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October 2020 Newsletter



5 October and 21 October  2020


Bass Clarinet Audition for The United States Army Band


Fort Myer, Virginia



9 - 13 October 2020


Encontro Feminino de Clarinet






15 - 18 October 2020


16th Mercadante International Clarinet Competition - VIP Antonio Tinelli, Director


Bari, Italy



15 - 20 and 18 - 20 October 2020


American Single Reed Summit at University of South Carolina




The American Single Reed Summit 2020 will be held at the University of South Carolina, hosted by Dr. Cliff Leaman and Dr. Joseph Eller from October 15-18, 2020!

New Members

We are pleased to announce that Josh Redman and Connie Frigo have joined our board. A big welcome to new members in our planning committee, Randall Smith, Tracy Patterson, and Amy Humberd! Find out more about them here

Young Artists Competition

This year, ASRS will have an International Clarinet Competition. More information soon.

October 2020

Latin American Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Concorso

17 - 24 October 2020

Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition

Rouen, France

Opening for the 5th Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition- France 2020!!!
All the information on our website :

22 - 24 October 2020

Clarimania Clarinet Festival - VIP Jan Jakob Bokun, Director

Wroclaw, Poland

29 October 2020

VIP Sabine Grofmeier at the ElbPhilharmonie Grand Hall

Hamburg, Germany

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