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July 2016 Hot News





July 25 – 29, 2016


MASON SUMMER CLARINET ACADEMY at George Mason University -  Catina Sweedy, Director


Fairfax, Virginia USA


                     From July 25th-29th, fifteen talented young clarinetists attended the first George Mason University Summer Clarinet Academy, directed by Catina Franklin Sweedy with Buffet Artist and George Mason clarinet professor Kathleen Mulcahy and teaching assistant Nick Thompson. Highlights included included Marie Ross and her historical clarinet seminar and recital. Blake Arrington and Backun Musical Services' clarinet repair clinic.  David Gould's reed clinic.

                   And The United States Army Band clarinetists SSG Adrienne Hodges, SSG Chris Reardon, SSG Roger Garza, and SFC Leesa Voth's performance.

                   The Academy also combined with the percussion, composition, and recording engineering programs group clinics on sight-reading (presented by The Sight-Reading Factory), Steve Reich's "Clapping Music", how to take auditions, and improvisation with Doc Nix. The week culminated in clarinet choir performances of "Caprice for Clarinets" by Grundman, "Trois Divertissements", Movement 1 by Tomasi, and a cover arrangement of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

                 Thank you very much also to Vandoren USA, Buffet Crampon USA, and The clarinet choir performances of "Caprice for Clarinets" by Grundman, "Trois Divertissements", Movement 1 by Tomasi, and a cover arrangement of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

                 Thank you very much also to Vandoren USA, Buffet Crampon USA, and The
The Foxes Music Company for their sponsorship of the Academy! Check out our Facebook page. We are already planning for next year!




24 - 28 July 2016


International Clarinet Festival


Beijing, China






17 - 25 July 2016


Julian Menendez International Clarinet Festival and 8th Competition and Bass Clarinet with VIP Henri Bok


Avila, Spain


             International Clarinet Masterclass and Competition " Julian Menendez " in Avila is one of the most important clarinet event in Europe reuniting over 40 clarinetists at its 21. Edition this year. The clarinet students and professionals from all over the world assist every year to enjoy different activities: Individual clarinet lessons Bass Clarinet Lessons, Clarinet Ensemble, Orquestral Repertoire,  Clarinet maintainers and repairs,  Improvisation and a Introduction to a Jazz How to behave on the stage and resolve a stage fright.

            All those activities are held by internationally recognised tutors:

                         Henry Bok -  Holland,  Luis Gomes - Portugal Hedwig - Schwimberge Belgium,  Olivia Geerolf - Belgium,  Dominique Vidal - France,  Phillipe Leloup - France,  Javier Trigos - Spain,  Isaac Rodriguez - Spain,  Justo Sanz-  Spain, Radovan Cavallin - Croatia, ,Spain Sabastien Fontaine - ( Selmer ) France, and Jose Antonio Zazo - Spain


            This year 8. International Clarinet Competition was been held at the Master class. Prizes from Selmer Vandoren and Mafermusica societies were given to a following winners:




            Many Congratulations to the winners!




12 - 16 July 2016 






The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) Alumni Reunion and Concerts


Washington, DC  USA




12 - 16 July 2016


The 2016 Ohio State University Clarinet Academy - VIP Caroline Hartig, Director


 Columbus, Ohio USA


                   The 2016 Ohio State University Clarinet Academy was held from June 12 to June 16 on the OSU campus. High school students from all over came together for a week of intense clarinet training with OSU Professor of Clarinet Caroline Hartig. Students participated in daily master classes, lectures with guest artists, small and large ensemble music rehearsals, and even private lessons. Students also had the opportunity to work with current OSU students who were serving as festival counselors. The hard-work was evident in the Clarinet Academy Student Solos Concert in Weigel Hall on Wednesday night. Following the concert, students celebrated with a pizza party. The 2016 OSU Clarinet Academy concluded with a concert featuring the fine-tuned chamber ensembles and clarinet choir. 


                 Information about the 2017 Clarinet Academy will be available soon. 




11 - 16 July 2016


Buffet Summer Clarinet Academy at Northern Florida University






Jacksonville, Florida USA




6 - 12 July 2016


Belgian Clarinet Academy celebrating the legacy of its Founder Guido Six


Ostend, Belgium


                  The 2016 Belgian Clarinet Academy was held in Ostend, Belgium July 5 to July 12. Students from the USA, South Africa, Belgium and Brazil attended. This was our first year without the leadership of Guido Six, who passed away last November in a car accident. Leadership was taken over by a non-profit group under the umbrella of the Claribel Clarinet choir. 

Our week consisted of daily warm-up class, lessons for all each day, ensemble rehearsals, classes on reeds and auditions, and of course, clarinet choir rehearsals. These were all led by Robert Spring, Deborah Bish, and Eddy Vanoosthuyse. Our “director” for the week was Chantal Vandekerckove, Guido Six’s wife and a member of the Claribel Clarinet Choir. 


                 Students stay with host families and are treated to the great Belgian foods, chocolates and of course beverages! A day off in the week allows the chance to visit Bruges, Ghent, Brussels or even Paris, and our students did all four! The week culminated with two fantastic recitals featuring unaccompanied music, music with piano, quartets and trios and clarinet choir. We ended with our traditional banquet featuring some of the best foods and drinks Belgium has to offer. 


               Dates for next year are July 4-11. Faculty to be announced soon, but will include Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Dr. Deborah Bish and Dr. Robert Spring. 





5 - 9 July 2016


Clarinet Academy of America at University of Maryland  - VIP's Robert DiLutis and D Ray McClellan, Directors 


College Park, Maryland USA







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