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August 2012 Hot News

14 August 2012

VIP Dr Caroline Hartig  Appointed Associate Professor at Ohio State University in Columbus, effective August 2012

Columbus, Ohio USA

                    Dr Caroline Hartig, an acclaimed Soloist and former Professor at Michigan State University and a leader in the Clarinet teaching field in the USA, and Director of several Clarinet Spectacular events over the last several years,  has been appointed to this eminent University as Associate Professor of Music. She has been recently elected to be Secretary of the International Clarinet Association - ICA.

                    An acclaimed clarinet soloist and recording artist, Caroline Hartig has performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. She is a leading advocate for contemporary music, performing works by leading composers including Pulitzer prize winners William Bolcom, Donald Martino and Libby Larsen. Hartig can be heard on the compact discs Dancing Solo, Clarinet Brilliante (honored as a “Critics’ Choice” by The American Record Guide), Clarinet Brilliante II, and her most recent release Chalumeau, comprised of contemporary unaccompanied benchmark works for solo clarinet.

                  In addition to an active solo and recording career, Dr. Hartig is in demand as a master teacher and clinician and has been a guest clinician at the International Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference. She is an artist/faculty for Clarinetopia, the Vianden International Music Festival and School, Luxembourg and the Centro Studi Carlo della Giacoma in Todi, Italy.



July 30 to August 10 2012

Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawana, Japan 2012, Charles Neidich, Osako Oshima, Music Directors -

 Kitakaruizawana, Japan

Information coming soon


1 - 5 August, 2012

ClarinetFest 2012, in collaboration with the International Clarinet Association - ICA at the University of Nebraska Dr Diane Barger and Dr Denise Gainey, Directors

Lincoln, Nebraska USA

               The annual festival, held at diverse locations in the United States and every third year overseas, and collaborated with the International Clarinet Association - ICA, is the foremost showcase of its kind anywhere, where acclaimed artists perform, give seminars, master classes, with substantial ensemble support covering almost every instrumental venue imaginable, with a schedule so comprehensive with several events going on simultaneously, plus Music Industry exhibits running, a week which is in no way boring for anyone attending.  Over 970 participants came from all over the world to engage this program, and there was no disappointment in the performances.  The logistics and scheduling ran like a Swiss watch to the credit of the Directors Dr Diane Barger, Professor at this University, and Dr Denise Gainey, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the logistic staff tasked to run in the background to keep the engine running well.

Music Industry Exhibitions including Instrument Makers, Vendors, Accessory makers, Publishers, and International Dealers

Looking back to the legacy of Daniel Bonade and Robert Marcellus
and towards the future of performance and pedagogy

              The theme of this festival as stated above focused attention to the contributions to the American Clarinet Performance and Teaching field on these above icons who were instrumental in making a mark on American Clarinet playing, and many past students and professionals attended sessions commemorating their accomplishments with review of teaching concepts, historical reviews of their careers and re-living their student experiences with each, especially Robert Marcellus, past Solo Clarinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra.  Of interest, the Marcellus Chair in the Cleveland Orchestra is held by Franklin Cohen, now in his 36th year.

Sampling of Recitalists during the week

Concert with Guifredo, Morales and Krakauer with Folk and Klezmer Madness Music

Concert Band with Premiere and Military Band Soloists

Lincoln Symphony Orchestra Concerto Concert with Gregg Smith (Chicago Symphony), Jessica Phillips-Rieske (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra), and Eddy Vanoosthuyse (Brussels Philharmonic and Flemish Chamber Orchestra - Belgium)

              During this week there were recital performances covering a wide repertoire spectrum including standard and contemporary works, almost too many to count performed by Professors and Professionals from all over the country and abroad.  Evening concerts had two back to back concerts each night, with ensembles including jazz, KLezmer with David Krajauer,   Concert Band, and the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, with Soloists and premieres.  Notable names in the Clarinet world included Antonio Tinelli  (Italy), Jan Jakub Bokun (Poland),  Ricardo Morales (Philadelphia Orchestra), Eddy Vanoosthuyse (Belgium),  Mark Nuccio (New York Philharmonic), Jessica Phillips Rieske (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra), Stephan Veermersch (Belgium), Robert Spring (Arizona State University), Scott McAllister (composer from Baylor University), Eric Mandat (University of Illinois at Carbondale), and too many others to name, all of which are proactive leaders in the field. 

 Of special recognition was the honoring of famed Clarinet Professor and pedagogue from Florida State University Dr Frank Kowalski, who had a Ensemble of his past and present students honor him with a performance of a premiere written by Scott McAllister.    Director Diane Barger presented honors to him which made it a surprise.

Clarinet Quartet and Ensemble Performances with The US Army Field Band Clarinet Quartet, the US Coast Guard Clarinet Quartet, and the US Marines Clarinet Ensembles

Performance of the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble

Bass Clarinet Ensemble Performance with Premiere

 Geometric Fragments 4 Performance with 44 ContraBass Clarinets

College Clarinet Choir with Soloist and winner of the ICA Young Artist Competition Kay Ju Ho

CONGRATULATIONS to Kai-Ju Ho of South Korea/United States for winning the 2012 ICA Young Artist Competition at ClarinetFest! She's seen here with Woodwind Product Specialist Matt Vance after receiving her prize from Buffet Group USA--a new Buffet Crampon RC A clarinet. Great job, Kai-Ju! — with Kai-Ju Ho and Matt Vance.

Festival Clarinet Choir with Soloist Ricardo Morales

              On the final day, Clarinet Ensembles of all kinds performed, including a broad representation from the Military Bands from each of the Services, many of whom performed with the Concert Band.  Clarinet Choirs also included the College Clarinet Choir with a performance with Ricardo Morales, and the Festival Choir to conclude this successful Festival.  


             As a summary can tell, there is so much to say here but so many intangible impressions that can only be felt as everyone experiences a slightly different take given their background, level, and purpose for coming.  The gallery photos throughout this summary give an idea of the intangibles which were positives.  Credit is certainly owing to the Directors Dr Barger, Dr Gainey, their student staff, and the support of the Industry and the International Association.


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