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November 2015 Hot News


23 November 2015

Buffet-Crampon 190th Birthday Celebration with Clarinet Artist Dignitaries Worldwide in Performance and Reflection of the Clarinet Makers' Legacy from 1825

Paris, France

                  Nothing less than an incredible celebration on the historical Legacy of this great Clarinet Company started in 1825.  Along with the galleried photos above from this grand event, below is a testimonial reflecting the events and impressions from Alcides and Heather Rodriguez.

Greetings from Rodriguez Musical Services!

It is with great pleasure and a sense of being incredibly  fortunate that I am writing after just returning from Paris.  I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the Buffet 190th anniversary celebration activities, including a visit to the workshops in Mantes la Ville and Magnan Ville, and a terrific concert at Maison de la Radio (near the Eiffel tower) featuring some of Buffet's finest clarinet artists.

(With Philippe Leconte at Buffet Crampon)

The factory visit was incredibly informative and impressive, as each step of the clarinet-making process is delegated to a specialist who tends to his or her job with the utmost precision and craftsmanship.  Interestingly, one workshop prepares the raw materials (wood and metals) before being sent over to the other location for fine tuning, assembly and finishing.  

(Clarinet timeline at Buffet Crampon, Mantes la Ville)


It's hard to believe that I was also there less than a month ago selecting clarinets for RMS with our friend, Alexandre Chabod of the Paris Opera.  One can certainly get used to life à la française.
And in case you're wondering if recent tragic events have dampened the French way of life, you can rest assured that people are still working, smiling, laughing, meeting with friends for delicious meals and spending time with their kids sailing little boats in the pond of the jardin des Tuileries.  That has not changed.
Even between Buffet events, I had the time to meet with several friends for memorable meals and was relieved to find that even heightened security, lingering tragic memories and underlying daily risk haven't dampened the French spirit.

It is on this positive note and with the same sense of hope and optimism that we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Warm regards,



Mozart Concerto rehearsal prior to the two performances just held

20 - 21 November 2015

VIP Ricardo Morales, Solo Clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra, performs Mozart Clarinet Concerto K622 with the Columbus Symphony

Columbus, Ohio USA

Excerpts from the Concert Review from The Columbus Gazette



15 - 21 November 2015

Berliner Philharmoniker at Carnegie Hall in New York Performing complete Beethoven Symphony Cycle on Tour after Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna  -  Clarinet Master Classes given by Solo Klarinettists VIP Wenzel Fuchs at Juilliard School 19 November, and VIP Andreas Ottensamer 18 November at the Manhattan School of Music

New York City USA

                   In this legendary multi-national tour by the Berliner Philharmoniker, now in New York performing the entire Beethoven Symphony Cycle of its 9 symphonies under Sir Simon Rattle, this has been a noteworthy week including as posted above, master classes given by Klarinettist VIP's Wenzel Fuchs and Andreas Ottensamer.    VIP Charles Neidich, faculty at the Juilliard School was participating as well resulting in a special super-artist gathering that no one can easily forget. 

VIP Wenzel Fuchs, Principal Solo Klarinettist in the Berliner Philharmoniker, appointed as Professor of Klarinette at the Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg effective Oktober 2015 (in addition to position with the Berliner Philharmoniker)

7 November 2015

Senior VIP Franklin Cohen, Solo Clarinet Emeritus of the Cleveland Orchestra, with Students of VIP Kevin Schempf - Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio

Summary Information forthcoming





7 November 2015

The United States Navy Band Clarinet Day, VIP Laura Grantier, Director - Washington Navy Yard

Washington DC USA

Summary Information forthcoming



5 November 2015

VIP and Solo Klarinettist in the Berliner Philharmoniker Wenzel Fuchs performs a Charity Concert in Paris for the Fukishima situation in Japan

Paris, France

Summary Information forthcoming



5 November 2015

Master Class with Bass Clarinetist Sasha Potiomkin (Houston Symphony) at the Buffet New York Showroom

New York City USA

 Summary Information forthcoming


31 October - 1 November 2015

Boston Clarinet Academy Master Class weekend with Senior VIP and Solo Clarinetist Emeritus in the Cleveland Orchestra Franklin Cohen hosted by VIP Jonathan Cohler

Boston Massachusetts USA

Summary Information forthcoming





26 October - 3 November 2015

Maria Ross Historic Clarinet USA Tour from Germany at Several Universities including Cleveland Institute, Eastman School, Northwestern University, DePaul University, Wheaton Conservatory

Cleveland, Ohio, Evanston, Illinois, Chicago, Champaign USA

Summary Information forthcoming


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