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           This feature on the WKA site provides new offerings and important product and service news for the Clarinet

Community. All firms with new products are encouraged to submit information so the Clarinet world can be made

aware of innovations and developments that can enhance their performance and educational goals and interests.

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11 December 2012

Tokyo, Japan

1 December 2012


26 November 2012

New York City USA

Major Educational Resource of Video Lessons and Seminars by VIP Charles Neidich, Professor at Juilliard School and Renowned Artist and Pedagogue

26 September 2012

Paris, France




9 September 2012


San Jose, California USA


Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces

Inspired by the most prized, vintage mouthpieces of the 1920s, the Reserve harnesses modern technology, pioneered by D’Addario, to recreate the incomparable craftsmanship found in these legendary works of art. Milled—not molded—from hard rubber for a higher level of consistency, every Reserve mouthpiece is machined to the strictest tolerances. But make no mistake: the true beauty of Reserve lies beyond its polished angles, glorious curves and proprietary materials to something far more remarkable… its sound.

  • The world’s first 100% precision-milled, vintage-inspired mouthpieces
  • Milled from hard rubber, not molded from blanks
  • Crafted from a unique proprietary hard rubber for a vintage-inspired tone
  • Precision machining delivers unparalleled accuracy – no hand finishing required
  • Designed by a team of top players, craftsmen and engineers
  • Available in three facings: close, medium, and medium open

Here's What Rico Artists Are Saying

  • Richie Hawley
    Professor of Clarinet, Rice University

    The Reserve mouthpiece is the best mouthpiece that I have ever played! It allows me to produce a velvety rich sound that has diamond-like shimmering core. It makes all other mouthpieces feel simple and two dimensional

    Rico Reserve Classic reeds give me flexibility of dynamics and colors of expression that I never thought possible on the clarinet.

    See Artist Profile
  • Mark Nuccio
    New York Philharmonic Orchestra

    The Reserve mouthpiece has raised the bar. Rico has succeeded in designing a mouthpiece that sounds like the great vintage mouthpieces of old, has superb intonation and articulation, and gives the player huge satisfaction; at only a small fraction of the cost!

    Making music is so much easier with the new Rico Classic Reserve reed. The high quality and consistency is unmatched by any other reed on the market

    See Artist Profile
  • Lee Livengood
    Utah Symphony Orchestra

    The Reserve mouthpiece will help clarinetists play with ease and beauty, and will open the door to wonderfully expressive music making.

    Rico Reserve Classic bass clarinet reeds give me the quality and consistency I need in my work with the orchestra, and in solo and chamber music settings.

    See Artist Profile




24 August 2012


Tokyo, Japan






 From Kazuo Fuiji,  former Juilliard Student of Stanley Drucker


Here is a little information about the D'core Clarinet barrel.   There is a small factory in Osaka Japan.  Recently they developed an unusually very nice Barrel.
Outside made by natural Ebony but inside is twisted duralumin!
Therefore it has very rich sound!   And this is suitable either Buffet or Yamaha    Length is 65mm and 66mm.
I want you try anyway!   Of course I am playing this.
In Japan this is getting very popular and they sell all music store of Japan through wholesaler (Prima Gakki Co.) .
URL is


オリジナルバレルを製作いたしました。※特許出願中 特願2010-269312





5 August 2012

From ClarinetFest 2012

Lincoln, Nebraska USA




BG France Mouthpiece and Reed Products Galleried given the number of Offerings









1 June 2012

Springfield, Missouri USA

6 April 2012


          This recent barrel innovation which has caught popularity in Germany is available for both German and French Boehm system instruments. Unique is the tuning itself is controlled by turning the center ring on the barrel to shorten or lengthen it to proper pitch as conditions change in performance.  Information on ordering is available on the above website.  Of vital interest many of the great iconic Clarinetists in Europe are actively using and endorsing these barrels,  and word is spreading fast quickly  to the USA. Artists galleried above include Wenzel Fuchs (Berliner Philharmoniker), Sabine Meyer Professor at Lubeck Hochscule fur Musik, Solo Clarinet in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and founder of the Trio de Clarone), and Pascual Martinez-Forteza (New York Philharmonic).

The clarinet z(oom)-barrel

When the conventional barrel is pulled out for assimilation of intonation the vibrations are cushioned on transfer from the mouth piece to the clarinet since the only remaining connection is the tenon cork. A cavity is formed on the inside and a gap on the outside.

As a consequence it was our aim to develop a clarinet barrel leading to new sound dimensions and at the same time eliminating the above mentioned problems.

The new development protected by trade mark rights offers an unprecedented sound brilliance. Our zoom barrel represents the perfect symbiosis of improved sound characteristics and reproducible intoning. The fact that the new z-barrel disposes of continuous boring in every position of length and additonally is not interrupted on the outside leads to an improvement which seemed to be unimaginable so far. Tuning becomes precisely adjustable and visible by an adusting collar supplied with a scale. Rotating the adjusting collar lets the barrel expand without modifying the axial alignment.

Our clarinet barrel is produced with modern CNC turning technology and extended by the adjusting collar for assimilation of intonation without the mouth piece or the clarinet turning to each other.Z-Birne

The barrel was engineered for clarinetists in soloistic, symphonic and chamber musical areas as well as brass orchestras

1 April 2012

Paris, France

Buffet Group Introduces the Buffet-Crampon 'Divine' Clarinets





Instrument details

Research and development is both a rigorous and creative process.
In collaboration with our workshops and internationally renowned clarinetists, Paul Meyer worked on the research project for developing new acoustics, resulting in the Divine clarinet.
The word ‘divine’ conjures such qualities as beauty, splendor and awe; a level of perfection. It is a word of high praise with connotations of purity and light, with a touch of femininity.

This model benefits from having the same hole placement as the Tosca model which allows for better intonation in every register.

The improved bore favors flexible register-crossing and freer blowing during the most demanding pieces. The Divine clarinet comes with two barrels - 65mm (442hz) and 66mm (440hz) – which fit with both the Bb and the A model.

The Divine is made of grenadilla wood with specific upper joint Green Line tone-hole slots eliminating air leaks on tone-holes most prone to crack.

The carbon wire (a Buffet Crampon patent), which replaces the metal rings, makes the clarinet 60 grams lighter and thus contributes to its exceptional balance with greater vibration and freer blowing.

As with the Tosca model, the Divine clarinets are equipped with a low F correction key.
New keywork and spatulas enhance the clarinet’s ergonomics without destabilizing the musician’s capabilities.
Whereas the Tosca clarinet was the R13 bore’s top range model, the Divine features the Buffet Crampon RC bore’s latest evolution.

This new range of clarinet represents a major step forward in Buffet Crampon’s history, by fusing technical expertise with unparalleled craftsmanship in French wind instrument manufacturing.


3 January 2012

Paris, France

Buffet Crampon Group becomes Buffet Group and unveils its new identity and new vision


           On the 3rd of January 2012, Buffet Crampon Group became Buffet Group.
Its new identity brings together all Group brands behind a single vision, namely to become the “global reference in wind instruments”.

          The world’s second-largest musical wind instrument manufacturer, based in Mantes-la-Ville (France), is changing its name and identity in order to bring together its five brands and 10 subsidiaries behind a single vision: to be the “global reference in wind instruments”. This ambition is based on five emblematic brands: Buffet Crampon, Besson, Antoine Courtois, Julius Keilwerth and W. Schreiber. These brands are rich in legendary tradition and ancestral craftsmanship.

         The success of these five brands has always been built around new ideas and technical innovations that expertly combined tradition, craftsmanship and modernity. “The strength of our Group is the alliance of modernity and tradition, the cooperation of our R&D engineers and our master luthiers,” notes Antoine Beaussant, the Chairman of the Group.
“Throughout their history and in keeping with their inherent values, each of our brands has always cultivated very close ties with musicians from around the world” adds Antoine Beaussant. “The ongoing research and continuous improvement alongside the world’s leading musicians are essential components of the Group, something we carry in our genes”.

       The Group’s five production entities are based in France and Germany, and our instruments are exported around the world. Exports account for 94% of the Group’s revenue, with Asia representing more than 40% of total group revenue.

       The Group’s new corporate identity symbolises the Buffet Group values, bringing together its five brands behind the idea of “global reference”:

   •  The strong and reassuring square shape stands for the Group’s unity, as well as its foundations, history, tradition and ambition.

   •  An airy five-line musical staff in motion expresses the Group’s momentum and musical identity.

   •  The five lines of the musical staff refer to the Buffet Group’s five brands. In numerical symbolism, the number 5 stands for longevity and prosperity.

   • The words “Wind instruments” clearly state the Group’s international business purpose as the “global reference in wind instruments”.

   • The shades of grey and silver against a white or black backdrop symbolise the high-end quality of our instruments, played by the leading soloists in the 150 largest orchestras worldwide.

         This new corporate identity will appear on all Buffet Group company and sales materials as from the 2nd of January 2012.

         With revenues of more than €66 million in 2011 (up 18% relative to 2010), including 94% abroad, Buffet Group has clearly demonstrated its capacity to grow despite a challenging economic environment.

         For 2012, Buffet Group, which has 550 employees representing 12 different nationalities, will roll out its new motto: “Rhapsody for Talents”, dedicated to the talent of all its employees, musicians and friends. This “Rhapsody for Talents”, inspired by the great rhapsodies of Gershwin and Liszt, will be put to music in 2012. To be continued!


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