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August 2020 Newsletter


             With VIP Wenzel Fuchs  (Solo Clarinetist in the Berliner Philharmoniker) endorsing this new releasr of these Synthetic Reeds

Silverstein Works

Product Update
We would like to share our recent addition to our Silverstein ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds.
We decided to upgrade ALTA AMBIPOLY Bb Clarinet Primo, Vivace, and Blue cut with new profiles that offer more balanced overall resonance and response.
What’s new in 2021 cuts:
- Even rounder and fuller sound
- Improved sound clarity with enhanced tones in all registers
- Even easier to play
- Faster response
- Improved articulation with beautiful staccato and altissimo
Also, after receiving many requests from customers that have been waiting, we finally added the German Cut to the ALTA AMBIPOLY Bb Clarinet reed line. (Strength available from 2.5 to 6.5)
New Primo & Vivace, Blue cut and German cut are available now on Silverstein Online shop on Thank you!

New Release of Mozart Clarinet Concerto with VIP Jonathan Cohler with a custom built Basset A Clarinet and performed with a reconstructed score and parts with the Orchestra

                          This Cohler Signature Edition of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major, KV 622 is the first to combine the latest musicological research with detailed period-appropriate performance markings, including dynamics, bowings, fingerings, tempi, musical indications, measure numbers, and rehearsal letters. In addition to this Full Score, we offer a Clarinet and Basset Clarinet in A part (JCP 975-07, ISBN 978-1-950905-98-0) including suggested eingangs and completely notated ornamentation; as well as a Full Orchestra Set of parts (JCP 975-13, ISBN 978-1-950905-97-3). To make this Signature Edition even more useful and valuable, we also offer a companion CD so performers can hear these materials in action. Cohler plays and conducts Mozart (shown on the cover) is available from Ongaku Records (024-127).

                           Each of our Signature Editions begins with an extensively researched and footnoted preface explaining the history of the work. All of our music parts and scores are printed on the highest quality, bright-white, heavy paper for maximum readability and durability; and the full score, solo clarinet part, and orchestra set are each protected by an attractive, high-quality, full-color cover to ensure the longevity of your music collection. Our durable, authoritative, and attractive Signature Editions enable and empower musicians to produce period-appropriate performances directly from the parts as printed.

                          We proudly offer this Signature Edition to orchestras, soloists, and conductors.

1 August 2020

 Interview with VIP John Bruce Yeh (Chicago Symphony) with Senior VIP Andrew Simon 


1 - 15 August 2020

Virtual Kitakaruizawa (Japan) Music Seminar - Senior VIP Charles Neidich and VIP Ayako Oshima - Directors

Complete Information on above hyperlink

1 August - December 2020

Jenny MaClay Clarinet Academy Virtual


                    I am so excited to announce the launch of the Jenny Clarinet Academy! 🎉


                   This is a comprehensive online clarinet curriculum created to help improve your knowledge of the clarinet and its performance fundamentals, history, pedagogy, repertoire, and a variety of other subjects. The Jenny Clarinet Academy will offer a rotating selection of courses each semester, and I will be adding to the online curriculum throughout the year.


                 I’m offering four courses this semester: Clarinet History 101, Beginning Clarinet, Intermediate Clarinet, and Advanced Clarinet. You can click the link below to find out more details about each course and registration information. Seats are limited in each course, so be sure to sign up today to enroll! 🎵


                   I look forward to welcoming you to the Jenny Clarinet Academy

2 - 16 August 2020

Moritzburg  Chamber Music Festival - VIP Wenzel Fuchs, Klarinette Professor

Moritzburg,  Germany

We are looking forward to welcoming @fuchsclarinet to the Moritzburg Festival this summer! He is the first clarinetist of the Berlin Phil, appointed after already playing in numerous prestigious orchestras such as the Vienna Phil or the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his work in the orchestra, Fuchs is active as a soloist and chamber player in various prestigious ensembles. He also teaches in the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Orchestra Academy, he gives master classes all over the world and is, after being a professor at Hanns Eisler, now a professor at the Mozarteum Salzburg!
We are very much looking forward hearing you play this summer, @fuchsclarinet! .


3 - 7 August 2020

Clarinet & Saxophone Festival  - Virtual


3 - 7 August 2020

DePaul University Virtual Clarinet Intensive

Chicago, Illinois


8 August 2020

Upcoming Interview with VIP Sabine Meyer with Senior VIP Andrew Simon 

9 - 16 August 2020

Clarinet & Klezmer in the Galilee

Jerusalem, Israel

13 August 2020

World Clarinet Day Celebrated


13 August - 6 December 2020

TMEA All State Clarinet Master Class  Virtual - Texas Clarinet Collective


15 August 2020 - 9 AM EST

Upcoming Interview with Internationally renowned Soloist VIP David Shifrin with Andrew Simon


17 - 21 August 2020

New York Clarinet Conservatory with VIP David Gould - Virtual

20 - 23 August 2020 

Kursy Klarinetowe 2020



22 August 2010 - 9 AM EST

Senior VIP Richard Stoltzman Interview with Senior VIP Andrew Simon

23 - 30 August 2020

Qvadrivian Clarinet Academy - Virtual


                  I am very happy to announce the first ever Qvadrivium Clarinet Academy QCA Summer 2020 - Virtual Clarinet Academy with a fantastic line-up of internationally renowned clarinet virtuosos and faculty! Join us for a week of intense, focused and fun learning experience with people from around the world! - Director: Vasko Dukovski -  with co-faculty Senior VIP Charles Neidich and  VIP Ayako Oshima

24- 28 August 2020

Music Workshops Clarinet Week - Jana Starling, Director

23 - 25 August 2020

Luca Milani Master Classes

Bogain, Italy

23 - 31 August 2020

Romain Guyot Master Class

Cagliari, Italy

24 - 28 August 2020

Italian Clarinet University - Online


25 - 28 August 2020

European Clarinet Association Clarinet Festival - Cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic

Gyor, Hungary

26- 42 August 2020

Mallorca Summer Academy 8th Curso de Clarinete

Mallorca, Spain

27 - 29 August 2020

Atacama Clarinet Festi- Virtual

28 August 2020

Sergio Pires Master Class - Virtual



29 August 2020 - 9 AM EST

Upcoming Interview with VIP Stephen Williamson (Solo Clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony) with Andrew Simon

29 August 2020

Steel City Clarinet Day - Virtual



29 August - 1 September 2020

Serengali Wind Project Master Class

Trevi, Italy

30 August 2020

US Navy Band Clarinet Audition


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