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Jon Manasse Soloist in Copland Clarinet Concerto

Manasse with Northern Chamber Orch

28 October 2006

1st Annual Potsdam Single Reed Summit

State University of New York, Potsdam, New York USA

         In 2006 the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam hosted the 1st annual Potsdam Single Reed Summit. The two headline artists were clarinetist Jon Manasse and saxophonist Claude Delangle.

         Friday evening included 2 master classes. In the Jon Manasse master class, Elizabeth Widzinski performed the Debussy Rhapsodie and Sandy Tepper performed the opening of the Nielsen Concerto. Following this class was Claude Delangle's master class with Daniel Graser playing the Berio Sequenza and Collette Hall playing ...

        There were many outstanding recitals and clinics presented by the artists at the 2006 Summit including Jerry Bergonzi, Timothy McAllister, Taimur Sullivan, Kim Cole Luevano, the United States Military Academy Band Clarinet and Saxophone Quartets and the Potsdam Clarinet Quartet. The Crane faculty Raphael Sanders, Julianne Kirk and Patrick Murphy presented a host recital and  Crane Alumni Adam Williamson, Linda Cionitti, Deborah Andrus also performed. 

       The 2006 Summit Gala Concert featured Claude Delangle performing the Glazunov Saxophone Concerto and Jon Manasse performing the Copland Concerto with the Orchestra of Northern New York to a sold out crowd in Hosmer Concert Hall at the Crane School of Music. Both performers brought the house down with their incredible artistry. 

       The 2007 2nd Annual Single Reed Summit will take place September 28-29, 2007 and features PRISM, Alcides Rodriguez, Donald Montanaro, Joe Lulloff and Gary Whitman as well as recitals and clinics presented by the Coast Guard Band Clarinet and Saxophone Quartets, David Gould, Michael Holmes, Ben Redwine, Cindy Lansford and the Potsdam Clarinet Quartet.

       Crane faculty Christopher Creviston, Julianne Kirk, Patrick Murphy and Raphael Sanders will present a host recital and alumni Sandy Tepper, Richard Viglucci and Adam Williamson will give a recital. 

       There will be master classes given by Rodriguez, Montanaro, Lulloff and PRISM featuring crane students and a special guest saxophone quartet from Penn State University. Each evening will feature a Gala concert. Friday evening will feature Alcides Rodriguez in a performance of standards including two of Rodriguez's adaptations for Bass Clarinet.  Saturday evening will feature PRISM in a performance of new works.

      This event has been made possible by the generous support of the following organizations: Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, Crane Student Association, Buffet Crampon, Vandoren/DANSR, Rico/D'Addario, Yamaha, Selmer, Conn-Selmer, Orsi and Weir, Ben Redwine, Weiner Music, Luyben Music, Northern Music and Video, The Reed Wizard, St. Mary's Parish - Catholic Church of Potsdam, Coldwell Banker, Scott's Auto, Sabad's Restaurant and Sleepy Hollow Studios. Please see our website at for more information.


Michigan State University Clarinet Day with Faculty and Participants under Dr Caroline Hartig, Professor of Clarinet

Caroline Hartig Introduction

Hartig Lesson session

Buffet lecture with Francois Kloc

Buffet exhibit with Mr Kloc

28 October 2006

Michigan State University Clarinet Day

 East Lansing, Michigan USA

 By Sigal Hemy and Eddie VanRiper

         Michigan State University and Professor Caroline Hartig hosted the third annual Clarinet Extravaganza on Saturday, October 28, 2006. This event has been growing since 2004, when it began as a simple celebration of the instrument and its repertoire. The Extravaganza, offered to any clarinetist regardless of experience, has expanded into a day full of guest lecturers and performances. This year, MSU was delighted to host Ted Oien, the principal clarinetist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and François Kloc, Director of Marketing for Buffet Crampon.

         The day began with a master class entitled “Technician or Musician: Finding the Music in Demanding Technical Passages,” offered by Dr. Hartig, Professor of Clarinet at Michigan State. “The highest priority of a complete performance,” Dr. Hartig explained, “should be the communication of musical thoughts and ideas.” She illustrated this concept through her comments on student performances of Dancing Solo by Libby Larsen, originally debuted by Dr. Hartig at Carnegie Hall, and Bach’s Chromatic Fantasia. She touched on fundamentals such as horn angle, body position, embouchure, voicing, air speed, breath support, finger facility, hand position, and rhythm. With a firm grounding in such foundations, she concluded that a player’s innate musicality will be more easily communicated.

            Next, Ted Oien presented a master class focusing on the essentials of a successful orchestral audition. This workshop was divided into four categories: musicianship—exemplified by excerpts from Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony and Brahms’s Third, articulation—using Mendelssohn’s Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, rhythm—using Stravinsky’s Firebird, and technique—present in all of the above but especially significant in Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol and Ginestera’s Orchestral Suite. Mr. Oien stressed that, though the goal was to incorporate all four categories into one’s playing, musicianship transcends everything else.

            Afterwards, François Kloc gave a lecture that detailed specific methods of clarinet maintenance and highlighted a number of the clarinet models available today. After his presentation, he held a question and answer session, which proved very informative. Along with local vendors including Meridian Winds and Marshall Music, François was available throughout the day for complimentary repairs and adjustments.

            The day’s festivities came to a close with a concert opened by Dr. Hartig, who performed Cantilene and Pastorale Cevenole by Louis Cahuzac, Andre Messager’s Solo de Concours, Achat Sha’alti by Paul Schoenfeld, and, with Ted Oien, Mendelssohn’s Concertpiece No. 2. Next, the MSU Clarinet Studio played a transcription of Rossini’s Introduction, Theme, and Variations, conducted by sophomore clarinet player Geoffrey Larson. Scored for clarinet choir and soloist, the piece was performed by Sara Stolt, recipient of the Roger J. Topliff Clarinet Scholarship. The performance was dedicated to Topliff in honor of his generous contributions to Dr. Hartig’s studio.

           The remainder of the concert featured performances by clarinet ensembles including the All-State Interlochen Honors Band, the By-B-Flats, The Clarinet Connexions, and The Clarinet Day Festival Choir. The Festival Choir, made up of everyone who attended the Extravaganza, was conducted by Dr. Wesley Broadnax, Assistant Director of Bands at Michigan State.

           For the third consecutive year, Michigan State’s Clarinet Day attracted college students, aspiring clarinetists, and retired musicians playing for the love of both music and the instrument. Each group had something to teach the other, and all left motivated to seek new challenges in their clarinet experiences. Join us for next year’s fourth annual Clarinet Extravaganza, which will be a tribute to the renowned and distinguished Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Professor of Clarinet at Michigan State for over forty-five years.

Carlo Miguel Prieto, LPO Conductor and Stanley Drucker

Conference with Prieto, Corigliano, Drucker

28 October 2006

Performance of Corigliano Clarinet Concerto with Stanley Drucker and the Louisiana Philharmonic

New Orleans, Louisiana USA

           A very special week in New Orleans convened as part of a Festival of Living Composers where two performances by the Louisiana Philharmonic and including a Composer's Competition and special guest John Corigliano, one of the most important American composers and composer of the Clarinet Concerto premiered 29 years ago with Soloist Stanley Drucker and conducted by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in 1977.  Programs are posted in the galleries. 

          This Orchestra is a very special group of musicians, residing in a city destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and facing economic ruin after the storm last year.  Many of the musicians had to leave the city, losing their homes and livelihoods and facing an unbearable situation.   Thanks to John Reeks, Bass Clarinetist, and others, near impossible efforts were launched to save this valuable orchestra, and over 80% have returned and progress toward normalization is happening. Of interest, hearts went out for these musicians from all over the USA and abroad, and of interest, one year ago to the day of this performance, the Orchestra played in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic as a fundraiser to get the Orchestra on track financially, raising over $100,000 that night.  The performance tonight with the performance of the Corigliano Concerto with legendary Clarinet soloist Stanley Drucker, with John Corigliano directly involved in the program makes the bond even stronger.

           The four days leading to the concert included a Drucker Master Class held at Loyola University for a packed hall of students and professionals and teachers.  Six students performed standard solo literature, mostly Carl Maria von Weber, Mozart, with Mr Drucker coaching each student with important fundamentals to increase performance levels which took effect almost immediately.   Clarinet firms Buffet-Crampon and Yamaha displayed instruments for those who attended.

          John Corigliano gave a special lecture and analysis of the Concerto for composition students and the public, giving a concise description of his whole concept and how he designed the work.  Program notes describe the basics, and at the concert, Mr Corigliano spoke to the audience to familiarize them with the piece.  An interesting point made was how he designs the sound architecture before the themes are later placed.  After hearing the points, it was clear that this work is probably the most important Clarinet Concerto ever written in the 20th Century.  Excerpts from the world premiere recording with Drucker and Bernstein were played, almost thrilling the attendance with the substance and virtuosity of soloist Drucker and the Philharmonic.

           Two major rehearsals were attended to witness the preparation with Corigliano directly involved.  The concert opened with this work, and Mousorgsky'a Pictures from an Exhibition concluded the concert. The performance with Mr Drucker was nothing less than incredible just like the premiere in 1977.   I can only conclude that Drucker is probably the most important soloist of all time. 

          The four days here was the high point of the entire year given the history made here with such powerful forces of artistry and heartful support for a great orchestra.

Alumni Band rehearsed and Performed under Dr Paula Holcomb

Fredonia Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and performance

21 October 2006

State University at Fredonia Alumni Homecoming Weekend and Major Clarinet Master Class with Larry Combs and Julia DeRoche

Fredonia, New York USA

        The annual event held on this major University campus featured the return of several Music graduate alumni who have served in many professions including teaching, performance, and other related fields.  A major afternoon showcase concert held in the Rockefeller Performing Arts Center King Concert Hall featured ensembles including Choral, Band, and Orchestra performing works remembered through the years.  Performance level was very high tier, manifesting the quality of educational training and what followed each graduate into their professional lives.  The Concert Band, conducted by Director of Bands Dr Paula Holcomb, was especially high.  The group, inside one hour, fully rehearsed the Vaughan Williams Folk Song Suite, and performed that afternoon.   The same evening, the Fredonia Wind Ensemble, based on Eastman Wind Ensemble instrumentation, performed an extensive program including Shostakovich Festive Overture, Richard Strauss's Serenade Op 7, the Krommer Double Clarinet Concerto Op 35, with acclaimed guest soloist Larry Combs, Solo Clarinet in the Chicago Symphony, and Julia DeRoche. Professor at DePaul University, and a close performing Associate in the Chicago Symphony.   Paul Hindemith's Symphony in Bb, written for The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own), concluded the program. 

Larry Combs / Julie DeRoche Master Class

           An intensive Master Class with both Combs and DeRoche was held with 6 students given thorough critique and duo consensus regarding their performance issues, as they played various standard Clarinet repertoire, including the Weber Grand Duo Concertante, Stravinsky 3 Pieces, Copland Concerto, and other pieces.  As classes go, both coaches emphasized the importance of constant adherrance to practicing fundamentals, such as tone production and long tones, scales and arpeggios practiced daily and covering them completely, embouchure issues, as one student was given some pointers regarding teeth alignment in the proper formation, and how to take in the correction information and make the change to improve her playing.  The students were music majors, one who performed the Copland was one of the best coached.  Both Mr Combs and Ms DeRoche separately tutored the students, then after they concluded the student, they would conclude a consensus that would sum up the concepts and how to benefit the student. The session was over 2 hours and nothing was boring about their covering the class. Anyone attending such classes should be ready to take notes as there is so much to talk about.

        Overall, this was a very important meeting of minds, from the Alumni returns to this extraordinary Master Class,  which should encourage anyone with a school to return to to use this opportunity to advance themselves and touch base with past friends to reunite with.  As with other similar events, including Military Band Alumni reunions, this is an event never to miss.  The University and its directors are to be commended for this opportunity.

20 October 2006

Eddie Daniels Special Celebration at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York

New York City USA

        Eddie Daniels, probably one of the most celebrated Jazz greats, celebrated his 65th Birthday with a series of jazz combo dates for a week at the Iridium Jazz Club in Midtown Manhattan.   On one night, many of the great clarinetists in jazz came and performed with him in his honor.  There are few clarinetists with the credentials and background of Eddie, including classical training at Juilliard, and experience and mentoring from such greats as Buddy DeFranco, and a host of others.  Recordings span over 30 years and performances have been worldwide, performing with Symphony Orchestras, Clarinet and Music Festivals, and offers jazz training one on one by arrangement in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  All clarinetists should see what Eddie has achieved not only as a performer, but his concept and the fusion between strict classical training and jazz elements and how creativity and expression no less technical can make one a much improved musician beyond just being a player.  Everyone who studies the instrument should explore this avenue of fusion. 

Eastman School of Music

Harvey Hermann in Mass Choir rehearsal

Robert DiLutis talk on Rhythm and speed tonguing

FRancois Kloc, Jon Manasse, Robert Dilutis, and Chris Coppinger

William Blayney and Harvey Hermann

Francois Kloc and Dr Julianne Kirk

Chris Coppinger introducing Manasse and Grant

Robert Dilutis and Eastman grad student Sun Jae Kang

Hermann in rehearsal

Eb Clarinetists in Mass Choir

15 October 2006

Buffet-Crampon 2nd Clarinet Choir Festival - Eastman School of Music 

Rochester, New York USA

          The 2nd Clarinet Ensemble Festival was held before an attendance of over 300 enthusiastic players and ensemble members from all over the US and Canada.  This Festival was sponsored by Buffet-Crampon USA and Vandoren, who underwrote the entire project and offered free admission to all who came as a Clarinet service to bring inspiration and educational value through phenomenal ensemble performances, Master Classes by some of the finest names in the Clarinet world, three of whom are artist faculty at the Eastman School of Music, Kenneth Grant, Professor and Solo Clarinetist in the Rochester Philharmonic, Robert DiLutis, 2nd/ Eb Clarinetist, and Jon Manasse, Solo Clarinetist in the New York City Ballet Orchestra and the Mostly Mozart Orchestra in New York, and a prime Solo artist well known worldwide.  Patti DiLutis, 2nd / Eb Clarinetist in the Buffalo Philharmonic, David Gould, an established Clarinet artist in New York and Vandoren Director and authority on Reed matters and mouthpieces, and William Blayney, Clarinetist in the Seattle Symphony were all poised with important class information to make a major insight for all who attended.  The entire weekend was almost an out of clarinet experience.  Mitchell Estrin, Director of the Festival, was totally instrumental in making this success a landmark in the Clarinet Choir Evolution.    Harvey Hermann, a long standing meastro in this movement, conducted a Mass Choir to very high standard.  More detailed information is detailed on the Clarinet Choir News Page.

Mercandante Competition Jury

Jury Dinner after Competition

Mercandante Competition and Judges

12 October 2006

2° CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE DI CLARINETTO  "Saverio Mercadante" - 6 -12 October 2006 - Bari, Italy

Bari, Italy

The “Mercadante”International Clarinet Competition has been taken place in Turi (Bari-south Italy) from the 6th to 8th of October.  The participants came from different parts of Europe:  Italy, Russia, Israel, Serbia, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Holland.  The prize winners have been assigned as follows:

2° prize ( no first prize given) and “Alessandro Dalena “ Prize (Junior category )Udi Nave,  17 years old  from Israel.

Regarding Chamber Music 

2° prize and special Prize  “Victor de Sabata” to the Cluster Four Clarinet Quartet from Italy  with  Luca Cipriano, Perla Cormani, Roberta Pigliacampo e Rina Mastrototaro,

3° Prize to the  Trio coming from  Germany with  Nadia Hamoudi (clarinet), Friedericke Kienle (cello) and  Amalia Maria Pop (piano). For the category Senior soloists:

2° Prize Francesco Defronzo (Italy), 3° Prize ex-aequo Evy Van Dongen (Belgium) and Valentin Uryupin (Russia).

In the jury there were Karl Leister (president), Luigi Magistrelli, Antonio Tinelli, Aurelian Popa,  and Petko Radev.
After the competition  ( 10-11-12) Karl Leister gave some Master classes.


Concert Introduction by Sarah Siddique

Giglamesh pre performance explanation

Leigh Smiley explanation

Information about the Giglamesh

Start of video / music performance

Kinan Azmeh solo Clarinet

Dark sketching and performance

Media showing

Panel discussion

Kevork Mourad and Azmeh explaing and taking questions

Galleries of sketches

KInan Azmeh and Syrian Ambassador Moustapha

Ambassador Moustapha and Giglamesh performers

Ambassador with performers in lobby

Azmeh and Mike Getzin

6 October 2006

Gilgamesh Project Concert with Kinan Azmeh and Kevork Mourad

Catlett Performing Arts Center - University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland USA

            This unique concert, creatively developed using high-tech multimedia computer art spontaneously created during the musical performance with solo clarinet, played brilliantly by Juilliard postgraduate Kinan Azmeh, a student of Charles Neidich and a Doctoral candidate at the City University of New York, makes for an incredible experience dealing with folk ethnic music developed with sound computer processing intermixed with the soloist at all times during his performance.   The Gilgamesh Project is an evolving venture dealing with the musical / computer art etching (onto a large screen) drawn by the artist - Kevork Mourad, who sketches each of the portals of the story about Iraq over 5000 years ago, and the Epic story thereof rich in meaning, romance, and humor. After presenting the image of a Sumarian tablet, the duo ensemble delves into chapters of the story including:

Portrait of Giglamesh



The Taming of Ekidu

The Dreams

The Friendship

The Cedar Forest

Ekidu's Demise

The Flower of Immortality


            The above galleries show the ideas, several wall sketches produced during past performances, and the concept and performance of this piece of work, which never repeats itself in successive performance.  The entire concert was both video and music performed improvised and was very effective with its capability to tell the story on both sides.  A major intent of the concert was to spread positive understanding from a diverse attendance to understand the dynamics and historic cultural concepts.  Attendees included Professors from the University, students, those interested in Social Sciences, and diplomats.

The concert was sponsored in part from the Syrian Embassy, and  Ambassador Imad Moustapha was in attendance.  Mr Azmeh is from Syria.



1 Oktober 2006

Dresden Deutsche Klarinetten Symposium

Dresden, Germany

        The 5th German Klarinette Symposium was held at the Carl von Weber Hochmusikschule with an extensive program of Chamber concerts, Master Classes, Recitals, and lectures. The major conservatories within Germany brought their KlarinetteKlasses in performance  along with recognized artists as listed below. 

Complete program details are contained in the PDF document below:


detailliertes Programmhelf als .pdf download

Freitag, 29.9.2006

10.00 Uhr

10.30 Uhr
Vorspiel Klasse Prof. Joachim Klemm (Dresden)

11.30 Uhr
Romi Sota-Klemm (Dreden): Unterricht: „Wie übe ich Stockhausens ‚In Freundschaft‘?“

12.45 Uhr
Matthias Grimminger (Dortmund): Konzert mit neuen Stücken aus dem Artivo-Verlag

14.15 Uhr
Prof. Josef Oehl (Dresden): Aspekte des Klarinettenspiels und der Klarinettenausbildung in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart in Dresden

James B. Wright (Osnabrück): Rundfunk- aufnahmen mit historischer Bedeutung am Beispiel von Karl Schütte, Solo-Klarinettist der Sächsischen Staatskapelle Dresden von 1923 bis 1964

16.00 Uhr
Sherif el Razzaz (Frankfurt): Neue Werke für Klarinette und Klavier

17.00 Uhr
Wolfram Grosse, Klarinette, und das Dresdener Streichquartett (Thomas Meining, Barbara Meining, Andreas Schreiber, Martin Jungnickel): C. M. v. Weber: Klarinettenquintett B-Dur op. 34

18.00 Uhr
Probe Klarinettenchor

20.00 Uhr
René Oswald (Chur): Solo-Konzert


Hans-Matthias Glassmann (Schwerin): Konzert für Klarinette, Bassetthorn und Klavier


  Samstag, 30.9.2006

8.30 Uhr

10.00 Uhr
Knut Holtsträter (Weimar)
Vortrag zu Webers Grand Duo

11.00 Uhr
Pierre-André Taillard (La Chaux de Fonds)
Vortrag: Aufführungspraxis der Klarinettenmusik von Weber

12.00 Uhr Konzert Bärmann-Trio:
Sven van der Kuip
(Klarinetten), Ulrich Büsing (Bassetthorn, Baßklarinette), John-Noel Attard (Klavier), a.G. Udo Diegelmann (Schlagzeug)

13.00 Uhr
Ulrike Warnecke (Erftstadt):
Das Ensemblespiel in der (früh-)instrumentalen Ausbildung

14.00 Uhr
Suzanne Stephens (Kürten): Einführung und Aufführung von Stockhausens ‚Zungenspitzentanz‘ (Michele Marelli), ‚Y‘ (Antonia Lorenz), ‚Ave‘ (zwei Japanerinnen), evtl. aus ‚Tierkreis‘ mit zwei 10-Jährigen

15.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Frank Heidlberger (Denton, Texas): Zur Situation von Aufführungspraxis und Quellen anhand von Webers Werken.

16.00 Uhr
Rolf Thomas Lorenz (Dresden): Konzert mit Werken Dresdner Komponisten für Klarinette

17.00 Uhr
Ralf Pegelhoff (Hannover):
Klarinettenunterricht heute – angesichts der Stellensituation in den Orchestern, der Ausbildungssituation an den Hochschulen und der Situation an den Musikschulen.

18.00 Uhr
Clarimonia: Werke für barocke und klassische Klarinetten, sowie für drei klassische Bassetthörner, ausgewählt, um diese Stücke auch auf modernen Klarinetten im Unterricht zu verwenden.

19.00 Uhr
Probe des Klarinettenchors

20.00 Uhr
Pierre-André Taillard (La Chaux de Fonds)
Grand Duo auf historischen Instrumenten mit Edoardo Torbianelli, Klavier

21.00 Uhr
Kafka, Klarinette und Klavier
Dieter Hufschmidt (Sprecher), Ralf Pegelhoff (Baßklarinette), Tim Ovens (Klavier)


  Sonntag, 1.10.2006

9.00 Uhr
Probe Klarinettenchor

10.00 Uhr
Linda Langeheine (Haan): Workshop zum Thema Üben/mentales Üben

11.00 Uhr
Matthias Müller (Zürich): Klarinettenlehrgang für Fortgeschrittene

12.00 Uhr
Rudolf Mauz (Kusterdingen): Vom Gruppenunterricht zum Bundespreisträger bei „Jugend musiziert“. Ein mögliches Konzept für den Klarinettenunterricht an einer Musikschule

13.00 Uhr
a) Matthias Höfer (Frankfurt): Workshop: Bass Clarinet Basics oder: „Wann fängt eine Baßklarinette an zu schwingen, und wann macht es keinen Spaß mehr.“
b) Jürgen Eckmeier (Dormagen): Anfangsunterricht mit der Klarinette

15.00 Uhr
Christopf Hilger (Wuppertal): Klarinettenchor der Deutschen Klarinetten-Gesellschaft, verstärkt durch Satoshi Kaneko (Japan) und seinem dem deutschen Klarinettenklang verpflichteten Klarinettenkreis „Holz“ (20 Teilnehmer): Konzert

16.00 Uhr
Frank Klüger: Das Klarinettenensemble des Konservatoriums Zwickau


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