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28 August 2006

Sydney Symphony

Sydney, AustraliaMOZART Clarinet Concerto
MOZART Clarinet Concerto

 Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is a sparkling masterpiece and an audience favourite. Composed for Anton Stadler, a clarinettist famed for his ability to imitate the human voice, the concerto has a slow movement that aspires to opera with one of Mozart's most sublime arias, here performed by Associate Principal Clarinettist Francesco Celata.

Francesco Celata clarinet

            As a continuing celebration of Mozart's 250th Birth year, another noted performance of his K 622 is performed here in Sydney, Australia by the above noted artist clarinetist.  The performance is Internet broadcast by referring to the Sydney Symphony website for directions.  Reviews and biography are stated below.

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, also on the program, is a highly emotional work. Soloist Francesco Celata, the orchestra's associate principal clarinettist, realised both its wistful lyricism and moments of energetic virtuosity with his sinuous phrasing, tonal warmth and agile runs. Conducting without the score, Alexander Briger established brisk tempos and ensured the accompaniments were crisp and stylish.

Review from the Sydney Morning Herald  26.8.06

 Francesco Celata followed with a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A, K.622, of sublime smoothness, shaping phrases with the utmost mellifluousness, and bringing the return of the slow movement theme down to such quietness that the whole of the rest of the work seemed to revolve around it.

Frank Celata

Francesco Celata

Francesco Celata: Associate Principal Clarinet

Francesco Celata graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1987. Following studies in Amsterdam with Piet Honingh of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and in Siena with Giuseppe Garbarino, he returned to Australia in 1991 where he was appointed Principal Clarinet with the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra.
He has appeared on a number of occasions as guest Principal Clarinet with the London Symphony Orchestra. Performances included concerts at the Salzburg Festival, the Yehudi Menhuin Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland, and the Olympic Cultural Festival prior to the Athens Games. He has also performed on CD recordings with the LSO.
He has been a member of the Sydney Symphony since 1993, and has appeared as soloist on a number of occasions including performances of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, Bernstein’s Prelude, Fugue and Riffs, Krommer’s Double Clarinet Concerto with Lawrence Dobell, and a concerto written for him by Australian composer Gordon Kerry. He has also appeared as soloist with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Auckland Philharmonia.
Francesco Celata is an active chamber musician and is the founder of one of Sydney’s leading chamber ensembles, the Sydney Soloists. He also a dedicated pedagogue and has been teaching clarinet at the Sydney Conservatorium since 1994.

CNN Center Mall
Inside Center Mall
ClarinetFest reception
ClarinetFest Directors Eller and McClellan
Mike Getzin, Ken Grant, Larry Combs, and Russell Dagon

Ronnie Odrich and Eddie Daniels

Tom Martin and Luis Rossi

Mr Sulan, Sandrine Vasseur, and Jean-Marie Paul

Robert DiLutis, Mitch Estrin, and Ken Grant

Yamaha and John Reeks

18 August 2006

ClarinetFest 2006

Atlanta, Georgia USA

        One of the most successful ClarinetFests took place this week with a huge array of artists,

both American and International, along with various ensembles including Clarinet ensembles and Clarinet

Choirs, recitals from artists and Professors from all over the USA and abroad, and special appearances

by the US Army Field Band with faculty soloists, and the Atlanta Symphony featuring their own artist solo

Clarinetist Laura Arden and 2 major other major names in Jazz, Andy Firth from Australia, and Paulo Sergio Santos

from Brazil and a major figure Internationally.  This particular concert featured an important performance by

Ms Ardan of the Brahms 1st Clarinet Sonata performed with full Orchestra scored by Luciano Berio.  This may

have been the high point of this entire Festival and it has changed the whole concept of this work.  The other

part of the program featured lighter works featuring Firth and Santos to a near unheard of level of virtuosity

and imagination, all of which carried the audience into near disbelief of the music being performed.  The interface

between the soloists was mind boggling and humorous and they performed many encores.

          A major tribute series of seminars and recitals were held honoring four major influences in the Clarinet world

including the late David Weber, Guy Deplus from Paris, Mitchell Lurie, and Eastman legend Stanley Hasty. 

Former success students holding major artist and teaching positions participated.   Many aspects of the events are

forthcoming in this summary.  Locations of events convened in the Omni Hotel adjacent to the CNN Center, and at

the Atlanta Symphony for the Saturday Finale.

         Directors of this great event were Joseph Eller and D Ray McClellan, with logistical administration ably

accomplished by So Rhee, International Clarinet Association's Executive Director.  Enrollment exceeded 1200

participants.  The schedule was so packed with events, many simultaneously, that it was impossible to attend

everything and forcing hard choices, an issue that should be addressed for future conferences. Faculty involved

are listed below:

Artist Roster for ClarinetFest 2006

Several past students of David Weber

Weber panel discussing his concepts

Ricardo Morales and Jessica Phillips Duo

Robert DiLutis - Prokofiev Overture on Hebrew Themes

William Blayney in Recital

A Concert in Honor of DAVID WEBER

William Blayney, Seattle, WA
Philippe Cuper, principal, Paris Opera Orchestra
Robert DiLutis, assistant principal, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Rena Feller Friedman, Memphis Symphony Orchestra
David Gould, freelance clarinet, NYC
D. Ray McClellan, University of Georgia
Ricardo Morales, principal, Philadelphia Orchestra
Jessica Phillips, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Guy Deplus and past Students

Guy Deplus Panel discussion on his concepts

Guy Deplus and Phillippe Cuper

Guy Deplus, Henri Bok, and Sylvan Hue

Clarinet Quartet premiere with Deplus

GUY DEPLUS Tribute Concert

Philippe Cuper, principal, Paris Opera Orchestra
Olivier Dartevelle, principal, Luxembourg Symphony Orchestra
Sylie Hue, principal, Garde Republicaine Orchestra
Yasuaki Itakura, principal, Tokyo Sinfonietta
Bruno Martinez, bass clarinet, Paris Opera Orchestra
Milko Pravdic, Academy of Music, Croatia
Guy Deplus, The Paris Conservatory (retired)

Alan Lurie, son of Michell Lurie in discussion

Former student Im Soo Lee from Korea

Kathy Jones from Peurto Rico

Hakin Rosengren from Sweden

David Shifrin from New York and faculty at Yale University

MITCHELL LURIE Tribute Concert

Tie Bai, Los Angeles, CA
Kathleen Jones, principal, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Im-Soo Lee, principal, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Hakan Rosengren, Sweden, California State University—Fullerton
David Shifrin, Yale University
Alan Lurie, son of Mitchell Lurie, University of Southern California (retired)

Active former students of Eastman's Stanley Hasty

Hasty session about his teaching influence

Student Michael Drapkin and colleague

Verdehr Trio performance

STANLEY HASTY Tribute Concert

Larry Combs, principal, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Ken Grant, principal, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman School of Music
Ted Gurch, associate principal, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Michigan State University
Tom Martin, assistant principal, Boston Symphony Orchestra
     principal, Boston Pops Orchestra
Michael Webster, Rice University
Stanley Hasty, principal, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman School of Music (retired)

Atlanta Symphony Ardan Concert Poster

Laura Ardan with Michigan State faculty after concert

Paulo Sergio Santos and Andy Firth, soloists and in humor

Santos and Firth

Elsa Ludwig-Verdehe and Laura Ardan

Buddy DeFranco and Andy Firth

Firth and Phillippe Cuper

Ronnie Odrich, Eddie Daniels, and Andy Firth

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Laura Ardan, principal, Concerto soloist
Andy Firth, Australia, jazz soloist
Paolo Sergio Santos, Brazil, Latin / jazz soloist

The US Army Field Band

Kenneth Grant as Soloist

Verdehrs as soloists

Larry Combs Jazz combo with Band

Larry Combs and Alessandro Carbonare as duo soloists

Field Band Guest Soloists

Band Dixieland Soloist Ben Bokor

Ken Grant soloist

Guest soloists in Band Clarinet Section

Dixie combo and Combs

United States Army Field Band

Alessandro Carbonare, principal, Orchestra Nazionale di S.Cecilia
Larry Combs, principal, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Ken Grant, principal, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman School of Music
Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Michigan State University
Fred Ormand, University of Michigan

North American Artists:

Marguerite Baker-Levin, Towson State University
Diane Cawein Barger, University of Nebraska
Kristina Belisle, University of Akron
David A. Bellman, principal, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Jane Carl, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Linda Cionitti, Georgia Southern University
Steve Cohen, Northwestern University
Buddy DeFranco, Jazz soloist, FL
Dannene Drummond, University of Georgia
Wes Foster, principal, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (retired)
Lee Livengood, Utah Symphony Orchestra
Louisiana Philharmonic Clarinets—John Reeks, Robyn Jones, Stephanie Thompson
Ana Victoria Luperi, principal, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Mark Nuccio, associate principal, New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Lisa Oberlander, Columbus State University
Ron Odrich, jazz soloist, NY
Fred Ormand, University of Michigan
Ben Redwine, US Naval Academy Band
Alcides Rodriguez, bass clarinet, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Dan Silver, University of Colorado
Gary Sperl, University of Tennessee
Robert Spring, Arizona State University
Robert Walzel, University of Utah
John Warren, Atlanta, GA
Nathan Williams, Interlochen Arts Academy
Stephen Williamson, principal, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Alan Woy, State University of New York—Potsdam (retired)
Peter Wright, principal, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Joaquin Valdepeñas, principal, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Ashkanazy Clarinet Recital

Tie Bai Recital

Henri Bok Bass Clarinet Recital

Carbonare Reciatal

Philippe Cuper Recital

Ron Odrich Jazz Concert

Eddie Daniels and Odrich

Buddy DeFranco in concert

International Artists:

Dmitri Ashkenazy, Germany
Jószef Balogh, Hungry
Henri Bok, bass clarinet, Rotterdam Conservatory of Music
Sergio Bosi, principal, Fondazione Orchestra Regionale delle Marche, Italy
Marino Calva, Mexico
Alessandro Carbonare, principal, Orchestra Nazionale di S.Cecilia, Italy
Guy Deplus, The Paris Conservatory (retired)
Koichi Hamanaka, Japan
Roeland Hendrikx, principal, National Orchestra of Belgium
Ching-Chun Lin, Taiwan
Kenji Matsumoto, Japan
Jorge Montilla, Venezuela, Arizona State University
Kazuko Ninomiya, Japan
Pedro Rubio, Spain
Seiki Shinohe, Japan
Andrew Simon, principal, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Sandrine Vasseur, Paris Conservatory prize winner
Roger Vigulf, Norway
Javier Vinasco, Mexico
Takashi Yamane, Japan

Potpourri Concerts:

Chris Ayer, Stephen F. Austin State University
Ani Berberian, Air Force Band, CO
Deborah Bish, Florida State University
John Cipolla, Western Kentucky University
Mary Alice Druhan, Texan A&M University-Commerce
Jane Ellsworth, Kenyon College
Dileep Gangolli, VanderCook College of Music, IL
Barbara Haney, principal bass clarinet, “The President’s Own” US Marine Band (retired)
Tod Kerstetter, Kansas State University
Julianne Kirk, SUNY Potsdam
Patricia Martin, principal, Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra
Gregory Oakes, University of Southern Mississippi
Jeffrey Olson, Valdosta State University
Hild Peersen, Columbus, OH
Jeff Pelischek, Hutchinson (KS) Community College
Rebecca Rischin, Ohio University
David Shea, Texas Tech University
George Stoffan, Oakland University
Cumberland Woodwind Quintet, USA
      Greg Danner
      James Lotz
      Roger Martin
      Anne Thurmond
      William Woodsworth
Prestige Clarinet Quartet, USA
      Anthony Costa
      John Kurokawa
      Janice Minor
      Sarah Nowlin
The Southeastern Trio, Bethlehem, PA
      Deborah Andrus, clarinet
“V5” Clarinet Quintet
      Linda Cionitti
      Chris Kirkpatrick
      Keith Lemmons
      John Masserini
      Maxine Ramey


Clarinet Quartet from Japan Clarinet Society

Louisiana Philharmonic Trio with Larry Combs

Transcontniental Clarinet Quartet

Clarinet Quartet

McClellan in Trio

Steve Cohen in Reicha Clarinet Quintet

Weber Clarinet Quintet with Ricardo Morales

Brahms Clarinet Quintet with Mark Nuccio

Margaret Brouwer Clarinet Quintet with Daniel Silver

Mozart Quintet with Jocquin Valdepenas

Louisiana Philharmonic Trio

LPO TRio with Larry Combs

Transcontinental Clarinet Quartet

Trio New Mexico

Ben Redwine premiere solo works

Additional Ensembles:

Caracas Clarinet Quartet, Venezuela
      Gregory Parra
      Orlando Pimentel
      Victor Salamanqués
      Gorgias Sánchez
Duo Solaris, New Zealand
      Donald Nicholls
      Debbie Rawson
Nick Demos and the Greek Islanders, USA
      Nickitas J. Demos
      Esteban Anastasio
      Stuart Gerber
Illinois Woodwind Quartet
      John Dee
      J. David Harris
      Jonathan Keeble
      Timothy McGovern
Lisbon Clarinet Quartet, Portugal
      Luis Gomes
      Rui Martins
      Joaquim Ribeiro
      Nuno Silva
Madeira de Vento, Brazil
      Joao Francisco Correia
      Mario Marques
      Michel Moraes
      Fernando de Oliveira
      Otinilo Pacheco
      Léo Barros
Nota bene Clarinet Quartet, Luxemburg
      Sebastien Duguet
      Romain Gross
      Stephanie Pochet
      Christelle Pochet
The Piedmont Winds
      Russell DeLuna
      Kelly Via
      Katherine White
      Kathleen Wood
      Dan Worley
Prague Clarinet Quartet, Czech Republic
      Karel Dohnal
      Jan Hejhal
      Jan Mac
      Milan Rericha
Trio New Mexico, USA
      Kim Fredenburgh
      Keith Lemmons
      Kevin Vigneau
Transcontinental Clarinet Quartet, USA
      Howard Klug
      Eric Mandat
      Jorge Montilla
      Min-ho Yeh
University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble
University of North Carolina-Greensboro Clarinet Ensemble
University of Oklahoma Clarinet Ensemble

Presentations / Master Classes:

William Blayney, Seattle, WA
      Great Clarinetists of the Early 20th Century
Henri Bok, bass clarinet, Rotterdam Conservatory of Music
      21st Century Bass Clarinet: bigger problems or bigger possibilities?
Kelly Burke, University of North Carolina—Greensboro
      Technology for the Applied Studio
Carmine Campione, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
      Campione on Clarinet
Alessandro Carbonare, principal, Orchestra Nazionale di S.Cecilia
      G.Rossini : Introduzione tema e variazioni
Philippe Cuper, principal, Paris Opera Orchestra
      The Poulenc Sonata, French Clarinetists and Music
Russ Dagon, principal, Milwaukee Symphony, Northwestern University (retired)
      Basics to Success
Andy Firth, Australia, jazz soloist
      Jazz clarinet: A D.Y.I guide to learning Jazz clarinet and improvisation
Mark Nuccio, associate principal, New York Philharmonic
      How to Win an Audition
Tom Ridenour, leading authority on clarinet acoustics, mouthpieces and reeds
      Reed Adjustment Made Simple and Effective
Jean-Francois Rico
      Le chant du roseau du Provence - a summary of cane growing and reed making
Jean-Marie Paul, Director of Sheet Music, Vandoren
      Three Centuries of Clarinet: The State of the Art
Andrew Simon, principal, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
      Clarinetist as Soloist
Joaquin Valdepeñas, principal, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Williamson, principal, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
      Orchestral to succeed without losing your individuality
Guy Deplus tribute session
Stanley Hasty tribute session
Mitchell Lurie tribute session
David Weber tribute session

Clarinet Choir clinicians and conductors:    Check Clarinet Choir News for details

College Clarinet Choir:
Julie DeRoche, DePaul University

Festival Choir:
David Etheridge, University of Oklahoma

Exhibit Room with over 30 exhibits

Buffet exhibit with Clarinet craftsman for repairs

Fobes Mouthpiece Stand

Student trying nouthpiece with Charles Bay

Ted Lane at his Mouthpiece stand

US Marine Bands exhibit

IMD Publishers stand

Backun, Stoner, Morales, and representative

Lisa's Clarinet Exhibit

US Army Field Band display

Buffet's Francois Kloc with client

Rico Reeds displays

Patricola Clarinets from Italy

Redwine Jazz Display

Tom Martin (Boston Pops) and Luis Rossi

Orsi-Weir Clarinet display

Extensive Backun Clarinet, Barrel, Bell displays

Reeds Australia display

Buffet Clarinet displays

Ben Armato and the Reed Wizard

Clark Fobes Mouthpiece display

Vandoren display and David Gould and Mr Sultan

Clarinet Xpress and Walter Grabner

Legere Reeds display

McClune Mouthpiece table

         Along with the numerous concert/ teaching events, Industry exhibits were abounding representing firms

from all over the globe.  Picture galleries contained herein show the variety and the introduction of new

products, especially 2 new Clarinet lines.  Given the numerous events, it was a challenge to visit exhibits and

be able to make concerts. It is interesting how people can get so involved that they seem to almost lose their

minds in the process.  That along with performing in Clarinet ensembles and choirs adds to the joy of it all.

This Festival, like in previous years, is a fine Conference with many opportunities to share and clarinet regroup

and move ahead with all its offerings.  Although the costs were prohibitive especially in Hotel costs, it only makes

necessary prior financial planning to be able to come out for it.   Students should be very prepared in this aspect.

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