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July 2008 Hot News


 The Clarinet Summer School, now in its eleventh year, provides excellent tuition in advanced clarinet playing from top European specialist teachers.  It also now offers help for students at an intermediate level, using some of the basic principles from the advanced course. Both courses offer opportunities for coaching in performance and ensembles.


23 July 2008


Clarinet Summer School  -   Liverpool Hope University College - Andrew Roberts, Director


Liverpool, United Kingdom



2008 The Clarinet Summer School
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2 Aug 2008
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Andy R



            The Clarinet Summer School 2008 course was both enjoyable and worthwhile with one of the highest numbers of students we have had to date. It was brilliant meeting and working with all the new and old friends, some of whom have attended for the last 8 years. We all enjoyed discussing and sharing new ideas.


           The success of the course was due to the dedicated and fascinating work that all of the tutors brought to it. I am very grateful to them all and particularly to Tony Pay for taking the time out from his busy schedule to offer so much help to us all, despite his painful back problem, from which I am sure we will all wish him a speedy recovery.


          Kevin Murphy  has been a regular member of the course for a couple of years and his enthusiasm and cheerful approach has been gratefully received, especially by me!


         Thanks again to John Wilson who always brings an enormous wealth of experience to the course and clearly enjoys helping us all to develop as performers, a real gift. Sharon Richards is always a pleasure to work made a welcome return to the course as she was one of the first accompanists in the early years.


         Janet Crossley was a student on the very first course and has been involved with every successive course, she deserves a medal! Thanks go to Janet and Caroline Wheeler for their excellent work with the Intermediate course, and helping out with the Advanced course.


         It is highly unusual for a course like this to have the experience an knowledge of  a qualified recording engineer on hand, especially one who doubles so well as a bar man, and an undercover clarinet player. Thom Harrison was a great help behind the scenes for which I am most grateful.


         My good friend Dr Chris Mimnagh has supported this course from its first year in the belief that musicians can be helped to avoid injury with a little knowledge and practice, something we should all be grateful for. We are grateful for him giving up his valuable time, and for providing us with a good deal of entertainment.


        There is one person without whom the course would not have happened. Wolfgang Lohff has much valuable advice and practical help to offer to us all. He is also the major financial sponsor who enables the course to happen and a huge personal support for me, all my thanks go to him.


        It was  a pleasure to work with the helpful and cheery people behind the scenes in the kitchen and security lodge at Hope University, a big thank you is due to them.


        It only remains for me to thank the most important people on the course, you the students!  It is always a delight for me to meet friends old and new and this year seemed to me to have a great blend of people who got on well This makes a course like this very successful and enjoyable, so my thanks to you all, it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you will all keep in touch.


        Do please keep checking on this website  for new articles, instruments on offer, how to book the repair service, and of course details of the next course!





13 July 2008


The Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra from The Netherlands tour to Spain from July 3 - 13, Conducted by John de Beer.   They were invited by the ChamberArt Music Festival in Madrid. A total of six concerts with three concerts in the Royal Palaces of Aranjuez, La Granja and Segovia.


On Tour in Spain


           A high profile tour by this acclaimed Clarinet Ensemble conducted by renowned Clarinetist and Conductor John de Beer, performed a major Spanish tour to 6 cities and special performances at the above Palaces and Chapels in Aranjuez, La Granja, and Segovia, Spain.  Information on the Capriccio website gives a complete account of the success and dignified acclaim given to these 40 Clarinetists, who performed a varied program slate, especially recent transcriptions of the Dvorak Symphony #9  (New World), and the Smetana Moldau, both of which have been recorded, the Dvorak on DVD.    This ensemble is one of the most notable in Europe, The Netherlands and Belgium along with the United Kingdom, having many Clarinet Ensembles of high quality comprised of many professional players.    John de Beer, besides being Director of this elite group, is President of the Netherlands Clarinet Society (NERV), and is a WKA Artist VIP.






Colonel Rotondi in Rehearsal


LTC Detrick in rehearsal

LTC Clanton in rehearsal

LTC Mitchell in rehearsal

LTC Mitchell and Colonel Allen





US Army Band with Alumni in visit and in rehearsals with Guest Conductors



Col Lamb

LTC Detrick

LTC Clanton


LTC Mitchell



11 July 2008


The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) 6th Annual Alumni Reunion and Concert  with Major Concert conducted by Commander Colonel Thomas Rotondi Jr, Colonel Gary Lamb (Ret), Lieutenant Colonel John Clanton (Ret), Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Mitchell, (Ret), and Lieutenant Colonel David Detrick (Ret).


Arlington, Virginia USA


          The Sixth Annual Veteran Alumni Reunion and Concert was held this weekend with a special Tribute concert with the past members of this World-Class Band, with in attendance Five former Leaders and Commanders including Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Mitchell, Colonel Eugene W Allen, Colonel Gary Lamb, and retired Officers Lieutenant Colonel John Clanton, Lieutenant Colonel David Detrick, all now Retired but still Musically active, and Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Holtan, Commander of the United States Military Academy Band at West Point, who just the week before performed 2 concerts together with the New York Philharmonic.   This whole reunion was a high for all involved with some very proud moments about their performance highlights of their careers.  The weekend was hosted by Leader and Commander Colonel Thomas Rotondi Jr. 


          In June (posted on last month's Hot News Page) was a Reunion at the West Point Band with previous members coming to perform and meet and rekindle with old friends while they served in this Band.  The philosophy with both events is parallel-  to have the Band veterans and the present active members link up together to share experiences and to let the active duty players know about the historical context between themselves and the older members, many of whom have moved on to the Performance professions as Orchestral and Chamber Players and soloists, and as Professors and Teachers.   Many of the stories shared bring out what Band life was like in previous eras in their Bands' history.  At both reunions, there were archives and photos about each Band which are rich in history and bring pride to have been part of major events, both musical and national historical.  This also brings out about new players who would want to pursue a Military Band career and how both present and Past players have had positive experience in being part of it all.   In this event at The Army Band, 6 Commanders from the past 50 years were present which made this event very special, especially with a world-class concert performed this week. 


           Important social interactive events took place and the Alumni Association had their annual meeting, one goal of which is to reconnect with previous Band members who should get back into the Band again.  In regard to anyone interested in joining as a Musician in one of these Bands, all are encouraged to explore it, and check for openings in these great Special Bands.   The Performing Org List Page has all the Military Bands listed so one can check the offerings. 





                         Kansas City Attractions - contributed by WKA Artist VIP Ted Lane



Jane Carl - ClarinetFest Director

Mitch Estrin, Mike Getzin, Matt Vance

Ted Lane, Bradley Wong

Paquita d'Rivera and young Student


Buffet Chief Kloc and Mike Getzin

Jon Cohler at Conference

Dr Ormand and wife

New Etheridge Method Publications (3 Volumes)

Francoise Kloc and Julia DeRoche

Jerry Krumholz (Bass Clarinetist) and Mike Getzin



Rivera, Rossi, Ted Lane

Nancy Knight and Daniel Gilbert

Mike Getzin and David Krakauer


George Silfies & Ensemble with Diane Haskell

Robert Chesbro - WKA Academic Chairman

Campione Exhibit

F Gerard Errante at Yamaha

Dr MacDowell and Nathan Williams


Mike Getzin and Dr Chesbro

Todd Kerstetter

New Book written by Chesbro & Kerstetter

Stephan Vermeesrch and Mike Getzin

6 July 2008


ClarinetFest 2008 held at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Dr Jane Carl, Director in Collaboration with the International Clarinet Association


Kansas City, Missouri USA


           The annual ClarinetFest led by Dr Jane Carl was a success as can be seen by the below listing of performers, ensembles, and offerings like many past conferences.  It is always highly recommended for clarinetists truly serious about their calling as performers, students, teachers, and amateurs, make this one of their major pilgrimages just for the multitude of assets to be tapped.  Every year one will meet players they can never meet in one single place along with past colleagues and friends.   There is so much to write about here, but the conference was so comprehensive in simultaneous events and seminars and industry exhibits that it was impossible to be everywhere at once.   Many events had to be pre-picked to attend, but that also made for folks interested in specific things to attend those things.  A PDF Schedule is included here in this summary to give an idea about the scenarios here. 


ClarinetFest® 2008 Preliminary Schedule (as of June 3, 2008)
Schedule and participants are subject to change.




            Generous tributes were offered to 2 great Clarinet performers and teachers, Dr Fred Ormand, Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, and George Silfies, Retired Solo Clarinetist in the St Louis Symphony and another major teacher.  Each had a recital with former students performing and giving testimonials about their past experiences with these giants in the field.



Mueller Eb Early Clarinet from 1870





             The Conference was abounding with Industry Exhibitions covering the entire gamut of instruments, accessories, publications, recordings, and services.  There were a number of extemporaneous performances at various stands to make for interesting interactions.  Several galleries attest to the excitement present throughout these 5 days.  In addition, new publications and recordings from artists present here were made public, and below is a sampling of what has been released recently, from artists Henri Bok (Bass Clarinetist in Belgium), Keith Lemmons (Professor at the University of New Mexico, the New Mexico Winds, Diane Haskell (former Solo Clarinetist in the Buffalo Philharmonic) with George Silfies, the Stark Clarinet Quartet, and Kathleen Jones, (Solo Clarinetist in the Puerto Rico Symphony) on Choro music, and more.




 Stark Clarinet Quartet (Italy) performing a World Premiere of a work by Charlie Parker 'Dreaming Bird'


 Michael Wayne (2nd Clarinetist in the Boston Symphony) performing the CM von Weber Concertino Op 26        


Anthony McGill (Solo Clarinetist in the Metropolitan Opera in New York) performing Debussy's Premiere Rhapsody


Daniel Gilbert (faculty at the University of Michigan and former 2nd Clarinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra) performing Weber's First Concerto Op 73


           Major concerts included performances of all genres of Contemporary music with Larry Combs, retired Solo Clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony, many up and coming players in the same field,  a Concerto Concert featuring Soloists from the Stark Clarinet Quartet (Italy) performing a World Premiere of a work by Charlie Parker 'Dreaming Bird', Michael Wayne (2nd Clarinetist in the Boston Symphony) performing the CM von Weber Concertino Op 26, Anthony McGill (Solo Clarinetist in the Metropolitan Opera in New York) performing Debussy's Premiere Rhapsody, and Daniel Gilbert (faculty at the University of Michigan and former 2nd Clarinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra) performing Weber's First Concerto Op 73.  This was the highlight of the entire festival. 




The finale Concert was Jazz with Paquita d'Rivera, Stephane Chausse, and Larry Combs.


Prestige Clarinet Quartet

Ad Libitum Clarinet Quartet and Percussion


Welles Bass Clarinet Quartet- Avant Garde

Contemporary Ensemble with Larry Combs


Luis Rossi in Clarinet Quintet

Antonio Saiote and Capriani Quartet in Rossini and Weber

Gregory Raden - Mozart Clarinet Quintet

Diane Haskell - Bruch Pieces


            Chamber concerts including Clarinet Quartets and other smaller ensembles prevailed all week with star class performances. The galleries highlight these performances.  Solo Clarinet Recitals from all quarters were held almost every hour with so many players that one could not endure it after too many so closely scheduled.   Master Classes with Gregory Raden (Solo Clarinetist in the Dallas Symphony), and Daniel Gilbert were held as well.  Recitals given by several Clarinetist in the Performance and University areas covered diverse literature performed at high levels as seen in the below galleries in addition to the many featured concerts held this week. A rich sampling is below:


Robert Livingood Mozart Trio K498

Diane Barger in Trio with Bassoon

Kristine Belisle

Gary Whitman


                               Recital by International Clarinet Association Board Artists


David Shifrin in tribute to Fred Ormand

Spohr Hirtenlied with Period Clarinet

George Silfies and Diane Haskell


Laura Arden and Contemporary Quartet


Henri Bok and Duo Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinetist Bourgue

Julie DeRoche in Mendellsohn Concertpiece

Seminar on Joseph Allard

Kathleen Jones on Choro Music


Ad Astrea Clarinet Quartet

Keith Lemmons

Stephan Vermeersch



University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble conducted by Mitchell Estrin with Soloist Todd Kerstetter performing the Baermann Adagio


College Clarinet Choir under Mr Estrin with soloist Peter Wright (Solo Clarinetist in the Jacksonville Symphony)


Festival Clarinet Choir conducted by Dr Charles West from Virginia Commonwealth University


              The last day held 3 Clarinet Choirs/Ensembles, including the University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble conducted by Mitchell Estrin with Soloist Todd Kerstetter performing the Baermann Adagio (known as the Wagner Adagio),  the College Clarinet Choir under Mr Estrin with soloist Peter Wright (Solo Clarinetist in the Jacksonville Symphony), and the Festival Clarinet Choir conducted by Dr Charles West from Virginia Commonwealth University.   This concluded this Festival.  Credit is due for the logistical preparation and smooth carry-through by Director Jane Carol, Stephanie Zelnick, So Rhee, Executive Director of the ICA in smooth management of this program, and the team of volunteers who ran the behind the scenes support.  Festivals of this magnitude need dedication and here it paid off, with a successful attendance of over 800 participants.  The next ClarinetFest convenes next August 10 - 14 in Porto, Portugal.  More information will be forthcoming as developments happen.


ClarinetFest 2008
  Registration   Lodging   Transportation & Directions   Artist Roster  
  Schedule   Exhibitors   Advertising Information   Sponsors  


Bell Tower


ClarinetFest® 2008 Preliminary Artist Roster
(as of May 15, 2008)


We featured a spectacular roster of artists from around the country and around the globe. There was special emphasis on chamber music, newer clarinet works, lesser known works, and themed concerts. Tributes were paid to Fred Ormand and George Silfies. 


North American Artists: 

Scott Andrews, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Laura Ardan, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 
Paul Bambach, University of California-Santa Barbara
Diane Barger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kristina Belisle, University of Akron
David Bourque, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Joanne Britz, Pittsburg State University, Kansas
Bonnie Campbell, Merit School of Music, Chicago
Lisa Canning, Palatine, Illinois
Patricia Card, Sam Houston State University
Jane Carl, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Nophachai Cholthitchanta, University of Arkansas
Cheryl Cifelli, Missouri Southern State University
Jonathan Cohler, New England Conservatory
Roger Cole, University of Idaho
Larry Combs, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Kevin Cox, Missouri Baptist University
Elizabeth Crawford, Ball State University
Paquito D’Rivera, New York City
Karen Dannessa, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Michael Dean, Southeast Missouri State University
Mary Druhan, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Dannene Drummond, Freelance Artist
Garry Evans, Texas Woman’s University
James Gai, University of Central Missouri
Paul Garritson, University of Missouri
Christopher Gibson, Northwest Missouri State University
Daniel Gilbert, University of Michigan
Rachelle Goter, Friends University, Wichita, Kansas
Steve Hanusofski, Phoenix Symphony
Diana Haskell, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
David Howard, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Brian David Jones, George Mason University
Kathleen Jones, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Josenhans, University of Evansville
Tod Kerstetter, Kansas State University
Michelle Kiec, University of Mary, Bismarck, North Dakota
Howard Klug, Indiana University
David Krakauer, New York City
Jesse Krebs, Truman State University
Thomas Labadorf, Central Connecticut State University
Keith Lemmons, University of New Mexico
Lee Livengood, Utah Symphony Orchestra
Richard MacDowell, University of Texas
Eric Mandat, Southern Illinois University
Erica Manzo, University of Missouri
Anthony McGill, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Malena McLaren, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Cheryl Melfi, University of Missouri-Kansas City
James Meyer, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Leslie Moreau, Boise State University
Nicholas Morrison, Utah State University
Justin O’Dell, Michigan State University
Gregory Oakes, Iowa State University
Phillip Paglialonga, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jeff Pelischek, Hutchinson Community College, Kansas
Timothy Phillips, Troy University, Alabama
Gregory Raden, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Jeremy Reynolds, Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Kirt Saville, Washburn University, Kansas
Alucia Scalzo, Kansas City Symphony
Theodore Schoen, University of Minnesota-Duluth
David Shea, Texas Tech University
Daniel Sheridan, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma
David Shifrin, Yale University
Robert Spring, Arizona State University
Jana Starling, Arizona State University
George Stoffan, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan
Allison Storochuk, Missouri State University
Timothy Sutfin, Oklahoma City Philharmonic
Jonathon Troy, Las Vegas Philharmonic
Todd Waldecker, Middle Tennessee State University
Robert Walzel, University of Utah
Carina Nyberg Washington, Freelance Artist
Michael Wayne, The Boston Symphony Orchestra
Charles West, Virginia Commonwealth University
Kennen White, Central Michigan University 
Gary Whitman, Texas Christian University
Nathan Williams, Interlochen Arts Academy
Bradley Wong, Western Michigan University
Peter Wright, Jacksonville Symphony
Guy Yehuda, University of North Florida
Jeanine York-Garesche, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Timothy Zavadil, Minnesota Orchestra
Stephanie Zelnick, University of Kansas
Evan Ziporyn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


International Artists:

Paolo Beltramini, Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana di Lugano (Switzerland)
Philippe Berrod, Orchestre de Paris
Henri Bok, Professor of Bass Clarinet/Rotterdam Superior Conservatoire
Duo “Hevans,” with Ann Evans, tenor saxophone
Marcos Cohen, Brasilia, Brazil
Stéphane Chausse, Paris, France
George Kovziridze, Mersin University State Conservatory, Turkey
Cindy Lin, Orchestre de Chambre de Genève, Switzerland
Heather Monkhouse, University of Tasmania, Conservatorium of Music, Australia
Luis Rossi, Chile
António Saiote, Porto Superior Music School, Portugal
Fernando José Silveira, Rio de Janeiro State University School of Music
Stephan Vermeersch, Belgium


Master Classes:

Daniel Gilbert, University of Michigan
Gregory Raden, Dallas Symphony Orchestra



Fred Ormand, University of Michigan
George Silfies, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra



Ad Astra Clarinet Quartet
    Rachelle Goter, Tod Kerstetter, Jeff Pelischek, Stephanie Zelnick
Allos Musica, James Falzone, Chicago
Chicago Clarinet Trio
    Larry Combs, Julie DeRoche, Wagner Campos, De Paul University
Clarinetes Ad Libitum, Portugal
    Nuno Pinto, José Ricardo Freitas, Luís Felipe Santos, Tiago Abrantes
Clarion Synthesis
     F. Gerard Errante, Norfolk State University
     D. Gause, College of Southern Nevada
D2 Clarinet Duet, Colombia
    Mauricio Murcia
    Mauricio Salguero
Edmund Welles: the bass clarinet quartet
     Jeff Anderle, Cornelius Boots, Aaron Novik, Jonathan Russell
Obsidian Clarinet Quartet
    Annie Hutson, Catherine Keen, Holly Kortze, Robyn Brown Zahand
Prestige Clarinet Quartet
    Janice L. Minor, John Kurokawa, Sarah Nowlin, Anthony Costa
Projecto XXI, António Rosa, Portugal
SAFA, François Houle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Stark Quartet, Italy
     Vinibaldo Baccari, Antonio Fraioli, Simone Saccoccio, Sergio Brusca
World Woodwind Duo
    Thomas Aber and Dwight Frizzell
University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble. Mitchell S. Estrin, Director





3 - 4 July 2008


Bradwell Tovey, Conductor of the New York Philharmonic Summertime Classics and Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Holtan and the United States Military Academy Band from West Point together Performing at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center


New York City USA



Clarinetists from the United States Military Academy Band together with the New York Philharmonic Clarinet Section including Stanley Drucker, Solo Clarinetist, Pascual Martinez Forteza, 2nd, Clarinetist, and Stephen Freeman, Bass Clarinetist


New York Philharmonic







       USMA Band

Summertime Classics - Musical Fireworks

Program   Notes
Bramwell Tovey:
Urban Runway  (World Premiere: Joint Commission for the New York Philharmonic and Los Angeles Philharharmonic)
Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo  
Master Sgt. Douglas Richard:
Celebration for a New Era  
Donald Grantham:
Farewell to Gray  
Phillip Egner:
The Official West Point March  
Steven Reineke:
Celebration Fanfare  
Liberty Bell March  
Master Sgt. Douglas Richard:
Armed Forces Service Medley  
The Stars and Stripes Forever  
Bramwell Tovey
Bramwell Tovey
Featured Artist
Bramwell Tovey, Conductor - United States Military Academy Band, Lt. Col. Timothy J. Holtan Commander/ Conductor

About Program
Urban Runway

Bramwell Tovey’s Urban Runway, subtitled an entertainment for orchestra, is a co-commission of the New York Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and is receiving its World Premiere performances on this Summertime Classics program. It was composed in March 2008. Mr. Tovey describes the work as follows:

“The concept for Urban Runway grew out of an amusing conversation with friends concerning the colorful idiosyncrasies of those who offer their patronage to the fashion houses on Fifth Avenue in New York or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

“New clothes, even those unseen inside designer shopping bags, appear to influence the gait of shoppers as they strut along the sidewalk. With a little imagination the listener might care to speculate on the characters depicted in the music.

“Based upon a simple ostinato figure housed in a cakewalk rhythm, the score is laced with jazz and minimalist flavors. A flugel horn, high clarinet, and solo trombone introduce distinctive elements, and perhaps characteristically, the violas take a moment to remind us of the benefits of the ‘pre-owned’ grunge look.”

Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo

When the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, one of the successor companies to Diaghilev’s original Ballets Russes, was seeking a new work from an American choreographer, it selected the relatively unknown Agnes de Mille. Since the piece was to have a newly- commissioned score, de Mille selected a person she considered to be “the best” composer: Aaron Copland, whose Billy the Kid, choreographed by Eugene Loring in 1938, had fired imaginations. Set in the Texas of 1900, the de Mille-Copland Rodeo tells the tale of a tomboyish cowgirl who is caught in a classic romantic triangle with a handsome, dashing wrangler and a comical, charming champion roper.

Into his sweeping, lyrical score, Copland wove in traditional American folk songs, some of them played in their entirety, for a work that evokes the broad vistas and rough-and-tumble society of the American West. Following the work’s highly successful premiere in 1942, Copland devised a suite of the work for larger orchestral forces, keeping the central scenes of the ballet intact. Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo remains one of Copland’s best-known works. The New York Philharmonic’s first complete performance of the Four Dance Episodes was in April 1960, led by Leonard Bernstein; the most recent was in July 2004, led by Bramwell Tovey.


John Philip Sousa composed songs, suites, dances, and several notable operettas, including El Capitan (1895), but he is overwhelmingly known for his band marches, which earned him the nickname The March King. Within the strictures of the traditional quickstep march, Sousa was able to create a striking diversity of character and effect, and his 135 marches are remarkable for their variety as well as for their melodic invention. With their rousing energy and patriotic titles, Sousa’s marches are quintessential Americana; in 1987, his The Stars and Stripes Forever was named the official National March of the United States. The New York Symphony (which merged with the New York Philharmonic in 1928 to form today’s New York Philharmonic) first performed marches by Sousa in June 1901 in Philadelphia, conducted by Walter Damrosch. The most recent performances of Sousa marches were in July 2007, led by Bramwell Tovey.

About Artist

British conductor Bramwell Tovey is music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO), and was recently named principal guest conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. He works frequently with the Toronto Symphony, Montreal Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, and Bournemouth Symphony orchestras, among many others, and has been the conductor and host of the New York Philharmonic’s Summertime Classics series since its founding in 2004. His tenures with the VSO, Luxembourg Philharmonic, and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra have showcased his expertise in the opera, choral, and British repertoire.

Highlights of Mr. Tovey’s 2007–08 season include a 2007 Grammy Award for his recording with violinist James Ehnes and the VSO of violin concertos by Walton, Korngold, and Barber; a collaboration with tenor Ben Heppner and percussionist Evelyn Glennie; a six-concert Beethoven festival, featuring pianist Lang Lang and violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter; and appearances with orchestras across East Asia in the spring of 2008 in advance of the VSO’s fall 2008 tour of China.

For 12 years Bramwell Tovey served as music director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, where he founded its highly regarded New Music Festival. From 2002 to 2006, he was music director of the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Also a composer, he has been commissioned by the Calgary Opera to compose the company’s third, original, full-length opera, The Inventor, which will premiere in January 2011, and he received the Best Canadian Classical Composition 2003 Juno Award for his Requiem for a Charred Skull. Mr. Tovey is also an accomplished jazz pianist.

Bramwell Tovey has been awarded several honorary degrees, and in 1999 he received the M.

Joan Chalmers National Award for Artistic Direction, a Canadian prize awarded to artists for outstanding contributions in the performing arts. He last appeared with the New York Philharmonic in July 2007, at the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival.


The United States Military Academy Band is a direct descendant of the small Band of Musick that had assembled at West Point by 1817. The modest 21-piece military band of that era has evolved into the 48-member wind band of today. The Band’s events annually attract thousands of visitors to the academy. The most popular of these are the summer concerts at West Point’s Trophy Point Amphitheatre.

The Concert Band has a history marked by close associations with renowned composers, such as the late Percy Grainger, one of the first composers to fully utilize the unique instrumentation of the wind ensemble and often called upon the band at West Point to proofread his new compositions and occasionally appeared as soloist. In 1940 the Concert Band premiered Grainger’s Hill Song #2. The Band also enjoyed its relationship with American composer and conductor Morton Gould. His 1952 contribution to the sesquicentennial of the United States Military Academy, Symphony for Band, commissioned by the Concert Band, still stands as a staple in the contemporary wind band repertoire. The United States Military Academy Band last appeared with the New York Philharmonic in December 1964, performing Berlioz’s Grande Symphonie, led by William Steinberg. The Band is under the direction of Lt. Col. Timothy J. Holtan, commander/conductor.

Concerts You May Enjoy


Special Thanks

Summertime Classics is sponsored by



Photo of Bramwell Tovey: Chris Lee

West Point Band and New York Philharmonic Collaborate after 44 Years
by SFC Eric Miller


           As the West Point Band prepares for its popular Music Under the Stars concert series, two particular summer performances resonate with its members.  On July 3rd and 4th, the Concert Band will perform with the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City.  The Philharmonic will perform the world premiere of Bramwell Tovey’s Urban Runway and “Four Dance Episodes” from Rodeo.  The Academy Band will feature its Staff Arranger, Master Sgt. Douglas Richard, performing his composition Celebration for a New Era.  The concert will also showcase The Official West Point March and Donald Grantham’s Farewell to Gray, a piece commissioned by the West Point Band in honor of the U.S. Military Academy’s bicentennial celebration.  The concert will conclude with both the Philharmonic and the West Point Band performing Sousa’s Liberty Bell and Stars and Stripes as well as the service songs of the Armed Forces.\


        The joint performance underscores a unique association between the West Point Band and the New York Philharmonic.  The Academy Band performed with the Philharmonic in 1964, and Philip Egner, composer of On Brave Old Army Team and The Official West Point March, was actually a cellist in the Philharmonic prior to his appointment as Teacher of Music and Bandmaster of the Academy Band in 1909.


        In February of 2008, Academy Band musician Staff Sgt. Denver Dill performed with other principal players of the Philharmonic as a part of its “Day of Berio” concert.  Like Staff Sgt. Dill, many members of the Academy Band have also garnered a relationship with musicians in the Philharmonic during their musical studies.  The West Point Band and New York Philharmonic affiliation has also facilitated recent solo performances for Philharmonic musicians to be showcased at West Point.  For many summers, the principal trombonist of the Philharmonic, Joseph Alessi, has performed with the Academy Band.  This summer, Philip Smith, the Philharmonic’s principal trumpet, will be featured on August 3rd at Trophy Point.


        Undoubtedly, this unique Independence Day collaboration between both musical organizations will not only be entertaining, but is destined to evoke the patriotic sensibilities of its listeners.  


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