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March 2016 Hot News




19 March 2016


Clarinet Gala 2016 - Dr Rebecca Rischen, Director


Athens, Ohio USA

                On Saturday, March 19, 2016, Ohio University hosted its thirteenth clarinet gala, a full day of clarinet events for all ages and interests, in collaboration with Flute Fest and Double-Reed Extravaganza. Teachers, students, parents, amateurs, and professionals attended. In its fourth year was the Honors Clarinet Choir, featuring outstanding high school and college students selected competitively from schools from all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. All events took place in Robert Glidden Hall, the School of Music, on the campus of Ohio University in Athens.

             The featured guest artist was Oskar Espina-Ruiz, Artist/Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He presented a wonderful master class featuring Ohio University students and members of the Honors Clarinet Choir, and a fantastic recital with OU faculty pianist Youmee Kim along with the visiting artist for Flute Fest, Amara Guitry, a specialist in the Baroque flute. The recital featured works by Locatelli, Popp, Maggio, Debussy, Weymouth and Lovreglio.


             In addition to Espina-Ruiz's recital and master class, the day included a master class with Rebecca Rischin, Professor of Clarinet at Ohio University, featuring students from the Honors Clarinet Choir, and a host recital featuring Rischin and Alison Brown Sincoff, Associate Professor of Flute; Michele Fiala, Associate Professor of Oboe; and Matthew Morris, Lecturer of Bassoon. They performed works by Flowers, Birnstein, Mirco, Thompson and Grau. The Honors Clarinet Choir and Honors Flute Choirs presented a super grand finale concert performing works by Mancini, Yoder, Cardon, Vivaldi, Lombardo, Louke and Lutz. Current Ohio University students also performed in the clarinet choir. The day also featured a pizza lunch, and members of the Honors Clarinet Choir received gift bags full of useful and fun paraphernalia.



25 - 27 March 2016



 VIP Ricardo Morales Soloist with Mito (Japan) Chamber Orchestra in Mozart Clarinet Concerto K622 with Seiji Ozawa


 Mita, Japan



 24 March 2016 




VIP Guy Yehuda Soloist in Frank Ticeli's Clarinet Concerto with Wind Ensemble at Michigan State University


East Lansing, Michigan USA




23 March 2016





VIP and Solo Klarinettist in the Radio Sinfonie Orchestre Stuttgart Dirk Altmann Performs Copland Clarinet Concerto


Stuttgart, Germany



March 19 - 22 2016




Faculty Radovon Cavallin, Davon Reba, Ognjen Popovic, and Nicholas Cox, and Clarinet Choir led by Radovan Cavallin with D'Addario presentations


virovitica international music meeting


- Clarinet course and competition


Virovitica, Croatia




21 - 22 March 2016



Internationally Renowned Clarinetist David Shifrin Gives Master Classes and Recitals at the Beijing and Central Conservatory in  - Christina Hu, Host



Beijing, China




15 March 2016


VIP Andre Moisan (Bass Clarinetist in Montreal Symphony) Gives Master Class at Buffet New York Showroom 



14 March 2016




VIP Nathan Williams Conducts Advanced Master Class at Buffet New York Showroom


13 March 2016



New York Philharmonic Chamber Concert Performing Messiean Quartet for the End of Time with Conductor Alan Gilbert, and members including VIP Anthony McGill at the Metropolitan Gallery of Art


New York City USA




12 March 2016





MidWest ClariFest at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with Artist Guest Dr Denise Gainey - VIP Diane Barger, Director



Lincoln, Nebraska USA


              The 19th annual Midwest ClariFest was hosted by Dr. Diane Barger, Hixson-Lied Professor of Clarinet, and began bright and early on Saturday, March 12, 2016. This festival is an annual outreach mission of the Glenn Korff School of Music’s Clarinet Studio that serves a community of state and regional clarinetists from junior high through college age, as well as teachers and band directors. The event was kicked-off with a fantastic recital by host, Dr. Diane Barger and guest artist Dr. Denise Gainey who together form the Amicitia Duo.  Amicitia is the latin word for friendship, which was made apparent while listening and watching these two best friends make music together. The recital began with the always entertaining, Concert Piece No. 2 by Felix Mendelssohn with Dr. Mark Clinton, Hixson-Leid Professor of Piano. The rest of the program included pieces by composers Bedoya, Krommer, Kibbe, and Schocker.


            Following the recital was the Morning Master Class with Dr. Gainey. This master class featured performers from surrounding Nebraska high schools of Blair, Millard, Creighton, and one performer from the Eastman School of Music.  Dr. Gainey’s energy and enthusiasm for teaching was captivating as she worked with each of these students. It was an informative hour and a half filled with fun catch phrases for basic fundamentals such as, “engage the cage, avoid the sexy shoulder,” and a quote by Sabine Meyer to “think downstairs to play upstairs.” 


            After the Morning Master Class, local instrument repair technician, Rob Dickason, offered complimentary adjustments and repairs to any participants throughout the rest of the day. Soon after Dr. Gainey gave a special presentation about Kalmen Opperman entitled, “Kalmen Opperman: A legacy of Excellence.”  Indeed this was an excellent presentation about Dr. Gainey’s experiences as a student with Opperman, as well as an in-depth look into his intense teaching style. The presentation included pictures of Opperman in action with his students, videos of his playing, and even included a video of him lecturing in a master class.  This presentation revealed Opperman as a force of nature as a teacher and added a personal touch with valuable quotes from him such as, “Practice and hope, but never hope more than you practice.”


            Soon after the presentation Dr. Gainey began the afternoon Master Class featuring student performers from the surrounding Nebraska universities of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska-Omaha, and one performer from Waverly High School. Once again Dr. Gainey kept audience members and performers on the edge of their seats with her quick wit and stellar pedagogical explanations.


            Following the Master Class, a Round Table Discussion was held to answer any participant questions. Dr. Diane Barger was the moderator, and the panel included, Professor Micah Crochet, Central Community College; Dr. Gainey, University of Alabama-Birmingham; Professor Cindy Nichols, Univsersity of Nebraska-Omaha, and Dr. Alan Stanek, Professor Emeritus, Idaho State University.  The topics discussed included: how to structure your practice time; the audition process and how to prepare for a college audition; performance anxiety and strategies to combat nerves; and different career paths in music besides teaching and performing.  Overall this was a very informative discussion that was applicable and engaging to audience members of all ages and levels of aptitude on the clarinet.


            The 2016 Midwest ClariFest ended with a delightful Potpourri Recital from any attendees that wished to perform and included both solo and chamber performances. Many of the performances given were from students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University.


            Next year’s Midwest ClariFest will celebrate 20 years of clarinet fun and will feature guest artist Dr. Stephanie Zelnick from the University of Kansas. The 20th annual 2017 Midwest ClariFest will take place Saturday, February 11, 2017, and will include a similar variety of master class sessions, lecture presentations, and performances by area clarinetists. The event is free to all participants and includes a boxed luncheon provided by the host. All events will take place in Westbrook Music Recital Hall, #119, 9am-6pm. Anyone is welcome to attend!





6 March 2016


Tennessee Tech University, VIP Wonkak KIm, Professor Clarinet Studio in Master Class at the  Buffet New York Showroom with VIP Boris Allakhverdyan while on Tour


5 March 2016


VIP Mary Alice Druhan and Director Victor Drescher, and Reeks Bass Clarinet Quartet



Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond) Clarinet Day - Victor Drescher, Director



5 March 2016




Director Rie Suzuki and Colleague with Jose Franch-Ballester  and the Cherokee Clarinet Quartet


4th Annual Rowan University (New Jersey) Clarinet Day with International Soloist Jose Franch-Ballester - Dr Rie Suzuki, Director


Rowan, New Jersey USA


4 March 2016



Franklin Cohen with Cleveland Student Bora Yoon performing Ponchielli El Covigno


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen in Recital with the Chagrin Arts


Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA






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