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February 2019 Hot News





24 February 2019

VIP and Solo Klarinettist in the Berliner Philharmoniker Wenzel Fuchs -  Recital at the Robert Schumann Saal

Duesseldorf, Germany



23 February 2019

Wa Concert Series presents Old is New: Historical Instruments with Cynthia Roberts in Review

Charles Neidich, artistic director, clarinet; Ayako Oshima, clarinet; Cynthia Roberts, violin; William Purvis, French horn; Chloe Fedor, violin; Edson Sheid, viola; Madeline Bouissou, cello





Tenri Cultural Institute

New York City USA

                   New York’s intimate and impeccable Wa Concert Series continued its standard of excellence, while opening ears and hearts with a beautiful program of historically informed performances helmed by the veteran violinist Cynthia Roberts. All the musicians speak the grammar of the Classical (or Baroque) period perfectly, yet they never sound like they are giving you a dry lesson on the music. Each piece is lived anew, hence the “new.” Phrasing, articulation, transparency of sonority, sensitivity to harmonic change and chord weight, and flexibility: all were delectable.

               The evening opened with the Overture in D Major for two clarinets and French horn, HWV 424, one of the earliest uses of the clarinet, by G.F. Handel, no less. Apparently he knew an itinerant clarinetist in England, one Mr. Charles. This should give lie to those who maintain that Mozart’s re-orchestration of Messiah, with added clarinets, is a blasphemy. In this generally open-spirited Overture (not the prelude to something else, nor the double-dotted grandeur of the French overture), the sequence of movements was pleasant, with beautifully traded-off lines among the three players: Charles Neidich, his talented wife (and every concert’s dinner chef) Ayako Oshima, and natural-horn player William Purvis. The softness of the sonorities made this occasional music convincing, and Mr. Purvis formed every single note with his lips and/or his hand in the bell of the horn, a frightening proposition (just try it). One could imagine open fields and non-threatening military type calls.

              Then came a curiosity, a quartet for clarinet and string trio by the Finnish-born clarinet virtuoso, Bernhard Crusell (1775-1838), an early proponent of Mozart’s music in Scandinavia. Unless you were at this concert, or are a clarinet student or fanatic, you have probably never heard a note of Crusell, which is a shame, for his work abounds in proportional elegance, abundant opportunity for display, and once in a while some startling or mysterious chromaticism, and at times it sounds a “bit” Mozartean. The four movement work was given agile life, especially in the alert communication skills of the three strings: Cynthia Roberts, Edson Scheid, and Madeleine Bouissou. As for Maestro Neidich, I run out of superlatives: he extracts every bit of shifting color from his instrument, always truly singing, even during the most fiendishly show-offy passagework.

            After intermission came the sublime Mozart Clarinet Quintet, K. 581, a late work whose profundity always astonishes. Mr. Neidich here played the (strange-looking) clarinet that was intended, and used by Stadler, Mozart’s close friend and inveterate money-“borrower.” This large clarinet has a bell that faces inward, at a right angle to the body, and its range is enormous, especially in the deep low register: the octave transpositions that modern clarinet players deface the score with are unnecessary with it. One realizes how perilous these instruments can be, there was a false start just at the very beginning, but it didn’t phase anyone. With the addition to the previous string trio of Chloe Fedor on second violin, the quartet of strings was perfectly in sync, and the balances were utterly refreshing: one was allowed to hear the collegiality of the work, rather than a “diva” statement from either clarinet or first violin, especially with the pleasure these players took in producing the magical aura this piece creates, a radiant smile from Mr. Scheid across the ensemble to Ms. Roberts, for example. Cellist Madeleine Bouissou’s total involvement with the inner life of the lowest voice was a consistent pleasure. The work is in A major, but it is the shifts to minor mode that stab the listener in the heart.

           The players offered a true encore: a repeat of the Larghetto (second movement) of the Mozart, which was even more ravishing and intimate the second time.



 23 February 2019

VIP Marie Ross, authority on Early Clarinets and their development through over 2 Centuries and Professor at Auckland University in New Zealand, holds a major Class showing and demonstrating each; collaborated with VIPs Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima at the Juilliard School 

New York City USA


                       With Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima after my historical clarinet masterclass at Juilliard! I spent over 3 hours working with their students including those who also came over from Mannes and the Manhattan School of Music, and were all so enthusiastic about historical performance. Big thank you to the Neidichs for inviting me!




21 - 23 February 2019

VIP Ricardo Morales Soloist performs Weber's 2nd Clarinet Concerto Op 74 with the Philadelphia Orchestra

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Philadephia Orchestra Musician's Minute with Ricardo Morales approaching Weber Concerto event
Ricardo Morales on importance of development as a musician and player



20 - 22 February 2019

Verancio Ruis Clarinet Course


                     At the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Santiago de Compostela. With Venancio Rius, Saúl Canosa Insua, Paula Bereijo and Buffet Crampon Wind Instruments-Buffet Crampon España & Portugal.



15 February 2019

Jose Franch-Ballister Performs Corigliano Clarinet Concerto with the Orquesta Sinfonica in Murcia

Murcia, Spain






 14 - 15 February 2019

Yale Clarinet Class Performances at Yale University and at Weill Recital hall at Carnegie Hall - Senior VIP David Shifrin, Director

New Haven, Connecticut and New York City USA




 10 - 15 February 2019

VIP Radovan Cavallin Master Classes

Canary Islands, Spain



14 February 2019


Master Class with Calogero Palermo, principal clarinet Concertgebouw Orchestra - VIP Pascual Martinez-Forteza (New York Philharmonic), Host at the Manhattan School of Music - Orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall in the same evening


New York City USA







14 February 2019


VIP Robert DiLutis Master Class at the University of Michigan - VIP Chad Burrow, Host


Ann Arbor, Michigan USA











9 - 13 February 2019

Mozgovenko Clarinet Competition

Moscow, Russia


President of the Competition Jury - VIP Philippe Cuper

Competition Prize Winners

1st Prize unanimously : Lev ZURAVSKY , 18 years old, from Russia (St.Petersburg state Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory)

 2nd Prize: Aleksandr UDALOV, 22 years old, from Russia (Moscow Gnessins Academy of Music) 

No 3rd Prize

Rokas Makštutis 1st Winner in the Junior Division

                        First International Clarinet competition “Happy Birthday, Maestro!” dedicated to the 95th Birthday Anniversary of Professor, People’s Artist of Russian Federation Ivan Mozgovenko.

                       I international competition-festival of clarinetists " Happy birthday, Maestro!" organized and conducted By the state budget professional educational institution of Moscow "Moscow secondary special music school (College) named after the Gnesins" And the state budget institution of additional education of Moscow "Children's music school named after N. Alexandrova", subordinated to the Department of culture of the city of Moscow.

                       The competition is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, The Department of culture of the city of Moscow, the state budget institution of additional professional education (advanced training) of the city of Moscow "Directorate of educational programs in the field of culture and art", the Federal state budget educational institution of higher education " Russian Academy of music Gnesin", State budgetary vocational educational institution of Moscow city "the Moscow secondary special music school (College) Gnesin", State budget institution of additional education of the city of Moscow "Children's music school named after A. N. Alexandrov", State budget institution of additional vocational training (improvement of professional skill) for the city of Moscow "Children's school of arts named after M. A. Balakirev", the Regional children public organization promoting social and cultural development of the personality "Balakirev".

                     The competition is carried out within the framework of the project of personal initiatives of Professor of fgbou RAM. Gnesin, people's artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Panteleevich Mozgovenko.

                     The main principles of the competition are: openness, transparency of evaluation criteria, collegiality of decision-making, equality of conditions for all participants.

                    Competitive activities are supported by:

                    All-Russian wind society named by Valery Khalilov

                    Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation;

                    Interregional charitable public Fund "New names" named after I. N. Voronova with the assistance of the President of the Foundation, people's artist of Russia, pianist Denis Matsuev;

                    State academic chamber orchestra of Russia under the direction of Alexei Utkin.


                      The Competition winners may be awarded the title of the Grand-Prix, 1st prize-, 2nd prize -, 3rd prize-winner and a diploma winner on February 13, 2019. Finalist’s teachers and the best accompanists will also be awarded with Diplomas. All the Diplomas will be sent to the contestants by e-mail before February 26, 2019. All the Prize winners will have the opportunity to take part in the Final Concert on February 13, 2019.

Adult Group:

Junior Group (Children's Music Schools and Schools of Art):

Junior Group (Special Schools of Music and Music Colleges) :

Interregional charitable public Fund "New names" named After I. N. Voronova presents the winners of one scholarship and one ticket to the international Summer creative school "New names" in Suzdal.





9 - 10 February 2019

Texas State University Clarinet Fiesta at Texas State University - Vanguel Tangarov, Director

San Marcos, Texas USA



                     Throughout Saturday February 9, 2019, the fourth Clarinet Fiesta took place at the School of Music at Texas State University.


                    The Clarinet Fiesta started off in the lobby with a clarinet exhibition showcasing all of the Buffet Crampon line of clarinets.


                   Then there was a Reeds Selection and Care lecture given by clarinetist Richard MacDowell. The lecture showed Clarinet Fiesta participants the importance of taking care of their reeds and making sure to have the proper items to adjust and enhance their reeds to their liking.


                  Later on, Principal Clarinet of Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Gregory Raden gave a master class where he helped four students refine the solo of their choice. Solo included Debussy Premiere Rhapsody, Bassi, Rigoletto, and Mozart Concerto Expo, Orchestral Excerpts.


                 After the Raden Masterclass, Richard MacDowell held a masterclass of his own where he helped three students improve their solos as well.


                 Then the participants continued the clarient fiesta and made their way to their clarinet rehearsal with guest conductor Mitchell Estrin. The participants were joined by the guest artist which included, Richard MacDowell, Gregory Raden and Dr. Vanguel Tangarov.


                 The Clarinet Fiesta participants were able to enjoy the Legendary Count Basie Orchestra, who performed at Evans Auditorium at 7pm.


                 On Sunday, February 10, 2019, the Clarinet Fiesta participants performed at the Performing Arts Center at noon. The concert started off with the Texas State Clarinet Choir directed by Dr. Vanguel Tangarov, performing Claribel by Roland Cardon and Matt Johnston’s arrangement of Paul Dukas’ The Sorcerer's Apprentice.The Texas State Choir was then joined by the rest of the Clarinet Fiesta participants and the guest artists.

Then they performed the Osterling’s arr. of the Clarinet Polka, English Folk Song Suite by R. Williams, March Militaire Francaise by C. Saint-Saëns and Klezmer arr. of Odessa Bulgar.


               After the performance, the Clarinet Fiesta participants waited for the grand reveal of the winner of the Buffet Crampon Tradition Clarinet. But before the announcement was made, Dr. Tangarov gave thanks to the supporters of the 2019 Clarinet Fiesta. The main sponsors were, Buffet Crampon, Vandoren, Texas State University School of Music and College of Fine Arts and Communication. Dr. Tangarov gave a special thanks to the supporters and collaborators which included, Lohff & Pfeiffer Woodwinds, Visit San Marcos, and last but not least, Dr. Tangarov gave special thanks to his wife and children for supporting and helping him with the Fiesta.  Then Mitchell Estrin was given the honor of picking out the name of the winner of the brand new clarinet. Kristen Hutchins was the winner of the brand new Buffet Crampon Tradition Clarinet.


             The Texas State Clarinet Choir is looking forward to see you at the next Clarinet Fiesta in February of 2020.








  4 - 9 February 2019


ClariPeru Clarinet Congress - Marco Antonio Mazzini, Director


Lima, Peru









 7 February 2019


Republican Guard String Orchestra Concerto Concert performing Stamitz, Copland, Debussy, Phillip Glass - Sébastien Billiards, Conductor- soloists Pierre Génisson, clarinet and Joe Christophe - Cathédrale de Saint-Louis-des-Invalides


Paris, France











7 February 2019


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen performs Mozart and Brahms Clarinet Quintets at the Maltz Silver Concert Series


Cleveland, Ohio USA







6 February 2019


VIP Suenghee Lee Master Class at Troy University - VIP Timothy Phillips, Host


Troy, Alabama USA










4 February 2019


Legend Senior VIP Stanley Drucker marks his 90th Birthday and his 10th Anniversary Retired from the New York Philharmonic


Massapequa, Long Island , New York USA


                      A  huge milestone celebrating the bigger than life event - 90th Birthday of Stanley Drucker, the wunderkind Clarinetist with a performing history unmatched in length of professional playing and his record setting tenure with the New York Philharmonic, and still performing and teaching master classes, a major coup in the profession of Clarinet playing.   His VIP Page covers his career along with video clips of interviews before and after his NY Phil retirement for everyone to see and absorb.  It would be redundant to rehash his history when all is in plain view on his two pages. 


                    What should be noted for those aspiring to play and achieve, he should serve as an ultimate model in concepts and practice to achieve a level and grow in developing the musical communication aspect besides the technical skills all should strive for.  Studying with a teacher is important, but learning what music is really about by listening and seeing the whole picture like a conductor does to make sense of it is even more important; it's not about just clarinet playing, but music making.


Commentary Video with the Central New Jersey Youth Orchestra 


Special Interview with Dr Drucker and Clarineat with Sean Perrin on his Birthday




 3 February 2019


VIP John Bruce Yeh Soloist with the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble - VIP Rose Sperrazza, Director 


Riverside, Illinois USA

Video of the Weber Concertino performed by John Bruce Yeh


                       A special concert by this elite ensemble featuring Chicago Symphony Associate Solo Clarinetist and VIP John Bruce Yeh at this venue with the following program:


Three Pieces by Igor Stravinsky

Concertino in Eb Major by Carl Maria  von Weber

Molly on the Shore by Percy Grainger

English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Irish Tune from County Derry by Percy Grainger

Panis Angelicus by Caesar Franck (vocalist, Kathy Cowan)

Animal Antics 1 and 2 by Lori Ardivino