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September 2017 Hot News


26 September 2017

VIP and Solo Clarinetist in the Istanbul (Turkey) Opera/Ballet Orchestra Ecesu Sertesen performs Recital at the Buffet New York Showroom

New York City USA


26 September 2017

Senior VIP Karl Leister (Solo Klarinettist Emeritus in the Berliner Philharmoniker Master Class at the Milan Conservatory - VIP Luigi Magistrelli, Host 

Milan, Italy



13 September 2017

McGill/McHale Trio performs at the Buffet New York Showroom and CD Party

New York City USA


13 September 2017


VIP Diane Barger and Denise Gainey (Amitia Duo) master class and Concert at Kansas State University - Dr Tod Kerstetter, Host


12 September 2017



David Shifrin Master Class and Recital at Michigan State University - VIP Guy Yehuda, Host

East Lansing, Michigan USA



1 - 8 September 2017

A week of intensive coaching with the Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra with VIP's Franklin and Diana Cohen

Szczecin, Poland 



VIP and Renowned Solo Oboist Albrecht Mayer in the Berliner Philharmoniker marks his 25th year as Principal



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