Hot News February 2004

Gregory Barrett with Student

Barrett with Teacher dialog

John Bruce Yeh in Recital of Japanese music

Mr Yeh with Mel Warner, NIU Music faculty

Eb Clarinet session

USAF Mid America Band Clarinet Quartet

Japanese Jazz Lecture

Ironwood HS Clarinet Choir

Yeh Master Class

Cornucopia Clarinet Choir

21 February 2004

3rd Annual Clarinet Cornucopia - Northern Illinois University DeKalb   USA

    The 3rd Clarinet Cornucopia, featuring 'Sounds of Japan' this year, featured from the Chicago Symphony John Bruce Yeh, Associate solo Clarinetist performing a major recital featuring recent works of Japanese composers, and demonstrating incredible independence from the technical demands and communicating effectively to an enthusiastic number of clarinetists.  Mr Yeh has an artistic solo flare which can inspire players to reach outside themselves rather than to be boxed in by stylistic constraints.  A major Master Class prevailed immediately before the recital which delivered an inspiration and intensity of coaching on several areas including performing solo recital, phrasing, ensemble interaction, orchestral coaching and fundamentals.  Everyone present could grasp the message and take it home with them.    Gregory Barrett, Director of this program, gave two classes on similar topics with students.  A lecture about Jazz in Japan was given by E Taylor Atkins with slides and recorded materials.  Other ensembles performing included the USAF Mid America Band Clarinet Quartet gave a solid performance of basic and some Japanese works, the Ironwood Jr-Sr High School Clarinet Choir from Michigan performed arrangements suitable for their level of playing, and the Cornucopia participant Choir performed with many of the participants performing, conducted by Brian Van Kley.  This intensive day of events was worth coming for, and credit should be given to Dr Barrett for the success.  This event is held every year at NIU.

Mozart Clarinet Quintet

Sajot Clarinet Class

Jean-Louis Sajot in concert

Francaix Clarinet Quintet

Selmer Clarinet tryouts from participants

Ben Redwine in Mozart session

Sooyoung Yoon in Messeian Solo coaching

Elise Bonhivert in Weber lesson

Sarah Atkinson in Weber lesson

Cathy Ogram in technical solo piece

17 February 2004

Octuor de France Master Class and Performance with Jean-Louis Sajot

L'Alliance Francaise of Washington, DC

   The Octuor de France, formed by the prestigeous Clarinettist Jean-Luois Sajot, Principal Clarinettist of the National de France in Paris, gave a comprehensive day with a 3 hour master class with selected professionals and students followed by an evening Chamber Music Performance performing the Barber String Quartet, the Jean Francaix Clarinet Quintet, and the Mozart Clarinet Quintet K581.  The atmosphere for both events was positive and dignified and the general Washington public attended the evening events along with Clarinet participants. The day was sponsored by the L'Alliance de France of Washington, Selmer and Cie France and USA, and TV5 France.  Advanced sessions in the Master Class covered important repertoire including the Mozart Clarinet Quintet, the Messeian Abyss solo movement from the Quartet for the End of Time, the Weber 2nd Clarinet Concerto, and the Weber Variations for Clarinet.  The benefit of this event cannot be underestimated.  Mr Sajot performed a first rate sensitive performance and was an inspiration to all the players who attended this event.  For interest to Clarinetists, he plays a Selmer Artist Series Clarinet and a Charles Bay mouthpiece of 25 years.  Due credit should be given to the organizers of this program, particularly Jean-Francoise Bescond of Selmer, who made the elaborate arrangements to make this event happen.  He is currently in the Washington area for Selmer and performs with the American Symphonic Clarinet Choir, a recently established ensemble which has already established a professional reputation with new music being written for this ensemble.


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