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Welcome to the 2015 Industry News Page

This feature on the WKA site provides new offerings and important product and service news for the Clarinet

Community. All firms with new products are encouraged to submit information so the Clarinet world can be made

aware of innovations and developments that can enhance their performance and educational goals and interests.

Please send articles to Mike Getzin, WKA CEO



9 November 2015

Zurich, Switzerland

From VIP Matthias Mueller

Dear clarinet and saxophone players and music-lovers,

            We are excited to present the SABRe Multi Sensor, for use with the entire family of clarinets and saxophones. After many years of research, dreaming, and problem-solving, we have developed a versatile and adaptable version of the SABRe. For the last step of this process we need the support of all innovative musicians and music-lovers.

            The last step of development for the SABRe Multi Sensor requires that we raise $25,000. Please follow this link for more information on the SABRe Multi Sensor - IndieGogo-Crowdfunding campaign.
All your support is helpful. The perks start at $10, and go up to $1000.

           The SABRe Multi Sensor can be used in any style of music: Contemporary Music, Jazz, Rock, etc. By investing in the SABRe Multi Sensor you will be at the cutting edge of an innovative new technology, you'll be a member of the pioneering group of SABRe users worldwide, and you will receive some great perks for joining us early in the process!

           Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas and remarks. We thank you for all your attention and support.

Best wishes,
Matthias and the SABRe-team

Prof. Matthias Mueller
SABRe Multi Sensor


1 May 2015

Paris, France


Vandoren BD5 Clarinet Mouthpiece Introduction

Paris, France


The evolution of Ebonite.


The Black Diamond Ebonite mouthpiece (13 Series American pitch) features a new internal and external design, offering musicians a full sound, rich in depth and color, especially in the upper register of the clarinet. The perfect balance between a dark, rich, yet compact sound. One facing available: BD5.

The new Vandoren Black Diamond Ebonite mouthpiece has amazing clarity, depth and presence, With its unique chamber, it has a sound that is all of its own, yet unmistakably Vandoren. Flawless intonation, sound and performance, the Vandoren Black Diamond mouthpiece is a rarity among mouthpieces.


20 January 2015

Hackensack, New Jersey USA



Silverstein Works -  from President BK Son

World's First Instrument Sanitizer.

The World’s First Sanitizer: Light®

For the Longevity of you, your music and beloved instrument, The Light is a patented UV and Ozone sanitizer for your mouthpiece and instrument, created to help simplify and protect your life . Touch the switch and let it on, assured that the next time you play, you play pure.    

It was a stupid idea at the beginning. Tens of years ago, my mom and dad banned me from learning a harmonica since I was born with a weak lung. This device, I hope,
...may help more children learn music and make this small world a better place to live.

As germs getting stronger and stronger, this also may help my fellow musicians and friends be safer and healthier so that I can enjoy their music for long. We are officially starting a public beta at NAMM 2015. Please stop by and meet the device.
This device is using unique UV and ozone technology and patents were filed in different countries.

My special appreciation go to Mr. David Liebman who did not laugh at the silly idea but gave very valuable advices. Caris, sorry to bring a business matter on the dinner table. Your patient helped birth of this device.

We just opened an exciting new web. You can also find our new ligature line up at there. Please visit and find more.

All friends who breathe the music, remember you are making us happier and healthier. So, please keep on.

Vandoren New Products:   Complete information posted on their website


Reed Clipper

VIP David Gould presentation on the new Reed Clipper below: 

V21 Reeds

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