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June 2014 Hot News



23 - 27 June 2014

California Clarinet Clinic - VIP's Dr Julia Heinen, William Powell, Directors

Palisades, California USA

             The inaugural season of the California Clarinet Clinic was held in Pacific Palisades from June 23-27. Faculty members Julia Heinen, William Powell, Alcides Rodriguez, Peter Wright and Michele Zukovsky worked with 30 students from around the world combining performance success and the mind-body connection. In addition Heather Rodriguez from Rodriguez Musical Services was there to teach lessons and display several Buffet clarinets.  Sessions on Visualization and Hypnosis for Performance Success, Imagery for Performance and Alexander Technique were available for all participants.  Dates are set for next year, June 21-27, 2015.

             The Clinic was held at Aldersgate, a beautiful Victorian house with a mini-chapel in the garden.  Each student received a 30-minute lesson with the faculty members and they had several opportunities to perform either in a solo or orchestral excerpt master class, or with piano on the closing night concert.  We also encouraged them to form clarinet quartets at the beginning.  One of the many highlights was a concert in the Chapel of the student quartets during a picnic lunch on Thursday.  On the last day we were offered a very special treat from D’Addario, the maker of fantastic reeds formerly known as Rico.  They graciously provided a bus to take everyone to their factory in Sun Valley for a tour of the facility and they fed us lunch!  Many thanks to D’Addario for their generosity. 

             We are looking forward to next summer’s California Clarinet Clinic and plan to have everything that was offered this past June plus a few surprises.  You can read some wonderful reflections from the 2014 participants on our website.  Please check it out:

19 - 29 June 2014


ChamberFest Cleveland - VIP's Diana Cohen and Franklin Cohen, Directors, with World-Class Artists Performing Diverse Music from  at several venue locations in Cleveland, Ohio, in its 3rd Season

15 June 2014


12th Annual Recital with Senior VIP Richard Nunemaker Clarinet Studio at the University of St Thomas  

Houston, Texas USA


12 - 14 June 2014


37th University of Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium - Dr Suzanne Tirk, Director 

Norman, Oklahoma USA


9 - 13 June 2014


Clarinet Academy of America at Catholic University, - in honoe of legendary Clarinet Pedagogue David Weber - VIP's Robert Dilutis, Ben Redwine, and D Ray McClellan

Washington, DC USA



4 - 8 June 2014


In the Group Photo, 4th in the above gallery:  First row: Emma Gr

egory, Michelle Myers, Sarah Hardaker, Catherine Heiba, Ian McIntyre, Anastasiya Nyzkodub, Kristen Lauria   -  Second row: Michael Getzin, Sam Davies, Alice Hinshaw, Mark Townsend, Brittnee Pool, Katsuya Yuasa, Noel Liakos, pianist Mariko Furukawa, Michael Zuckerman  -  Third row: Michael Webster, Elsa Verdehr, Leone Buyse, Ayako Yoshima, Charles Neidich, Guy Yehuda  -  Not pictured: Kareem Davidson, Le Lu, pianists Shu-Han Lu, Derek Polischuk

Clarinetopia Residency Seminar -  Michigan State University - VIP's Dr Michael Webster and Dr Guy Yehuda, Directors

East Lansing, Michigan USA

               In its 6th super successful year, the first 3 years at the State University of New York At Stony Brook, and these past three at Michigan State University, a major Clarinet elite institution with legend Distinguished Professor Senior VIP Dr Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, and newly appointed Artist Professor and VIP Guy Yehuda as Faculty, made for an intensive 5 day array of activities including daily yoga classes as it pertains to players for their best physical and mental awarenesses, master classes and seminars relating to careers, auditions, and personal development, and more.  The whole week was inspiring with noteworthy recitals given by the faculty, especially with Charles and Ayola Neidich, Guy Yehuda, Michael Webster, and Leone Buyse (flutist).   More information added by Dr Webster is posted below.  The Clarinetopia is scheduled in 2015 at June 2 - 7,  so it would be highly advised to keep these dates open to enroll.

             Clarinetists from California, Florida, Ontario and many points between convened at Michigan State University June 4-8 for the sixth annual Clarinetopia seminar.  The faculty of Charles Neidich, Ayako Oshima, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Guy Yehuda, Michael Webster, and Leone Buyse presented faculty recitals, lectures, and master classes that covered a gamut of repertoire from Mozart and Weber to Carter and Tower.  Students performed their master class repertoire in recital, having thrived upon learning intensely within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Faculty recitals included standard repertoire, such as Brahms, St. Saens, and Poulenc, as well as contemporary music by Berio, Denisov, Neidich, Valerie Coleman, and others.  Each day began with yoga, stretching, and breathing and a group warm up.  


1 June 2014


Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York Concert at Adelphi University Performing Arts Center, Garden City, New York, with Legend Clarinetist Stanley Drucker of the New York Philharmonic Performing Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto Op 74




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