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Morales trying Selmer models

Weber Concertante coaching

Student coaching

Nielesen Quintet coaching

Morales, Student, Vincent Marinelli, Mr Bescond

Ricardo, Marinelli, Bescond

Session and talk

Exhibit browsing

Morales, Alan Bromwell, Mike Getzin, Vincent Marinelli, Mr Bescond

19 September 2004

Greenville, Delaware USA

2nd Selmer Clarinet Day  - Ricardo Morales Master Class

        This Sunday afternoon at the St Joseph Church Family Center held a major Master Class opportunity for students to witness one of the prodigal clarinetists of our time, Ricardo Morales, recently named Principal Clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra. Morales was previously principal at the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York, and winning that position at only 21.  Already since taking the position in Philadelphia, he has already been featured as soloist twice, performing the Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto, and the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K297 for 4 Winds and Orchestra.  Sponsors for this event were Selmer USA and Vincent Marinelli's Expert Woodwind Service.  Also in attendance and exhibiting mouthpieces and accessories were Ben Redwine Jazz, successor makers of the Gennusa line of  Clarinet mouthpieces continued after Ignatius Gennusa passed away, hence continuing his legacy.     During this afternoon, after Morales performed the Stravinky 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet, 3 advanced students were vigorously coached on prepared works they prepared, namely the Grand Duo Concertante of Weber Op 48 (1st and last movements), and the middle movement of the Nielsen Wind Quintet.  Questions about the teaching were addressed, along with pointers about instrument issues, such as fingering alternatives, tuning, voicing to get the best results, and more.  A display of some of the latest Selmer instruments were available to try, especially the Recital models, which Morales plays in the Orchestra.  This instrument is one of the most significant Selmer produces as its mainstream horn and has become very popular and worth an audition. More events of this type will surely be offered as interest is growing.  Credit is due to the sponsors Vincent Marinelli,  Jean-Francoise Bescond, US Selmer National Representative, and Alan Bomwell, Selmer Regional Manager.

Dan Gilbert with Student

Gilbert coaching student

Gilbert with student

Sal Andolina jazz seminar

Sal Andolina and Patti DiLutus

Francois Kloc servicing Clarinets

Vandoren Presentation

Buffet Presentation

Fred Weiner

Kloc Clarinet servicing

Faculty Clarinet Quartet open rehearsal

Robert DiLutus and Clarinet Choir

Reis McCullough Army Field Band Talk

Patti DiLutus Buffalo Philharmonic tribute

After concert Lunch with Patti DiLutus and artists

3 September 2004

 Rochester, New York  USA

 Buffet-Crampon Clarinet Music Masters Week - Rochester NY  (Aug 30-Sept 3 2004)

        This first time Buffet-Crampon Master Music Week, held at the 1st Baptist Church not far from the Eastman School of Music, had a comprehensive series of Master Classes given by prominent Clarinetists newly appointed Eb Clarinetist Patricia DiLutis of the Buffalo Philharmonic, Daniel Gilbert from the Cleveland Orchestra, Reis McCullough of the US Army Field Band, Salvatora Andolina, noted Jazz performer and Bass Clarinetist in the Buffalo Philharmonic, Francoise Kloc, acclaimed Director of North American activities with Buffet-Crampon, and featured in Instrument care and maintenance, David Gould, Director of Vandoren Artist Relations and Products, Chris Coppinger, the Music Group Regional Manager, and Robert DiLutis, Director of this project and maker of the ‘Reed Machine’.   Activities included lectures and seminars on many topics regarding performing, teaching, instrument care, especially covered by Mr Kloc with work performed on instruments for the enrollment, jazz classes given by Sal Andolina with the coverage of music theory to enhance understanding of the harmonic/melodic techniques of playing.  Frederick Wiener from New York made available supplies and instruments for purchase.  Each morning there were rehearsals of Clarinet ensembles with a concert held on 3 September.   A special note is the recent induction into the Buffalo Philharmonic of Patti DiLutis for 2nd Clarinet and Eb Clarinet, a tribute, recognized at this event.    Plans are being set to have another Clarinet Week next year which looks very promising.  Robert DiLutis is to be credited for an ambitious undertaking and is added to the numbers of Clarinet supporters that are needed to promote the playing of this instrument.


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