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Hot News March 2010


28 March 2010

Drucker Recital and Seminar at New Jersey City University with Woodwind Director and Host Dr Edward Joffe

Jersey City, New Jersey USA

           The 3rd of this weekend set of concerts and seminars was held at this small University with a full house to hear Mr Drucker in recital and to enjoy a full hour of discussion with Dr Ed Jaffe and him over his career, what it takes to achieve it, anectdotal recollections of his past in the New York Philharmonic, and a thorough history with major unique points differentiating his long career as compared to other major star artists. A major point was how Mr Drucker has raised the bar and standards of technical and musical performance with the highly noted performance recordings of works such as the Bartok Contrasts in 1954, the Debussy Premiere Rhapsody with Bernstien in 1961 (one year after being appointed Principal Clarinetist), the Nielsen Concerto with Bernstein in 1967 (recorded in one take!), and the Corigliano Concerto in 1977 with Bernstein, probbaly the most difficult Concerto ever written.  Other works include his benchmark Copland Concerto, also recorded with Bernstein a year before he died.  Incredulous is the only thing that can be concluded, and Mr Drucker is still running strong as his schedule now shows, as he is performing and teaching Master Classes very often at Universities around the country and abroad for Festivals and Competitions.  During this seminar talk, many enthusiastic participants asked questions of all kinds and got very perceptive views and ideas.  Dr Jaffe is to be credited with an important event that will have far reaching effects on all who came.

27 March 2010

American Chamber Ensemble in Concert at Steinway Gallery in Huntington, Long Island with Stanley Drucker as Guest Artist

Huntington, Long Island, New York USA

            The 2nd of the 3rd Header weekend includes this special concert as part of their Spring Chamber series held at the Steinway Gallery Performance Hall;  Steinway has 6 of these artist centers throughout the United States where major Piano artists and Chamber ensembles audition instruments and perform.   The program is galleried above showing a thorough diversity of music and instrumentations.  Stanley Drucker often performs as guest artist.

26 - 27 March 2010

Troy University  (Alabama) 3rd Annual Clarinet Day with Guest Artists Dr David Etheridge (University of Oklahoma), Gene Ramsbottom, Wojtek Komstra, and the Proha Clarinet Quartet - Dr Timothy Phillips and Dr Katrina Phillips, Directors

Troy, Alabama USA

          The 3rd successful University Clarinet Day, started and continued by Professors Dr Timothy and Dr Katrina Phillips probably had their most successful day this year with a major faculty including David Etheridge from the University of Oklahoma, Gene Ramsbottom, Wojtek Komstra, and the Proha Clarinet Quartet from the University of Illinois.  Friday evening included a recital, and Saturday included several rehearsal sessions, Master Classes, and finaled with a last program.   Programs and biographical information included in the above galleries.  There is a strong build going on at this school given the upward success since it started.  Credit is due to Professors Phillips for this calling.

26 March 2010

Drucker Master Class and Recital at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia - Dr Charles West, Professor and Host

Richmond, Virginia USA

            This particular Friday was a very special time for the students and participants to take part in an extensive Master Class with four advanced students working with Mr Drucker covering major recital literature and Orchestral excerpts.  The day started with a brief recital informal where performed was the Poulenc Sonata and the Berio Sequenza IX.    Although this took an afternoon, the time was well spent with students very enthusiastic about what has happened, realizing that a legend has blessed their clarinet lives.  This entire weekend was kind of a triple header for Mr Drucker, who played a Chamber Concert the next day in Huntington, Long Island with the American Chamber Ensemble, and Sunday played a similar program with seminar at New Jersey City University. This program here was thanks to the University under Host Dr Charles West, and Buffet-Crampon, who sponsored this event.

20 March 2010

Clarinet Conference 2010 - Bowling Green State University, Ohio, Kevin Schempf, Director, with Guest Faculty and Major Clarinetist and Pedagogue Yehuda Gilad from University of Southern California

Bowling Green, Ohio USA

             The 2nd Clarinet Conference under Director Professor of Clarinet Kevin Schempf was held with an over 100 enrollment with students from all over the State to see an intensive and effective round of 2 Master Classes given by Artist Teacher from the University of Southern California Yehuda Gilad, one of the most renowned performers and teachers in the United States.  The effectiveness of his teaching and analysis perception was enough to want one to study with him for life.  Improvement of the students who were coached by him in these sessions showed almost immediate improvement in their playing and the students who played were very advanced and playing, as the galleried programs show.   Literature was broad in style and many were some of the most difficult.

                 In addition to the classes, Instrument and accessory displays were available to everyone especially Buffet-Crampon with their full array of models they offer including student and professional clarinets.  Eric Satterlie was available for Clarinet repairs and tweaking.  All the needed accessories including reeds, mouthpieces, tuners, etc were available as well.   The day was very busy between the displays, master classes, and a Clarinet Choir reading session, and a faculty recital to finish the Conference given by Guest Artists, Elizabeth Crawford, Professor at Ball State University in Indiana, Justin O'Dell and Caroline Hartig, Professors at Michigan State University, Campbell MacDonald, William King from Ann Arbor Michigan, and Director Kevin Schempf, who is to be credited with this great Conference.  The 1st Conference was held in March 2008.



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