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Hot News July 2018


27 - 30 July 2018


VIP Wenzel Fuchs Master Class Curso


Santa Cecilia Cullera - Italy


24 - 29 July 2018


International Clarinet Workshop - VIP Alexander Fiterstein, Director


 Kibbutz Mizra, Israel 






24 - 28 July 2018


3rd International Clarinet Festival  (CCOM)  - Juan Juan, Director


Beijing, China


                 We enjoyed five-days clarinet feast. Thank International and domestic clarinetists and students. Each festival is an opportunity to close our relationship, deepen our friendship and trust, exchange clarinet playing experience and virtuosity, cross region, border and culture, everyone here is equal.

                 We hope Chinese students could hear the highest clarinet playing level in the world, learn about technic for playing the clarinet, understand the developing tendency of international clarinet playing, blend themselves in the ocean of international clarinetistry. There are 3 words written on the first page of our festival magazine, hope, modern and future, this is exactly our original intention to organize this festival. Through CCOM International Clarinet Festival, continuously learning, communicating and showing ourselves, making us really become an important role in the international clarinet playing.
Hereby, on behalf of the Organizing Committee. Thank the Chinese clarinetists who played on the Marathon Concert, we created a new Chinese clarinet history together, each one of them showed the audience a very high playing level, they are the representative of Chinese clarinet playing level. And because of their participation, we communicate from each other, promoting our friendship, devoting ourselves to the Chinese clarinet playing cause.

               Thank the maestros who gave us fantastic and impressive recitals, they brought us different styles, different culture clarinet music, their playing pushed our festival into climax, as well as closer the distance between Chinese clarinetistry and World clarinetistry. In the meantime we wish them could know the situation and level of Chinese clarinet development, wish them like all of you, enjoy this festival, bring what they feel here back to their country, welcome more international clarinetists to China, to Beijing. Hereby, I would like to quote a few words prof. Tao Chunxiao wrote to them: “Thank you for bringing us such lovely music, thank you for bringing us such excellent virtuosity and playing experience, welcome you come to China again”.

              Thank four organizing committee appointed pianists, Liu Ruosha, Yuan Ding, Fang Jia, Fatima Alieva, their virtuosity and noble professional ethics made the concerts still more perfect.
Thank Design Director of the festival, Mr. Ma Jia, his talents, creativities and nearly two-month hard work made our festival’s publicity more Internationalized.
Thank the volunteers on and behind the stage working for the festival. Everything is not worked without them, they spent great efforts and hard work, trying their best to make everything perfect. Please allow me read their names.

             Tonight, the festival is nearly to the end. Still, we put a perfect stop for the festival by concert. Hope the festival give you an unforgettable experience. See you next time at the 4th CCOM International Clarinet Festival!




 23 - 28 July 2018


Korean Clarinet Ensemble Clarinet Academy with VIP Philippe Cuper


Choong.ju, Korea






20 - 22 July 2018


Clarinet Sicily Festival 2018


Sicily, Italy





16 - 21 July 2018


Buffet Summer Clarinet Academy at the University of North Florida


Jacksonville, Florida USA






15 - 23 July 2018


International Clarinet Masterclass and Competition " Julian Menendez " i


Avila, Spain


                            The International Clarinet Masterclass and Competition " Julian Menendez " in Avila is one of the most important clarinet event in Europe reuniting over 40 clarinetists at its 21. Edition this year. The clarinet students and professionals from all over the world assist every year to enjoy different activities: Individual clarinet lessons Bass Clarinet Lessons Clarinet Ensemble Orquestral Repertoire Clarinet maintainers and repares Improvisation and a Introduction to a Jazz How to behave on the stage and resolve a stage fright.


                         All those activities are held by internationally recognised tutors: Henry Bok Holland Luis Gomes Portugal Hedwig Schwimberge Belgium Olivia Geerolf Belgium Dominique Vidal France Phillipe Leloup France Javier Trigos Spain Isaac Rodriguez Spain Justo Sanz Spain Radovan Cavallin Croatia,Spain Sabastien Fontaine ( Selmer ) France Jose Antonio Zazo Spain


                         This year 8. International Clarinet Competition has been held at the Masterclass. Prizes from Selmer Vandoren and Mafermusica societies were given to a following winners: 1. Prize EUNICE RIJO GIL PORTUGAL 2. Prize HOCHEOL CHA COREEA 3. Prize HELIA CRISTINA VARANDA PORTUGAL. Many Congratulationes to the winners!






12 - 18 July 2018

Belgian Clarinet Academy - VIP Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Director


Ostend, Belgium







12 - 14 July 2018


The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend


Fort Myer and Washington, DC USA








 9 - 13 July 2018


3rd Annual Alexander Fiterstein Clarinet Academy and Festival 


Minneapolis, Minnesota USA





ClarinetFest Concerto Finale with VIP Soloists with the Brussels Royal Philharmonic, Paul Meyer, Conducting



VIP Jonathan Cohler performs newly scored Mozart Concerto played on a Specially designed Basset A Clarinet made by Gao



Jazz and Klezmer Concerts with VIPs Eddie Daniels, Giora Feidman, Anat Cohen and friends












































6 - 11 July 2018


ClarinetFest with the International Clarinet Association (ICA) - VIP Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Director


Ostend, Belgium


                   Most probably the  best ClarinetFest on record featuring a multitude of world-class clarinetists and soloists, along with extensive support ensembles including the Brussels Royal Philharmonic, the Flemish Chamber Orchestra, numerous Belgian Military Bands, Clarinet Choirs coming from all over the globe, and under incredible Directorship of VIP Eddy Vanoosthuyse and ICA Presidents VIP Caroline Hartig and Mitchell Estrin.  The Festival was dedicated to the memory of Harry Sparnaay and Guido Six, of which his dedication is below:


Remembering Guido Six (1955-2015)


Condolences to the family of Guido Six, with the loss of both Guido and his son Jef in a tragic accident on October 30, 2015. Guido‘s contributions to the world of clarinet, to music, and to his family in the clarinet world will be remembered for generations to come.

Guido Six was just 18 years old when he passed the examination to perform as a military musician in the Band of the Gendarmerie. It was there that he met his predecessor Roland Cardon, eventually following him as Director of the Ostend Conservatory in Belgium. Guido eventually became professor of clarinet and pedagogical coordinator.


His Claribel Clarinet Choir, which began in 1992, experienced many successes at their performances in international music festivals. Six was also chairman of the Music Association of West Flanders and continued to organize his clarinet internship in Oostduinkerke. The Conservatory of Ostend serves as home for the Belgian Clarinet Academy, an international summer course for pre-professional clarinetists. Several world-renowned clarinetists joined Guido for a fascinating and instructive week in this beautiful Flemish coastal city each summer.

The renowned and elite Claribel Clarinet Choir from Ostend, Belgium performed at the 20th Anniversary Concert at the MidWest Band & Orchestra Clinic with soloists, and Director and Founder Guido Six was awarded Commendation from the International Music Educators Association. As a high-point in his career, Mr. Six was again awarded for his accomplishments by the International Music Educators Association in developing his agenda and achieving his goals in his field. Of special note, Guido Six published a vast repertoire for the clarinet choir and was a masterful teacher and performer. He served as Artistic Director of two ClarinetFests in Belgium, 1993 in Ghent and 1999 in Ostend, and plans were underway for ClarinetFest 2018 to take place in Ostend as well.




 5 - 6 July 2018


 Karel Dohnal Performs Copland Clarinet Concerto two concerts with the Essener Philharmoniker  and conductor Tomas Netopil in Krupp Hall in Essen as last concerts of the symphony concert season, and one open air concert in Grugapark


Essen, Germany


               A tireless and enthusiastic promoter of clarinet as of a solo instrument, and at the same time, one of the most respectful clarinettists today, Karel Dohnal, during his entire career has always challenged to perform in his concerts and studio recordings compositions of revealing dramaturgy, demonstrating that the technical and expressive potential of clarinet makes it equally important as compared to violin, piano or cello, despite that the available repertoire is rather meagre. Thus, Karel Dohnal unveils works which have been neglected, but which deserve to be performed along with other prominent works. As an outcome of his efforts is the newest CD recording. Rudolf Kubin’s Concerto for clarinet and orchestra or Miloslav Kabelac’s Symphony No. 6 "Concertante" could boldly compete against such a well-known star of clarinet repertoire, which undoubtedly is the Concerto for clarinet and orchestra of Jean Françaix.

              As a soloist performer of works of Carl Nielsen, Krzystof Penderecki, Aaron Copland, Trygve Madsen, Jan Frank Fischer, Ondrej Kukal, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Maria von Weber, Frantisek Vincenc Krommer, Jan Vaclav Stamic and of numerous other composers, Karel Dohnal played to audiences in many countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America, performing as in chamber recitals as well as under the accompaniment of orchestras, such as Prague Philharmonia, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava, South Czech Chamber Philharmonia, Philharmonia in Lvov, Philharmonia in Sczeczin, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Czech Chamber Orchestra, Talich Philharmonia Prague, Hofer Symphoniker and other ensembles.

             Together with a famous soprano, Edita Gruberova, Karel Dohnal performed at the Prague Spring International Music Festival. In cooperation with Tokyo String Quartet, Karel Dohnal also performed at the Dvorak Prague International Music Festival. At the Bodensee Festival, he performed together with Pavel Haas Quartet. Karel Dohnal regularly performs with Talich Quartet, Wihan Quartet, pianists Martin Kasik, Evgeny Samoilov and others. Karel Dohnal is a member of the Prague State Opera Orchestra and a new approach ensemble, Philharmonia Octet Prague, which feature the leading soloists of the Czech music scene, and of Trio Amadeus.


             Karel Dohnal is also a highly recognized and sought-after interpreter of the contemporary music. He devoted his doctoral thesis to the study of modern clarinet performance techniques, revealing and initiating emergence of many compositions of solo and chamber repertoire of such composers as Antonin Tucapsky, Otmar Macha, Jiri Teml, Juraj Filas, Petr Wajsar, Ales Pavlork, Ivana Loudova, Ondrej Stochl, Krzesimir Debski and others.

            Karel Dohnal has also enjoyed great acclaim with his unique performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Harlequin, where he as a harlequin in addition to his virtuosic playing the clarinet, demonstrates his comedic and acting talent. Karel Dohnal is one of few clarinettists in the world who performs this exceptionally difficult composition, which has received unsurpassed acclamation from critics as well as from the public.


            Karel Dohnal is a laureate of international clarinet competitions, such as Prague Spring, Premio Valentino Bucchi in Rome, Dos Hermanas in Spanish Seville, Pacem in Terris in Bayreuth or Young Artist Competition in Belgian Ostend.

           Karel Dohnal graduated from the Conservatory in Ostrava (Petr Bohus) and from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Vlastimil Mares). He continued his studies at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (Thea King, Julian Farrell, Joy Farrall), Universität der Künste in Berlin (Francois Benda), Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg Conservatory (Valery Bezruchenko) and at the Conservatory in Hilversum (Henk de Graaf). Karel Dohnal is also a co-founder of the International master class courses in Ostrava. At the same time, he is also frequently invited as a lector to a variety of interpretive seminars all over the world.







29 June - 6 July 2018


Ostrava Clarinet & Saxophone Master Classes


Ostrava, Czech Republic