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Clarinet Recording CD Releases and Archives


                   This new innovative Resource Page of past and new recordings by established and up and coming artists is intended to inform the Clarinetist of recordings that can be a beneficial resource for their enjoyment, inspiration, and study, especially those working for a music career in Solo and Orchestral playing.  Many of these recordings have been available for years and many are staples of the performers involved.  Many artists, including those on the WKA Recognitions Pages, have discographies that can be accessed from their own websites.   The below listings are only a fraction of what is available, and will be updated frequently.  Suggestions for inclusion is welcomed and encouraged.  It is recommended that all  pursue purchase online as the prices for these recordings are bargain in many cases, especially multiple CD sets.  For students interested in Orchestral performance, it is encouraged to purchase Symphony sets so they can carefully listen to how the great players perform the Orchestra parts, rather than one rote learning how the excerpts should sound.

                  Unlike the practice of reviewing recordings as they become available, one should take note that reviews are opinions about the perceived quality of the performances and artists which is not objective but subjective and possibly biased.  The listener should be the evaluator and for that reason no opinions are written here.   WKA Artist VIP's have Discographies posted with their names so their recordings can be seen.  ArchiveMusic makes it possible online to order anything posted.  Check The WKA Recognitions Pages for more information.

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