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September 2012 Hot News

23 September 2012

Chamber Music Concert at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania celebrating the 20th year of Performances of members of the New York Philharmonic, and honoring William Kuyper, Hornist for his untiring support to maintain the series. Senior VIP and legend Solo Clarinetist Emeritus of the Philharmonic Stanley Drucker, and Distinguished Professor of Piano and Director Robert Miller with the ensemble performed Mozart, and Dohnanyi. Event held 23 September 2012

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA

               Marking the 20th year in the Clark Chamber Music Series at this University, members of the New York Philharmonic performed a varied program with Distinguished Piano Professor Robert Miller, Director of this series, and William Kuyper, retired French Hornist with the NY Phil, along with other colleagues and noteworthy Stanley Drucker.  This concert featured Johan Wenzel Stich Horn Quartet with Strings, the Kagelstadt Trio K498, and the Dohnanyi Sextet for winds and Strings and Piano, all brilliantly performed.  This concert honored Mr Kuyper for his achievement in making this annual appearance of these great players possible and duly recognized for this.  Of interest, this University is the only one in the Pennsylvania University system to have had a world-class annual appearance like this.  The excitement of this performance can be intangibly felt by the galleries posted above where near legends are before you.  Credit is certainly due to Dr Miller who organized these concerts and programmed this concert.


18 September 2012

Formal Introduction in New York of the Rico Reserve Vintage Clarinet Mouthpiece with Technical Video Presentation and Performance with VIP Mark Nuccio (Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic) and VIP Richie Hawley (Former Solo Clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony and Professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas)

New York City USA

              The Formal artist introduction of Rico's new coveted Reserve Mouthpiece took place at 632 Hudson St in Manhattan at a fashionable chamber music venue with a fine upstairs reception, where Professionals and Artist Teachers from all over the USA participated and heard great music and social meeting with colleagues.  The program was interesting in that a presentation was viewed describing the entire Vintage history of mouthpieces from the early years with influences of Daniel Bonade and Ralph McLain in Philadelphia, and the movement to re-create the qualities using the most advanced computer assets from the retooling the hard rubber process to microtechnology in the boring dimensions and the facings.  It is said that the accuracy of product production is rather revolutionary, and the design team included Lee Livingood of the Utah Symphony, Mark Nuccio of the New York Philharmonic, and Richie Hawley, former Solo Clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony and now Professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas. A major purpose of this showing was to make available an affordable, high quality consistent mouthpiece suitable from student to professional, and the track record so far supports their ideals. 

              As part of the event, Richie Hawley performed the Debussy Rhapsody, and Mark Nuccio played the Gershwin 3 Preludes, both brief pieces, but well tailored for this event.  Both artists performed on the new mouthpiece.  Honors were noted for Carlos Will Mejia, who was responsible for the successful technical  design of this mouthpiece. 

              Dignitaries from the Industry included President James D'Addario, the firm over Rico, Buffet Group USA Vice President Francois Kloc, and scores of high profile performers from many Professional Orchestras in the USA. Robert Polen, Rico manager, was one of the hosts and was a major part in this evening's festivities.


10 - 14 September 2012

2nd Clariperu Latin American Clarinet Congress held at the University Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru 10 - 14 September 2012, Marco Antonio Mazzini, Artistic Director

Lima, Peru

Summary Information coming soon

11 September 2012

Wenzel Fuchs, Solo Clarinetist in the Berliner Philharmoniker - Master Class Tuesday 11th of September 3 pm - 9 pm at Chamber Music Hall at the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki, Finland and Performance of the Weber Clarinet Quintet Op 34 with Orchestra

Helsinki, Finland

Summary Information coming soon



6 September 2012

Vanguel Tangarov appointed as Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Texas State University

Austin, Texas USA

Vanguel Tangarov, assistant professor with the School of Music, was born in Bulgaria and traveled across Europe with the Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra.

                    Vanguel Tangarov, a new assistant professor in the school of music,was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where he originally began lessons as a pianist. After some consideration and prompting by his instructor, Tangarov switched to clarinet.

                  “I wanted to play piano for a club band, but (there are not many) opportunities for a piano player,” Tangarov said. “My teacher referred me to Dimitar Boyanov, a clarinet teacher. Dimitar saw more in me than I (saw in myself) at the time, and I found that I liked it better. You can play jazz, pop, classical and almost anything.”

                   Tangarov continued his education in Bulgaria and became principal clarinet, equivalent to first chair, for the Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra. Tangarov traveled all over Europe with the orchestra and enjoyed experiencing different cultures during the tours. However, after several years, he decided he needed a change.

                   “A conductor from Monterrey heard about me and offered to show me Mexico,” Tangarov said. “I was then offered to teach clarinet at Superior School of Music and Dance. Monterrey is a fantastic place, so I brought my family with me to teach there.”

                    Tangarov and his family spent a few years there, while his wife taught piano at the school. As conditions changed in Mexico, he followed the advice of a friend and applied for a green card to the United States.

                    He worked as an instrument repairman in McAllen before moving to Austin. “I didn’t have any job, but I fell in love with the Central Texas area,” Tangarov said. “Soon, I sent (my) résumé to some band directors, and 20 days after moving, there was (a) position open in the Austin Lyric Opera. It was (a) big accomplishment and honor for me.”

                   There he met Genaro Gonzalez, principal percussionist for the opera and professor at Texas State.
“I really admired his tone and musicianship, especially the solos he did here and there,” Gonzalez said.

                   Tangarov went on to teach at various schools and universities, and was principal clarinet for the Mid-Texas Symphony and Victoria Symphony orchestras. Eventually he heard of an open position at Texas State, and got the job.

                   Along with his regular duties as an assistant professor, Tangarov plans to create two clarinet-only choirs. He said the Texas State Clarinet Choir would be open to all students to explore new repertoires to make a stronger clarinet section. The other choir he is developing will focus on helping younger clarinet players in surrounding schools.

                   “I am going to start inviting top players from high schools in the area to my Texas State Honors Choir,” Tangarov said. “This area needs something like that. No other college has a choir like this. I am hoping it will motivate them to continue playing and come to Texas State.”

                   Tangarov isn’t sure where his journey will take him next, but said he’s grateful for all the places he’s been.  “You can not plan what will happen—it all happened because this was my life. When I think of all that happened, I start to appreciate what I have,” Tangarov said. “Now I’m here and so happy to be part of this team.”


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