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Music Industry News to 2011


   Welcome to the Industry News Page

           This feature on the WKA site provides new offerings and important product and service news for the Clarinet

Community. All firms with new products are encouraged to submit information so the Clarinet world can be made

aware of innovations and developments that can enhance their performance and educational goals and interests.

 Please send articles to Mike Getzin,  WKA CEO

10 October 2011

Paris, France

Crampon Group receives the SME award from CDC Entreprises


Buffet Crampon Group received the award for SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) in the “Finance and Capital Development” category of CDC Enterprises on October 10th, 2011.

Philippe Braidy (President of CDC Entreprises) and Pascal Lagarde (General Manager of CDC Entreprises) awarded the trophy during the annual forum.

The prize is handed out to 8 CDC affiliated investment teams as well as 3 businesses.

“We are proud to have received this award from CDC Entreprises”  commented Antoine Beaussant, President of Groupe Buffet Crampon.

Buffet Crampon is pursuing it’s activity with strong positive growth. Thanks to the 2010 acquisition of W. Schrieber and J. Keilwerth, Buffet Crampon became the world’s number two wind instrument manufacturer.

About Buffet Crampon:
Buffet Crampon is the leader in wind instrument manufacturing thanks to it’s management buy-out (MBO) by the investment fund Argos Soditic. Founded in 1825 in Paris, the Buffet Crampon group, implanted in France, Germany, USA, Japan and China is made up of 530 employees and has a turnover of 67 million euros, 94% of which is international. The group manufactures 60,000 musical instruments per year under the brand names Buffet CramponAntoine CourtoisBesson, W. Schreiber and J.Keilwerth.

The group’s positive performance is actively pursued with the support of CDC Entreprises and it’s Culture & Heritage funds.

Buffet Crampon as a French Living Heritage Company:

In 2011 Buffet Crampon was awarded with the highly distinguished label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) as a mark of recognition of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills. Awarded for a period of five years, the label brings together producers committed to the quality of their trades and products.


1 October 2011

          This recent barrel innovation which has caught popularity in Germany is available for both German and French Boehm system instruments. Unigue is the tuning itself is controlled by turning the center ring on the barrel to shorten or lengthen it to proper pitch as conditions change in performance.  Information on ordering is available on the above website.


Z-Birnen im Licht


10 August 2011

from ClarinetFest, Northridge, California USA


ReedGeek "Universal" Reed Tool
Why Use the ReedGeek "Universal"?

The ReedGeek “Universal” Reed Tool enhances reed performance by rapidly and accurately
flattening reed tables.  Other methods for flattening reed tables, are less effective, take longer and
produce less consistent results.

With less than 10 minutes training, players will notice a dramatic improvement in efficiency (ease of
sound production), sonic quality and responsiveness.  Users of the tool will find more “good” reeds
in a box.  The reeds will perform longer and more consistently over their lifetime.  The tool pays for
itself  by allowing the player to use a larger fraction of the reeds per box and lengthening the playing
time of usable reeds.
ReedGeek "Universal" Reed Tool,
Item RGURT-11, $38.50 plus s/h
Copyright ©  All rights reserved.
More than flattening...

The blade at the tip of the tool has a gentle radius that can be
used for precision scraping, including balancing the tip,
adjusting the heart or other fine adjustments.  The radius
allows single-point contact for scraping very precise areas of
the reed quickly..

On each side of the scraper blade, there is a blade designed
especially  to adjust or modify the rails of the reed.  These
blades quickly define the desired rail profile.


























11 July 2011

Bamberg, Germany

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Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany.

Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets
Obere Königstr. 15, 96052 Bamberg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 951/22528 Fax: +49 (0) 951/2082653

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany.

Boehm System Clarinet - Model 1000 in Bb or A

WKA Artist VIP Shirley Brill on her SCHWENK & SEGGELKE's French Boehm System C2000 Boxwood Clarinet

SCHWENK & SEGGELKE's French Boehm System Clarinet

After many years of experience in adapting industrial Boehm clarinets to the desires and needs of various professional musicians Werner Schwenk and Jochen Seggelke took on a new challenge last year: An internationally known solo clarinettist commissioned them to develop a French bore Boehm clarinet. The instruments he had been playing for more than 20 years served as a base. SCHWENK & SEGGELKE revised the tone hole positions and the bore in such a way that they now offer instruments in Bb and A that will satisfy the demands of top clarinettists.

These features are outstanding:

All clarinets by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE are custom-made and open to special requests. A clarinet of your personal design? Contact us!
Unlike in industrial production, the making of a hand-made clarinet means about 80 hours of work. These are spread out over a period of 3-4 months, deliberately giving the wood time to rest between the individual production steps. This is why we, unlike the industry, cannot provide shelves full of finished instruments to pick from; but that wouldn't be necessary as we put a lot of care into every single instrument. However, we always keep a choice of barrels and bells on stock, as both can influence the behavior of your clarinet. Take your time in picking the combination that is right for you. Your clarinet will feel right and will make you happy for many years.

Model 1000 includes:

The instrument comes with two barrels, a mouthpiece, ligature, reed case, instrument case, and a maintenance kit. A tuning revision after a certain period of playing-in is included.

» Interactive Key Calculator

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11 May 2011

Liverpool. UK

The Clarinet Web Site




Summer School

Consultations and Teaching

Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service


For Sale





Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service

The aim of Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service is to offer the discerning player an instrument that will truly play to its highest potential.

Showing how good, or bad, the airtight seal of any clarinet has been a problem, until now.

With the exciting news of the arrival of a Magnahelic testing machine at the workshop of Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service, clarinettists can now see for themselves the results of their investment!

The arrival of this testing machine will allow any customer to see the state of their instrument on arrival, and to see the percentage improvement that will result from the service.

Unlike other testing devices, this machine produces a positive air pressure (which closely resembles the players air input) in the sealed clarinet, and will show the degree of leakage in each joint.

After many months of planning and hard work, Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service (ARCS) now has a brand new machine shop, including a lathe and a milling machine, in addition to the existing workshop. This will allow an even wider range of customisation and improvements to all clarinets. Do read the recent reviews from previous customers, they speak for themselves.

ARCS now has new facilities to offer custom keywork and re-plating on site. The photos show the extension of 3 Buffet bass clarinet keys, including the re- shaping of the thumbrest.

With many years of experience working with world class experts, including at production level in the Leblanc factory, ARCS now offers the best available advice and practical help in solving problem notes on your clarinet.

Re-tuning on all of the full range of clarinets, including tone hole re-positioning/replacement is now offered. The cost will be discussed with you in advance based on your requirements and is charged at £40 per hour.

Photos show the replacement of a tone hole on a basset horn with a chimney to cure the flooding of the throat B flat, a common problem, solved by this procedure with improved intonation at the same time!

Background to Andrew Roberts

The acoustical and mechanical design of the clarinet has always fascinated Andrew and so it has been a great privilege for him to be able to work along side some of the world's experts in this field for more than 10 years.

Through his work in the clarinet production facilities in both France and the US, Andrew has tried and tested hundreds of clarinets and accessories, enabling him to acquire an up-to-date working knowledge of new developments and ideas. He has been able to assist hundreds of clarinet students and professional players through his clinic days and Summer schools.

He has learnt to maintain, improve and overhaul clarinets with the help and encouragement of master craftsmen like Tom Ridenour (USA), William Simmons (UK) and Wolfgang Lohff (Denmark).

Why is this service special?

The importance of the airtight seal in any woodwind instrument is critical, yet many clarinet players have never actually tried a clarinet that has a true seal. The symptoms that would indicate a problem with a clarinet include difficulties with high notes speaking freely, resistance (requiring more effort to blow) and squeaking. Often players attribute these difficulties to lack of control or even ability. However, a properly set-up instrument will allow the player to concentrate on the music and performance, leaving the player wondering why they waited so long for such an overhaul.

The advantages of a reliable key-work action and an airtight seal transform the instrument and thus producing greater enjoyment for all players.

Andrew’s ability to assess the problems with any clarinet, and test the finished instruments to the highest standard, makes this service unique.

This service will aim to deliver instruments that will out perform any factory standard instrument.

Checks made include:

  • Removing all mechanical play from the key-work
  • Filling, re-cutting (using the best quality tools) and sealing of tone holes
  • Re-padding using the best available materials to obtain the best possible airtight seal
  • Tuning of problem tone holes
  • Extensive testing on completion of all work
How to book the service

To access this service, and to ensure customer satisfaction, there is a quick Internet booking facility for overhauling and improving clarinets at a reasonable cost, with a commitment to the completion time.

If you are unsure whether your instrument needs an overhaul, a unique "testing service" is available for a minimal charge of just £25 or €35 (plus return shipping charges). This will provide the owner with a detailed report of the work required, and will involve some oiling and small adjustments.

To achieve this standard takes many hours of detailed and precise work, and unlike any other repair facility, you can actually see the improvement on our Magnahelic testing machine. This will show the amount of leak your instrument has on arrival and the complete airtight seal completion of the work giving you the satisfaction of knowing the work has been undertaken and that you now have the best possible instrument to improve your performances.

The overhaul costs including the above detailed work are as follows:

B flat/ A clarinet £350
E flat clarinet £450
Basset Horn £650
Bass Clarinet £700

Other work charged at specific rates:

Crack repair (not requiring tone hole replacement) £35
Re cork of tenon/mouthpiece £15
Supply and fit Kooiman Etude II thumbrest £30
Additional key or key re-profiling POA (charged @ hourly rate) £35
Re tuning - undertaken with the player (charged @ hourly rate) £35
Supply & fit improved register tube £30
Collection and delivery - priced per article with DHL (starting from) £10

There is a currently a waiting list so customers are advised to book early.

To discuss your needs further, contact Andrew Roberts via or via his UK personal telephone +44 7968 555 534


"My clarinet had been becoming progressively hard to play over about three years. Andy repaired a small crack, as well as replacing corks, felt, pads, work on tone holes etc. It now feels and plays like a completely different instrument - extremely quiet mechanism, blows freely, overall feel of the instrument - and he even improved things which I didn't realise needed improving! Excellent - thoroughly recommend it (and already have!)."
Lyndsay Wyer

"Les Craven had told me about Andy's unique method of overhauling clarinets at a time when my E flat was in need of repair. When I got it back it was literally like a different instrument - far better than new. It is testimony to how pleased I was that within 2 weeks of this I had booked in my B flat and A clarinets for the same treatment. I now have them back and they are playing better than I knew clarinets could play. Now that Andy has attended to all the sealing and venting I feel that an obstacle between myself and the music has been removed. It is his attention to tiny detail that makes the huge difference. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about getting the best out of themselves and their instrument."
Jane Calderbank.
Glyndebourne Touring Opera

"I would like to recommend the clarinet overhaul to any professional clarinettist. Andy's service is excellent; it covers every single aspect with great detail and care to ensure that the instrument plays to its full potential. Now my clarinet is air-tight it allows me to persuade it to play in the way that I want it to. It responds instantly at all ranges and dynamics and is no longer stuffy and resistant The main difference is being able to perform without being distracted by the flaws of the clarinet-I no longer have noisy keys or poor intonation that I have to compensate for. Thework on the tone holes has improved the intonation vastly and it is such a nice change to play a clarinet that is actually in tune! Aside from the brilliant technical work, Andy sent my clarinet back beautifully polished and looking brand new!"
Emily Heathcote

"I almost didn’t believe they were my clarinets when I opened the box - they looked at least 10 years younger! Andrew has done a great job with my Selmer Recital clarinets. I am very fond of these instruments, but after 15 years of heavy professional use, they were getting to the stage where I thought they might be approaching retirement if something wasn’t done soon, and now they have been given a new lease of life. On an aesthetic level they look wonderful. I have had quite a few keys re-plated and the rest have been polished to a lovely shine. But the best improvement is in their feel when I play. Andrew has regulated the key-work and springing so that they feel even and responsive, without any slack. The pads seal perfectly so that the instruments respond immediately at every dynamic level.
Some excellent repairers have worked on my clarinets in the past, but I think that Andrew’s attention to detail and, (as a fine clarinettist himself) his knowledge of what sounds and feels right, makes his repair service special. I don’t think my clarinets have ever been this good."

Daniel Rye
Freelance clarinettist

'I instantly recognised a vast improvement when playing my clarinet after Andrew's overhaul. I could finally hear my true sound without the interference of the clicks of keywork that I previously had, and with this I am able to achieve a lot more variety to the colour of sound. The perfect seal that Andrew has achieved enables legato lines over large leaps very smoothly. I would recommend this service to any serious minded clarinettist completely.'
Tom Jackson
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

When I attended the Clarinet Summer School last year I was thinking about changing my clarinet. Many people, including Les Craven commented on the nice tone of my instrument, but it was a shame that it didn’t seal very well, amongst other things!
The key-work had too much play in, the tones holes were damaged, springs were too weak screws randomly loosened themselves. When it was tested by Wolfgang Lohff on his machine, my clarinet had the worst seal on the course, all this and my clarinet is less than four years old.
Deciding I loved my clarinet (and couldn’t afford a new one) I turned to Andy’s overhaul service and was astounded at the difference it made. Within a week Andy transformed my clarinet from a tired intermediate instrument with a nice tone, to a fully responsive, non wobbly and 100% airtight sealing top notch instrument.
It plays better now than when I first bought the instrument.
The overhaul has meant that I no longer have to worry if my clarinet will respond properly, and I can now concentrate on my performance with a confidence in my instrument I’ve never had before.
Elizabeth Prayle

" I certainly noticed the difference to my elderly 1010s after Andy's extensive overhaul. Not only did the clarinets look much better, but the tone seemed more mellow and focused. The intonation of a few notes which I had previously been unhappy with was improved, and the sound seemed freer, particularly in the altissimo register. This was definetely money well spent."
Neill Carroll

"Since having my clarinet overhauled by Andrew Roberts I have noticed a huge improvement in my instrument's performance and, as a result, my standard of performance. I hadn't realised that my ten year old Leblanc Opus had so many small imperfections that were making my life as a musician more difficult than it needed to be.
Before it's service the most noticeable problem was the noisiness of the keys, but the keywork is now virtually silent. The smooth keywork action has made my legato playing much more fluent, and playing really smoothly over the break and in other difficult areas now seems effortless. As there is much less movement in the keys I find that my fingers can relax more as they have to travel smaller distances.
Another huge difference has been the improved tuning in all registers, most noticeably on the throat notes and the altissimo notes. I used to have to compensate quite noticeably to make these notes reasonably in tune, but I now find that I can play with the same embouchure and set up on all notes without having to adjust in order to be in tune. When my friends and colleagues have tried the instrument they have immediately commented on the marked improvement that this service has made and I would highly recommend it to anyone... you will feel like you have a brand new instrument in perfect playing order! I think it's a small price to pay for such a thorough overhaul and I'm already saving to have my other clarinets done! "
Jude Hood

"I'd like to whole-heartedly recommend Andy's clarinet overhaul service.  Like many, I was sceptical to begin with, as I've had my clarinet looked at several times at different places. With a fair amount of money spent so far, I didn't know if it was worth trying again.  Nevertheless, as I am starting a short one-year postgraduate course, I felt it was worth a shot, and can honestly say I am really pleased. 
My clarinet plays like a dream, the best it's ever sounded and I feel the most comfortable I've ever been with it. It's had such a thorough job done, I know I'll be good to go for several years.  Plus, with the long guarantee ( 3years) I trust that he's done his best and that if anything were to go wrong, it will be put right at no extra cost.
I also really appreciated the time Andy took with me to explain what would need to be done, why it was necessary, and how it could help, and learnt a great deal.  Some might say that the best players can play on any instrument and make it work beautifully, however, for the less super-human clarinettists among us...a kickstart from a real working instrument is priceless."


Terms & Conditions for repairs/overhauls

Payment is due as soon as work is completed and an invoice has been issued, normally we would expect payment within 7 days.

Collection and delivery can be arranged, usually with DHL, at the customers cost. Collections will require someone to be available during the day between 9am-5.30pm.

Insurance cover for the instruments is the customers responsibility, both for shipping, and during the time they are in the workshop.

Instruments and mouthpieces are available on a trial basis for one week after receipt. Should they be returned to ARCS, the customers will be asked to pay the shipping costs for delivery and return. Any items damaged in transit must be immediately reported on receipt.

The 3 year warranty does not cover any cracking of the wood body or barrels or the keywork plating.


6 May 2011

Nuestadt a. d. Aisch, Germany >>> Overview >>>
Mouthpieces > Important Ordering Details

At Wurlitzer, we realize that a professional clarinet demands a mouthpiece of equal quality.

Unlike the manufacturers of mass-marketed factory clarinets, we refuse to sell substandard mouthpieces with our instruments. The Wurlitzer tradition of excellence and accumulated knowledge dates back seven generations. All current Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm mouthpieces are made with German bores.

We highly recommend the new WZ (Wurlitzer-Zeretzke) models. WZ2 = Pure, German sound. 3WZ = Open, American/International sound (with a Vandoren V12 #3 Reed).

Order Now >>>

Financing available >>>

Herbert Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm Clarinet Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces Price
A and B-flat Soprano Clarinets €150
Basset Horn €175
Bass Clarinet €200
"Heirloom" mouthpieces. Unique examples in the private collection of Charles Stier or those consigned by collectors or professionals. inquire for
prices and
Please Note: French mouthpieces will not fit in Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm barrels and do not match with Wurlitzer German-Reform-Boehm bores. Even the finest French mouthpieces will cause the Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm clarinet to "back up" and will play out of tune (typically by spreading the 12ths too wide). We recommend the Wurlitzer WZ2, 3WZ and the excellent Hans Zinner German-Reform-Boehm "George Pieterson Model" mouthpiece. All are designed to be played with either the traditional string ligature or with a metal ligature. Vandoren White Master No.3 or 3.5 reeds are also recommended. 3WZ's are designed to be played with French cut Vandoren V12 reeds No.3.

Since opening, we have received queries from many clarinetists hoping to get closer to the Wurlitzer sound, yet unable for either professional or financial reasons to change their instruments. For them we offer the new Wurlitzer/Komsta mouthpiece and barrel combination; a system enabling French clarinet players the flexibility of a Wurlitzer mouthpiece for the first time.           

Barrels are hand crafted by custom designer Wojciech Komsta, made specifically for each clarinet. When ordering, please specify:

  • Desired mouthpiece model: WZ2 (German cut reeds) or 3WZ (V12s)
  • Model, year, and serial number of your clarinet.
  • Price: $500

Mouthpiece Material and Color: Wurlitzer mouthpieces are either solid black (see middle mouthpiece below) or have a "smoky" transparency (see above). Both are made out of the exact same type of acrylic. There is no difference in sound or design, the black ones simply have more color added to the "mix."

Photo comparison of a legendary Kaspar mouthpiece with Wurlitzer and Zinner models for the Reform-Boehm.
Kaspar, Zeretzke and Zinner Clarinet Mouthpieces
left to right:
  • Frank Kaspar Cicero 13 had a standard French body with moderate lay and balanced rails.
  • Wurlitzer-Zeretzke WZ2 has a hybrid German-French body with longish lay and balanced rails.
  • Hans Zinner German-Reform-Boehm "George Pieterson Model" has a classic narrow German body, long lay and balanced rails.

While French-playing clarinetists seek to recapture the sound of the classic Kaspar and Chedeville mouthpieces through various reproduction attempts, there are superior contemporary options available to every clarinetist once the switch to the Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm is made. The Wurlitzer tradition is your solution.

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5 April 2011

Springfield, Missouri USA

January 2011


Paris, France

Vandoren introduces Revolutionary Masters Mouthpiece

                Vandoren announced the launch of a revolutionary new mouthpiece at this year’s winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.  The mouthpiece is a radical new design not seen in any previous Vandoren models. The outer shape of the mouthpiece is conical providing more room to redesign the chamber which is unlike any chamber Vandoren has designed. The outer shape is so unique that it requires its own specially designed M|O ligature. No conventional ligature will fit the conical design.

                The Masters mouthpiece comes in two facings; the CL4 and CL5.  “It’s an extraordinary step,” commented Vandoren artist relations manager David Gould. “The design is so unique it will take the clarinetist a little longer to adapt to it. But once they do, the rewards are really huge.”

                For more information consult

10 September 2010

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 Serie Carina
Serie Solist
Serie Wenzel Fuchs
Serie Steiner
Serie Klinser
Serie Smile für Es-Klarinette
Altklarinette und Bassetthorn

Raum ist Schwingung
Schwingung ist hören
hören ist Musik


Serie Wenzel Fuchs
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Soloklarinettisten der Berliner Philharmoniker Wenzel Fuchs hat sich auf Basis der Bahn Carina B ein ausgesprochen klangintensives und richtungsweisendes Mundstück entwickelt. Alle Wenzel Fuchs Mundstücke werden ausschließlich auf starken Kautschukmundstücken mit etwas breiterer Auflage und für eine sehr saubere Tongebung mit bearbeiteter Innenkammer geliefert.
Abgestimmt auf Blätter der Marke Peter Leuthner professionell oder 5+.
Erhältlich in den Bahnen:
  • Wenzel Fuchs
  • Wenzel Fuchs Solist 
  • Wenzel Fuchs forte
Alle Bahnen wahlweise für weite österreichische, deutsche und böhm Klarinettenbohrung.

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21 July 2010


23 June 2010

Herbert Wurlitzer and Sabine Meyer


Many people ask us why they should spend so much money on a clarinet. The truth is - you don't need a Wurlitzer Clarinet to make good music. In fact, if all you want is "playing the clarinet" you probably shouldn't buy one. We would advise you to buy a cheaper clarinet and spend the rest of your money on something else because you will probably get more out of it that way.

 Why then should you play one of our clarinets? - There is always a difference between "good" and "great" in life. A lot of people settle for "good" and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just that those who truly inspire us are the ones who strive for the best and who will not rest until they have achieved that. If you happen to be a musician on that path we are sure that we can help you. We would be more than happy to support you with our expertise in clarinet making.

 There are a lot of good arguments for why you should get a Wurlitzer but we think that it is best for you to experience for yourself. You can listen to artists who play our instruments to get an impression of the amazing sound that you can produce with them. We do not want to openly advertise anyone here so if you are interested, just ask us for examples of recordings that were done with Wurlitzer Clarinets. The best way to experience our instruments is of course trying them out yourself. Just let us know when you would like to visit us and we are happy to arrange that for you.


Enter >>>


Enter >>>
© All Rights Reserved, 2010, Cherry Valley Communications, Inc., d/b/a Wurlitzer Clarinets America
photography by Michael G. Stewart

The Worst Enemy of ‘Great” is “Good”


We have always had one aim. We strive to deliver musicians the very best instruments to enable them to unleash their full potential.

 Our company has never tried to sell as many clarinets with as much profit as possible. There is nothing truly inspiring about that. Passion for music is what drives composers and musicians to give their very best. We believe that they deserve instruments that were built with the same passion. That is what motivates us every day.

 The essence of our success is that we make every clarinet a masterpiece. Every Wurlitzer is handcrafted in Germany which makes every single instrument unique. The process of making a Wurlitzer takes more than 10 years so you can be sure that when you hold it in your hands there is not the smallest detail on it that we have not paid attention to.

26 August 2009


Rico Reed Newsletter
Rico has teamed up with Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) to share educational and informative articles regarding music in the lives of children. The articles below provide evidence and quotes that a music background supports a well rounded education.

Lifelong Love of Music part 1
This article presents to you the correlation between musical performance and a student’s aptitude in other apects of school. s

Lifelong Love of Music part 2
Learn what some effective teaching and learning methods are when it comes to younger music students.

Lifelong Love of Music part 3
Delve into the ways that playing music can make you a better and more attune listener beyond the musical realm.

Upcoming Events
Marc Nuccio at West Point Clarinetist Marc Nuccio is slated to give a woodwind master class at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, Sept. 3 as well as others globally through October. See the schedule

Clarinetfest Young Artist Competition Winners
Held at the International Clarinet Association’s Clarinetfest, the winners received a Rico prize package worth $500!

Rico Endorsee Aaron Lington Recognized
In the 57th annual Downbeat Magazine critic's poll as "baritone saxophone - rising star."
The Rico Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet ReedThe Rico Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reed
The Reserve Classic reed uses only the densest and lowest internode cane to ensure greater durability and consistency. It is designed with a gradual tip shape that encourages tonal warmth and a traditional tip thickness that facilitates quick articulation. Available in strengths ranging from 2 to 4.5, including 3.5+ and 4.0+ strengths.

Learn more / Buy now

Hear what professional clarinetists have been saying about Reserve Classic:

Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinet - New York Philharmonic"After 25 years of making my own reeds, I’ve put down my reed knife! The Reserve Classic has warmth, projection and response right out of the box. They stay stable under different weather conditions with a greater percentage of performance reeds in every box."
Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic

Richie Hawley, Principal Clarinet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra"I have been blown away with the new Rico Reserve Classic! The final weeks of our subscription season at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra have been some of the most rewarding weeks that I have had in this orchestra--all because of the extreme flexibility, color and dynamics that I am able to produce with your new reed design. I am convinced that it will revolutionize our world as clarinetists for both students and professionals."
Richie Hawley, Principal Clarinet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Learn more / Buy now

Featured Videos

Marc Nuccio on the Consistency and Richness of Reserve Classic Marc Nuccio on the Consistency and Richness of Reserve Classic
Watch now!
Richard Hawley Talks about Why He Switched to Reserve Classic Richard Hawley Talks about Why He Switched to Reserve Classic
Watch now!




25 October 2008


The Limité clarinet (not to be confused with the Limited) is considered a professional clarinet, right below the R13 in the BC professional pecking order.  It is made at the same factory as the R13 in France, is made from African black wood and has silver-plated keys.  Bruce Marking has played some that he said played every bit as good as an R13, so they are a great alternative for someone that is looking for a Buffet Crampon professional clarinet but can’t come up with the money to purchase an R13.

27 August 2008

Product Brochure Features & Specifications Other Portable Recorders

The latest addition to Sony’s family of portable audio recorders, the PCM-D50 recorder adopts many of its features and style from the highly acclaimed PCM-D1 model, including rugged construction and cool design. It’s the ideal choice for making live musical, nature sound and field recordings. The PCM-D50 is a 96 kHz/24-bit recorder fitted with two-position (X-Y or Wide) stereo microphones, 4 GB of internal flashmemory and a Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo™ slot for additional storage. Operating on four AA alkaline batteries, it provides 14 hours of record operation at 44.1kHz 16bit recording. Unique features such as a two-position stereo microphone, a prerecord buffer that records five seconds of audio before hitting the record button, digital pitch control, and A/B segment/ repeat offer great portable possibilities for songwriters, musicians and journalists. To complement the PCM-D50 recorder, new optional accessories include a remote control, tripod stand, and microphone windscreen.

Superb Recording Quality
The PCM-D50 is a 96kHz/24 bit linear recorder that records in standard .WAV file format and surpasses standard DAT sound quality. A low signal-to-noise ratio provides virtually noise-free recording quality.

Expandable Memory
With a 4GB built-in memory, the PCM-D50 records up to six hours when recording in 44.1kHz 16bit CD quality mode. And the Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo Slot provides up to 4GB memory expandability.

Built-in Microphones
The PCM-D50 recorder comes equipped with a high sensitivity, built-in, two-position electret condenser stereo microphone with flexible rotation for either X-Y or Wide stereo positions.

Playback Functions
The PCM-D50 recorder provides MP3 playback, a special Digital Pitch Control feature that slows down playback without changing pitch, and an A/B segment repeat feature that allows you to mark and repeat segments.

Versatile Recording Functions
The Dual Digital Limiter feature helps prevent distortion, a pre-record buffer records five seconds of audio before hitting the record button, and Super Bit Mapping technology helps achieve, wide, dynamic range.

PC/Macintosh Compatible
The PCM-D50 utilizes a simple drag and drop file transfer via high-speed USB connection.

Rugged Construction
Constructed of lightweight metal (aluminum), the PCM- D50 recorder is built rugged to withstand the demands of pro applications.


               A serious aspect of musical development besides the lesson studies, physical technical development, musical performance in several venues, and more, is the importance of listening to music through live performances and recordings.  In the last few years, technology has advanced to the point where listening and recording has become state of the art.  When the Digital era started 30 years ago, it revolutionized the entire professional mastering field.  In 1981 when Sony introduced the now legendary PCM F1, the unit, consisting of a book-side processor matched with a Betamax SL 2000, same size, about destroyed the Analog recording industry with specifications 30+% better than analog recordings with Dolby and DBX Noise Reduction (for reducing hiss- Signal-Noise Ratio). These PCM F1 units cost $2000 plus the SL-2000 for another $800.  Analog studio machines cost about $6000+ depending on features.  Add the Mastering Tape on 10" reels running at 15 or 30 ips (inches per second), the cost was very high to make recordings of Studio quality.   In the last year, a new era of Digital Recording technology has made its mark again.   A new unit called the Sony PCM D50, a handheld unit utilizing microchip technology, and costing only $500, delivers specifications even hotter than the Sony F1 including 96 KHz oversampling, over double that of what is recorded on CD's.  The unit includes built in Stereo XY Condensor microphones, making the unit perfect for concerts, rehearsals, lessons, practicing, and more.  The unit weighs less than 1 pound.  It is highly recommended for every player, teacher, as it can make for music progress in an accelerated way.


Bose - United States
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Bose Wave music system
The Wave® music system is engineered with waveguide speaker technology to deliver enhanced audio performance. The Bose® Wave® music system is setting a bold new standard for tabletop systems, and may well become the primary music system in your home.
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Wave music system – the acclaimed tabletop CD player and FM/AM radio
Learn what's inside the Wave music systemLearn how the Wave® music system reproduces lower musical notes
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Hear what Bose customers have to say about the Wave music system Hear what people are saying about our newest tabletop music system
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Popular Science called the original Bose® Wave® radio "a sonic marvel." Now, the Wave® music system builds on the achievements of its acclaimed predecessor to set a whole new standard in audio performance, simplicity and elegant design. This innovative music system provides lush, room-filling sound from a system so small and simple to use, it fits almost anywhere.

Enjoy crisper, more accurate sound with the Bose Wave® music system

The Wave® music system reproduces one-half octave lower musical notes and delivers even greater clarity and definition than the original Wave® radio/CD. With its deeper tones and even more lifelike sound, you might just feel like you’re sitting in the front row.

Inside, our new proprietary waveguide speaker technology combines with other Bose® technologies to deliver enhanced performance—at all listening levels. You'll hear the same clear musical nuances whether you turn the volume up or keep it soft.

You'll also enjoy the full depth and range of every vocal or instrument on newer MP3s, CD-R/RWs, and conventional CDs. Listen to CDs created on your computer and take advantage of the new digital MP3 format to enjoy hours of uninterrupted Wave® music system quality sound.

Wave music system—simplicity by design

The Wave® music system was engineered to be delightfully easy to use. There are no visible buttons. Instead, the entire music system is completely and conveniently controlled by a credit card-sized remote control. And setup couldn’t be easier. The CD player, digital AM/FM tuner, amplifiers and speakers are all built-in so you can enjoy quality sound right out of the box.

The large, bright display panel is easy to read and understand, prominently displaying the artist, title and album names of your suitably encoded MP3 CDs. It's also easy to enjoy the system's full, rich sound with your iPod or MP3 player, computer, TV or DVD player. And just plug into the headphone jack to keep the music to yourself.

Elegance in a distinctive design

The Wave® music system may look familiar, but it takes the original award-winning design of the Wave® radio/CD to new levels. With its absence of buttons and a convenient slot-loaded CD player, the Wave® music system is different from customary bookshelf stereos. Its slim, sleek profile shines through to complement just about any room.

You'll also enjoy more options for placing your music system where its distinctive design looks best. That's because the speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference from TVs or computer monitors.

Learn how you can expand your Lifestyle system to another room with your Wave music system and Bose linkYour Wave® music system can even become part of an expanded home entertainment experience. With Bose® link, the Wave® music system is now compatible with select Lifestyle® systems. So you can easily extend your Bose listening experience to multiple rooms.

It comes with a 30-day excitement guarantee

We offer a 30-day risk-free in-home trial so you can compare, side by side, the sound of the Wave® music system to that of larger and more expensive sound systems.

Quotes are reprinted with permission: Marcelle M. Soviero, Popular Science, 12/93

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                Another Tech aspect is the availability of playback systems for listening.  Many students are financially limited, and need a music hi-fi system at a good price for the performance.  There are obviously many of these systems that can be purchased at a hi-fi store, and one that has become very popular by its small size and all inclusive design that can be placed on a desk is a BOSE Music Wave System, costing about $500. Information on the company websites.

15 April 2008

15 September 2007

Introduction of Tom Ridenour Lyric Clarinets


         After much research and careful testing with the 'from the ground up' design percepts,  Tom Ridenour has made available these formidable clarinets, made from Hard rubber rather than grenadilla wood, possibly proving that wood based on physiological characteristics is not the only answer to tone quality production.  These clarinets will not crack under extreme temperature conditions, produce a tone equal to a wood clarinet, and in addition as the above gallery photos indicate, improvements in the key mechanism and its contribution to the final product.  Of great interest is the price which is much less than competing clarinets given its quality.   Serious students and pros should check these instruments and note that Mr Ridenour is a major player as a performer as well as a designer and repair tech.  For an interesting review analysis of these new Clarinets, check a review by Leslie Craven, Solo Clarinetist in the National Welsh Opera Orchestra.


11 November  2006

Luis Rossi Clarinets

Clarinet maker wows world  -  Virtuoso's wares made to order $4,400 price tag  reflects his expertise 


Workers in a small adobe house in a gritty area of 
downtown Santiago are quietly producing what many musicians consider 
to be the world's best clarinets, carving out a niche in a global 
trade dominated by two or three big manufacturers. 
The workshop of Argentine-born virtuoso clarinetist Luis Rossi is 
midway down a tidy lane of one-storey row houses, its exterior giving 
no clue to its importance in the rarefied world of professional 
clarinet players. 
The shop in Chile's capital is nearly silent as seven workers 
concentrate on forming wood and metal into concert instruments. 
The painstaking work contrasts with the mass production of the big 
clarinet makers. They include global giant Yamaha of Japan, which 
sells nearly $3 billion worth of musical instruments annually, as well 
as Leblanc and Selmer, owned by U.S.-based Steinway. 
"In a world dominated by two or three large manufacturers this is an 
example of a small-scale business succeeding, and the reason he 
succeeds is because his instruments are so good," Jane Ellsworth, Ohio 
State University music history lecturer and Kenyon College clarinet 
instructor, said of Rossi. "It's a real miracle." 
Rossi, who is in his 50s, has built a loyal following over the last 15 
years among major symphony orchestras, leading conservatories, 
acclaimed soloists and recording artists. 
Musicians wait more than a year for a Rossi clarinet and pay upward of 
$4,400. They say he is the only manufacturer who combines being a 
world-class performing artist with such a vast store of technical 
"There is nobody else," said Howard Klug, recording artist and 
professor at the Indiana University school of Music. "It's an unusual 
Rossi uses African blackwood from Mozambique for most of his 
clarinets. When the instrument bodies are complete they are given a 
10-day oil treatment, which crystallizes, and is then buffed into the 
traditional lustrous black finish that gives the mistaken impression 
clarinets are made of ebony. 
"Paquito" reads a label on one of the wooden tubes, which dry for 
years in the shop before they can become clarinets. 
"Paquito D'Rivera wants us to make him a clarinet. It's amaranto wood 
from Costa Rica," Rossi said. D'Rivera, an acclaimed Cuban jazz and 
classical musician and winner of five Grammy awards, already owns 
three Rossi rosewood clarinets. 
"The amaranto has been here for a year, and we'll see, it will depend 
on how impatient Paquito gets. We'll try to make him wait," Rossi 
said, explaining that his five-year natural drying process makes the 
instruments more stable than the three-day kiln-drying process of 
other manufacturers. 
Another difference in Rossi clarinets is the one-piece body design. It 
is harder to produce, but unlike the standard two-piece design, makes 
it possible to place toneholes exactly where they belong for accurate 
After the clarinets are built, Rossi puts each instrument through a 
rigorous two-week process of testing and final adjustment. Rossi 
clarinets, including 10 different standard models, as well as custom 
instruments, are built to the specifications of individual performers. 


13 August 2006

TYRO Clarinets from Mitchell Lurie - New Product Introduction

The Finest Clarinet in its Class

TYRO by Mitchell Lurie is a premium-level student clarinet. This instrument was designed under the direct guidance of Mitchell Lurie, the world-renowned teacher and performer. Mr. Lurie's design concept was to create an instrument that allows the student musician the best opportunity to learn and advance, "without the problems of a troublesome instrument."

TYRO: The Finest Clarinet in its Class

image image image image image image image image image


Buffet Reception

Dignitaries visiting

Buffet Opening Cake

NY Philharmonic Clarinet Section with Buffet

Stanley Drucker with score check

Drucker, Doc Severenson, Mitchell Estrin

NY Phil players and reception

Buffet browsing reception

Chris Coppinger and Stanley Drucker

Mark Nuccio, Mike Getzin and Stanley Drucker

Pascual Martinez Forteza and Buffet President Paul Baronnat

Entertainment reception

Nuccio, Drucker, Severonson, Jon Manasse

20 May 2006

Buffet-Crampon USA Grand Opening

Jacksonville, Florida USA

           A momentous celebration convened earmarking the headquarter position in the United States of this great company in its distribution of its clarinets and other products.  The attendance included corporate and dealers, and many of the star clinicians, active professional players from many Orchestras in the US, including the New York Philharmonic, the Rochester Philharmonic, the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and more.   During the time of this event, the interaction between the guests and the positive regard for the company was well poised with musical activity provided by students from the University of Florida Clarinet Studio under Professor Mitchell Estrin, who also is Creative and Educational Manager for Buffet-Crampon.  Paul Baronnat, President of Buffet from Paris, and regarded as a savior for the firm in the past year, presided in ceremonies opening this facility and made presentations as shown above in the galleries. 

Drucker Chronological Career summary





           It is a rare event to have in presence such luminary musicians in attendance.  Special note and distinction was made to Stanley Drucker, the legendary Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic.  Having performed in this Orchestra for 58 years with his track record is unheard of.  A chronological history of his career was posted along a wall detailing his accomplishments.

          Other great players and dignitaries included Donald Montanero from the Philadelphia Orchestra, Robert DiLutis from the Rochester Philharmonic, Patti DiLutis from the Buffalo Philharmonic, and New York Philharmonic members Mr Drucker, Mark Nuccio, Pascual Martinez Forteza, Stephen Freeman,  Jon Manasse, Eastman faculty and Solo Clarinet in the American Ballet Orchestra, and several others to be named.

Baronnat Clarinet Presentation

Orchestra Painting Presentation

Painting Presentation

Paul Baronnat at presentation

FRancois Kloc, Drucker and colleagues

           This was a memorable event celebrating a great firm and a loyal list of players.  Credit is due to Francois Kloc, US Artist Director, Paul Baronnat, for his efforts to reinforce the future of the firm, and the many involved in their loyalty to keep the company strong to the faith of its customers.  


April 10, 2006

News Release  Forte’ Instrument Group, Atlanta GA

Sharon Henderson 770-381-0092

The G-H Corporation, Forte’ Instrument Group announced that it will be

introducing the Forte’ C clarinet at the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium in June

2006 and ClarinetFest 2006 in Atlanta, August 2006. The Forte’ C in the key of

C joins the Forte’ Bb clarinet from the Forte’ Instrument Group as the newest in

their lineup of revolutionary / evolutionary clarinets.

The “C” clarinet is unique among the clarinet family because it is described as

having a tone closest to the human singing voice and can take advantage of the

huge repertoire of music written for the piano.

The Forte’ C clarinet is a professional level clarinet offered initially in hand

selected Grenadilla wood, silver keywork, and with two tuning barrels especially

designed for the clarinet. In addition to the acclaimed Forte’ features which

include the patented no-jam bridge key, ergonomic key modifications, SOFAS

bridge key alignment system, and strategic key strengthening elements, a new

innovation – TRAC (Tuned Resonance Acoustic Chamber) has been added to

the scientifically designed bell to clarify intonation of the low notes, facilitate

crossing the break, and adding a wider more colorful sound pallet for the player.

“We are pleased to offer a truly affordable high quality Forte’ C clarinet to our

lineup and our prototype testing by experts has far exceeded our expectations in

performance, sound quality, and playing characteristics. We had trouble getting

the “little” clarinet back from the expert testers who wanted to keep it for concerts

and performances right away.” stated Dr. L. Omar Henderson, CEO of the Forte’

Instrument Group. “Many professionals that have tried the Forte’ C say that it

plays like a little Bb clarinet without the shrillness and tuning problems associated

with even the most expensive “C” clarinets on the market today costing 2,4 or

even 8 times as much” said Dr. Henderson.

Graham Golden, CMO of the Forte’ Instrument Group stated, “our goal of

producing a high quality “C” clarinet at an inexpensive price is realized in the

Forte’ C and plans for introducing the Forte’ C in a composite material will

probably come in early 2007.” “There is a huge resurgence in the market for “C”

clarinets among the expanding ranks of senior players that want to play music

with friends, at social gatherings and church.”


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