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February 2016 Newsletter


5 February 2016



Senior VIP Franklin Cohen (Solo Clarinetist Emeritus in the Cleveland Orchestra) Master Class at The San Francisco Conservatory


San Francisco, California


Legendary clarinetist Franklin Cohen will present a master class at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on Friday, February 5th 7:30-9:00pm in the Sol Joseph... Recital Hall - 50 Oak Street, San Francisco. Bay Area clarinetists and wind players I hope to see you there! For more information, please click the following link:  Recital Hall - 50 Oak Street, San Francisco. Bay Area clarinetists and wind players I hope to see you there!  For more information, please click the following link:




6 - 7 February 2016


Texas State University Clarinet Fiesta


San Marcos, Texas




6 February 2016


Clarinet Colloquium (Mini) - VIP Mary Alice Druhan, Director


Commerce, Texas



Corrado Giuffredi - Guest Artist

TAMU-Commerce, Music Department




Master class 10:30 am
Finney Concert Hall
College students from Baylor, UNT, and SFA will perform in master class.


Lunch Noon - Luigi's Italian Bistro. Everyone is invited (but you will need to pay for yourself).


Artist Recital 2:00 pm
Finney Concert Hall

Backun Musical Services Artist Recital


Backun Equipment Trials (following recital) - Band Rehearsal Hall


Master class TAMUC 4:30 - Finney Concert Hall; College students from TAMUC will perform in masterclass.

6:00 Dismiss



9 - 12 February 2016


Vienna, Austria



10 February 2016


London, United Kingdom




             The Royal College of Music celebrates the life of clarinettist Jack McCaw, one of the most distinguished woodwind performers and teachers of his generation. The... concert will include recordings of his playing, as well as reflections on his life and career, and performances of pieces by Beethoven, Mozart and Poulenc. Wednesday 10 February, 7:30pm.




12 - 13 February 2016


 Penn State Single Reed Summit - Dr Anthony Costa, Director


State College, Pennsylvania





12 - 13 February 2016



der Deutschen Klarinetten-Gesellschaft e.V. 


- Blattkorrektur(Hanstoni Kaufmann)/ 12.2.2016, 16 Uhr -19:00 Uhr Wetzlarer Musikschule e.V.

- Blattkorrektur - Blattbaukurs(Hanstoni Kaufmann)/13.2.2016, 10 Uhr -17:30 Uhr Frankfurt

- Die Abenteuer des Clarinetto - Ensemblekurs(Marco Thomas, Travis Meisner)/4.-6. März 2016, Wetzlarer Musikschule e.V.


e in Wetzlar

Info und Anmeldung für alle Kurse: Deutsche Klarinetten-Gesellschaft e.V., Wacholderstr.4, 35649 Bischoffen,

Die Kursgebühr ist nach Bestätigung der Anmeldung auf das Konto der Deutschen Klarinetten-Gesellschaft e.V. zu überweisen.

weitere Infos siehe unten

Flyer Kurs

Freitag, 12.2.2016, 16 Uhr -19:00 Uhr Wetzlarer Musikschule e.V.


Blattkorrektur mit Hanstoni Kaufmann 


Blätter?!? Ein Thema für alle Klarinettisten und Klarinettistinnen! Der Schweizer Hanstoni Kaufmann ist ein ausgewiesener Experte auf diesem Gebiet und gibt in dem Kurs Blattkorrekturen seine Erfahrungen an die Teilnehmer weiter. Der Schwerpunkt in diesem Kurs liegt anders als in dem Kurs vom 13.2 2016 auf der Korrektur von Blättern.  mehr Infos...


Werkzeuge werden gestellt



Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 20 begrenzt.



  • 25€ Erwachsene / 15€ Schüler für Mitglieder der Wetzlarer Musikschule e.V. und der Deutschen Klarinetten-Gesellschaft e.V.

  • 35€ Erwachsene/ 25€ Schüler für Nicht-Mitglieder 


13 February 2016


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen (Solo Clarinetist Emeritus in the Cleveland Orchestra) Soloist with the Jakarta Symphony Orchestra (Indonesia)






13 February 2016



Corrado Giuffredi - Guest Artist Master Class at Virginia Tech University


Blacksburg, Virginia


        Please join us on Saturday February 13 as we welcome Italian clarinet sensation Corrado Giuffredi. He will present a master class at 11:30am in Squires Recital Salon, and later at 7:30pm a concert in the same space. Admission is free and no ticket is required. Mr. Giuffredi's appearance at Virginia Tech is sponsored thanks to the generosity of Backun Musical Services, maker of instruments used by leading clarinetists around the globe.


       Contact Dr. Phil Paglialonga for mor...e information ( information


          Guest artist Corrado Giuffredi performs a clarinet recital with faculty member Tracy Cowden, piano.


       A truly versatile artist, clarinetist Corrado Giuffredi is renowned as a classical, chamber, jazz, and klezmer musician. His orchestral appearances include performances with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana and the Orchestra Filharmonica della Scala, among others. He has premiered a number of significant works such as Penderecki's Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, and his recordings have met with critical acclaim around the world. 


      Mr. Giuffredi will perform with pianist Tracy Cowden in a program featuring works by Mangani, Messager, and Poulenc.



13 - 14 February 2016



Boston Clarinet Academy - VIP Jonathan Cohler, Director











14 February 2016



Memorial Celebration for Leon Russianoff - 26 years after his passing away in 1990 - Manhattan School of Music - VIP Charles Neidich and Mike Getzin, Directors


             On Sunday, February 14, the Manhattan School will host a day long memorial celebration for Leon Russianoff. Russianoff, one of the greatest and most beloved and most colorful clarinet teachers of the 20th century and one of the most important forces elevating the American School of clarinet playing to its position of preeminence passed away 25 years ago.

            The day will also serve, hopefully, to resuscitate the Russianoff Memorial scholarship fund at the Manhattan School which his wife, Penny Russianoff, established but which has been dormant for several years.


            Former students are urged to participate and honor their teacher and participate in the above activities. Many of the legendary former students are vitally interested in participating.  Please let everyone know, and contact Charles Neidich at   or Mike Getzin at


From VIP's Alan R Kay and Charles Neidich


Dear fellow Leon Russianoff devotees,

Please forgive this mass emailing, but time is running short, and this happens to be the most efficient way of reaching out to the large number of people who are either coming to our event this Sunday, February 14, have expressed interest in helping to revive the Leon Russianoff Memorial Scholarship at the Manhattan School of Music, or can’t come but simply love Leon Russianoff.  We are truly grateful to all of you for your interest and look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday!

To those of you who are performing and/or attending on Sunday, we would like to officially extend an invitation to a reception to be held immediately following the 4:30 concert in the Manhattan School of Music’s Mitzi Newhouse Pavilion, located down the stairs behind the security desk at the entrance to the school.  We would kindly ask for a $15-20 donation towards the expense of the reception; either our assistant, Yumi Ito, or I will be available to collect donations at any time during the day.  Thank you in advance!

For those interested in joining us in a clarinet choir extravaganza at the end of the 4:30 concert, please consider bringing an auxiliary instrument, if it’s convenient (i.e., E-flat clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, even contrabass clarinet).  Mitch Estrin has graciously provided parts for us and will conduct.

Many of you have asked about the Leon Russianoff Memorial Scholarship, which was for several years available to clarinet students at the Manhattan School.  We are in discussion with the School about reviving the scholarship at this time.  Many of you have generously offered to make a contribution towards the Scholarship; details on how to do so will follow soon after the event this Sunday.  Please be sure we have your correct contact information so that we can keep you informed.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to visit the Facebook page set up by Stephen Clark, author of “Leon Russianoff: Clarinet Pedagogue,” at  It has been overwhelmingly heartwarming and moving to see our beloved teacher in action through the wonderful photos, videos and other materials posted by Steve on the page.  

Organizing this special event has been enormously gratifying for us.  The amazing response we’ve had from you and from people around the world has been overwhelming.  It comes as no surprise to any of us who benefited from his teaching or simply from being around Leon that his spirit lives on in all of us and that he will never be forgotten.  


Alan Kay and Charles Neidich



15 February 2016  - Cancelled due to family emergency


VIP Philippe  Cuper Master Class and Recital at the Buffet Crampon New York Showroom - 4 - 6 PM


World Renounded French Clarinetist & Buffet Crampon Artist PHILIPPE CUPER will be giving a recital at the Buffet Crampon NY Showroom Feb 15th 4-6pm!! Philippe is the Principal Clarinetist of the Paris Opera & Professor at the Versailles National Conservatory.




16 February 2016  - 4 - 6 PM


VIP Philippe  Cuper Master Class at Vandoren  - Cancelled due to family emergency


Shetler Studios Penthouse 2
244 W. 54th St - New York City
Elevator to the 12th floor, 
walk up one more flight.


Dear Friends,

I'd like to let you know about a special master class with French Clarinetist, Phillipe Cuper.

Vandoren will be hosting a master class with Phillipe this Tuesday. Please feel free to share this info with your friends, or students. The masterclass is free of cost.

Tuesday, February 16th
4-6 PM
Shetler Studios Penthouse 2
244 W. 54th St
Elevator to the 12th floor, 
walk up one more flight.





February 21, 2016


Rutgers University Woodwind Day - VIP Maureen Hurd-Hause, Director




26 February 2016


Terracina, Italy


26 - 27 February 2016


 Western University Clarinet Day




26 - 28 February 2016


Tubingen, Germany



27 February 2016






27 - 28 February 2016


14th annual UAB Clarinet Symposium - Dr Denise Gainey, Director


Birmingham, Alabama




               Clarinetists of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in the 14th annual Clarinet Symposium, presented by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Music, February 27-28, 2016. Associate Professor of Clarinet and Music Education, Denise Gainey, DMA, leads the symposium, which will offer workshops, master classes, clarinet choirs, recitals, and clinics by some of the nation’s finest clarinetists. Special guest artists include John Cipolla, Lori Ardovino, Osiris Molina, Kip Franklin, Meghan Merciers, Kip Franklin, London Silas Shavers, Robert Janssen, and Ford Fourqurean. Backun Musical Services and Art’s Music Shop will provide participants with instruments, mouthpieces, barrels, reeds, music and more. Participants will enjoy performances and master classes throughout the weekend by Gainey and all of our guest artists, ending with a final concert featuring all participants at UAB’s Alys Stephens Center for the Performing Arts.



27 - 28 February 2016





27 February 2016


Clarinets for Conservation event


Jenson Beach, Florida



28 February - 16 March 2016


Camerino, Italy




29 February 2016


Celebrating Professor Michelle Gingras at Miami University


Miami, Ohio




Come celebrate Miami Clarinet Studio and Prof. Michele Gingras' 30th Anniversary Bash! Door prizes, fun music, great food! Oh, and a bit of Gingras Klezmer



29 February - 1 March 2016


Manchester, United Kingdom




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