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Vidal and Guy Deplus

Ms Corrie, Paris Concours winner and Mr Vidal

Dominick Vidal

Solo Clarinet in the Paris Opera Orchestra, Major International Soloist

Joszef Balogh in Recital in Japan

Klezmer concert

Balogh, Larry Combs, Mike Getzin and Student

Joszef Balogh

Acclaimed Hungarian Soloist in Klezmer and Tarriaga Folk Music from Budapest

Jonathan Cohler and Mike Getzin

Jonathan Cohler -   Discography

Major Clarinet Soloist and Chamber Music Artist, Professor at the Boston Conservatory, Longy School of Music at Harvard University, and the New England Conservatory;  Director of the International Woodwind Festival (IWWF)

Michael Norsworthy

Acclaimed clarinet soloist, chamber musician and leading player of Contemporary music; Professor at The Boston Conservatory.

David Campbell and Jean-Francoise Bescond

Guy Deplus and Mr Campbell in Stockholm

David Campbell -  Discography

Acclaimed Clarinet Soloist and Chamber Music Artist, London UK

Leslie Craven -  Discography

Acclaimed Soloist and Solo Clarinetist in the Orchestra of Welsh National Opera

Roger Salander -  Discography

Solo Clarinet in the Vienna Opera, Major Chamber Music Artist and Professor at the Vienna Conservatory

Jean Johnson performs Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto at New Year' 2005 in Wuhan, China-

Jean Johnson

Soloist and Former Principal Clarinet in Singapore Symphony

Hoffmeister Double Concerto with Luigi and Laura Magistrelli

Chamber performance with Karl Leister and Magistrelli

Magistrelli and Luis Rossi, Clarinet maker

Luigi Magistrelli -  Discography

International Soloist and Chamber Music Artist, Professor of Clarinete at Milan Conservatory, authority on Early Clarinets

Eva Wasserman-Margolis  -  Discography

Internationally recognized soloist and pedagogue, specializing in Tone Production;   Author of TIME for TONE and the composition The Generation Of Hope.

Mr Hasty and Mike Getzin

Stanley Hasty  -  Discography

Professor Emeritus Eastman School of Music, Former Solo Clarinetist in Rochester Philharmonic, Legend Teacher to the most Successful Clarinetists in the United States

Eastman student and Ken Grant

Kenneth Grant  -  Discography

Solo Clarinetist in Rochester Philharmonic;  Professor at Eastman School of Music

Robert DiLutis

2nd, Eb Clarinetist in Rochester Philharmonic, Faculty at Eastman School of Music, and Inventor of the Reed Machine and other Tools for Reed making and adjustment

Patti Dilutis and beginning student

Embouchure coaching with young student

Poulenc Sonata for 2 Clarinets with Robert Dilutis at Eastman

Patricia DiLutis

2nd and Eb Clarinetist in Buffalo Philharmonic

Fred Ormand -  Discography

Clarinet Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

Verdehr amongst former students

Student reunion with Verdehr

Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr  -  Discography

Distinguished Professor of Music, Michigan State University and Major Proponent of New Music with the Verdehr Trio

Dr Hartig with Colleagues at Midwest Clinic

Caroline Hartig  -  Discography

Acclaimed Soloist and Professor of Clarinet,  Michigan State University

Kevin Schempf and Eli Eban

Kevin Schempf

Professor of Clarinet,  Bowling Green State University (Ohio)

Diane Barger

Diane Barger

Acclaimed Soloist;  Professor of Clarinet - University of Nebraska

Kimberley Cole Luevano

Kimberley Cole Luevano  -  Discography

Professor at East Michigan State University

Kristine Belisle

Solo Clarinetist in Akron Symphony (Ohio); Professor of Clarinet at the University of Akron

Stephanie Zelnick

Professor at Kansas State University

Elizabeth Gunlogson

Professor at University of New Hampshire

Mary Alice Druhan

Professor of Clarinet at Texas A & M University at Commerce

Maureen Hurd

Professor of Clarinet and Woodwind Chair - Rutgers University

Marguerite Levin

Professor of Clarinet; Towson University (Maryland)

Nathan Williams  -  Discography

Acclaimed Soloist;  Faculty at University of Texas at Austin

Luan Mueller and USMA Band retired Clarinetist

Luan Mueller

Luan Mueller

Founder and First President, Atlanta Clarinet Association;  Professor of Clarinet, University of West Georgia

Raphael Sanders

Acclaimed Soloist and Clinician; Professor of Clarinet at State University of New York at Potsdam

Francois Kloc and Dr Kirk

Julianne Kirk

Professor of Clarinet at State University of New York at Potsdam

Deborah Andrus

Artist Lecturer of Clarinet at Moravian College, Susquhanna University, and Lehigh University, member of the Allentown Symphony, member of the SATORI Ensemble, the Southeastern Trio and the East Winds Quintet

Michael Drapkin

Renowned Bass Clarinetist,  Director of Brevard Entrepeneur Workshops

Dr Rischin and Deborah Bish

Rebecca Rischin

Professor of Clarinet, Ohio University

Dr Gainey and Charles Neidich

Denise Gainey

Professor of Clarinet;  University of Alabama in Birmingham

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