as they appear and will be continued in the following months



ICA Plays On 21  Virtual Master Classes and Performances - January 28 - January 31, 2021



Senior VIP Michele Zukovsky Master Class Virtual - 26 January 2021



Traditional 1st Anniverary concert dedicated to our dear teacher Rafael Oganesovich Baghdasaryan, Renowned Russian Professor - Moscow, Russia - 24 January 2021



Virtual Clarinet Day  Honoring James Pyne (Former Solo Clarinetist in the Buffalo Philharmonic and Professsor Emeritus at The Ohio State University - Dr Kathy Mulcahy, Director from George Mason University - Fairfax, Virginia - 24 January 2021



Bravissimo Clarinet Academy




Guy Deplus International Clarinet  Competition (Virtual) Canara Islands Finals Completed - 11 January 2021




Interviows with Senior VIP Andrew Simon - December 2020




Clarinet Corner Podcasts with National Public Radio (NPR) Hosted with VIP Timothy Phillips




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                 Welcome to the World Clarinet Alliance Official Site.     As you have noticed by the many Resource and News Pages, this has become a vital primary source of information for all levels of players and interests, and is intended to expand horizons and make possible vital advancements for all players, students and professionals alike, and give a truly International perspective on the Community of Clarinet Performance and Education. 

               WKA is interactive with many Music Organizations, Military Band Organizations, Industry, Festivals worldwide, International Competitions, Master Classes, and the Academic sector. 


               As the membership is Free for everyone to join, this opens the Open-source communication opportunities to connect with other like-minded players and friends.   Because of Internet speed of current communication, anyone, from remote areas or across the overseas areas, can be actively involved in the Clarinet Community worldwide.   No Magazine is published as everything is downloadable, and one can print targeted information and create their own 'Magazine', free from Advertising, but substance information that can be used.  It is highly important for all teachers and Clarinet organizations to make WKA known to their students and members. The purpose of WKA is to serve the entire Music and Clarinet Community.


              WKA is available to everyone to communicate and inquire, and information to be shared with members is welcomed and encouraged.


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