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October 2018 Hot News




16 October 2018


VIP Nathan Williams and Master Class at the Buffet Crampon New York Showroom


New York City USA



14 - 15 October 2018


VIP Wenzel Fuchs performs Two Brahms Chamber Concerts at Paris Theatro Champs-Elysees 


Paris, France




14 October 2018


VIP Denise Gainey Lectures and Recital at the University of British Columbia


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



13 - 14 October 2018


Boston Clarinet Academy with VIP Philippe Cuper - VIP Jonathan Cohler, Director


Cambridge, Massachusetts USA



13 October 2018


VIP Paval Vinnitsky - Acclaimed Soloist and member of the New York Philharmonic, performs Copland Clarinet Concerto with the Stamford (Connecticut) Symphony -


Stamford, Connecticut USA







11 October 2018


VIP Philippe Cuper (Solo Clarinetist in the Paris Opera Orchestra and Renowned International Soloist - Recital and Master Class at the Buffet Crampon New York Showroom

New York City USA







7 October 2018

Chicago Pro Musica Concert with VIP John Bruce Yeh


Lockport, Illinois


5 - 7 Oktober 2018 


11th Klarinette Symposium with the Deutsche Klarinetten Gesellschaft

Dusseldorf, Germany






6 October 2018


Senior VIP Richard Nunemaker (BS 64) Performs World Premiere of Arthur Gottschalk 'Hacksaw' for Bass Clarinet and Wind Ensemble with the Fredonia Wind Ensemble - Paula Holcomb, Conductor


Fredonia, New York USA


                   A special program was performed with fellow alumnus Dick Nunemaker from my student days there in 1963, marking 55 years having started there and graduating in 68.  I was the 1st to play in that Wind Ensemble in the freshman year and play for another 3 years, graduating in 68,  50 years ago.   Dick contnued and played for 40 years in the Houston Symphony, a great pro history.  Fredonia is a soft spot in our hearts for the great school it has evolved into, and with a Tuition Free factor should be very attractive for NY State resident students whose parents earn less than $120,000 annually.  A great alternative to $30,000 a year tuition for college elsewhere.  As seen in the galleries, note the high standard facilities which are world class.  Mike Getzin - Below is a summary by Senior VIP Nunemaker: 


                  Just finished up a great week at SUNY Fredonia premiering Arthur Gottschalk's Hacksaw for solo bass clarinet and concert band with the SUNY Fredonia Wind Ensemble, Paula Holcomb, conductor. The band did a great job. Holcomb was the great Maestro needed and Gottschalk was the hero. It was a thrill for me after 54 years to be back on campus performing with the band. To help explain the title here are the composer's notes.

                "Hacksaw was commissioned by woodwind virtuoso and bass
clarinet specialist Richard Nunemaker, and written for the State University of New York at Fredonia Wind Ensemble, directed by Dr. Paula Holcomb. When asked about the title Mr. Nunemaker was reminded of the fact that although one can tune a bass clarinet but not a hacksaw, both are equally effective at ripping through a chain link fence when placed in the hands of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

                On a more technical note, perhaps, Hacksaw is a work in one movement, designed to showcase the rich variety of colors and exceedingly wide range of the modern bass clarinet. To accomplish this, it enlists the aid of not one, but two stellar timpanists, wielding three drums each, one at each end of the stage, frame-working the soloist. It also requires outstanding musical forces to fill all this out, thus providing a pyrotechnic display of sonic bravado".

Go to:

for a video of the concert.



4 October 2018


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen and the Fidelio Wind Octet Concert


Aukland, New Zealand










1 - 6 October 2018


Thailand International Clarinet Academy


Bangkok, Thailand









1 October 2018


Yamaha Artists Clarinet Day


Paris, France


                  1st October 2018 Cortot Hall in Paris took place the Yamaha concert dedicated to clarinets. A Well-defined and well-supplied program with beautiful artists. And between each piece of Gabriel yared's little duets interpreted by Jérôme Voisin and Manuel Metzger.

- Prokofiev: opening on Jewish themes (Jerome neighbor, CL)
- Weber: Quintet, 3 Grinding (Robert Bianciotto, CL)
- Carter: CANONIC SUITE FOR 4 Clare. (neighbor, Metzger, bianciotto, mussotte)
- Rezsö Kokai : Quartettino (Thierry Mussotte)

- Baermann: Adagio And 3th mvt of the quintet. (Claude Faucomprez, CL)
- Fauré: Trio op. 120 (Manual Metzger, CL)
- (not scheduled for the program, violinist d. Harutyunyan and pianist n. Mallarte played the bohemian of aznavour...)
- Istvan Kohan: Konzertstück at the feidman for 2 Clare. And Piano (R. Bianciotto and th. Mussotte). Edited in Japan.