Review: Clarinet is star of chamber music program










16 - 17 September 2016


Potsdam (State University of New York) Clarinet Summit  - VIP's Julianne Kirk-Doyle and Raphael Sanders, Directors


Potsdam, New York USA




9 - 10 September 2016



Montana - Idaho Clarinet Festival with VIP Eric Mandat - Dr Shawn Copeland, Director









8 September 2016



VIP Andreas Ottensamer, Solo Klarinettist in the Berliner Philharmoniker, performs in New York at the New York Park Armory


New York City USA





27 August - 3 September 2016


Historical Clarinet Workshop (Kammermusik Workshops) Given by VIP Marie Ross at Oxford University 


Oxford, United Kingdom





 2 September 2016

VIP Gregory Raden (Solo Clarinetist in Dallas, Texas Symphony) Master Class at University of Iowa - VIP Jorge Montilla, Director -


Iowa City, Iowa USA





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