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  30 July 2004

Liverpool, England

The Clarinet Summer School 2004


The seventh year of The Clarinet Summer School has just concluded and was deemed to be a big success. 25 students joined us for most of the week and they were all kept pretty busy.

Several students have returned for a second and in some cases 3rd or 4th year so they must still enjoy it. One student Joanna Brown has sent me a very nice review of the week which you can read here.


There are two main reasons for the success of the event, the first is the dedication of the tutors.

For many years I had hoped to be able to bring Mike Reid over from Switzerland to tutor on The Clarinet Summer School. However, there was a small problem which involved negotiating with his partner Antonia, to come to the Summer School, despite the fact that she was expecting their first baby at the end of July. In the event Emilia arrived one week later, and Mike was able to return in time to be at the birth.


 During the course Mike worked all the hours of the day giving Masterclasses and individual lessons to everyone that wanted them, as well as performing for the students in an informal concert.

I can't really thank him enough for his good humor and brilliant example of relaxed performance. I hope he will join us again at some point in the near future.


 Les has been an invaluable asset to the course from very its earliest days. He is a kind and dedicated tutor who helps and supports me in almost every practical way possible. He supplies and fetches the extra instruments and music for the clarinet choir, and puts up with my ridiculously busy schedules without complaint. And then we ask him to perform as well! He unfailingingly impresses every student on the course with his knowledge and ability to get the best out of students. He is always able to function 100% on very little sleep, something he has been trying to train me to do for many years now, with limited success.

David Walters has been involved with organising and performing on The Clarinet Summer School from the start. Without his help I would not feel able to organise this event. As an accompanist he is probably used to being taken for granted, but his work is deeply appreciated by everyone connected with course, and none more so than me. His skills as a musician and teacher are something of which Hope University College should be truly proud.

Deborah Tayler has worked with me for more years than I care to remember and is one of the most talented musicians I know. She is always keen to help musicians at all levels and is a great support to me.

 This year saw the addition of Tom Clough to the longstanding medical advisors along with Dr Chris Mimnagh. Chris has helped us every year in educating students in safe clarinet playing and has been one of the regular pit crew that have kept me playing! Tom was so impressed with the interest shown in the Alexander technique that he kindly returned to give a full afternoon of classes with all of the students.

The second reason for the succces of The Clarinet Summer School is the generosity of its sponsors.

This year the major sponsors John Packer and Vandoren were joined by the Danish company Lohff & Pfeiffer, CASS and Woodwind & Co.

Without continued sponsorship this course simply could not run, and once again I am deeply indebted to them all for their contunued support and help.

Wolfgang Lohff has spent a large part of his time on the course repairing and overhauling instruments for students on the course. This is a new departure for us and will I hope continue to be a feature in the future. The insights he gave us on the production of instruments will hopefully start an interest in many players to demand new and higher standards for themselves. Do keep checking this web site for progress in this area!

I am delighted that CASS have managed join our team of sponsors, as they have been kind enough to publish many reviews of previous courses, and I hope that we can involve more clarinet players in CASS activities as a result.

Eddie Ashton managed to continue his long standing involvment with the course despite the sad loss of his Mother, our thanks and deepest sympathy go to him.

Jon Parkinson and Kerry Long have once again been generous with their support of the course and have become firm friends of everyone involved with The Clarinet Summer School at Hope University, Liverpool. This year we actually found them a room with a view, which just might entice them to come back next year.

Everyone will I am sure agree with me that the staff of Hope University college were both pleasant and most helpful, especially the kitchen staff and the security lodge.

The DVD of the two concerts will be available soon, and the pictures can be downloaded by right-clicking on them.

It only remains for me to thank the other very important people on the course... the students. I am pleased to say that by the end of the week I felt privileged to meet and work with so many interesting and talented players and I hope to see some of them again in the future.

Andrew Roberts
Course Director


David Krakauer and Klezmer Madness from New York

Caracas Clarinet Quartet with Paquita Rivera

Byron Jazz Ensemble

US Army Field Band Clarinet Quartet

Viva Klezmer

Stephanie Corrie - Paris Conservatory Concours winner

Colin Bradbury Recital

Josef Balogh Hungarian Recital

SSG Chang - Marine Band Clarinet Choir Soloist performing Tschaikovsky Violin Concerto Finale

Italian Clarinetist Fabio DeCasoli Recital

US Marine Band Clarinet Choir '10' soloists in Martian Counterpoint from 10 of a Kind by David Rakowsky

Marine 10 soloists

Marine Clarinet Choir '10' ensemble

Marine Choir

Marine Band Conductor Cpt Jason Fettig

The USAF 'Airman of Note' Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Clarinetist and Band member CMsgt Joe Eckert

Paquita Rivera as soloist

Jazz Singer with Paquita Rivera

Paquita Rivera receiving Appreciation Award

US Army Orchestra and SGM Mike Knight and SFC Dennis Strawley in Mendellsohn Concertpiece #1

Eddie Vanoosthuyse of Flemish Radio Orchestra

Col Cason and Larry Combs in Copland Concerto

Col Cason and Nielsen Concerto Soloist Ricardo Morales

Bass Clarinetist Alain Billard

Robert Wetzel and Marguerite Baker in Award presentation

Mitchell Estrin in Stanley Drucker tribute accepting ICA lifetime membership

ICA University of Maryland Exhibit

Competition winners

Air Force Retirement appreciation ceremony at Airman of Note concert for Director CMsgt Joe Eckert

High School Honors Clarinet Choir - Ed Palanker, conducting

College Clarinet Choir - Charles West conducting

Conference Clarinet Choir - Harvey Hermann conducting

University of Florida Clarinet Choir - Mitchell Estrin conducting

Senzoka College Clarinet Choir - Masarake Kaihoko conducting

East Kentucky University Clarinet Choir - Connie Rhoads conducting

Washington Military Band Seminar

Mike Getzin, Stephanie Corrie and Dominique Videl

Mike Getzin and Ricardo Morales

British Clarinet Ensemble - Charles Hine conducting

25 July 2004

ClarinetFest 2004 -  University of Maryland, 

College Park, Maryland near Washington DC   USA

       The International Clarinet Association’s annual event was held for 5 intensive days at 3 locations, at the new Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center,  the University of Maryland Convention Center, and a special evening with the Washington National Symphony at the Wolftrap Performing Arts Center in Northern Virginia.  Events were of high standard, with numerous recitals by professors from several American Universities, invited artists from several countries,  chamber ensembles including new music ensembles,  Clarinet Quartets,  seven Clarinet Choirs, both professional level and college level, and major concerts performed by elements of the Premiere Military Bands in Washington.  Of special interest is that this University houses the ICA Research Library open for use by their members. 

Ricardo Moralis rehearsing Nielsen Concerto

Bass Clarinetist Mr Billard in rehearsal

LTC Cason in Soloist conference

Mendellsohn Concertpiece rehearsal with Knight and Strawley

Larry Combs Copland rehearsal

       Principal artists performing and hosting master classes and seminars included Ricardo Morales, newly appointed Solo Clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra, performing the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto with brilliant distinction;  Larry Combs, Solo Clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony performing the Copland Clarinet Concerto; Eddie Vanoosthuyse, Solo Clarinetist in the Flemish Radio Symphony in Belgium performing ‘The Circle of Nature’ 9 Sessions for Clarinet, ‘Cello, and Orchestra by Dirk Brosse;  Alain Billard, Bass Clarinet Soloist from Paris performing ‘Mit Ausdruck’ by Bruno Mantovani; and two Army Band soloists Sergeant Major Mike Knight and Sergeant 1st Class Dennis Strawley performing the Mendellsohn 1st Concertpiece for 2 Clarinets and Orchestra.   This brilliantly performed concert by the US Army Orchestra, conducted by Lieutenant Colonel  Cason was the very high point of this conference.    The Airman of Note, the US Air Force Band’s Jazz ensemble, performed a high point concert with Paquita Rivera, the incredible jazz soloist from Cuba in a packed concert with enthusiasm from both the band and the audience.  Honors for active Air Force service was given to retiring Airman of Note Director and Clarinetist CMsgt Joe Eckert at his final concert with this ensemble, noteworthy of the special nature of this event.   On Saturday, July 24th, the ClarinetFest populous of 900 participants went to Wolftrap to hear the Washington National Symphony including Solo Clarinetist Loren Kitt performing  Richard Strauss Duet Concertino for Clarinet, Bassoon and Orchestra and other American music including Gershwin’s American in Paris and the Rhapsody in Blue.

        Many other artists and University faculty, too many to name here appeared in Potpourri recitals, Chamber recitals, demonstrations of important Contemporary techniques, especially Robert Spring who specializes in this work.  Principal recitals heard brilliant performances by Dominique Videl, solo Clarinet in the Paris opera, Stephanie Corrie, recent winner of the Paris Conservatory Concours,  Josef Balogh from Budapest, Hungary, Fabio de Casoli, Italian Clarinetist, Henri Bok, renowned Bass Clarinetist from Holland, Don Byron, noted New York Jazz Clarinetist with his ensemble.   Two notable Klezmer ensembles made a mark including David Krakauer from New York, who opened the first day of this Festival with an exciting performance that could not quit.  Viva Klezmer, which played later this week with Gene Kavadlo and ensemble performed in a different style but significant. 

       There were numerous Clarinet ensembles of distinction including the Caracas Clarinet Quartet from Venezuela, with Paquita Rivera appearing in concert with them showing an artistic bond and style,  the US Army Field Band Clarinet Quartet, the Capitol Woodwind Quintet with Lora Ferguson from the Washington area, and several composite chamber groups.  

        Clarinet Choirs were saturate in numbers and included several categories including College groups, as the East Kentucky University Clarinet Choir conducted by Dr Connie Rhoades, the University of Florida Clarinet Choir conducted by Mitchell Estrin, the Senzoku College Clarinet Orchestra conducted by Masatake Kaiboko from Japan, the British Clarinet Choir conducted by Charles Hine, and the ClarinetFest participant Choirs including the High School Honors Clarinet Choir conducted by Ed Palanker, Bass Clarinetist in the Baltimore Symphony and faculty at the Peabody Institute, the College Clarinet Choir directed by Charles West from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and the Conference Clarinet Choir conducted by Dr Harvey Hermann, Professor at the University of Illinois in Champaign,  Noteworthy about Dr Hermann is his long contribution to producing quality orchestral transcriptions for this medium, having performed the Schubert Symphony #5 in its entirety with this ensemble with an effective performance.  All the above ensembles performed with consistency, with Orchestral level performance achieved by many of them, especially the British Clarinet Ensemble, the Florida Ensemble and the Senzoku Ensemble from Japan.  This whole endeavor with choirs served to involve hundreds of participants to be a performing part of this Festival.

        Clarinet firm and Music industry exhibitions were abounding representing all facets of agendas about music and the Clarinet including instrument firms, accessories, publishers, recording companies and the military recruiting booths representing the Special Bands and the general programs.  These areas provided for employment opportunities for young people contemplating such a course. A Special Band seminar explaining the programs, requirements, audition preparation, pay and benefits.  Principal Clarinetists from the 5 Washington bands held this seminar.

         Annually there are 3 competitions with prizes awarded including the Orchestral Competition, the High School Solo Competition and the Young Artists Competition with winners,  Tributes and lifetime memberships were awarded to David Weber from New York and Stanley Drucker, celebrated Solo Clarinet legend of the New York Philharmonic, given tribute by his student and touring Orchestral colleague Mitchell Estrin, WKA Performing Organization Chairman and Professor at the University of Florida.   This festival was a logistical challenge that had its bumps like any undertaking this immense and all went well with so many great performances and opportunities.  Great credit is due to Marguerite Baker, faculty at Towson State University who took the challenge for this success to the plate.  The next Festival will be held in Tama, Tokyo Japan in July 2005.


July 20, 2004

(Los Angeles) Michigan State Appoints Clarinet Soloist Caroline Hartig                                                                        

            Acclaimed Buffet Crampon clarinet soloist Caroline Hartig has been named to Michigan State Universitys faculty. The versatile performer moves to Michigan after more than a decade as professor of clarinet at Ball State University in Indiana.

Since her solo debut at Carnegie Hall, Ms. Hartig has been in high demand around the globe for her unique new-music collaborations. Dazzling and  Simply virtuosic are just a few of the superlatives used to describe Ms. Hartigs performances.

On the airwaves, Ms. Hartig has performed on National Public Radios Morning Edition and Center Stage from Wolf Trap.  Looking ahead, shes slated to perform the world premiere of a newly commissioned solo clarinet work by the Pulitzer Prize winning composer William Bloom in 2005.

Besides a busy concert schedule, Caroline also maintains a recording career. Her most recent release, The Clarinet Brilliante for Centaur Records, has been chosen as the number one pick by such venerable publications as American Record Guide and Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine.

A Buffet Crampon Artist/clinician, Ms. Hartig is active both nationally and internationally as a master teacher and clinician.  She is the current President of the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors. 

For more information, please contact Francois Kloc at or at 800.426.7068.


Capitol Band Concert beginning

Band Woodwind section

Colonel Gary Lamb, conducting

Band evening concert

Band Concert conclusion

The US Army Band Brucker Hall at Ft Myer, Virginia

Band Lobby with Alumni

Col Lamb in rehearsal with Heralds

Clarinet Colleagues in rehearsal

Lobby with guests

Colonel Lamb in rehearsal

Band and Chorus in rehearsal

Band break

Colonel Gary Lamb and Mike Getzin

Army Alumni Band in full rehearsal

16 July 2004

Washington, DC  USA

The United States Army Band  (Pershing's Own) 2nd Band Alumni Concert and Reunion Weekend

     This second annual event held at Fort Myer, Virginia in conjunction with this great Premiere Band together with their veteran members and retired members was a profound success in bringing a welcome mat to all these past special musicians, many of whom spent a large part of their professional lives as members of this Band.  Many came from distant parts of the country for this event, and there were several players who were in the Band from as far back as 1937.  There were some who played in this Band during World War II when this band went to the European Theatre for 2 years (no other band in Washington went into a war zone in Europe).  These members were publicly credited at the concert for their service.  The Band performed at full strength including the Herald Trumpets (used in ceremonial events for Heads of State and at the White House), The US Army Chorus, and the veteran augmented Concert Band conducted by Commander Colonel Gary Lamb, who spearheaded the Alumni initiative.  Music performed included familiar repertoire to the veterans performed during their tenure at the Band, including Moussorgsky's Coronation Scene from the Opera Boris Godenov, Randall Thompson's Testament of Freedom, Berlioz's Roman Carnival Overture, and many other works characteristic for a summer concert.  The two days of intensive rehearsal preparation, the concert, and a picnic on Saturday brought the alumni and the Band up to date with each other.  The importance of such a meeting cannot be underestimated, as this embodies a true family spirit between the active duty and the past members.  Of interest, after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the Band performed a special concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and produced a recording from that event which is now available on the market. As of the last week, it has scored #9 on the Billboard Charts and has been nominated for a Grammy.  The Army Band Alumni Association is encouraging past members to contact them to reunite with past friends and colleagues.  Credit should be paid to the Commander Colonel Gary Lamb, the Sergeant Major of the Band Jack Tilbury, and others who have stepped out to the plate to bring great things for all involved.

Steve Cohen, new Professor at Cincinnati Conservatory

6 July 2004

New Orleans, Louisiana  USA

Steve Cohen, Retiring Solo Clarinetist in Louisiana Philharmonic named as Head of Clarinet Department and Associate Professor of Music at the Cincinnati College/ Conservatory of Music

        Long standing Solo Clarinetist Steve Cohen, a leading performer in the acclaimed Louisiana Philharmonic, and a co-Director of the Clarinetfest 2001 in New Orleans, has been named to this high-profile position at one of the most prestigeous conservatories in the United States. Colleagues include Richie Hawley, Principal Clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony, Ron Aufmann, Bass Clarinetist in the same orchestra, and Carmine Campione, retired 2nd Clarinetist from the Orchestra, This faculty will enhance a well rounded program effectively entailing all aspects of Clarinet Performance, including Orchestral training, Chamber Music, and Solo Performance.


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