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June 2015 Hot News


30 June 2015

VIP Mark Nuccio, Associate Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic, named as Solo Clarinetist in the Houston, Texas Symphony effective September 2015

Houston, Texas USA


27 - 28 June 2015


Louis Cahuzac Clarinet Competition, VIP Philippe Cuper, Director 

Versailles, France

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21 - 27 June 2015


California Clarinet Clinic - VIP's Julia Heinen, William Powell, Directors -

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Los Angeles, California USA

15 - 19 June 2015

2nd Lift Clarinet Academy - Wesley Ferreira (Colorado State University) and Jana Starling (Western University), Directors

Fort Collins, Colorado USA

           At the Lift Clarinet Academy we want you to arrive with a goal and leave with a sense of achievement. Hosted annually by Wesley Ferreira (Colorado State University) and Jana Starling (Western University), the focus is on the individual musical, technical and artistic goals of each participant. Through critical planning and communication prior to the academy, we create a program for advanced high school, undergraduate students, and graduate students that ensures you will receive the musical boost you’re looking for.



           A summary is included here:!2015-in-review/c1hsu 


14 - 20 June 2015



Claremont Clarinet Festival - VIP Margaret Thornhill, Director 

Pomona College, California USA

               Another successful year with a full array of inspiring events and master classes by a renowned faculty with totally ambitious students.  A full summary is posted below:


16 June 2015


Senior VIP Stanley Drucker performs Busoni Concertino with the Washington Square Festival Orchestra in

New York City USA

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14 June 2015

13th Annual The To Play is To Blow...To Blow is To Play...Clarinet/Saxophone Studio  Clarinet recital  at the University of St. Thomas Music Department, - Senior VIP Richard Nunemaker, Director

Houston, Texas USA

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11 - 13 June 2015

Texas Clarinet Colloquium - VIP Mary Alice Druhan, Director -

Dallas, Texas USA

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5 - 9 June 2015


Indiana University Clarinet Workshop, VIP Howard Klug, DirectorJacobs School of Music 

 Bloomington, Indiana  USA

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3 - 7 June 2015

Clarinetopia Participants

4th row:            Hild Piersen, David Yandl, Nikhil Bartolomeo, Catherine Hungerford,                               Pin-Wei Yu, Rebecca Deller, Alyssa Kenney

3rd row:            Michelle Myers, Nicole Marek, Andrew Mahonen, Genadi Zagor, Sangmi                          Lim, Ian McEdwards, Charles Neidich

2nd row:           Ben Baldwin, Emma Gregory, Patrick Hickey, Hakeem Davidson, Sam                              Davies, Ayako Oshima

1st row:            Guy Yehuda, Tasha Warren-Yehuda, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Wesley                                 Warnhoff, Diana Moisejenkaite, Michael Webster

Not pictured:   Leone Buyse, Lisa Szymenko, Katelyn LaPrairie, David Brown, Susan                               Hanline, Holly Kinsey, Yunhong Chi, Edisher Savitsky


Clarinetopia Residency Seminar -  Michigan State University - VIP's Dr Michael Webster and Dr Guy Yehuda, Directors

East Lansing, Michigan USA

                Clarinet students from all over the country attended the seventh annual Clarinetopia at Michigan State University June 3-8, 2015.  With Michael Webster and Guy Yehuda serving as co-directors, Clarinetopia offered its usual blend of faculty and student recitals, master classes, and faculty presentations.  Other faculty members included Charles Neidich, Ayako Oshima, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Tasha Warren-Yehuda, and self professed “token flutist,” Leone Buyse.

               The three faculty recitals all featured married couples: Michael and Leone; Guy and Tasha; Charlie and Ayako.  Their repertoire ranged from the traditional (Bassi, Poulenc, Martinu) through twentieth-century classics (Berg, Carter) and newer works (Yoshimatsu, Miyoshi) to transcriptions (Fauré-Neidich Violin Sonata, Debussy-Webster Petite Suite and Bizet-Webster Children’s Games for flute, clarinet, and piano).  Sangmi Lim of the MSU piano faculty and Genadi Zagor, a DMA student in piano performance at MSU, supplied expert collaboration for the faculty recitals as well as the master classes and student recitals.

              Another treat was a daytime recital by the VCP International Trio: Wesley Warnhoff, clarinet; Diana Moisenjenkaite, violin; Edisher Savitsky, piano.
  They reprised the 40-year history of  Verdehr Trio commissions with a selection of eleven short pieces and individual movements such as Jennifer Higdon’s Dash, Sebastian Currier’s Verge, Kevin Puts’s Nocturnes, and Peter Sculthorpe’s From Nourlangie.  Elsa supplied commentary in the form of videos of interactions between the Verdehr Trio and other composers such as Gian Carlo Menotti and Robert Mann.  Elsa has officially retired from playing, but she still participated by giving an insightful master class.  Wes Warnhoff, by the way, has just been named Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of Wisconsin, so congratulations are in order.

            Thursday, Friday, and Saturday began with Michael leading a yoga and breathing session, stressing how various yoga postures help the practitioner to isolate muscle groups for deeper, more comfortable breathing.  Next on the agenda was a daily warmup, led by respectively by Ayako, Guy, and Michael, each of whom offered tips on starting the day with tonal, fingering, focusing, and mental exercises.  Charlie presented “Charlie’s Choice,” which has become an annual favorite.  This year he covered subjects ranging from finger technique being “serial” to finding high partials on different areas of the reed to the genesis and text of the Nielsen Concerto.  Leone gave a class on Mozart style for which two of the  students played the first and second movements of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto.  A flutist’s viewpoint proved to be enlightening.  Each performing student received a minimum of 45 minutes master class time, presenting mostly standard repertoire ranging from Mozart, Weber, and Burgmüller to Poulenc, Bernstein, and Muczynski.  Two student recitals allowed each performer to absorb and incorporate master class information on stage.  As in previous years, student comments stressed how valuable it is to have different viewpoints from each faculty member, shared in a knowledgeable and supportive manner.

            Meanwhile, a new aspect was added this year at the MSU Community Music School on Saturday, June 6, running simultaneously with Clarinetopia events.  Younger students and adult amateurs spent the afternoon participating in a variety of events organized by Tasha.  Students played alone and in a small clarinet choir, practicing fundamental skills such as tone production, rhythm, finger and tongue technique, and sight-reading.  Building upon this initial success, Clarinetopia plans to expand Clarinet Day for 2016 and advertise it more widely. Clarinetopia 2016 will take place with the same faculty returning from June 1 to 5 at MSU with Clarinet Day on Saturday, June 4.  For the most up-to-date information, visit


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