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 September 2009 Hot News

25 September 2009

First performance in modern times of the TERZETTO for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Orchestra of the Italian composer of the second half of 19th century Polibio Fumagalli

Milano, Italy

         A rarely heard work was performed here in Milan with "Great Romantic Orchestra",  with no conductor ! under Concertmeister Enrico Groppo at the Big Hall of the Milan Conservatory with Soloists Flutist  Flavio Alziati, Oboist Luca Avanzi, and clarinetist Luigi Magistrelli, who is a champion of discovering little known works. 

19 September 2009

Iowa State University Clarinet Day, Gregory Oakes, Director 

Ames, Iowa USA

           The 2009 Iowa Clarinet Day took place at Iowa State University, hosted by clarinet professor Gregory Oakes. The headlining guest artist was Daniel Gilbert, clarinet professor at the University of Michigan and former member of the Cleveland Orchestra. In addition, there were several other guest artists in attendance: Mary Evelyn Clark (former principal clarinet, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra), Cynthia Doggett (clarinet professor, Central College), Amanda McCandless (clarinet professor, University of Northern Iowa), Clarence Padilla (clarinet professor, Drake University), Daniel Sheridan (clarinet professor, Winona State University), and Rose Sperrazza (clarinet professor, Northeastern Illinois University). The sponsors for the Iowa Clarinet Day were Buffet-Crampon and Vandoren.

         The day opened with a masterclass from Daniel Gilbert in which he talked about his career and the paths that students can take in their professional lives. Cynthia Doggett and Clarence Padilla presented a masterclass to the high school students on auditioning for all-state. Then the guest artists collectively presented a Potpourri Recital highlighting each performer individually. After lunch, four different students performed for Mr. Gilbert in a masterclass. Clare Cullen from Drake performed Messager's "Solo de Concours," high school student Calla Olson played Gaubert's "Fantasy for clarinet and piano," Ryan Baker from Iowa State University played the Saint-SaŽns "Sonata," and Drake's Micah Wright performed the Nielsen "Concerto." Joe Messenger, Professor Emeritus from Iowa State, presented a session on instrument repair, and Gregory Oakes then conducted the festival participants in a large clarinet choir. In the evening, Daniel Gilbert paired with pianist Donna Lee (piano professor at Kent State and Mr. Gilbert's wife) for an excellent final performance. Mr. Gilbert's program ranged from Bach to Libby Larsen with stops on the way for Debussy, Brahms, and Cahuzac. Mr. Gilbert played with beautiful clarity and panache, and Dr. Lee performed admirably through some of the most notorious piano parts in the clarinet repertoire. The final concert was indeed memorable and a wonderful cap to an exciting day of clarinet.

      Look for next year's Iowa Clarinet Day, which will be hosted at the University of Northern Iowa. For more information, check out



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