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May 2020 Newsletter



Online Digital Clarinet Academy  - VIP Ixi Chen, Director - Dates to be announced soon

Announcement about this program by the Faculty

Clarinetists: In reaction to many music festival, camp and course cancellations, I got in touch with some friends and colleagues around the country to create a response.


The summer is a vital time for focused and immersive learning, so I’m incredibly excited that together we've assembled a robust and in-depth program, led by many fine faculty and guest speakers from across the country.

Each week-long session will include lessons and masterclasses, warm-up and technique classes, but equally (if not more) important, we will focus on what it means to be a musician in our ever-changing world.


The business of being a clarinetist, plus “field trips” to instrument makers, builders, repair, mouthpiece crafters and reed manufacturers will be an important part of the week. All of this offers you a chance to sharpen clarinet and business skills while expanding knowledge of the industry.

It will be an incredibly fun program power-packed with learning! Join us!

Or sign up here to get more info, a sample daily schedule and a guide on how to optimize your home studio for online lessons:

Richie Hawley Jeff O'Flynn Jackie Glazier Tiffany Valvo Ralph Skiano Mark Nuccio André Moisan J Lawrie Bloom Pascual Martinez-Forteza Diana Haskell Chris Pell Anton Rist David Gould

1 - 3 May 2020

Gran Canaria International Clarinet Festival - Call for Proposals for Lectures and Performance - Cancelled due to Covid Alert

Canary Islands, Spain

We are affiliated with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Las Palmas and we are dedicated to educating and providing performance opportunities for the next generation of clarinetists. The festival takes place in one of the most beautiful parts of Cruce de Arinaga in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in masterclasses with our internationally acclaimed faculty, perform in large and small ensembles, attend workshops, and our international clarinet competition. 

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GCICF Festival Performance/Lecture Proposals 2020
Dates: May 1-3, 2020
Registration Deadline: December 15, 2019
Teatro Cruce de Arinaga
Sede de la Orquesta Sinfonica de Las Palmas
35118 Cruce de Arinaga
Gran Canaria, Spain
Payment is required before the festival of 10 Euros for the application
You can send your payment by IBAN: ES10 2038 7246 3560 0009 3012
Please email the receipt with the student's name to:
Contact us if there are any questions.

1-3 de mayo 2020
Las fechas limitas: December 15, 2019
Teatro Cruce de Arinaga
Sede de la Orquesta Sinfonica de Las Palmas
35118 Cruce de Arinaga
Gran Canaria, Spain

Se requiere pago antes del festival de 10 Euros para el inscripción.
Puede enviar su pago por IBAN: ES10 2038 7246 3560 0009 3012
Enviarnos el recebo de pagamento con el nombre de aluno á
Contáctenos si tiene alguna pregunta.
Type of Proposal (Tipo de Propuesta) *
Name (Nombre) *
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Last Name (Apellidos)
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Email *
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Level of Performance (Nivel) *
Title of Proposal (Titulo de Propuesta) *
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Names and instruments of chamber ensemble members (Nombres y instrumentos de los elementos de música da camara)
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Composer (include dates) of piece to be performed (Compositor con los datos) *
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Piece no. 1 (Obra no. 1) *
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Composer (include dates) of 2nd piece to be performed (Compositor con los datos)
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Piece no. 2 (Obra no. 2)
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Composer (include dates) of 3rd piece to be performed (Compositor con los datos)
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Title and movements of 3rd piece to be performed
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Group Biography (maximum of 250 words)/ Biografia del grupo (250 palabras)
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2 May 2020

Fireside Chat with VIP John Bruce Yeh and Hornist David Cooper

Chicago, Illinois

2 - 16 May 2020

Clarinet Connections 2020  - Online Virtual

Would you like to connect with clarinetists worldwide (and learn a lot about clarinet)? Join our virtual clarinet festival, Clarinet Connections 2020, with a stellar lineup of guest artists. There is no charge to join, and everyday for two weeks you can access an amazing workshop on a variety of clarinet topics.


8 May 2020

Senior VIP Andrew Simon (Hong Kong Philharmonic) and Andrew Marriner (Solo Clarinet Emeritus in London Symphony)  Virtual Broadcast


6 May 2020

Clarineat Master Series

Introducing the Clarineat Master Series!

I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to create content for Clarineat, and I'm excited to introduce a new live podcast format where renown musicians engage in a casual conversation. Clarineat fans can not only tune in to experience the conversation live, but will be able to participate in a Q+A that I'll be hosting with both guests at the end.

They say "go big or go home," and so the first conversation will take place between none other than Anthony McGill of the New York Philharmonic, and his former teacher, Richard Hawkins, who is of course a renown educator at the Oberlin Conservatory, fantastic player, and master craftsman.

To watch live, simply follow Clarineat on Facebook and watch for the notification Wednesday, May 6, 2020 (that's tomorrow!) at 1PM PST.

PS: If you can't make the broadcast we'll miss you, but you'll be able to hear it later on the Clarineat Podcast and Clarineat YouTube Channel.

9 - 10 May 2020


Berlin Phil Series - Evenings in Vienna with VIPs Wenzel Fuchs and Andreas Ottensamer

Berlin, Germany

These 2 concerts of the Berlin Phil Series takes us to Vienna. The star guest of the programme is the clarinet as the protagonist in two works created in Vienna: Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet, and Beethoven’s “Gassenhauer Trio”. While Beethoven presents an otherwise rarely-seen good humour in his trio, Mozart’s quintet radiates above all delicate noblesse. Our two Austrian principal clarinettists Wenzel Fuchs and Andreas Ottensamer present the two works with colleagues from the strings section of the orchestra.

More information and Live Stream:

12 May 2020  -  2 PM EST

Buffet Crampon Question/Answer Seminar Webcast Online

15 May 2020

Silverstein Global Clarinet Competition Deadline

We would like to quickly remind everyone that we are now only 15 days away from the final deadline to participate in this year's Silverstein Global Clarinet Contest!

This is the opportunity to showcase your music and talent to a panel of today's most influential clarinetists from around the world.

Head over to to learn more.

13 - 15 May 2020

Koroni Festival

Avetepa and Tetapra, Greece

14 - 21 May 2020

Master Class Online Course with VIP Alessandro Carbonare on Orchestral Audition Preparation

15 - 16 May 2020

Rencontre de Clarinettes

Bois d' Arcy and Versailles, France


16 May 2020

Senior VIPs Andrew Simon and Charles Neidich in Conversation

23 May 2020

Senior VIP Andrew Simon  (Hong Kong Philharmonic) and Nicolas Baldeyrou Virtual Talk

May 2020 - Date to be arranged

International Clarinet Seminar with VIP Yehuda Gilad

Murcia, Spain


26 May 2020 - 8 PM Online

VIP John Bruce Yeh  Master Class


27 - 31 May 2020

Selmer-Paris Summer Clarinet Academy at Michigan State University - VIP Guy Yehuda, Director

East Lansing, Michigan - Virtual

28 May - 1 June 2020

1st International Clarinet Festival

Salvador, Pahia

30 May 2020

Senior VIP Andrew Simon and VIP Ricardo Morales Interview