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May 2020 Hot News


1 May 2020



live from the Berliner Philharmonie instead of the planned traditional Europakonzert held each May 1st in various cities - Tel Aviv lsrael this year - along to corona rules and in a small ensemble VIP Wenzel Fuchs clarinet last row left gustavmahler 4.Symphonie social distancing music forever - intense and thrilling concert    👌👌this writes music and orchestra history - Conducted by Kirill Petrenko 


Berlin, Germany


In light of the corona crisis, it was hardly to be expected that the Berliner Philharmoniker’s European Concert would take place at all this year. But now the concert will still happen – in a different form. Instead of a planned guest appearance in Tel Aviv, the Philharmoniker will perform in the empty Philharmonie in chamber orchestra formation, under strict health guidelines. Chief conductor Kirill Petrenko conducts a programme which includes an arrangement of Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony. Access is free of charge.










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