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Hot News September 2011

25 September 2011

New York Philharmonic Chamber Concert with Winds and Piano at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA

          In its 19th season, this special Carter Chamber Music series features key principal and artist musicians, past and present from the New York Philharmonic performing composite quality ensemble music with Director and Piano Professor Emeritus Robert Miller, a superb pianist and chamber artist in his own right.  The programs and photo galleries above attest to the brilliance of the performances and not much can be said as intangibles are difficult to explain.  Over 50 years of collective artistic experience showcase the individual players especially legend Clarinetist Stanley Drucker who at age 82 is still as unique as a younger player in his prime.  He the following week 1 - 2 October is soloist performing the Copland Concerto (the same work he retired with as soloist 2 years ago with the Philharmonic) and still active and astounding everyone who hears him.  Music performed here included Wind Quintet works by Milhaud, Ferrenc, and Poulenc, programs above to view.  This is an annual event and next year will be the 20th year of this great series, and hopefully will indefinetly continue.

22 - 23 September 2011

Ted Lane, Solo Clarinetist in Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional del Salvador Soloist in Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto Op 74

Quito, Equador

              A special Premiere Solo performance with Ted Lane, an Artist VIP and Solo Clarinetist with this Orchestra in Equador, the only American principal in this ensemble, took place with this showcase Concerto certainly demonstrating virtuosity by this great soloist, and former Juilliard student of Stanley Drucker.  The gallery program above shows all program and credentials, although in Spanish.  Information about Mr Lane contained on his VIP Page on his name which includes his American Sinfonietta site as well.

September 17, 2011

Troy University Clarinet Half-Day Hosted by Dr. Timothy Phillips

 Troy, Alabama USA

 by Julia Georges

            The Troy University Clarinet Half-Day took place September 17, 2011 and was a great success in the small southeastern Alabama town of Troy. Thirty-five students from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia gathered to learn and discuss clarinet fundamentals, performance practices, and equipment.

           Dr. Julia Heinen, professor of clarinet at California State University Northridge, and Peter Wright, principal clarinetist for the Jacksonville Symphony, were the guest artists of the day. Dr. Julia Heinen presented a master class on fundamentals and importance of practicing. She reminded students that you are never too good to think about the basics of playing. She reviewed basic clarinet elements including embouchure, breath support, hand position, and tonguing. She also emphasized that all great professional clarinetists, including her, still practice fundamentals everyday.

           Peter Wright discussed stage fright and how to be rid of nerves while performing. His trick is to displace one emotion with another – for example, displace your nervousness with eagerness to play. He also gave an in depth look at his life as long time orchestral musician for over thirty-five years.

          Dr. Timothy Phillips presented an enlightening lecture on the importance of clarinet equipment. He talked about how to pick and care for quality reeds. He also emphasized investing in a good mouthpiece in order to reach the full potential of your own individual sound.

          The highlight of the day was a performance featuring Dr. Julia Heinen, Peter Wright, and guest accompanist, Maila Springfield. The dynamic duo joined forces with Troy University faculty, Dr. Timothy Phillips and Julia Georges, as well as Dr. Katrina Phillips of Alabama State University, for an awesome rendition of Scott McAllister’s Devil Sticks for clarinet quintet. The entire event was a positive learning experience. Everybody left inspired and encouraged to practice.  

         Julia Georges teaches clarinet at Troy University and is a lecturer of music at Samford University.


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