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August 2015 Hot News



5 - 17 August 2015

Italian Clarinet University - VIP Piero Vicenti, Director   

Camerino (MC), Italy

               The Italian Clarinet University is an ambitious project, unique in the panorama of the international clarinet community. This new organization is built on the many successes of the the Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto, which has been in business for over 15 years.

              The young clarinetists benefit from the many years of the varied professional experiences that the Italian and International professionals share with them. These professionals believe in my dream and fundamental mission of support and collaboration in helping these young people achieve their highest potential.

             The Italian Clarinet University also has "educational excellence" at the heart of its mission. It is working towards establishing itself in the international clarinet world as being the primary source for students from all over the world to learn the great traditions of the Italian clarinet school of playing (second to none), while at the same time enriching students with a broad spectrum of other international schools of playing. This modern educational offering is seeking to produce clarinetists who are professionally trained to the highest level and can be exceptionally competitive in the international music world.

Objectives of The Italian Clarinet University:

           • The involvement of more than 40 of the greatest teachers in the world from universities and conservatories in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
           • An intense and structured training that provides young people with continuous work with master teachers and rehearsals and performances with professional collaborative pianists and ensembles–this level of intensity is virtually impossible to find in other public and private institutions.
           • Provide a spirit of “a constant concert,” which allows the students to "ripen on the vine," conveying the atmosphere of continuous performing. This environment makes the concert very familiar and not a sporadic occasion.
An impressive diversification of study, tailored to the needs of each student–these include orchestral playing, chamber music, solo with orchestra and various other types of ensembles.

            Italian Clarinet University will be organized in departments with coordinators establishing rigorous and highly effective pedagogical programming.

           The Italian Clarinet University is planned through formal agreements with the Ministry of the University, with universities and conservatories around the world as well as with public Italian institutions, and soon will activate its own website.

          The project starts with an initial summer experience in two phases of 6 days each. Each phase will include, in addition to the normal course of lectures–seminars, conferences on important pedagogical and professional topics–all.

         In November 2015 will start the first academic year with annual and semester courses.


Our Departments:

Old/Historical Clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Jazz Clarinet
Clarinet and other languages
Clarinet family
Chamber music with clarinet
Clarinet Ensembles (from duo to quintet)
Clarinet Choir


3 - 14 August 2015

10th Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawa, Japan  with VIP's Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima  (Juilliard Faculty)


7 August 2015

VIP and European Clarinet Association - ECA President Stephan Vermeersch interview with Legend Clarinetist, Teacher and Director of his Internationally Acclaimed Clarinet Choir Walter Boeykens

Brussels, Belgium

                 Walter Boeykens, a legendary Belgian Clarinetist and Director of his acclaimed Clarinet Choir for decades, provides in this historic talk with Stephan Vermeersch an in-depth interview, an interesting history and perspective of his views on performance and historical trends through the years on the European music scene.  Below is a complete summary.




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