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June 2012 Hot News

23 - 24 June 2012

The First Meeting: Clarinet Methodology (organized by the European Clarinet Association) took place at deKunstAcademie in Knokke-Heist, Belgium from 23-24 June 2012. Topics like methods, music and neuro-logy, teaching 5-6 years old, mentale structures, harmonics for young players, mixed ages and levels in group teaching and reeds were presented by Matthias Müller (CH), Heike Fricke (DE), John de Beer (NL), Thomas Sattler-Fujimoto (DE), Thierry Wartelle (FR), Kyrill Rybakov (RUS) and Stephan Vermeersch (BE).

Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Tom Borling, Richard Nunemaker, Thomas Helton

Top Row L/R:  Scott Holshouser, Ariel Deshota, Richard Nunemaker, Lianna Esquivel, Will Mosher, Jeremy Reynolds, Brandon Newman - Bottom Row L/R:  David Angelo, Cameron Mackwell, Sang Han


17 June 2012

To Play is to Blow-- To Blow is to Play recital at University of St Thomas - Richard Nunemaker, Director

Houston, Texas USA

Welcome meeting and session on Reed making using a Reedual Duplicator

Michael Webster and Yoga talks and sessions

Clarinet Practice Warmups with Faculty Alan R Kay, Elsa Verdehr, and Caroline Hartig

Clarinet Practice Warmups with Faculty, Elsa Verdehr

Clarinet Practice Warmups with Faculty Caroline Hartig


13 - 17 June 2012

4th Clarinetopia at Michigan State University, Michael Webster, Alan R Kay, and Caroline Hartig, Directors

East Lansing, Michigan USA

              Thirty-one clarinetists from as far away as the Dominican Republic, Canada, Montana, Texas, Virginia and Georgia met on the campus of Michigan State University for Clarinetopia 2012 between June 13 and 17.  They shared four concentrated days of master classes, faculty and student recitals, and faculty presentations, which included reed making and adjusting, yoga and breathing, audition preparation, intonation, efficient practicing, and contemporary techniques.  On the faculty were two New Yorkers, Charles Neidich and Alan R. Kay; two representatives from MSU, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr and Caroline Hartig; and two Houstonians, Michael Webster and Leone Buyse, who likes to refer to herself as “the token flutist.”

            The festivities were kicked off by a Verdehr Trio recital (Elsa with Walter Verdehr, violin, and Silvia Roederer, piano) celebrating the beginning of their 40th anniversary year.  Their program was an extraordinarily varied sampler chosen from among over 200 works written for the trio.  The composers represented were James Niblock, Ricardo Lorenz, Peter Sculthorpe, Gernot Wolfgang, Gunther Schuller, Stephen Chatman, and Libby Larsen.

                 The second faculty concert featured Caroline Hartig, Alan Kay, Michael Webster, and Leone Buyse in music by the gifted young Cuban composer, José Gavilando Peón, Elizabeth Brown, Shulamit Ran, Carlo della Giacoma, Edison Denisov, and Antonin Dvorak. 

              Charles Neidich’s printed program had music by Berg, Brahms, Prokofiev, and Sarasate, and an unscheduled bonus – Moonflowers Baby by Meyer Kupferman.  Always seeking new horizons, Charlie played the Brahms on an Ottensteiner replica of Richard Mühlfeld’s clarinet and probed the stratosphere with his own versions of flute and violin music in their original registers.  Collaborative piano responsibilities were divided equally between Jun Okada and Shu-han Lu, who did a superb job and also accompanied all of the student master classes and recitals.

Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr Master Class

Caroline Hartig Master Class

Alan R Kay Master Class

Michael Webster Master Class and Orchestra Audition Seminar

Charles Neidich Master Class


           The students played mostly standard repertoire in five master classes and performed the same repertoire in two student recitals.  Improvement was palpable, and everyone enjoyed hearing growth in as little as two days.  Among the many student comments were: “I loved how open and giving all the members of the faculty were.  Enjoyed yoga, breathing and collective warm-ups!!  Master classes were beyond interesting!  I went crazy taking notes!  I feel eager to practice!  Faculty concerts were a treat!!  Loved it all!!!!”  And that was from just one student. 

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