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WKA Holiday Newsletter 2014 (December)




1 - 6 December 2014




3 - 8 December 2014





6 December 2014


Rome, Italy





8 December 2014 - 6 PM


VIP Gary Gray Master Class at California State University Northridge, VIP Julia Heinen, Host



4th European Clarinet Congress

11 - 13 December 2014

Katowice, Poland




11 - 13 December 2014


Senior VIP Donald Montanaro



December 13 - 17 2014


2014-15 MURCIA (SPAIN)

Murcia, Spain
1st meeting: December 2014, 13th to 17th
2nd meeting: May 2015, 16th to 20th

At the end of the second meeting of the V International Clarinet Seminar, there will be the possibility that Professor Yehuda Gilad will select a talented clarinetist to continue clarinet studies at the University of Southern of California (USC) in Los Angeles during the next courses. It will be the student responsibility to follow the regular admission process that USC establishes for international students. The student might be recipient of a partial scholarship from USC in accordance to the degree that he or she would attend.





















December 17 2014


Angers, France



December 17- 20, 2014


MidWest Band & Orchestra Clinic




Chicago, Illinois

The 68th Annual Conference - December 17-20, 2014

What began as 120 music directors meeting for six hours in a Chicago YWCA gym has now become the annual four-day music band and orchestra conference known as The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference. For the past 67 years, musicians, educators and people passionate about music education of all skill levels have gathered in Chicago for the largest music conference of its kind.

The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference offers guests interested in music education an array of clinics and exhibits, as well as access to music and teaching icons. The conference will also focus on industry trends and future topics in business and music education. With more than 17,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 30 countries, The Midwest Clinic offers music educators and musicians alike an unmatched networking opportunity.

20 December 2014





29 December 2014


Valencia, Spain




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